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LoBoy The
Mount BUG
A universal, low proÞle
shown with
mount for securing hands optional
free cradles, XM and Sir- radio
UltiMount ius satellite radios, TFT
The UltiMount installs displays and more. The The BUG is
in seconds and can be LoBoy features an in- a mount for
swiveled, rotated and tegrated swivel which securing small, narrow proÞle radio control
adjusted to virtually any allows easy adjustment heads for Satellite radios, (both XM and
position. Secured with in any direction, hold- Sirius); VHF radios, HAM radios and more.
a ßexible pad that has ing securely without locking or tightening
3M automotive adhesive levers. The ßexible mounting pad with its The BUG features a pivoting action for the two
on the back, the UltiMount 3M adhesive back makes installations fast, arms which rotate on a solid shaft. This allows
can be removed without leaving any residue. simple and strong. for simple alignment of the arms to match
varying hole patterns
Included with the UltiMount: a belt clip, a Nokia style Just added to the LoBoy Mount at no ad- for mounting different
button, two adhesive backed buttons, and a specially ditional cost is an L-Bracket. This bracket control heads. Double
formulated surface prep kit used to remove dirt and can be used to mount a device on a hori- face adhesive pads are
silicon emulsions from your dash to ensure maximum zontal surface like the top of a dash panel included to secure items
adhesion. HRO Price $24.95 or to hold devices in a vertical manner, for without mounting holes.
example, on the side of a dash console. HRO Price $19.95
HRO Price $19.95.
The WindowMate is a pre- GPS / Radio / Phone Mounts
mium suction mount for

windshield or glass applications
and features an integrated swivel with
an AMPS hole pattern. It can be adjusted
30-degrees in any direction and requires Portagrip's collection of holders for cellular phones, GPS units and radios that will make your
no locking or tightening mechanisms. mobile operations easier and safer. Standard foot size: 2.5 x 2.5 inches. For tight quarters,
use the small foot: 2 x 1.625 inches.
A six-inch ßexible arm attaches the swivel
to a strong suction cup base that holds
tight by simply pushing down the locking lever. Includes
mounting hardware. HRO Price $14.95.
WindowMate 322
Express Mount 702
The WindowMate Express is a 716
version of the original Window- Portagrip Holders: Holds most phones from
Mate and features an Express 1.6" to 2.6" wide. Includes models 701, 706
Mount attached to the integrated Portagrip / Slim-line with set screw adjust-
swivel. This mount is perfect for any ment, 707 Porta-grip / Slimline with knob
electronic device using a button, leather adjustment.
case or OEM clip. Standard Mounts: Split ball base with 90
Portagrip 2000: Holders adjustable both in degree tilt movement. Includes models 320
Turn the mounting platform upside down to std mount w/6" rise, 322 deluxe mount w/6"
width and length. Includes models 702 for
reveal a slot big enough to accommodate a rise, 328 mount base only accommodates
narrow phones, 703 for phones up to 2.25'
belt clip. Includes a belt clip, two buttons and mounting 5/8" diameter post tilts 0 to 90 degrees, 329
hardware. HRO Price $19.95. and 704 for ßip-style phones.
base only accommodates 5/8" diameter post
and tilts to 45 degrees over center.

Portable Solution Slimline 2000 Pedestal Mounts: Pivot 210

Secure a button to the degrees and rotate 360 degrees, 6" or 9"
back of your electronic heights. Includes model 716 w/set screw
device with reliable adjustment at head and foot, 717 knob
3M adhesive. Attach 782 adjustment at head and foot.
the Portable Solution
to your vehicle’s dash
and the system is com- 797
Mini Mount: Perfect
plete. The Portable Solution even works on phones in
leather cases or with built-in clips. for tight installations,
height only 4". In-
Included with the Portable Solution is a belt clip, a Nokia cludes models 726-04
style button and two adhesive backed buttons. Also Stay-put Flex Mount: Includes model 782. 726 set screw adjustment
included is a specially formulated surface prep kit used at head and 727-04
to remove dirt and silicon emulsions from your dash to Unißex Mount: Includes model 797 with knob knob adjustment at
ensure maximum adhesion. HRO Price $12.95 adjustment under mounting plate. head.

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 27

Timewave Technology Inc. Telephone Filters Low Pass Filter

Antenna Noise Canceller

The ANC-4 rf device eliminates or reduces power line noise,
computer noise, TV generated interference, and other types of
electrical noise. Attach the unit directly to the antenna connector
of the receiver or transceiver to cancel locally generated noise
before it affects the receiver AGC circuits. Reception of signals
well below the noise level of the local interference is possible.

To cancel locally generated interference, the ANC-4 detects the Made in

Stop telephone RFI from transmitters
interfering signal and adjusts its phase and magnitude so that
in the 0.5 to 30 MHz range. These
it matches the offending interference at the receiver input, but
Þlters are assembled and come with Bencher's low-pass Þlter has exceptional
is 180 degrees out of phase, effectively cancelling the interfer-
instructions. Special order either speciÞcations. Working range: 1.8-29
ence. Front panel controls allow adjustment of both phase and
model to cover 500 kHz to 3.0 MHz. MHz. Impedance: 50 ohms. Power rat-
magnitude, providing extremely deep cancellation.
Call for prices and information. ing: 1.5 KW continuous, 5 KW peak.
Connect the ANC-4 between the main station antenna and Attenuation: at least 80 dB at 54 MHz.
Model RF-1 Single Line Filter for HRO Price $88.95
the receiver antenna connector. A second antenna connects
phones, answering machine, mo-
to the ANC-4 to pickup noise. A short wire antenna or a short
dems, faxes, & cordless phones.
collapsible whip is generally satisfactory for eliminating noises
RJ-11 modular connectors. Special Bandpass Filters
generated around the operating position or in the house, but
ordered for two-line phones. HRO
an external antenna usually works better to eliminate noises
Price $16.95
generated outside the home. Any noise antenna that works,
including combinations of horizontal and vertically polarized
Model RF-2 For inserting RFI Þltering
antennas, is satisfactory.
into telephone wiring: inside phone
jacks, behind wall-mounted phones,
The ANC-4 operates as an active antenna by using the noise
etc. Solder-less connectors.
antenna and the NOISE GAIN control to amplify the antenna
output. The unit can also be used as a diversity combiner to
peak weak signals or null interfering signals.
HRO Price 189.95 Noise Reduction
Digital Processor
Dual Band
All Mode Noise Filter & RTTY Modem DCI- 146 / 440-DB Filter

