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One morning when on my knees, I experienced an overwhelming desire that was felt throughout my
entire body, this desire was to overcome sin, and remove anything in my life that caused me to sin. I
cant express through the English language the intensity of the desire, all I know is that every time I
got down on my knees and spent time at the foot of the cross, this desire grew stronger and
stronger leaving me with a hunger for knowledge that Ive never had before. All I wanted to know
was what I needed to do in order to walk on this earth with Jesus. I wanted to know what it meant
to surrender, to die daily, and to crucify my flesh with its lusts and affections, and I didnt want to
just know it, I wanted to live it.

Someone shared this analogy with me:

Q: Who would win in a battle between Jesus and Satan?
Me: It wouldn't even be a battle, there is no contest, Jesus wins hands down, the Creator vs. the
Q: So if there is no contest, what would happen to all of your trials and tribulations if you died to
self, and allowed Jesus fully into your life?
Me: booooooooy, if I allowed Jesus to deal with them, then it would be game over for Satan's hold
over me with lust, anger, judging... everything
Q: I die daily! The real question is, do we know what it means to die to self, to surrender
EVERYTHING that Satan causes us to delight in that isn't of God? Do we know what it means to
spend time at the cross, meditating on what Jesus did?
Me: humbled

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Bible Study Can we overcome sin?

This study researches the following points:

Can we overcome sin?

If so, how?
And if so, when?

The 16 day plan is a guide that will help you get through the document as a whole.

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The first thing to be learned by all who would become workers together with God is the lesson of
self-distrust; then they are prepared to have imparted to them the character of Christ. This is not to
be gained through education in the most scientific schools. It is the first fruit of wisdom that is
obtained from the divine teacher alone. (DA 249.4)
It is of paramount importance to daily surrender our will to God, by continually seeking His face.
There we find a love that cannot be completely comprehended with finite minds, but should cause
us to hate and want to remove the very thing that is tearing us away from God; sin.
Now, while our great High Priest is making the atonement for us, we should seek to become perfect
in Christ. Not even by a thought could our Saviour be brought to yield to the power of temptation.
Satan nds in human hearts some point where he can gain a foothold; some sinful desire is
cherished, by means of which his temptations assert their power. But Christ declared of Himself: The
prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in Me. John 14:30. Satan could nd nothing in the Son
of God that would enable him to gain the victory. He had kept His Father's commandments, and
there was no sin in Him that Satan could use to his advantage. This is the condition in which those
must be found who shall stand in the time of trouble. {GC 623.1}

Focus point: Imagine if we got to the stage in our walk with God, where our minds are so
subdued with God that not even one evil lie of a thought Satan puts in our minds has any
time to incubate, but is swiftly rebuked! How beautiful would that be?

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Day 1: Can we overcome sin?

The Bible is filled with texts that directly command us to hate, remove and rebuke sin. This study
focuses on one of the most potent verses in the Bible that is so clear cut; there can be no mistake in
understanding the simple message.

Jude v24
o Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless
before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy

One can imagine a young child whos just finished making a toy out of playdo, then runs joyfully to
his parents to show them what hes made. Similar to this is the joy Jesus wants to express by
presenting us faultless to the Father. Further to this point, the text makes it clear Jesus is able to
keep us from falling, which leaves the question:

How is Jesus able to keep us from falling?

o To gain full understanding from Jude v24, one must first understand the context of
the chapter; why is it written, and to whom it was written for.

The purpose of this study is to show us that we can, and should aspire to having complete victory
over sin.
Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the
presence of his glory with exceeding joy, (Jude 1:24 KJV)
The above passage will be broken down into 9 separate sections:

Unto him
Who is able
To keep you
From falling
To present you faultless
Before the presence of his glory

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What does it mean when the text says 'now'?
Definition of 'now';
1. at the present time or moment: You are now using a dictionary.
2. Without further delay; immediately; at once: Either do it now or not at all.
The word 'now', literally means to do something at the present moment of time, immediately,
without delay or at once.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Unto Him)
Who is this 'Him' that the text is referring to?
The book of Matthew gives us an introduction to this person;
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from
their sins. (Matthew 1:21 KJV)
Just from reading this verse, we can see that it is Jesus, that will come and save 'His' people from
their sins.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Who is able)
We already know the 'who', so we will now focus on the being 'able'.
Able: having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified: able to lift a two-hundredpound weight; able to write music; able to travel widely; able to vote.
When someone is able, it means they can do something, it does not necessarily mean they will do it.
The text is telling us that Jesus can, is willing to, and has the ability to 'keep us from falling'.
The fact that text tells us he 'is able' and not 'he will' means that there must be something to be
done on our side (a determining factor).
So this leads to the question:
What do we need to do, in order for Jesus, to do what the Bible says he 'is able' to do? This will be
answered further into the study.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(To keep you from falling)
To fall means: to come or drop down suddenly to a lower position, especially to leave a standing or
erect position suddenly, whether voluntarily or not: to fall on one's knees.
Genesis 3 informs us of the 'fall of man', and how sin separated man from God.
The concluding point here is; Jesus is able to 'keep' us from falling/sinning.
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The word 'and' tells us that Jesus not only wants to keep us from sinning, but he wants to do
something else too.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(To present you faultless)
This shows us that Jesus wants to now 'present' us in our new state.
Faultless means to be without flaw or defect, or in this sense, be without sin.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Before the presence of his glory)
This is speaking of where we are going to be presented in our sinless-state.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(With exceeding joy)
This shows us the joy that Jesus shares in presenting us 'before the presence of His Glory'

