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Welding Inspector Level 1

Exam Preparation
This ten-day (67.5 hours) classroom course is designed for individuals with at least one year of industry
experience who want to increase their knowledge of inspection and testing techniques as well as
associated welding, metallurgy and codes and standards. This knowledge is critical to successfully
challenging the CSA W178.2 Level 1 Welding Inspection Examinations.
Key topics covered over the ten days include:
Welding Health & Safety
Functions of the Inspector
Basic Inspection Technology
Techniques of Visual Inspection
Basic Metallurgy & Material Specifications
Weld Faults & Causes
Basic Joints
Symbols & Blueprint Reading
Welding Processes & Equipment
Welding Electrodes & Consumables
Codes & Standards
Course Structure
This course presents material in a series of instructor-led
classroom sessions based on each CWB Module that includes
a one or more daily module exams. An optional 10th day is
provided for those wishing to write certification exams.
Completion, Certification and Recognition
Successful completion of this course and module examinations
will exempt the student from the closed book theory portion
of the Level 1 Welding Inspection Certification Exam. The
opportunity to write the CSA 178.2 examination (as well as other
code endorsements) is available during the optional day 10 of
the course; application forms 450 & 455 must be submitted to the
CWB prior to the course start date in order to be eligible to write
the code exams.
Please note the all certification exams must be completed within
one year of application.

CWB INSTITUTE - Welding Inspector Level 1 Exam Prep

Set yourself up for success

Welding Inspection Level 1 is a
challenging course that covers a lot of
technical material that forms the core
knowledge needed by any welding
inspector. As such the CWBinstitute
has put together a number of support
courses to help prepare for success:
For those individuals with little or no
welding or inspection knowledge it
is recommended that the optional

Level 1 Pre-Seminar Preparatory

online course be taken. This course
introduces and reviews all the material
presented in the classroom Level 1
All students should also consider taking
the online Level 1 Practical Exam
Preparation course which provides
self-paced practical exercises for
learning and identifying basic weld
Dont have the time for the classroom?
Why not consider taking your Level 1
course online find out more at

Registration Information
Welding Inspector Level 1 will be held at:
CWB Office | 8260 Park Hill Drive, Milton, ON, L9T 5V7

All sessions start at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. - Choose your Session
April 27 May 8, 2015

July 6 - 17, 2015

Sept. 21 - Oct. 2, 2015

November 16 - 27, 2015

Choose your price option

CWA Premium Member Course Cost - $2490.50 (HST Included) Membership ID: ___________________
Non-Member Course Cost - $2542.50 (HST Included)
Modules - $745.80 (HST Included)
Set yourself up for success
Level 1 Pre-Seminar Preparatory Online course - $595
CWA Premium Membership - $84.75 (HST Included)
Benefits: Privilege Card, Jobs portal, Networking, Newsletter + CWA Journal, 10% discount
on CWB self-study modules and Marks Work Wearhouse, HUB Insurance, Event discounts.
Standard/ Codes
CSA W47.1/ CSA W59


CSA Z662


ASME Code, Sections VIII-Div 1 * & IX


ABS (download from ABS Website)

ASME B31.3


CSA W178.2


Cancellation Policy:

The course cost, less a 25% enrollment charge per person,

will be refunded if cancellation is made in writing no less
than 5 working days before the course. There will be no
refund for cancellation after that date. The CWB has the
right to cancel the program 10 working days prior to the
date of the course. Full refunds will be made to registered
participants if the CWB cancels the program. Participants are
eligible for one course transfer as long as notice is given no
less than 5 working days before the original course date.

Complete the registration form and fax to 905-542-1318 or e-mail to

info@cwbgroup.org. Cheques are made payable to the CWB. Contact us early as space is limited.
Company Name ________________________________________________________
Co. Code:____________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________________________
Postal Code: ______________________________
Phone:_______________________________________ Fax:________________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Method of Payment: PO#: (CWB clients only) _________________________ Cheque # _____________

MasterCard #_________________________________________ Exp. Date:_________________

Name on Card: _________________________________

I certify I have a minimum of 1 year welding or inspection experience in one of the following areas:
layout and fitting; manual or semi-automatic welding; welding inspection; welding supervision; weld
testing; weld designing or detailing; welding instruction; fabrication planning.
Signature of Applicant: __________________________________

CWB INSTITUTE - Welding Inspector Level 1 - Exam Prep