DSP-599zx Eliminate intermod with these band-pass

Þlters for 144, 220, or 440 MHz or with the
2m / 440 MHz dual band Þlter. Connect
a Þlter between your VHF / UHF, base
or mobile rig and antenna. Enjoy your
favorite station without listening to the
This powerful noise and squawks and squeals of intermod. These
QRM Þlter surpasses the newest “DSP” radios with its ßexible SG-7014 Speaker Þlters reduce the strength of interfering
features. Continuous Þlter tuning up to 5 kHz opens up wider HRO Price $159.95 signals while allowing the signals you
bandwidth modes like shortwave, AM broadcast, and VHF/UHF want to hear to pass through at virtually
FM. Heterodynes disappear, weak signals pop up from the noise, The affordable ADSP2 speaker full strength.
and the sharp Þlters slice away QRM. The DSP RTTY modem delivers top of the line noise reduc-
(w/optional DSP-RTTY software) pulls out solid copy when you tion for any receiving device. Two The Þlters are made to Þrst-class speciÞ-
can barely hear a signal. An AM line noise Þlter dramatically levels of noise reduction (13 dB, cations with silver-teßon connectors and
reduces noise. Filter settings are easy-to-read on the backlit 26 dB) and 3 band pass Þlters (100 extruded aluminum, copper and brass.
alphanumeric LCD display. Pushbuttons select noise reduc- Hz, 500 Hz, 1800 Hz) with simple In addition to the standard 4-pole Þlters,
tion, memories, voice, CW, and data modes. Optical encoders push-button operation. Includes an 7-pole and larger ultra-sharp Þlters are
tune the Þlters. external headphone jack. 110 – 500 available. The DCI-146-4H intermod Þlter
mA consumption. for 2 meters is 12" X 3"X 5" and has UHF
• Hyperspeed DSP - 27 ns, • AC line noise AM Þlter. connectors.
36.8 MIPS. • Calibrated audio volt-
• 2 selectable channels with meter & generator. Model Band HRO Price
multiple memories. • 13 preset data Þlters plus
Call for Quotes DCI-146-4H 2m $169.95
• Front panel programmable two user presets. Toll Free DCI-223.5-3H 220 MHz 169.95
input sensitivity and line HRO Price $399.95 DCI-445-10C 440 MHz 189.95
output level. AC-5 P.S. $24.95 DCI-146/440-DB 2m/440 MHz 239.95

28 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927

Coax Switches Lightning Protection

Delta-4B Coaxial Impulse Suppressors

Hermetically-sealed voltage sensitive gas tubes and
4 Position Switch other components assure that surge voltages and
This lightning protected 4 currents will not reach your equipment.
position RF coax switch
uses the Alpha Delta Arc-
Plug cartridge to protect
Flange Mounts HRO Price $61.95
your equipment from elec- Freq. Maximum
trical surges. The exclusive
center "off" (ground) posi-
Delta-2B Model
Range MHz Power Watts

tion internally disconnects and grounds all 2 Position Switch IS-50 UX-CO 1.5-400 HF – 2 kW
antenna circuits. It has cast housing with This 2 position coax switch is precision VHF – 35 W
constant impedance micro-strip cavity lightning surge protected. Has the same UHF – 125 W
construction. Features a positive detent constant impedance cavity construction IS-50 UX-C1 50-700 VHF – 375 W
roller bearing switch drive. Handles full legal with "center-off" ground as the Delta-4 and UHF – 125 W
power. Delta-4/N for type "N" connectors. a built-in replaceable Arc-plug® cartridge. IS-50 NX-C2 125-1000 VHF – 375 W
The Delta-4 handles frequencies through Order UHF or type "N" connectors for low- w/ N connect UHF low – 125 W
500 MHz and the Delta-4/N through 1.3 loss performance through 1.3 GHz. HRO 800 MHz-1 GHz – 50 W
GHz. HRO Price $89.95; Type N $89.95 Price $59.95; Type N $75.95.
Bulkhead Mounts HRO Price $64.95

Freq. Maximum
Daiwa has two heavy-duty coaxial
Model Range MHz Power Watts
switches. Both are useable to 500 .
MHz and the unused positions are IS-B50 LU-CO 1.5-400 HF – 2 kW
grounded. Switches are available VHF – 375 W
at slightly higher prices with type UHF – 125W
"N" connectors. IS-B50 LU-C1 50-700 VHF – 375 W
CS-201 UHF – 125 W
2 Position Switch IS-B50 LN-C2 125-1000 VHF – 375 W
w/ N connect UHF low – 125 W
HRO Price $32.95
800 MHz-1 GHz – 50 W

