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- We hate waste. As a group QUETSOL staff and participants in the SIP will constantly work to
optimize all processes. This includes from all site waste management, energy generation,
conservation, internal logistics and all around way-of-life. All relevant things will be quantified
and optimized. Our intent is to build sustainability, and eliminating waste –be it refuse, paper,
water, money, or energy lost as heat – is the first necessary step.

- We operate in a doacracy. Whatever needs to get done will get done, by someone. You will be
expected to carry your own weight. If you don’t, well, everybody will notice. The QUETSOL
2010 SIP will provide ample enough projects, opportunities, tasks and overall general
experiences to have everybody engaged at all times.

- We are driven by our love for the Earth and its Peoples. Our efforts are geared to using
technology wisely to solve many of the grave problems that afflict our dear planet and all
societies that dwell on it. As we treat Gaia, Gaia treats us.


Engineering (9 members)
There will be a variety of ongoing engineering work throughout the summer. Some stand-alone
projects will be completed, and other work will be speculative R&D, which may or may not
result in patents. Individuals within the engineering group will have ample freedom to choose
amongst the variety of tasks going on simultaneously, but we will ensure that everything gets
completed as a group. You will have the tools and materials necessary to accomplish these tasks,
as well as some flexibility in budgeting additional material as it becomes necessary. Projects
might be completed faster than we expect, and might lead to other projects. In general, we will
try to accomplish as much as possible. As a sample of the projects currently in mind:

- Reverse engineer all of our product line, which is currently manufactured in China (we have
their consent). Our systems are currently mostly photovoltaic, some eolic. We will create a
DETAILED map of how to manufacture them, with an emphasis on process optimization and
sustainability. This will allow us to calculate the price of manufacturing locally.

- We will also adapt existing products and design better prototypes. As a simple case in
point: one of our lighting products is made by an American company based in China and is
effective, durable, practical and cheap. However, the background right around the LED lights is
white plastic. We have mentioned to them that you could greatly boost lumens by having a
reflective surface instead. They claim that it would be too strong. We disagree and we hope to
prove it by building a better one.
- The batteries in many of our systems are not necessarily optimal. We will determine the best
battery system for a variety of products and determine the local availability and/or economic cost
of importing.

- Develop alternative ways to achieve the same functionality and durability of our products, but
perhaps with better, more robust, or cheaper systems.

- Develop all-new technologies and systems altogether. This will not be restricted to
photovoltaics and or eolic. Basically ANYTHING GOES, as long as it is under the purview of
our intent to build a model of SUSTAINABILITY. This includes, but is not limited to, energy
generation, transportation, efficiency, storage, waste disposal, water treatment, etc. If an
individual or group of individuals within the engineering team wishes to undertake such a
project, they must first consult with QUETSOL staff.

- Calculate the ‘human footprint’ for all the QUETSOL product line, all its products, and find
ways to reduce the materials and energy impacts of all its product line.

Legal (2 members)
Interns in the legal division will participate in a variety of tasks in domestic and international
jurisdictions. In particular, strong emphasis will be placed on the intellectual property side as we
expect some patents to arise from the SIP, as well as ongoing patent work that QUETSOL has
already begun. Other relevant issues will revolve around the establishment of QUETSOL
subsidiaries in other Central and Latin American countries. As part of the legal team you will be
interfacing with QUETSOL legal counsel. You will also be doing a lot of research on your own,
on a variety of topic that might include, but not be limited to, the following law branches:
environmental, labor, education, taxes, insurance, etc.

