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Special Offering October 4

Romans 12:1 (NIV) Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of Gods mercy, to offer your bodies as
living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God - which is your spiritual worship.
In Romans 12-15, Paul describes practical ways each Christian may offer their bodies as living
sacrifices in their daily lives. Using this as a basis, below are some ideas of the kind of commitments
that one could make for our special offering. These ideas are meant to inspire our creativity as we
grapple with how we want to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice.
Pauls List of Spiritual Sacrifices
Take a Humility Assessment (12:3)
Have a proper attitude towards yourself, by living a humble life. Test yourself based on the
measure of faith God has given you.
Use Your Spiritual Gifts Abundantly (12:6-8)
Put your spiritual gifts into practice - whether Serving, Teaching, Encouraging, Giving,
Leading, or Showing Mercy.

Practical Examples
Commit to reading from the Gospels each day and meditate on the humble
example Jesus showed.
Assess how your faith is guiding your daily choices.
Make an effort to discover your spiritual gift and put it into practice.
Volunteer to serve in a ministry at church using your gift.

Love Your Brothers and Sisters (12:9-10; 13)

Show brotherly love with sincerity. Be devoted to one another. Share with Gods people who
are in need. Practice hospitality. Accept one another. Bear with failings of others.

Invite a brother or sister to your home for a meal after Sunday worship service.
Host a gathering for your Bible class in your home.
Commit to bringing food to brothers or sisters who are sick.

Serve the Lord Zealously (12:11-12)

Be joyful in hope. Be faithful in prayer. Be patient in affliction. Keep your spiritual fervor.

Decide to use a prayer journal in your daily prayers.

Resolve to spend extra time each day to read Gods word.
Develop a prayer group that you meet regularly with.

Love your Enemy (12:14-21)

Bless those who oppose or mistreat you. Overcome evil with good. Do no harm to others.
Love Your Neighbor (12:16; 13:8-11; 15:2)
Love your fellow man. Associate with everyone, regardless of class or position. Build up your
Honor Society and Government (13:1-6)
Do what is right in the eyes of everyone. Pay all taxes, honor, and respect that you owe to
authorities. Leave no debt unpaid.
Lead a Holy Life (12:9; 13:12-14)
Hate evil, cling to good. Put on the armor of light. Clothe yourself with the Lord. Do not
gratify the sinful nature.
Help Others Grow in Christ (14:1-15:1)
Accept those with weaker faith. Do not pass judgment on disputable matters. Avoid putting
up stumbling blocks.
Make Peace With Everyone (12:15-16; 15:5-7)
Do what leads to peace and edification. Promote the spirit of unity. Rejoice with others.
Mourn with others. Live in harmony with others. Live in peace with everyone (as it depends
on you).
Minister to Each Other, Praise God Together (15:8-13)
Glorify God together. Sing Praises to the Lord. Strive to be full of goodness, joy, and hope.
Instruct One Another. Proclaim the Gospel. Overflow with hope by the power of the Holy

Forgive someone who has wronged you and pray for them on a daily basis.
Do an act of kindness for someone who has wronged you.
Determine to develop an intergenerational friendship with someone
considerably younger or older than you.
Give up a luxury and use that money to bless a person in need.
Commit to pay your bills and taxes each month on time.
Develop a plan to pay off various debts that you have incurred.
Recognize, confess, and repent of a sin that you struggle with.
Pray to the Lord daily and seek a godly mentor to help in putting aside a sinful
Become a mentor to a new or younger Christian.
Respect the conscious of your fellow brother or sister for something they
struggle with.
Write an encouragement note to various people on a regular basis.
Bless those who have lost a loved one in a special way.
Seek to reconcile with someone who you have a conflict with.
Decide to be present for all worship assemblies and special events of the
Resolve to pray for those who are lost and seek to develop relationships with
those who are far away from God.