Surge Protectors Rotator Control Protector

Model IS-RCT
Provides protection for rotator controllers, motors,
control box and other nearby equipment.
HRO Price $99.95
The Defense Logistic Agency (DLA) has as-
Power Line Extension Protector
Two-outlet extension cords with master on/off switch and
signed National Stock Number (NSN)5920 01
circuit breaker offer added power line protection.
5470278 to the Model TT3G50 Coaz Surge
Protector and NSN 5325 01 5466841 to the 3G50
Model Length HRO Price
ARC-PLUG (tm) Cartridge for use in all US Militry and NATO
IS-PLDO-120-15A 15' 120V@15A $169.95
applications, Worldwide.The ATT3G50 coaxial surge protector
IS-PLDO-120-20A 6' 120V@20A $219.00
was designed for the cellular, microwave point-to-point, and the
broadband wireless industry. These products feature very low loss performance through 3
GHz. Typical loss is 0.1 dB at 1 GHz through 0.5 dB at 3 GHz. This series represents the Grounding Panel
lowest loss broadband design in the industry. Choose type "N" or "UHF" connector. Model CU-SPGP
HRO A .062" thick copper plate mounted on a painted 1/2"
Model Description Price plywood backing. Mounting protectors and a single
ATT3G 50 200 W – 3.0 GHz, Type N $59.95 ground point established for station equipment. Comes
ATT3G 50HP 2 kW – 3.0 GHz, Type N $59.95 with concrete anchors, all mounting screws, 10' of 1.5"
ATT3G 50U 200 W – 500 MHz, UHF $49.95 copper grounding strap, 2 brass sandwich plates, and
ATT3G 50UHP 2 kW – 500 MHz, UHF $49.95 joint compound. 18" x 12". HRO Price $CALL

Ham Radio Outlet Accepts

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 29

The Classic Handheld
Today's Studio
Sound in the
Classic Look
This is a truly remarkable dynamic
of the 1930's
microphone! From the Amateur
Radio division of Heil Sound,
The Classic is an
Ltd., comes the PR 781,
exact copy of a 1930-
a professional-qual-
vintage broadcast
ity dynamic cardi-
microphone, but de-
oid microphone
signed to be used with Handi-Mics
that is speciÞ-
Amateur Radio trans-
cally designed The Handi Mic is an ultra-compact hand micro-
ceivers. It includes
for use with phone utilizing a special open sorbothane shock
two microphone ele-
most elite-class mount, yielding superior audio compared to the
ments: the "profes-
transceivers standard microphonbes offered by the radio
sional" line wide-fre-
from Kenwood, Yaesu, Ten Tec and Icom. Heil manufacturers. The Handi Mic
quency-range broad-
engineers were requested by Icom to develop a is available with the HC-5 full-
cast element, along
very special microphone package for their new range element, the HC-4 "DX
with the HC-5 full range communications
IC-7800 radio. They didn't want just a microphone; Dream Machine" element, or
element, the HC-4 "DX Dream Machine" ele-
they wanted a SUPER microphone for a super the "iC" element designed
ment, or the "iC" full-range element designed
radio, and the Heil PR 780 was born. The PR 781 for Icom rigs; a special "Pro"
for Icom transceivers. The Classic comes with Dash
is an improvement on the popular PR 780; it's a version is also available, with
the CB-1 base, and it also includes a Low/High hanger
beautiful performer into just about any microphone a wide-frequency "broadcast"
Impedance switch.
input, such as TS 870, 950, Pro 1, 2, 3, 7800, element that sounds great on
HRO Prices: Classic 5 (HC-5) $239.95
Yaesu Mk 5, MP, 2000, and 9000.Using one of FM mobile rigs. HRO Price $84.95 each
Classic 4 (HC4) $239.95
the dynamic elements from the Heil broadcast Model Element PTT
Classic- IC (pre-Pro Icom) $239.95
division, the PR 781 offers a wide frequency re- HM-4 HC4DX Dream Machine Yes
sponse, while keeping that traditional Heil Sound HM-5 HC5 full range Yes
articulation of the speech pattern. Its clarity and Commemorative Classic HM-iC Electret for most Icom Yes
fullness are without peer in the Amateur Radio HM-PRO Wide range broadcast Yes
world. The PR 781 comes with the SM-3 mount. The Commemorative Classic is a limited-edi- HM-PRO+ Used on live sound stage No*
HRO Price $ 179.95 tion version of the Classic microphone, bear-
& as an interview microphone
ing a serial number and signed by live sound
* 3 pin connector
GM / GMV Series pioneer Bob Heil, which commemorates the
opening of the Heil Sound technology display
The "Gold Standard" GM Series in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (located in
has become the most-widely-used Cleveland, Ohio). Proceeds from the sale of
dynamic microphone for Amateur
Radio. Available in the GM 5
this product are being returned to the muse- HS-2
um for furthering the preservation of historical
conÞguration (with the full-range musical items. HRO Price $319.95 PTT Hand Switch
HC-5 element), the GM 4 version
Heil's high quality hand switch
(with the HC-4 "DX Dream Machine"
made for P.T.T. operation is
element), or the high-impedance For Icom Radios shaped to Þt your hand natu-
GM "Vintage"(GM-V) version, the rally and comfortably. Comes
GM Series also includes the Heil with a 6 foot cable that plugs
Sound's "broadcast" wide-frequen-
cy element, for superb Þdelity. iCM into the AD-1 or CC-1 adapter.
HRO Price $29.95
GM-4 with HC-4 $129.95 Salvation for Icom
GM-5 with HC-5 $129.95 Users!
FS-2 Dual Footswitch
The FS-2 is a unique dual-action
The iCM microphone answers
HM-10 footswitch ideal for the
the need for a high-quality
modern Ham
Series microphone for the early Icom
station. The
transceivers, featuring a high-
FS-2 provides
Without a doubt the HM-10 quality, high-gain condenser
two sequenced
Dual is a dual element com- element that provides full-bod-
micro-switches, one each for connection to your
munications microphone ied audio with plenty of drive to
transmitter and your linear ampliÞer; when you
specifically designed for match up with the low-gain au-
press down on the footswitch, the ampliÞer's
clean, articulate audio from you amateur radio rig. dio systems of the earlier Icom
switch is engaged Þrst, followed immediately by
The HM-10 Dual contains both the HC-5 and the rigs. It also works great with the
the switch for the radio, and when you let up the
HC-4 “DX Dream Machine” elements. higher-gain "Pro" radios and
reverse sequencing takes place. This provides
Model Description HRO Price IC-7800 from the current Icom
safe T/R switching for both radio and ampliÞer
line. HRO Price $95.95
HM-10 Dual Microphone with $119.95 without need for a control cable between the
HC-4 & HC-5 elements two units. HRO Price $38.95

