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Trojan Horse

An entry Strategy for Mulgere

Team A

Our Decision
We suggest Mulgere to enter Indian Market
o A two part entry strategy is recommended
o Ini>al entry as a standalone Yogurt player and take
advantage of the present growth opportuni>es
o Build the brand reputa>on and then sequen>ally
enter all milk derived product industry
o Fresh milk market, which is highly commodi>zed
could be avoided.

Criteria for Product Selec>on

qGrowth Poten>al
qAbility to charge Premium on Price
qIncreased Brand Visibility to enable diversica>on

Size of Dairy Market

Key Segments Considered: Milk

Diculty in entering Market is evident by absence of New strong compe>tor

in recent years
Market dominated by Huge public Coopera>ves
Highly commodi>zed Market, hence brand premium cannot be charged
Increase in brand visibility is possible, but entry is dicult

Key Segments Considered: Cheese

Cheese market shows good growth poten>al (~9% CAGR)
Use of Paneer shows an increasing trend in Indian household
Increased Cheese usage is found in Fast food Industry
Fewer number of compe>tors
Cheese price varies across brands. Hence premium can be
charged on brand.

Key Segments Considered: Ice creams

Has a CAGR of 15%
Number of new avors are in an increasing trend
The increasing number of avors enables to charge premium
on brand
Success in ice cream retail market will create more visibility
among consumers

Key Segments Considered: Yogurt

Has the highest CAGR among dairy products (~18% to 20%)
More number of avors helps to dieren>ate the product and
charge premium on brand
Increasingly being viewed as a healthy alterna>ve to ice
Brand visibility increases as the number of consumers are
currently in increasing trend

Yogurt- The start

Yogurt market currently valued at ~Rs 12000 crore
Has the highest CAGR in dairy market
Growing market- New customers coming in
Hence Mulgere can enter the market with Yogurt and then
expand to ice creams and cheese.

Consumer trend

Movement in consump>on pacern from home made milk
deriva>ves to Yogurts, especially in Tier-I ci>es
Increased health orienta>on among people has helped Yogurt
market grow, seen as a healthy alternate
Many established dairy brands spending on promo>ng yogurt,
making it a viable category with no established leader

Yogurt Consump>on: Demography

Major Consumers of packaged Yogurt are from Urban popula>on

The Bigger Picture

Currently most of the Indian Dairy majors have posi>oned
Yogurt as a Dessert
Trends across other country suggests it could be posi>oned as
a healthy snack alterna>ve
Mulgere could target dierent demographics by launching
mul>ple products, posi>oned as healthy low calorie diet,
dessert and daily consump>on snack

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