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Ritual I

R.R. ET A.C.


Step 1

Perform the L.B.R.P..

Step 2

Perform the B.R.H..

Step 3

Perform the S.I.R.P..

Step 4

Create a Vortex. Perform the adoration to the Lord of the Universe.

Step 5

Stand west of the altar, face east, and recite the Enochian Spirit Invocation.

Oh-el So-noo-ef Vah-oh-ar-sah-gah Goh-hoh Ee-ah-deh Bah-el-teh, El-

oh-en-ess-heh Kah-el-zohd Voh-en-peh-hoh. Soh-beh-rah Zohd-oh-el Roh-ar Ee
Tah En-ah-zohd-peh-ess, oh-deh Gah-rah-ah Tah Mah-el-peh-ar-gah. Deh-ess
Hoh-el-kuh Kah-ah Noh-heh-toh-ah Zohd-ee-em-zohd, Oh-deh Koh-em-mah-heh
Tah Noh-beh-el-oh-heh Zohd-ee-eh-en. Soh-bah Teh-hee-el Goh-noh-en-peh
Peh-ar-geh Ah-el-dee. Deh-ess Vah-a-beh-ess Oh-boh-leh-heh Gah Ar-sah-em.
Kah-sah-ar-em Oh-hoh-reh-lah Tah-bah Pee-ar Deh-ess Zohd-oh-en-reh-en-
ess-gah Kah-beh Eh-ar-em Ee-ah-deh-nah-heh. Pee-lah-heh Fah-ar-ess-em
Zohd-en-ar-zohd-ah Ah-deh-nah Goh-noh Ee-ah-deh-pee-el. Deh-ess Hoh-em
Oh-deh Toh-heh. Soh-bah Ee-pah-em Loo Ee-pah-mee-ess. Deh-ess Loh-hoh-
loh Veh-peh Zohd-oh-em-deh Poh-ah-mah-el Oh-doh Vah-oh-ah-en. Zohd-ah-
kah-reh Eh-kah Oh-deh Zohd-ah-em-rah-en. Oh-doh Kee-kah-leh Kah-ah. Zohd-
ar-geh La-peh Zohd-ee-ar-doh Noh-coh Mah-deh. Hoh-ah-teh-heh Ee-ah-ee-
Ah-eh-gah-teh Vah-pah-ah-heh Zohd-oh-en-gah Oh-em Fah-ah-ee-peh
Sah-el-deh, Vee-ee-vah-el, Soh-bah-em Ee-ah-el-peh-ar-gah Ee-zohd-ah-zohd-
ah-zohd Pee Ah-deh-peh-heh, Kah-sah-ar-mah Ah-beh-rah-em-gah Tah Tah-el-
hoh Pah-rah-kah-leh-dah, Kuh Tah Loh-ar-ess-el-kuh Too-ar-beh-ess Oh-oh-geh
Bah-el-toh-heh. Gee-vee Kah-hee-ess Loo-ess-dee Oh-ar-ree, Oh-deh Mee-kah-
el-peh Kah-ee-ess Bee-ah Oh-zohd-oh-en-goh-en. Lah-peh Noh-ah-en Teh-roh-
ef Koh-ar-ess Tah Geh Oh Kuh Mah-nee-en Ee-ah-ee-doh-en. Toh-ar-zohd-oo
Goh-heh El. Zohd-ah-kah-ar Ee-kah Kah Noh-koo-oh-deh. Zohd-ah-em-rah-en
Mee-kah-el-zohd-oh Oh-deh Oh-zohd-ah-zohd-em Vah-reh-el-peh. Lah-peh
Zohd-ee-ar Ee-oh-ee-ee-ah-deh."

Step 6

Pause and feel the invoked force.

Step 7

" In the name of hwchy,hcwhy, I invoke the power of the Recording angel. I
adjure thee, oh Light invisible, intangible, wherein all thoughts and deeds of all
men are written. I adjure thee by Thoth, Lord of Wisdom and Magic, by
Harporcrates, Lord of Silence and of Strength, the god of this mine operation,
that thou leave thine abodes and habitations to concentrate about me, invisible,
intangible, as a shroud of darkness, a formula of defense; that I may become
invisible, so that seeing me men see not, nor understand the thing that they

Step 8

Perform L.I.R.H. of L.
Perform the S.I.R.H. of hnyb, with L. Close with the Analysis of the Keyword.