30 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927

Classic The Fin™ Heil PR20
PRO The Fin utilizes the PR-20 ele- The PR 20 was designed for commercial
shown with ment so popular in the professional audio broadcast, live sound and recording.
optional realm. It is housed in a gorgeous high-gloss It has a smooth, ßat response
boom chrome-Þnish enclosure reminiscent of the
PL-2T over a wide frequency range
Heritage microphone. If phantom power and it uses the Heil Pro Se-
(not compatible with Icom transceivers) is ries microphone element for
provided to The Fin, the blue wind screen
excellent transient response,
becomes illuminated by 4 imbedded LEDs.
low IMD and reduced proximity
HRO Price $196.95 effect. The PR 20 comes standard with 3 mesh
Heil PR40 screens (black, gold and silver). All the PR Series
The Classic PRO is an exact microphones require additional cables to interface
reproduction of the 1930 RCA The PR 40 was designed for with your transceiver. HRO Price $149.95
74B broadcast microphone - complete with commercial broadcast, live sound
your call letters. Using the high quality Heil and recording. It features the Spotlight Series
Pro series dynamic element, the Classic Heil Dynamic element with a The Spotlight Series professional quality, dynamic,
PRO is used in many top commercial FM perfectly ßat response from 28 cardiod microphones are ideal for broadcast re-
radio stations. 600 ohms, balanced output, Hz all the way up to 18kHz and cording and live sound. They employ a smooth, ßat
8' cable terminated into a 3 pin XLR. Comes has gorgeous articulation. The response over a wide frequency range and have
mounted on the CB-1 base which can be re- PR 40 is shipped with the excellent transient response. They are Þnished
moved and mounted on our PL2T as shown. SM-3 5/8” -27 mount and a with gorgeous pearlized enamel in red, white or
HRO Price $245.95 lined metal carrying case. All pink. Like the microphones in the PR Series, the
the PR Series microphones Spotlight Series requires additional cables to inter-
Heritage™ require additional cables to interface with your face with your transceiver.
The Heritage is a high-perfor- transceiver. HRO Price $325.95
HRO Prices: Pink Pearl 20 $179.95
mance dynamic microphone, Red Pearl 20 $179.95
yielding a remarkably natural,
Heil PR30
White Pearl 20 $179.95
clear sound. Its special "Show- The PR 30 was designed for commercial
chrome" chrome Þnish is plated broadcast, live sound and recording. It has Pro Connector Cables
over a copper-clad molded steel comparable sound to the Þnest condenser This 8 ft long cable is used to connect the Classic
body, and the Heritage is spe- microphones because of its wide frequency Pro, Pro, and Heritage microphones to your 8-pin
cially designed to produce a high response, excellent transient response and Kenwood, Yaesu, or Icom transceiver. Made with
directional cardioid pattern. The low IMD. The PR 30 comes standard with Heilwire to help reduce RFI and noise. Pig tail easily
Heritage is Þtted with a standard the SM-3 5/8” -27 mount. All the PR Series connects to HS-1 or FS-2.
3-pin XLR connector, and adapter microphones require additional cables to CC-1 XLR Y (Yaesu cable) $35.95
cables for most all amateur base rigs are interface with your transceiver. CC-1 XLR I (Icom cable) $35.95
available as options. HRO Price $135.95 HRO Price $249.95 CC-1XLR K (Kenwood cable) $35.95

PL-2T SB-2 SM-1
Studio Boom Small micro- Shock Mount
phone not microphone not included
Boom included
The ultimate mount
Extends from 10 to 24 inches for Pro, HM-10 or
with angle adjustments for iCM can be used on
positioning. Standard 5/8 X 27 all booms or stands. 8
The PL-2T "Topless" boom is thread. Includes Teßon stem adapter point ßexible suspension supports and isolates the
a unique cantilevered mount to mount into all of the Heil PL2T Heil microphone from mechanical vibrations. 5/8"
that gives your station a pro- mounts. Comes with the C clamp. X 27 standard threads will mount onto microphone
fessional-looking solution for HRO Price $42.95 stand and boom arms. (Shown with the GM-5 mi-
mounting your base station mi- SB-2B black deluxe mount $89 crophone, not included.) HRO Price $72.95
crophone. It features a unique SB-2C chrome deluxe mount $89
channel with a removable cover
that lets you tuck the microphone cable away RS-1 CB-1 / CB-1 PTT
for a clean, clutter-free installation. The PL- Riser Classic Base
2T accepts all Heil Sound industry-standard 12" Riser allows you to mount the PL2T Beautiful reproduction of a 1930 RCA
5/8-27 microphone mounting clips.HRO behind the transceiver or console and lift microphone base. Heavy three
Price $99.95 pound cast steel with stainless trim.
the base 12" from the table. Works with
3" chrome mount accepts 5/8" X 27
SB-2 or PL-2T. HRO Price $25.95
WM-1 hardware. HRO Price $58.95
Vertical Surface Mount FL-2 CB-1 PTT w/ PTT switch $69.95
The WM-1 is a unique mount for the Heil Flange Mount
booms that allows them to be mounted on With brass insert. DT-1
a vertical surface. The brass insert of the Fits the PL-2T & Desktop Flush Mount
WM-1 insures smooth, perfect Þt. SB-2. Allows PL-2T and SB-2 to slip into 1-1/2" hole drilled
HRO Price $25.95 HRO Price $25.00 into desktop. HRO Price $31.95