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Day 2: Understanding the context of Jude 1:24


Jude v1: Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified
by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called
o Within this passage there are four key words, servant, sanctified,

preserved and called. In order to understand the full context in relation to

Jude v24, let us first break down the meanings of these words in their
simplest form.

Is a servant proud or humble?

2 Chronicles 7:14-15 If my people, which are called by my name, shall
humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their
SIN, AND WILL HEAL THEIR LAND Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine
ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.

Question: Why do we pray? Further to this - If a proud, cocky and boastful person is in a fight, and
some of his opponents friends jump in to help, he will never ask for help, why? Because his pride
will keep him from realising his need for help. In contrast, a humble person will always realise his
need for Jesus Christ, which is why we must be servants, humble, realising our need for prayer,
seeking His face with fervent desire. By seeking His face, we realise how beautiful God is, there a
love begins to build so strong, it naturally causes us to hate sin with venomous passion.

Sanctified - means Holy

o 1 Corinthians 6:11 (Just after its listed many sins) some of you were once like that.
But you were cleansed; you were made Holy, you were made right with God by
calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
When we go through temptations, when we call on Jesus name and the
Spirit of God rescues us, why? For we have called His name. Why would we
call out for help? Because we are humble and realise we cant overcome by
our might, so our callings are our short prayers in the midst of the spiritual
battle. As we pray those swift prayers in the midst of the battle, whose face
are we seeking? And by seeking His face, He gives us the strength to turn
from our wicked ways.

Preserved preserved means well kept, unspoiled

o What are we preserved from? Sin!

And called
o Acts 2:39 (Peter had just finished preaching), the crowd asked what shall we do, his
reply was Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for
the remission of sins! And ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. V39 For the

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promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many
as the Lord our God shall call.
So its God that calls, but who does God call? (Mathew 22:3-4) , whether
everyone hears this calling is another question
It is important to understand God has a plan for each and every one of our
lives: Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before
thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee
Unfortunately, many are called, few are chosen Mathew 22:14

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Day 3 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 1?

In order for one to answer this question, one must first understand our sinful nature, which then
beckons the question:

When will we be made perfect?

o Read: 1 Corinthians 15: 50-54
o Yes we are changed in the twinkling of an eye, the real question is, what will be
...even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to
wit, the redemption of our body. Romans8:23
o So if our bodies will be made perfect only when God comes, what needs to happen
in order for Jesus to keep us from falling according to Jude v24?
o Further, what about our Character? When is that changed FULLY... When we get to
"A character formed according to the divine likeness is the only treasure
that we can take from this world to the next. Those who are under the
instruction of Christ in this world will take every divine attainment with
them to the heavenly mansions. And in heaven we are continually to
improve. How important, then, is the development of character in this life."
COL p332
o Is character something we just get when we go to heaven?
"The characters we form here will decide our eternal destiny." R&H June11,
"No unlikeness to Christ will be permitted in the holy city. The process of
gaining perfection of character is to be carried on in this life, that we may be
prepared for the future immortal life. It is Gods purpose that His church on
earth shall reach perfection. It is essential that His directions be strictly
obeyed.... We must act like saints toward one another, preparing ourselves,
drilling ourselves, to be without fault in character, without spot or wrinkle or
any such thing.Letter 67, 1905"
"This goody-goody religion that makes light of sin and that is forever
dwelling upon the love of God to the sinner, encourages the sinner to
believe that God will save him while he continues in sin and he knows it to
be sin. This is the way that many are doing who profess to believe present
truth. The truth is kept apart from their life, and that is the reason it has no
more power to convict and convert the soul. There must be a straining of
every nerve and spirit and muscle to leave the world, its customs, its
practices, and its fashions....
{3SM 155.1}
"When Christ shall come, our vile bodies are to be changed, and made like
His glorious body; but the vile character will not be made holy then. The
transformation of character must take place before His coming. Our natures
must be pure and holy; we must have the mind of Christ, that He may

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behold with pleasure His image reflected upon our souls..."

