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10 iT ADDA
Kavitha Kumar GEEK REAL PROGRAMMING: Slang for the act of writing QUOTIENT software without using debugging facilities


What ails Jobs? The chips are down

Advanced Micro Devices will elimi-
nate 1,100 jobs, cut salaries and take
a new $622 million charge for its
acquisition of graphics chip maker
ATI, bringing total write-offs for the
deal to $3.17 billion. AMD, which
trails Intel in the computer chip mar-
ket, said the salary decreases range
from 20 percent for its two top exec-
BALAJI NARASIMHAN imbalance, but later said that he With Steve Jobs going on leave for six utive to 5 percent for lower level had a complex problem that employees in North America and vol-

restige is a double-edged
would require him to take a six-
month medical leave of absence.
months, everybody is wondering what untary pay cuts in other regions.

P sword and few know this as

well as Apple. When you
have Steve Jobs at the helm of
And since neither Jobs nor his
doctors have revealed what is
wrong with him, a lot of specula-
has happened to Apple’s iconic chief TECH - ONE
affairs, you know that you can do tion is ruling the roost on the Net.
no wrong. While this is great most Expert doctors say that the cancer
of the time, there is one unfortu- for which Jobs underwent sur-
nate danger—if anything gery on 31 July 2004 may have
happens to Jobs, then the percep- resurfaced, but since these are
tion is that Apple may be in experts who have not examined
trouble. Such is the danger of
having an iconic hero as the head
Jobs’ condition, we cannot be
very sure.
To make a successful
of the company. A report in Reuters quotes Dr prediction, the astrologer
And to put matters bluntly, Roderich Schwarz, a cancer himself needs to be going
Jobs has not been helpful with the surgeon at the University of through a favourable period
data on his health. He first can- Texas Southwestern Medical When this prediction was ma
the pratya ntar
celled his appearance at Centre in Dallas as saying that I was running
MacWorld, and since he didn’t the kind of tumour that Jobs dasa of Sukra, who occupies
look too healthy around that time got (an islet-cell tumour) are hou se of
everybody assumed that he was easily removed surgically but 9th and owns the 5th
ill. Of course, a haggard look is recur in roughly half of intelligence in my chart. Wh
pre dic tion was rev ealed to
possible through either cancer or patients. this
lack of sleep, but when Jobs did- So, is Jobs going in for be true, I was run nin g the
n’t say what it was, people surgery? Whatever the case, pratyantar dasa of Chandra,
assumed the worst. it would be good to have him who in my chart occupies and
Even when Jobs gives informa- back in Apple, hale and ns
rules the 2nd, which concer
tion, one doesn’t know what it
means. He earlier said that there
healthy, with his exemplary
vision driving the company speech (va k We
siddhi).are better
was an easily treatable hormonal and the industry. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console has
sold over 28 million units worldwide,
8 million more than the Sony
WILL HE FACE SURGERY? Playstation 3. According to figures
ince Jobs is tight-lipped lord of the 12th (hospitalisation)
S about what ails him, I thought
a little jyotish was in order. The
and occupies the star of the lord
of the 6th (diseases). Kuja
from Microsoft, the Xbox 360 is
ahead of the Playstation 3 by one
million units in Europe and by 7 mil-
site gives his (Mars) rules surgery and lion in the US. However, both
consoles are being outsold by the
birth data as 24 February 1955 at occupies the 9th (medicine) as Nintendo Wii, which sold 3 million
1915 hours PST in San Francisco, the lord of the 9th in the star of units in the UK and 10.17 million in
California with a Rodden Rating Ketu (obstruction) and is the US last year.
of AA, which is the most aspected by Sani (Saturn), who
accurate obtainable. Using this rules the 6th house (diseases). Vatican’s own channel
data, we get the Lagna In plain English, Jobs may
The Vatican will soon have its own
(ascendant) as 29 degrees and undergo surgery between 20 channel on the video sharing site
3 minutes of Simha (Leo). He January 2009 and 21 August YouTube where the Catholic faithful
will be running Chandra Dasa - 2009. While he is bound to or the curious will be able to see
Kuja Bukti from 20 January respond to treatment well, there Pope Benedict or church events, a
2009 to 21 August 2009. is also some possibility of Vatican source said. The initiative
Chandra (moon) occupies the complications. will involve Google, the Vatican
UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Television Centre and Vatican Radio.
8th (chronic ailments) as the As neither Jobs nor his doctors It will mark the Vatican’s deepest
have revealed what is wrong with plunge into new media. The Vatican
him, a lot of speculation is ruling opened up its website, www.vati-
the roost on the Net, in 1995.

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gies. The company says that
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