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 31

Noise Canceling Traveler
Proset A lightweight headset for
Quiet Phone ALL occasions
The award-winning Pro
Set is the choice of top
DX and contest opera- The Traveler Sin-
tors worldwide. Of- gle Side head-
fering a comfortable set is a unique
dual-earmuff design headset/boom
with 40 dB of out- microphone sys-
side noise rejection, tem, featur-
The Pro Set is avail- ing Heil
able with the HC-5 full-range element, the HC-4 "DX Dream Sound's
Machine" element, or the "iC" element designed for Icom careful-
The Pro Set Quiet Phone is an out-
rigs. The Pro Set iC includes an AD-1-iC (8 pin foster) cable. standing choice for DX and contest ly-designed
HRO Price $129.95 operators worldwide. Offering a electret con-
comfortable dual-earmuff design denser mi-
equipped with Heil Sound's Active crophone. A
Proset Plus Noise Cancellation System, the Pro unique interface cable system utilizes
Dual Set Quiet Phones will greatly at- various patch cables to allow interfacing to
tenuate low-frequency noise such as over 100 different radio models, including
Element ampliÞer hum, and they're also great hand-helds, along with personal computers,
Headset while ßying, since they signiÞcantly cell phones, etc. All adapter cables are sold
reduce jet noise. separately.
The Pro Set Plus is the ul-
timate boomset for DX and The Pro Set is available with the HC-
contest operators. Featuring 5 full-range element, the HC-4 "DX
oversized earmuffs Dream Machine" element, or the "iC" HTDS
with acoustically- element designed for Icom rigs. The
tuned chambers for Pro Set Quiet Phone iC includes an
the speakers, and dual AD-1-iC (8 pin foster) cable. The Traveler Dual
microphone elements, Side headset is
the Pro Set Plus is fully adjustable for maximum operator HRO Price $199.95 a unique
comfort. The Pro Set Plus is equipped with the HC-5 full-range headset/
element and the HC-4 "DX Dream Machine" element, while boom mi-
the Pro set Plus iC includes the HC-4 plus the full-range "iC" crophone sys-
element designed for Icom rigs. The Pro Set Plus iC includes tem, featuring Heil
an AD-1-iC (8 pin foster) cable. Sound's carefully-
HRO Price $189.95 Quiet designed electret
condenser microphone. A unique interface
BAG -1 Leatherette travel bag for Pro Set and Pro-Plus Phone cable system utilizes various patch cables to
HRO Price $25
allow interfacing to over 100 different radio
BAG -2 Leatherette travel bag for Quiet Phone, Traveler, &
models, including hand-helds, along with
BM Series.
HRO Price $20 personal computers, cell phones, etc. All
adapter cables are sold separately.
HRO Prices:
BM-10 HTSS Single sided $75.95
Headset / HTDS Dual sided $95.95

Microphone Interface Adapters:

Heil has taken a fresh Yaesu YM HTAYM
look at the headset Active Noise Canceling Icom 706 HTA706
The BM-10 is an ultra- Headset Icom 8 pin HTAI8
lightweight, double- Kenwood 8 pin HTAK8
The Heil Sound Quiet Phones are the
sided boomset that's Kenwood Modular HTAKM
result of many years of research and
ideal for portable use, or for PC Soundcard HTAPC
development, utilizing Heil Sound's
maximum comfort during long hours HRO Price $23.95
Active Noise Cancellation System
of public-service operation. The BM-10 is available with the
that provides signiÞcant reduction
HC-5 full-range element, the HC-4 "DX Dream Machine"
on low-frequency background noise, Cables for handi talkies*:
element, or the "iC" element designed for Icom rigs. The BM
especially while ßying. Now you can Yaesu VX except VX7 HTA-VX
10-iC includes an AD-1-iC (8 pin foster) cable.
actually hear the audio accompany- Kenwood handhelds HTA-KHT
BM-10-5 Full range articulation (needs AD-1). HRO Price ing that movie you're trying to watch Icom handhelds HTA-iHT
$110.95 on your ßight! HRO Price $23.95
BM-10-ic For Icom only. HRO Price $129.95
BM-10-4 w / HC-4 element. HRO Price $110.95 HRO Price $99 *PTT works with handhelds, but UP and DOWN do not.

32 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927


Premier Communications has a Pryme

product to meet any portable communi-
cation need. They offer small speaker
microphones (the SPM-100 series) and
full sized microphones (the SPM-900s).
Users on the go will appreciate ultra
comfortable lapel microphones (SPM-200
and 200E) and the patented over-the-ear
boom microphones (SPM-400). For high-
SPM-200EB SPM-400A SPM-100
noise environments, use a noise resistent
throat mic (SPM-500). Users that need "low
proÞle" communications should check out
the ßesh-colored "palm mic" (SPM-700)
which can easily be concealed.