Step 9

Return to the west of the altar. Say:

"Lady of Darkness who dwellest in the Night to which no man can

approach, wherein is mystery and depth unthinkable and awful silence. I
beseech thee in thy name Shekinah and Aima Elohim, to grant thine aid unto the
highest aspirations of my soul, and clothe about me with thine ineffable mystery.
I implore thee to grant unto me the presence of thy Archangel layqpx, the Great
Prince of Spiritual Initiation Through Suffering and of Spiritual Strife Against Evil,
to formulate about me a shroud of concealment. Oh ye Strong and Mighty Ones
of the sphere of yatbc, ye \ylara, I conjure ye by the mighty name of \yhla hwhy,
the Divine ruler of hnyb, and by the name of layqpx, your archangel. Aid me with
your power, in your office to place a veil between me and all things belonging to
the outer and material world. Clothe me with a veil woven from that silent
darkness which surrounds your abode of eternal rest in the sphere of yatbc.
(Pause) Come unto me, oh Thamaah, Goddess of Truth and Justice who
presides over the eternal balance of this hall of Dual Manifestation of Truth.
Auramooth, come unto me, thou Lady of the Purifying Waters of Life. Thaum-
Aesh-Neith, come unto me, Lady of the Consuming Fire, purify me and
consecrate me who is Aeeshoorist, the Justified One, Lord of Life, triumphant
over death. Upon my brow are arrayed the twelve stars of Light. Wisdom and
understanding are balanced in my Neschamah. hrwbg and power are on my right
hand, and the thunderbolts of F! dsj on my left hand, and the sweet fountains of
magnificence. In my heart is hwchy, the Reconciler who is the symbol of the Red

Rose on the Golden Cross. My two thighs are as mighty pillars on the right and
on the left supporting me; Splendor and Victory, for they cross with the currents
reflected from the Supernal Light. I am established as an Eternal Rock of
Righteousness, for dwsy is the Foundation of the Righteous. The sphere of my
Nephesch, and the seven palaces of twklm are cleansed and consecrated,
balanced and pure, in the might of thy name, ynda, to whom be twklm, hlwdg,
hrwbg, the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. Amen."

Step 10

Perform the advanced Middle Pillar and the circulation of the body. Seal the
energy by drawing a Rose Cross before you. Step into it.

Step 11

Assume the God form of Hoorpokratist. Say:

"Hoorpokratist, thou art Lord of the Silence. Hoorpokratist, thou art Lord
of the Sacred Lotus. O thou, Hoorpokratist, thou that standest in victory on the
heads of the infernal dwellers of the waters wherefrom all things were created,
thee, thee I invoke, by the name of hyha and the power of alga. Oh thou Divine
babe in the egg of blue, Lord of Defense and Silence, thou bearest the Rose and
Cross of Life and Light! Thee, thee I invoke for my exaltation to that Light. Oh
ye Divine one who is the hope of man's immortality, come unto me and aid me.
Behold! He is in me and I in him. Mine is the lotus, as I rise as
Hoorpokratist from the firmament of waters. My throne is set on high. My Light
is as that of Ra in the firmament of Nu. I am the center and the shrine, the
silence and the eternal Light of the Godhead. Beneath my feet they rage in
dumb impotence. For I am Hoorpokratist, the Lotus-Throned Lord of Silence.
Were I to say, come up upon the mountains, the celestial waters would flow at
my word, and the celestial fires would surge forth in torrents of fierce flame. For I
am Ra enshrouded, Kephra unmanifest to man. I embody my father Hoor, the
might of the Avenging God, and my mother Isis, eternal wisdom veiled in eternal
beauty and love. Therefore, I say unto thee, bring me unto thine abode in the
silence unutterable, all wisdom, all light, all power. Hoorpokratist, thou art the
nameless child of eternity. Bring me to thee, that I may be defended in this work
of art. Thou, the center and the silence; Light Shrouded in Darkness is thy
name. The Celestial Fire is thy father, thy mother is the heavenly sea. Thou art
the air of life, the harmony of all, and Lord against the face of the dwellers within
the waters! Bring me, I say, bring me to thy abode of everlasting silence, that I
may awake to the glory of my godhead, that I may go invisible, so that every
spirit created, and every soul of man and beast, and everything of sight and
sense, and every spell and scourge of God, may see me not nor understand!
And now, in the name of \yhla, let there be unto the void a restriction! hwchy,
where are now their gods? Oh my Father, my Father; there are the wheels of thy

chariot! Lift up your heads, O ye gates! Be ye opened, ye everlasting doors,
that the King of Glory and of Silence and of Night may come in! Thus, do I
formulate a barrier without mine astral form that it may be unto me a wall and as
a fortress, and as a sure defense. And, I now declare that it is so formulated, to
be a basis and receptacle for the shroud of darkness, the egg of blue with which
I shall now girdle myself."

