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Tel: 86 +0531-88815656
Manufacturer (origin) : level of jinling petrochemical products: top grade produ
ct content or higher: 99.9 (%)
Density: 1.124 1.135 (g/cm3) quality standard: gb packing specification: 200 kg/
CAS: 96-48-0 product name: other models/brands: 200 kg/barrel
As intermediates in organic synthesis, used in making alpha pyrrolidone, N - met
hyl - 2 - pyrrolidone, gamma - hydroxybutyric acid sodium, ring, acetyl gamma butyl inner fat, etc. Still can make agricultural chemicals and polymer solvents
and dyes and dyeing. Widely used in oil refining, acetylene purification, butad
iene and aromatics extraction well, industrial cleaning agent, medicine and othe
r fields. Mainly in the field of medical materials and crafting ring propylamine
and vitamin B1, moreover gamma butyrolactone is applied to dye and pigment inte
rmediates, electrolyte battery and capacitor coupling agent, control of aqueous
sodium silicate gel preparation and potions to paint and other industries. GBL i
s an important organic synthetic raw material and good solvent. Can also be used
for oil extraction agent. Gamma - butyl inner fat as raw materials, can also be
made spices and pharmaceutical intermediates, rust remover, etc.
Moisture content (wt %) of 0.5 or less 0.3 or less
Density (g/ml) 1.124 1.135 1.124 1.135
A, use:
R - butyl ester is an important organic chemical raw materials, in medicine, pes
ticide, petroleum chemical industry, etc, has been widely used. Can be used to m
ake a - pyrrolidone, N - methyl pyrazole ketone of alkanes, polyethylene pyrazol
e ketone of alkanes, and vitamin B1, ring and butyric acid, herbicide and plant
growth. Is alkenes, alkynes extractant, absorption agent and dispersant. Is the
ideal synthetic resin antioxidant, plasticizer, dispersing agent, fixing agent a
nd solvent. Is a synthetic fiber spinning solvent, curing agent, antistatic agen
t, dyeing auxiliaries. Also been couplers.experiments carried the raw material,
ink lubricant, etc.
Second, the physical properties:
Formula: C4H6O2 molecular weight: 86.1
Formula: Tel: 86 +0531-88815656
Properties: colorless, transparent, smells like acetone oily liquid, the boiling
point 204 , and water, acetone, carbon tetrachloride and ethanol mixed solution a
nd the thermal decomposition in lye, fragrant smell.
hree, product specifications, indicators:
Indicators of optimal level
The purity (Wt %) of 99.9 or higher
Water (Wt %) of 0.05 or less
The density of rho 20 g/ml, 1.125 to 1.135
Chromaticity HaZen 10 or less
Four, packaging and shipping: standard metal pail packing, net weight 200 kg - 0
.5 kg. This product is hygroscopic flammable liquid, sealed, moisture, avoid lig

ht storage. Handling of light, light, to prevent leakage.