SPM-800 EH-100 EH-1000

This advanced mirophone uses a highly

sensitive ceramic condenser element and
an amp with three compression levels. A
graphic equalizer helps you customize
your audio. Adjustments are easy with
the bult-in analog meter. It has an on-air
indicator, frequency up/down controls, and
locking and momentary PTT.

24 Hour FAX
Order Numbers
Anaheim 714-533-9485
Atlanta 770-263-9548
Denver 303-745-7394
New Castle 302-322-8808
Oakland 510-534-0729
Phoenix 602-395-1244
Portland 503-684-0469
Salem 603-898-1041
San Diego 858-560-1705
Sunnyvale 408-736-9499
Burbank 818-842-5283
Woodbridge 703-494-3679

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 33

Telephone Interconnects Encoders / Decoders

Connect Systems manufactures a wide range CTCSS Encoder
of telephone interconnects and commercial TE-32: HRO Price $49.95
equipment. Please contact HRO Tone encoders and
or visit the CSI Worldwide Web page at decoders are just what

http://www.connectsystems.com you need to control your
repeater or listen only to
signals that are meant
just for you. TE-32 multi-
tone CTCSS encoder is
powered by a 6 to 28 vdc
unregulated source, has
CS-800 a three position range
switch, a frequency
Full Duplex Interconnect & Repeater Maker accuracy ±0.1 Hz maxi-
This low cost automatic, full duplex patch converts your dual mum over the temperature operating range. The TE-32 is low impedance (1K), low
band base and dual band handheld or mobile into a cellular distortion, with adjustable sine wave output, 5 V peak to peak.
like duplex phone system. A built-in repeater maker can be
enabled which makes the CS-800 suitable for private or club
repeater/ auto patch use. The CS-800 comes with standard Accessories
features unavailable in competing brands such as 90 memory
speed dialer, redial, hookßash, CW ID, advanced toll restricts,
secret toll override access code, built-in programming keypad
and digital readout, tone / pulse dial out, and more. The only
connections required are to the mike and speaker jacks of your
Better RF
rig. Fully FCC and DOC approved. HRO Price 349.95 706 Tune Control
CS-900 For Icom IC- 706 or 706 MkII
Tune control consists of a small OPC board that
Simplex Interconnect plugs into the Molex connector on the back of your
This low cost automatic simplex patch converts your single band radio and makes the "Tuner/Call" button operational.
base and handheld or mobile into a powerful phone system. A Push once and the transceiver emits 10 watts, steady
1/2 second digital voice delay prevents word clipping caused carrier and sidetone through the speaker (internal or
by transceiver and vox switching speed. It can be used base external). Use the signal to tune your antenna, an I-Mate
to mobile or through repeaters to extend range (phone-base- antenna tuner, or to check your SWR. Press twice
repeater-mobile and back mobile-repeater-base-phone). The more and the transceiver reverts to the previous For Icom IC-746-Pro
CS-900 comes with many standard features unavailable in mode and power. Works 160 through 10 meters. or IC- 756-Pro II
competing brands such as 90 memory speed dialer, redial, Suggested List $32.95 The I-Mate allows the exter-
hookßash, CW ID, advanced toll restricts, 10 programmable toll
nal selection of pre-recorded
override sequences, secret toll override access code, tone/pulse 7000 Tune Control voice and keyed messages
dialout and more. It can be user programmed using the built-in For Icom IC-7000 for the IC-756PROII and
keypad with digital readout, over the air using DTMF, or from • Makes the TUNE/CALL button functional. keyed messages for the IC-
any telephone. The only connections required are to the mike • Displays SWR as you tune an antenna or external 746PRO. It eliminates the
and speaker jacks. Fully FCC and DOC approved. HRO Price tuner. necessity to shift the display
$399.95 • Constant 30 watts or pulsed output at normal from an operating mode to a
CD-2 power. memory select mode simply
Communications • Senses voltage on a screwdriver antenna mo- to transmit the pre-recorded
tor. messages.
Decoder Suggested List $54.95
The CD-2 decodes and dis- Pressing one of four buttons
plays 51 CTCSS tones and
112 DCS codes originating on the channel you are monitoring. Yaesu Tune on the I-Mate transmits the
message associated with
DTMF tones are decoded and displayed as they occur and Control that button. It provides a
are replayed a second time slowly so that you can read high
For Yaesu pulsed sine-wave oscillator
speed auto-dialers etc. The gimbol makes the CD-2 easy to for tuning of high powered
mount in a vehicle so you can easily see which CTCSS tone FT-100, FT-857 or
amplifiers and antenna
is needed. The RS-232 port can transport all decoded data to FT-897 tuners.
a computer. HRO Price $199.95
Make the TUNE button function on your radio provide
CD-2P Software a low power output for tuning, adjusting antennas, The I-Mate plugs directly
The CD-2p DOS-based application stores the time and date checking SWR, no matter what mode you are us- into a transceiver's micro-
of each decoded CTCSS, DCS or DTMF from your CD-2. Ac- ing. Interface cable included. Provides an interface phone jack and receives its
cumulated data can be displayed or printed. Graphical displays between your Yaesu transceiver and Icom type power from the transceiver.
show channel loading and more. HRO Price $109.95 accessories. Suggested List $44.95 Suggested List $74.95