Step 12

Trace Active and Passive Invoking Spirit Pentagrams. Vibrate hyha, alga.
Vibrate the Enochian invocation of the Portal grade. Say:

"And unto ye, O ye forces of the Spirit of Life whose dwelling is in the
invisible, do I now address my will. In the great names of your ruling angels
Elexarph, Comananu, Tabitom, and by all the names and letters of the holy
Tablet of Union, by the mighty names of God: hyha, alga, \yhla hwhy, and by the
Great Lord of Silence, Hoorpokratist, by your deep purple darkness, and by the
white and brilliant Light of the Crown above my head, do I conjure ye. Collect
yourselves about me, and clothe this my astral form with an egg of blue, the
shroud of darkness. Gather yourselves, ye flakes of astral light, and shroud my
form in your substantial night. Clothe me and hide me, but at my control.
Darken man's eyes that he see me not. Gather at my word Divine, for ye are the
watchers, and my soul is the shrine."

Step 13

Perform the Analysis of the Keyword and the Qabalistic Cross. Formulate the
black egg around you, and imagine the results of success. Say:

" Let the shroud of concealment encircle me at a distance of eighteen

inches from the physical body. Let the egg be consecrated with O and N."
(Place the O and N on either side of you.) "O Auramo-oth and Thaum-Aesh-
Neith, ye Goddesses of the Scales of the Balance, I invoke and beseech you,
that the vapors of this magical N and this consecrating M be as a basis on the
material plane for the foundation of this shroud of art."

Step 14

Formulate the shroud mentally. Say:

"I, _________________, of the Rosea Rubea et Aurea Crucis, do hereby

formulate to myself the blue-black egg of Hoorpokratist as a shroud of
concealment that I may attain knowledge and power for the accomplishment of
the Great Work, and to use the same in the service of the Eternal Genius. And I
bind and obligate myself, even as I was bound to the Cross of Obligation, and do
spiritually swear and affirm that I will use this power to a good purpose only, to

help me eventually to aid and serve my fellow man. And I declare that with the
Divine aid in this operation, I shall succeed, that the shroud shall conceal me
alike from men and spirits, that it shall be under my control, ready to disperse
and to re-form at my command. By inscription on this parchment, I may conceal
part of my nature, I being in the presence of a specific group or individual, so that
I may remain in the light of day, yet remain hidden as if in the night to my
enemies or those I choose not to see, feel, or know, as long as the black cord
remains around the parchment. And I declare that all is now ready for the due
fulfillment of this ceremony of the magic of Light."

Step 15

Go to the east of the altar, facing west, with the left hand on the triangle, and the
right hand holding the black band of the Lotus Wand upright. Say:

"Come unto me, O shroud of Darkness and of night, by the power of the
name hwchy, hcwhy, formulate about me, thou Divine egg of the Darkness of Light.
I conjure ye, O particles of astral darkness, to enfold me as an unseen guard and
shroud of utter silence and of mystery. In and by the names hyha, alga, and
\yhla hwhy, I conjure thee.
In and by the name EXARP, in and by the name HCOMA, in and by the
name NANTA, in and by the name BITOM, those holy names of the sacred
Tablet of Union, in the name of \yhla hwhy, which rules the Divine darkness. In
and by the name of Horporcratist, I conjure and invoke this shroud of
concealment. By your deep purple darkness, and by the White Brilliance of the
Genius about and within me, I invoke ye and conjure ye. I exorcise ye potently.
I command and constrain ye. I compel ye to absolute, instant, and complete
obedience, and that without deception or delay. For the Light of my Genius is
upon me, and I have made hwhy my hope Gather, ye flakes of astral light, to
shroud my form in your substantial night. Clothe me and hide me in an egg of
blue. Darken man's eyes, and blind him in his soul, so that he see me not.
Gather, O gather at my word Divine, for ye are the Watchers, my soul the

Step 16

Turn around three times. Resume former position. Say:

" In the name of the Lord of the Universe, and by the aspiration of thine
own Higher Soul, O shroud of darkness and of mystery, I conjure thee, that thou
encirclest me, so that I may become invisible. So that seeing me, men may see
me not, nor understand, but that they may see the thing that they see not, and
comprehend not the thing that they behold. As it is desired, so shall it be."

Step 17

Pass to the north, and face east. Say:

"I have set my feet in the north, and have said, 'I will shroud myself in
mystery and concealment.' The Voice of my Higher Self said unto me, 'Let me
enter the path of Darkness, peradventure, thus, may I attain the Light. I am the
only being in an Abyss of Darkness; from the Darkness came I forth ere my birth,
from the silence of a primal sleep. And the voice of Darkness answered unto my
soul, 'I am He that formulates in Darkness, the Light that shineth in Darkness,
but the Darkness comprehendeth it not. Let the mystic circumambulation take
place in the place of Darkness

Go round, knock when passing east and west and east again. Pass to the
south, halt, formualte the Pillars of Fire and Cloud, reaching from
Darkness to the heavens. Formulate shroud between them, and pass to
the west.