Media (1 member)
The media intern will be an integral part of our marketing efforts, nationally and abroad.
QUETSOL will feature a multi-channel media and educational campaign that targets both our
customer demographic, but also other corporate, governmental or civil entities. We believe that
at QUETSOL we have a very creative and unique approach to marketing and media, as well of
intimate experience with local and global media amongst our staff. Tasks will include interfacing
with local media, production/handling of marketing material, participation in the creation of
educational campaign and strategies, extensive use of social networking (both real and
online). This candidate must be able to speak fluent Spanish, be capable of good English writing,
articulate and with a strong background in media and communications. Will demonstrate the
ability to search and establish contact with other industries, groups and governments around the
country and around the world towards the goals of working together for the development of
sustainable societies everywhere.
Applicable/desirable skills and qualifications:
We prefer individuals who treat work as creative playtime, and who enjoying creatively playing
with solar photovoltaic cells, LED lights, cellular phones, agricultural irrigation systems, water
purification systems, battery/electrical storage systems, hydroelectric and wind turbine
generators, waste water treatment, and organic/ecological agriculture. Backgrounds in electrical
engineering, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, international development, carbon
finance, and business administration are all ideal.

Ideal candidates would be fluent/bilingual in at least two of the following languages: English,
Spanish, Tz’utujil, Kaqchikel, K’iche, Mandarin, or Hebrew. Depending on other skills and
assets we will consider monolingual applicants.

*Important note*
Quetsol is a for-profit model and will maintain ownership of all intellectual property produced by
interns in the program. Contact Quetsol if you have any questions.

We may offer the potential of future employment for interns, and at the very least will provide
letters of recommendation to students that complete the program.

Opportunities to publish papers to peer-reviewed, academic journals

Our Chief Sustainability Advisor is Dr. Tony Pereira who is the founder and head of the
Institute for Sustainable Engineering. He has expressed interest in working with interns to
develop papers based on the ongoing projects for publication in peer-reviewed engineering and
scientific journals.


The dates for the summer internship program are flexible, but in general we expect to have
participants arrive and depart more or less according to the standard summer vacation of
sponsoring academic institutions (e.g. MIT affiliates would arrive between May 24th and June 7th
and depart sometime before fall classes begin – Aug/Sept). Obviously both Quetsol and interns
benefit from longer participant stays, that being said we are amenable to shorter stays (no less
than 28 days) if you believe that you can accomplish productive work in that time frame.

Location/arriving/living situation/logistics

Our headquarters is in Panajachel, Guatemala on the shores of the beautiful but imperiled Lago
de Atitlán. We may be able to offer free accommodation (perhaps greatly subsidized, no more
than $65 per month) and some communal meals, though interns would have to purchase/prepare
their own food. If participants do not wish to stay at our headquarters, we can provide
recommendations for home-stays with local families or other mid-term living arrangements. We
recognize that Guatemala is an attractive destination that abounds in cultural and historical sites
of interest. Therefore we understand and encourage participants to make brief excursions
throughout the country throughout their stay. We also may arrange SIP group bonding
excursions such as kayaking, volcano trekking, and other exciting adventures!

QUETSOL is creating an innovative, world class internship program, with many pioneering and
ground breaking ideas towards bringing about sustainable societies worldwide. Throughout their
stay, we will setup the interns as living examples of sustainability. We will monitor their human
footprint and how they conduct themselves in innovative sustainable ways. The interns must be
able to be self critical and manifest critical thinking both of themselves and others in a
compassionate way of the way they use and employ resources, materials, produce or do not
produce waste, how they use their internship money to buy local produced organic food, and
how they seek contacts with the local population in order to foster, reinforce and support local
sustainability activities and local sustainability awareness, support sustainable jobs and promote
sustainable education. As an example, activities such as renting a room with a family that will
use the extra income to buy a new set of solar panels preferably manufactured locally, or to
expand their organic garden is encouraged versus a landlord who will use rent income to buy
more imported goods, consume or sell more soft drinks and plastic bottles, or open a new
cigarette and liquor stand. Offering free seminars to schools, organizations, churches, colleges
and universities on sustainability will be highly encouraged.

Matthew Tobias King
Manuel Antonio Aguilar
Juan Fermín Rodriguez
Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA ME PhD – Chief Sustainability Advisor