34 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927


MT1200 / MT1200G
Mobile Tracker

Built on the proud heritage of the

KPC-3+, the very compact MT1200 and MT1200G
For Kantronics
Mobile Trackers allow users to transmit real-time vehicle tracking information or
Talon for use in APRS networks or NMEA interface mapping software. Timewave /AEA
Commercial UDC The MT1200 and MT1200G may be utilized within an existing packet
HRO Price $99.95
The Talon's exceptional design al- network, using the Mobile Tracker unit as a mobile and Kantronics legacy Creative Services Software
lows for reliable point-to-point, or TNC at the base. The MT1200 may be used with an external NMEA GPS presents 32 bit terminal
point-to multipoint, communications receiver and the MT1200G includes an embedded GPS with active mag- software for the Kantronics
under less than perfect conditions netic mount antenna.512K ßash memory is included for extended GPS or (PacTerm 3.0) and Time-wave/
and excellent performance under telemetry logging or storage. AEA TNCs (PkTerm 3.0) and
adverse signal paths. This is a com- HRO Prices: MT1200 $199.95 MT1200G $279.95 Soundcard Inter-faces. This
mercial product designed for asset software is for the Windows
and vehicle tracking, gas/oil produc- KAM XL™ operating system.
tion monitoring, trafÞc control, water
management , utility monitoring, Multi-Mode The software takes advantage
public safety, test messaging and DSP of true multi tasking in Win-
emergency management. The Talon dows and uses the standard
features include: Controller Windows interface for ease
• MAP™ technology. of use. From PSK-31, MFSK,
Kantronics' third generation multi-mode TNC is a state of the art design
• LMR frequencies. MT63 and SSTY to CW, RTTY,
for operations on HF, VHF and UHF while supporting DSP modems and
• Embedded GPS module (option). Amtor, Pactor and VHF and
popular new modes of operation. The unit provides modes of Packet
• Data throughput of 9600 bps. HF packet, from single to dual
300, 1200 or 9600 baud, G-TOR, Pactor 1, AMTOR ARQ, PSK31, RTTY,
• Field conÞgurable as master or port TNCs or your sound card
NAVTEX/AMTEX, ASCII, WEFAX and CW. It has a dual port mailbox and
remote. and its interface, it is now
remote SYSOP access. It is GPS NMEA-0183 compatible and provides
• Real time SCADA and telemetry. more fun to use the digital
Kantronics Host Mode and KISS. HRO Price $399.95
• Transparent operation. modes of amateur radio. You
• Peer to peer communications. can log each contact with the
HRO Price $1399.95 (w/ GPS) built-in logbook. Requires AEA
$1199.95 (w/o GPS) / Time-wave Host Mode or Kan-
tronics TNC Hostmode for TNC
KML-5000 KPC-3 Plus VHF / UHF TNC interface.
This compact, low current TNC has become the work horse of packet
Passive Tracker radio today. It features multiple packet connects, digipeating for APRS You don't even need a TNC with
operations, WEFAX reception, a GPS mode for tracking, personal packet the soundcard only interface.
mailbox and more. HRO Price $189.95 Use with any of the popular
soundcard interfaces, even
the ones you build yourself.
For sound card only mode,
requires soundcard interface
like Hamhub or MFJ-127X
KPC-9612 Plus / 128 Dual-Speed interfaces.

The KML-5000 passive Tracker

Dual-Port TNC
TNC is the rapid delivery model, supporting 9600 baud. It features both
provides recording of vehicle or
1200 and 9600 packet ports, advanced APRS digipeating (APRS is a
equipment location for later retrieval.
trademark of Bob Bruninga), (K-Net) networking, amateur beeper (paging)
The unit includes a GPS receiver
and more. HRO Price $389.95
Call a
and data-logger. Once installed in a
vehicle, it can record up to 36 eight- Helpful
Keeping Up to Date . . .
hour days of GPS data (location, Ham at
velocity, time) in a nonvolatile internal The KAM '98 8.3 and KPC-3 Plus 9.1 will provide a second serial port for
memory. At your convenience, the GPS and APRS capabilities, plus additional GPS improvements. HRO for
captured history can be transferred
from the internal memory to a remov- The KPC-9612 Plus, now sold at version 9.1, has advanced digipeating
able memory card for transport to a for GPS, plus the ability to download EMWIN weather broadcasts. Offers
personal computer for viewing and
analysis. HRO Price $349.95 All Kantronics TNCs work great with Pacterm 3.0.

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 35

Quality and Pride Throughout “Brass Racer”

The Vibrokeyer is designed for
those who prefer a non-iambic
paddle. The single lever paddle
imitates the automatic dots and
dashes of the electronic keyer The Brass Racer keys are
with the same motion used to unique in that there are NO
operate the "Bug". springs in the design. They are
crafted from solid brass and mounted on a base of
Vibrokeyer Gold: The entire base is 24K gold plated with bright decorative polished hardwood. Tension on the paddle is inÞnitely
chrome top parts. Smooth, jeweled movements for precision control. Stainless adjustable by the use of magnets.
steel hardware where appropriate. HRO Price $299.95
Vibrokeyer Deluxe: Highly polished decorative chrome base with bright Brass Racer Iambic: This iambic paddle is designed
chrome top parts. Silky smooth movements are jeweled as in Þne Swiss for use with an external keyer or the keyer in your
watches. HRO Price $189.95 radio. The Triangle Brass base is mounted on pol-
Vibrokeyer Standard: A neat, crisp black textured Þnish base with bright ished hardwood. HRO Price $139.95
decorative chrome parts. Non-jeweled movement. HRO Price $149.95

