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Safety is a foremost priority in every electrical installation if not considered, the chances of property loss and
human loss become more. We are spending huge amount on electrical installation to get safe working
environments. Yet at times, we can observe that an old and loosen the electrical contact may cause various
hazards like short circuit, damage of cable lugs, heating of any insulation nearby and may destroy electrical
instrument. The major reason behind these hazards to take place is Joint Failures.

Purpose of Cable Jointer:

It resolves the purpose of jointing two cables for making electrical connections indoor, outdoor, buried,
underwater and aerial applications.
When any project required more length of cable and we may get short length cable as per the logistic
supply policy the only way out is jointing.
While retaliating breakdown we cut the cable for Testing/Checking purpose and extending for any reason
we have to joint again.
For protecting electrical connections from environmental impact and direct touch by human and its
important to use the protective cover.

JMVs Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit

JMV introduces Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit for quick and reliable jointing of cables with self-sealing polymer
insulation, which provides safe electrical connections between two nodes or electric circuit and prevents
hazards. We offer this solution for all LT Cables, unarmoured & armoured cables buried, outdoor, underwater
or laying. It is constructed of a tough material specially formulated to resist UV radiation and atmospheric

Technical Properties of Cable Jointer:

Suitable for low voltage upto 1.1 kV
High Dielectric Strength of 23 kV/mm
Water tight protection (IP68 compliant)
Ability to cross link at temperatures -100 C to 550 C
Insulation Material PVC is Fire Retardant as per UL 94 V1
No decomposition will take place in the temperature range from 40 0 C to 2000 C
Straight and branch jointing (Y /T and Customize) for single and multi-cores
Offering product life of minimum 25 years in every environmental conditions
Advantages of Cable Jointer:
No heat and light impact
No environmental impact
Easy and time saving operation
Cost Effective and easy installation
Fungus Resistant and Chemical Resistant
No temperature (heat, humidity, etc.) impact
Simple installation no special tools required
The kit has a high repeat value and can be used multiple times
During fault conditions the joint repairing is much more easier
Compact casing which eliminates the chances of electrocution
Single kit can be used for multiple conductors & for multiple connection
Rigid, two-part mould designed to withstand chemical and physical attack
In case of manual mistake (loose connections) the current will not spread outside the casing.

Applications of Cable Jointer

Oil and gas
Signalling & control
Control and Instrumentation

Solar & Wind Turbines

Data Centers
For outdoor, direct-buried, under Water immersed installations