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Signal-Free Corridor’s of Karachi

Subject: Approaches to Academic Reading & Writing

“Signal-Free Corridor-III will greatly improve traffic flow: Kamal” --- That’s what
our Nazim is telling to a gethering of Press and his associates at the City Centre
which is known to all as ' Civic Center ' “City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has
highlighted the features and benefits of the Signal-Free Corridor-III, which will be
constructed at a total cost of Rs 2.25 billion.The total length of the corridor will be
16.7 km, the width of the roads will be 13.85 meters, with four lanes and two
service roads on each side. The corridor will further comprise of 23 bus stops and
10 pedestrian bridges and will be provided electricity using 12-metre high poles
and a drain will be made using an inlet chamber. He said that the City District
Government Karachi (CDGK) is trying to provide relief to the people of the city
by developing the Signal Free Corridor-III, which is aimed at improving the traffic
flow in the city.

Kamal, while explaining the theory for erecting mega structures such as the signal
free corridors, said that frequent traffic jams on various points at MA Jinnah Road
have been brutally testing the nerves of the people for the past 40 years and during
the summers the people face even more problems, especially those who travel in
buses and coaches.

Even after constructing underpasses and flyovers, a lot was left to be done to ease
the flow of traffic, as at least, 600 cars travel on the roads recklessly. Therefore,
the only way out was to construct as many under passes, flyovers and signal free
corridors in the city as possible.
“We have made two signal free corridors and now will add the third corridor,
which will really be a milestone in the history of the city,” said Kamal.”

That’s all above from the Newspaper Daily Times I agree to him at some point that
Yes signal Free corridors are the demand of the Day but what about after 50 Years
when these all construction will become jam packed with Cars ... and beside all
this hustling bustling of building these, Planners miss one element in all the
constructions, there are very limited walkways to cross these wide Roads and due
to this people from one another side has to endanger his/her life every day just to
cross the road to reach the other side...The planners also forgets about the disable
people --- how they gonna cross .... I personally witness many times severe
accidents of people who are crossing these very wide roads ... The situation will be
like this until and unless planners think for common people too.... In past month
alone 467 accidents happen in which 234 Lives lost all is because of Fast Driving
(as these corridors are meant for Fast Traffic) and as because people want to cross
the road because of the absence of Sky walkways --- In Malaysia where these wide
roads and signal free corridors are common but accidents rarely happen because on
every some 100 meter there is a 'Sky Walkway Staircase Elevators' and also every
one is equipped with the facility for taking up the wheel Chair for disable one ...

Karachi is far less privilege than this we even don't have manual Sky Walkways ---
electrical walkways are things for Future here or should I say dream... Every
metropolitan city is now having --- Fast Underground Railway or Elevated Monos
but our planners ignoring this ... and I am unable to understand the point why?

Karachi Population is growing and Demand of Transportation will also grow

people are buying more and more cars and Statistics shows (Source: Sindh Bureau
of Statistics) 1300 new Cars every month are adding into more traffic congestion
and of that rate of increasing within few Years Our Corridors becomes useless...

Traffic Rules Violations are also a big problem ... and this has to be improve at
individual level by realizing our self that our reckless driving can become severe
for us and others as well.

Thanks for Reading...

Momin Ansari