The Original Vibroplex is
a genuine piece of history.
Square Brass
First patented in 1894, the
Racer: This key
Original is still manufac-
is a departure from
tured today using tools and
our traditional style. A
dies very similar to those
distinctive design of brushed
used by its inventor, Hor-
lacquered SQUARE brass mounted on polished
ace G. Martin. Modern-day
hardwood. HRO Price $144.95
operators can put their Þst
to the same equipment as the Western Union and railroad operators of old.
Original Gold: The entire base is 24K gold plated, with bright decorative
chrome top parts. Smooth, jeweled movements for precise control. Stainless
steel hardware where appropriate. HRO Price $299.95
Original Presentation: 24K gold plated brass plate on a highly polished deco-
rative chrome base with bright chrome top parts. HRO Price $299.95
Original Deluxe: Same as the Presentation but without the 24K gold plated
brass plate. HRO Price $219.95
Original Standard: A neat, crisp black textured Þnish base with bright decora-
tive chrome top parts. HRO Price $169.95

This is the modern descendent
of the Original. It incorporates “Double Key"
the traditional Vibroplex look By popular request, Vibroplex has combined its
for use with modern electronic Straight Key with the classic Vibrokeyer or Iambic
keyers. paddle on one massive steel base. The Double Key
allows the operator to instantly switch from an elec-
tronic keyer to the personal touch of a straight key.
Iambic Gold: The entire base is 24K gold plated with decorative chrome
top parts. Smooth, jeweled movements for premium control. Stainless steel Gold Double Key: The entire base is 24K gold
hardware where appropriate. plated with bright decorative chrome top parts.
HRO Price $289.95 Stainless steel hardware where required. HRO
Iambic Presentation: 24K gold plated brass plate on a highly polished decorative Price $419.95
chrome base with bright chrome top parts. Its silky smooth jeweled movements Double Key Deluxe: Highly polished chrome
are like those found in Þne Swiss watches. HRO Price $279.95 base with decorative chrome top parts. HRO Price
Iambic Deluxe: Same as Presentation but without the 24K gold plated brass $369.95
plate. HRO Price $189.95 Double Key Standard: A neat, crisp, black-textured
Iambic Standard: A neat, crisp black textured Þnish base with bright decora- Þnish base with bright chrome top parts. HRO Price
tive chrome top parts. HRO Price $149.95 $329.95

36 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927

BY Series
Iambic Kent Paddles
You will enjoy the smooth, precise action of a Bencher
paddle with any iambic keyer. These paddles feature
Iambic Memory Keyer
a heavy steel base, gold plated silver contact points, Fully iambic keyer can emulate
non-skid feet, stainless steel adjustable spring, self- most other keyers including Curtis
adjusting needle bearings, and large acrylic Þnger Kent Straight Key "A" timing and Accukeyer. It works
HRO Prices: BY-1 Black $99.95 These paddles offer a smooth feel with single-lever, non-iambic
BY-2 Chrome $119.95 with sealed ball bearings. Precise gap paddles.
BY-3 Gold $319.95 adjustments with knurled heads on Þne
BY-4 Gold/Blk $199.95 pitched screws and locking nuts. Made Has 6 active messages plus
from solid brass within a permanent 12 "banked" messages, 1530
brass housing. characters total. Messages may
"call." Others contain programmed
Twin Paddle (TP-1) $149.95 functions, loop for continuous
Single Paddle (SP-1) $139.95
replay, can allow break-in for
Straight Key (SK-1) $129.95
paddle-inserted text with automatic
resumption. Existing messages
Hex Key Straight Keys can be edited. Ultra Speed mode
allows messages at speeds to 990
Gold plated silver contacts. Molded acrylic Þnger WPM! Contest serial number: 001
pads. Polished chromium parts. Magnetic tension to 9999, with push-button decre-
adjustment and adjustable contact spacing. Black ment if needed.
power coated steel base HRO Price $179.95
Linear speed control: 5 to 60 WPM.
RJ Series Adjustable weighting: 25% to 75%.
Hand Adjustable frequency sidetone
monitor, 500-900 Hz.
Internal monitor level control. Tune
function for transmitter adjustment,
hand key mode from paddle.
The "RJ" hand keys have an advanced American-
Operator selectable automatic
style design derived from the telegraph keys that
won the west, yet with modern features like Oilite character spacing. Full beacon
bearings, a solid navy knob, gold-plated solid silver capability.
contacts, full locking adjustments of all tension and
spacing parameters, and Bencher quality materials Vibroplex® offers a STRAIGHT key with Messages and keyer conÞguration
throughout. These keys are ideal for the new amateur a unique mechanical action, unlike any saved if power is lost. Variable
just mastering code as well as the old time brass other straight key that has ever been compensation for QSK transmitter
pounder anxious to "clear the hook." This key offers manufactured. character shortening. Keyer offers
the Morse code operator an investment that will bring precise speed read-out. Keys all
years of pride and satisfaction.Try the Bencher "RJ" Straight Key Gold: The entire base solid state and most tube rigs. No
hand key at your nearby HRO. You will be convinced is 24K gold plated with bright decora- paddle "buffering" or "debouncing"
there is no better key available. tive chrome top parts. Stainless steel
required with any paddle.
HRO Prices: RJ-1 Black $99.95 hardware where appropriate. HRO
RJ-2 Chrome $119.95 Price $299.95
Straight Key Deluxe: Highly polished Comes complete with printed
ST Series Single Lever Paddles chrome base with decorative chrome manual (English). Runs on 12 volts
Superb Bencher features and construction for the top parts. HRO Price $189.95 DC, less than .1 amp, or on 3 AAA
ham who prefers single lever operation. Straight Key Standard: A neat, crisp batteries when installed in internal
HRO Prices: ST-1 Black $109.95 black textured Þnish base with bright battery pack. 90 day limited war-
ST-2 Chrome $129.95 chrome top parts. HRO Price $149.95 ranty. HRO Price $149.95

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 37