Invisible, I cannot pass by the gate of the invisible save by virtue of the name of

Step 18

Formulate forcibly the egg of dark blue-black. Say:

"Darkness is my name, and concealment. I am the Great One invisible of

the Paths of the Shades. I am without fear, though veiled in darkness, for within
me, though unseen, is the magic of the Light Divine."

Go round, knock as before, halt in north, formulate pillars, and the blue-
black egg between them. Then pass to east.

Step 19

Do the Rose Cross, keeping your hands close to your body. Dedicate it to
containing your aura within the black egg. Say:

"Invisible, I cannot pass by the gate of the invisible, save by the virtue of
the name of Light."

Step 20

Formulate the shroud forcibly. Say:

" I am the Light shrouded in darkness. I am the wielder of the forces of

the balance."

Step 21

Concentrate the shroud mentally. Go to the west of the altar, and remain
standing. Say:

"O thou Divine creature of the creative darkness of spirit, formulate thou
about me. I command thee by the name of hwchy. Come unto me, shroud of
darkness and of night. I conjure ye, O particles of spiritual darkness, that ye
enfold me as an unseen guard and as a shroud of utter silence and of mystery.
In and by the names hyha, alga and \yhla hwhy, I conjure thee. In and by the
names EXARP, BETOM, HCOMA, NANTA, I invoke thee. In and by the names
EXARP, BETOM, HCOMA, NANTA, I constrain thee. By the deep purple
darkness of the eternal Spirit of Life, and by the White Brilliance of the Genius
within me, I invoke ye and conjure ye to absolute and instant obedience, without
deception or delay. For the Crown of my Father is upon me, and in hwhy is my
trust. Gather, ye flakes of astral light, and shroud my form in your substantial
night. Clothe me, and hide me in an egg of blue, so that seeing me, men may
see me not, nor understand, but that they may see the thing that they see not,
and comprehend not the thing that they behold. For ye are the Watchers, my
soul the shrine. Egg of Divine darkness, shroud of concealment, long hast thou
dwelt concealed. Quit the Light, that thou mayest conceal me before men!"

Step 22

Carefully formulate the shroud about you. With all power, make it complete
above and below. Say:

"I receive thee as a covering and a guard. Khabs Om Pekht. Konx om

Pax. Light in Extension. Before all magical manifestation cometh the knowledge
of the hidden Light."

Step 23

Stand in the east and face west. Make the Sign of the Enterer and project your
consciousness out of your body. Force your consciousness to look at your body. See
your body begin to fade as the shroud surrounds it at your will. Will the shroud to
become so dense so that you can barely see your own body. Be careful not to lose
control as Divine ecstasy comes over you. Re-enter your body, and make the Sign of
Silence. Vibrate with power, "Hoorporcratist."
Reformulate the shroud and circumambulate three times. Face east, and
forcibly formulate the shroud. Say:

"Thus, have I formulated unto myself this shroud of darkness and of
mystery as a concealment and a guard.
Supernal Splendor which shinest in the sphere of hnyb, \yhla hwhy, Aima,
Shekinah, Lady of Darkness and of Mystery, thou High Priestess of the
Concealed Silver Star, Divine Light that rulest in thine own deep darkness, come
unto me, and dwell within my heart, that I also may have power and control, even
I, over this shroud of darkness and of mystery. And now, I conjure thee, O
shroud of darkness and of mystery, that thou conceal me from the eyes of the
inscribed names, all things of sight and sense, in this my purpose, which is to
remain invisible for the space of one hour, and to receive therein the holy
mysteries of the Lord of Silence enthroned upon his lotus, Hoorpokratist."

Step 24

When it is wished to banish the shroud, make very forcibly the Qabalistic Cross
to bring down the Light, and then perform the Analysis of the Keyword, invoking the
Divine White Brilliance. Say:

" In the name of \yhla hwhy, I invoke thee, who art clothed with the A, who
standest upon the 5, and art crowned with the crown of twelve stars. Aima
Elohim, Shekinah, who art darkness illuminated by the Light Divine, send me
thine Archangel layqpx, and thy legions of \ylara, the mighty angels of the
sphere of yatbc, that I may disintegrate and scatter this shroud of darkness and
of mystery, for its work is ended for the hour.
I conjure thee, O shroud of darkness and of mystery, which has well
served my purpose, that thou now depart unto thine ancient ways. But be ye,
whether by a word or will, or by this great invocation of your powers, ready to
come quickly and forcibly to my behest, again, to shroud me from the eyes of
men. Should I ever utter the word ______________, come quickly and without
hesitation so that looking, they may not see, and I may be rendered invisible
from my enemies. And now I say unto ye, depart ye in peace, with the blessing
of God the Vast and Shrouded One, and be ye very ready to come when ye are

Step 25

Take the parchment out of the Temple.

Step 26

Close the Vortex.

Step 27

Perform the L.B.R.P..

Step 28

Perform the B.R.H..