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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

57 / Friday, March 24, 2006 / Notices 14833

statement(s) underlying the certification Contracting Activity: Department of the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
on which they are providing additional Navy.
information. Service Type/Location: Office Supply Bureau of Industry and Security
Center, Richard Bolling Federal Building,601
End of Certification East 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. Action Affecting Export Privileges;
The following services are proposed NPA: Alphapointe Association for the Blind, Phaedon Nicolas Criton Constan-Tatos
for addition to Procurement List for Kansas City, Missouri. and Assegai Trading (Pty) Ltd.; In the
production by the nonprofit agencies Contracting Activity: U.S. Army Corps of Matter of: Phaedon Nicolas Criton
listed: Engineers, Kansas City, Missouri. Constan-Tatos (a.k.a. Fred Tatos); 119
Service Type/Location: Office Supply Store, Main Road, P.O. Box 30, Plumstead
Services Defense Supply Service— 7800, Cape Town, South Africa;
Service Type/Location: Custodial Services,5A Washington,Army Material Command, Respondent, and Assegai Trading (Pty)
NYC Terminal Market,USDA, AMS F&V Alexandria, Virginia. Ltd.: Four Loop Street, P.O. Box 4782,
Division, Bronx, New York. NPA: Virginia Industries for the Blind, Cape Town 8001, South Africa; Related
NPA: The Corporate Source, Inc., New York, Charlottesville, Virginia.
New York. Contracting Activity: Defense Supply
Contracting Activity: USDA, Animal & Service, Washington DC. Order Making Order Denying Export
Plant Health Inspection Service, Service Type/Location: Office Supply Store, Privileges of Phaedon Nicholas Criton
Minneapolis, MN. Department of Energy, 80300 Century Constan-Tatos (a.k.a. Fred Tatos)
Service Type/Location: Document Blvd, Germantown, Maryland. Applicable to Related Person Assegai
Destruction, Internal Revenue NPA: Winston-Salem Industries for the Trading (Pty) Ltd.
Service,NISH, Vienna, VA (PRIME Blind, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
CONTRACTOR). Pursuant to Section 766.23 of the
Contracting Activity: Department of
Performance to be allocated to the Energy, Washington, DC. Export Administration Regulations
Nonprofit Agencies identified at the (‘‘EAR’’), the Bureau of Industry and
Service Type/Location: Office Supply Store,
following locations: 2945 Rodeo Park Department of Housing and Urban Security (‘‘BIS’’), U.S. Department of
Drive, East, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Development,Robert A. Young Commerce, through its Office of Export
NPA: Adelante Development Center, Inc., Building,1222 Spruce Street, St. Louis, Enforcement (‘‘OEE’’), has requested
Albuquerque, New Mexico. Missouri. that I make the Denial Order that was
330 N. Brand Boulevard, Glendale, NPA: Alphapointe Association for the Blind, imposed against the individual Phaedon
California. Kansas City, Missouri. Nicholas Criton Constan-Tatos (a.k.a.
6377 Riverside Avenue, #110, Riverside, Contracting Activity: U.S. Department of Fred Tatos) (‘‘Tatos’’) on November 15,
California. Housing and Urban Development, St. Louis, 2005 (70 FR 69311) applicable to the
NPA: Goodwill Industries of Southern Missouri. following entity (hereinafter, the
California, Los Angeles, California. ‘‘Related Person’’), as a person related to
Sheryl D. Kennerly,
Contracting Activity: U.S. Treasury, IRS, Tatos: Assegai Trading (Pty) Ltd., Four
San Francisco, California. Director, Information Management.
Loop Street, P.O. Box 4782, Cape Town
[FR Doc. E6–4292 Filed 3–23–06; 8:45 am]
8001, South Africa.
Deletions BILLING CODE 6353–01–P
Section 766.23 of the EAR provide
Regulatory Flexibility Act Certification that ‘‘[i]n order to prevent evasion,
certain types of orders under this part
I certify that the following action will
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE may be made applicable not only to the
not have a significant impact on a
respondent, but also to other persons
substantial number of small entities. Foreign–Trade Zones Board then or thereafter related to the
The major factors considered for this
respondent by ownership, control,
certification were: Docket 8–2006 position of responsibility, affiliation, or
1. If approved, the action may result
other connection in the conduct of trade
in additional reporting, recordkeeping Foreign–Trade Zone 202 - Los Angeles,
or business. Orders that may be made
or other compliance requirements for CA, Application for Subzone, Sharp
applicable to related persons include
small entities. Electronics Corporation, Correction
those that deny or affect export
2. If approved, the action may result
The Federal Register notice (71 FR privileges * * *.’’ 15 CFR 766.23(a).
in authorizing small entities to furnish
12676, 3/13/2006) describing the On November 15, 2005, an Order
the services to the Government.
application by the Board of Harbor pursuant to Part 766 of the EAR
3. There are no known regulatory
Commissioners of the City of Los imposing a five-year denial of export
alternatives which would accomplish
Angeles, grantee of FTZ 202, requesting privileges against the individual
the objectives of the Javits-Wagner-
special–purpose subzone status for the Phaedon Nicholas Criton Constan-Tatos
O’Day Act (41 U.S.C. 46–48c) in
Sharp Electronics Corporation (Sharp) (a.k.a. Fred Tatos), Suburban Guns (Pty)
connection with the services proposed
distribution facility, in Huntington Ltd., 119 Main Road, P.O. Box 30,
for deletion from the Procurement List.
Beach, California, is corrected as Plumstead 7800, Cape Town, South
End of Certification follows: Africa was published in the Federal
The following services are proposed Paragraph 2 should read ‘‘The Sharp Register to conclude administrative
for deletion from the Procurement List: facility (539,000 sq. ft. of enclosed space charges pending against Tatos related to
on 23.4 acres) is located at 5901 Bolsa his violation of a Denial Order
Services Avenue, Huntington Beach, California.’’ previously imposed against Suburban
Guns (Pty) Ltd. See 70 FR 69311 (Nov.
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

Service Type/Location: Base Supply Dated: March 20, 2006.

Center,Roosevelt Roads Naval 15, 2005). This Order is an order that
Dennis Puccinelli, may be made applicable to related
Station,Building 1207, Ceiba, Puerto
Rico. Executive Secretary. persons pursuant to Section 766.23.
NPA: Winston-Salem Industries for the [FR Doc. E6–4310 Filed 3–23–06; 8:45 am] BIS has presented evidence that
Blind, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. BILLING CODE 3510–DS–S indicates that the Related Person is

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