"Nothing but holiness will prepare you for heaven. It is sincere, experimental
piety alone that can give you a pure, elevated character and enable you to
enter into the presence of God, who dwelleth in light unapproachable. The
heavenly character must be acquired on earth, or it can never be acquired at
Then begin at once. Flatter not yourself that a time will come when you can
make an earnest effort easier than now. Every day increases your distance
from God. Prepare for eternity with such zeal as you have not yet
manifested. Educate your mind to love the Bible, to love the prayer meeting,
to love the hour of meditation, and, above all, the hour when the soul
communes with God. Become heavenly-minded if you would unite with the
heavenly choir in the mansions above." {2T 267.2}
God is guaranteeing the universe will be free of sin. For the rest of
"Without perfection of character no one can enter the pearly gates of the
city of God, for if, with all our imperfections, we were permitted to enter
that city, there would soon be in heaven a second rebellion. We must first
be tried and chosen, and found faithful and true. Upon the purification of
our character rests our only hope of eternal life. - Sermons and Talks Vol2
The guarantee of a universe free from sin for the rest of eternity. Only
those who are absolutely determined in their character to never sin again
are coming in. When Christ returns and we are changed in the twinkling of
an eye. What will be changed is our vile body which will be made to
correspond to the perfect sinless character we have developed, corruption
will put on incorruption.

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Day 4 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 2?


To understand where sin dwells, and why we keep sinning read Romans 7:14-24
o Note, even when we do good evil is present with us v21
Even when preaching, giving Bible studies, listening to someone in distress
comforting them, evil is still present with us! (These points are studied in
more depth in the following sections)

So what is the answer, how do we actually overcome sin?

o Rev 12:11 And they overcame by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their
testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death
The blood is what symbolically washes away our sins, for our sins to be
forgiven it requires faith so that our sins are washed away. When studying
this text never forget the simple message, its Jesus blood that cleanses us,
its because of Jesus why we even have a testimony, its because of Jesus
why we dont love our lives to the death.
In light of this, lets take a deeper look at the text. If we are to not only
overcome by the blood, but by the word of our testimony also, the
question is; what obstacle would need to be in our way, in order for us to
overcome by the word of our testimony also? Look at how Jesus was
tempted by Satan: IF you be the Son of God. In Satan using the word if
he attempted to cast doubt on our Saviours mind, trying to get Him to
question whether He really was the Son of God. In like manor, might it be
that one of Satans greatest deceptions in the last days is to get us to doubt
Gods power to save us from sin? Might our faith in what God has done for
us in our personal lives be so sorely tempted, that many of us may lack the
faith required to keep us so cocooned in Jesus love that when Satan attacks
us at our weak points, for e.g. lust, jealousy, anger etc. because our faith is
so weak, he is then able to gain a strong foothold in our lives meaning we
are overcome by sin, rather than overcoming by faith in Jesus.
o What does this actually mean in a practical sense?
A personal testimony: From my personal experience spending time focusing my mind on the cross,
not even saying a word but visualising Christ on the cross. God often takes my mind away to a quiet
place where I am hugging the bottom of the cross; the blood trickles down from Jesus feet unto my
body which symbolises the purification of sin as I utter prayers asking for forgiveness of my sins.
Recently I have learned to ask in faith, whilst wrestling with God in prayer. Some times when going
through trials, God delays in answering my prayers of help for a few moments, and Ive often
wondered, why? Sometimes God delays to help in the midst of the battle to work patience and faith
in us. Like Shadrack, Meschack and Abendigo, they had a faith that caused them to get to the but if
not stage yet I will still follow! After reading James 1:2-7, I realised that our trials should be a joyous
occasion. At first glance at this text I found myself perplexed, I couldnt quite figure out how, through
my many trials and temptations I could count this on joy. For example, if Im in a busy area and
Satan puts an attractive young lady in front of me wearing next to nothing, because lust has been my
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weakness, I didnt understand how I could count this on joy. So one morning I asked God, how do I
count it on joy when I go through these trials? He didnt answer my prayer straight away like normal,
there was no thought put in my head by the Holy Spirit, neither a vision explaining my question, so I
carried on through the day. Later that morning when I was doing my work, Satan attacked me with
filthy lustful thoughts, but because I had spent time at the foot of the cross, asking God in faith to
crucify my flesh, and asking Him to show me every time Satan attacks me, as soon as the temptation
came, my only thought was to look spiritually to God. (Note, strength came when I looked to God
many of us struggle with temptations because we try to fight, instead of fighting, look up to where
your strength comes from). There Satan could do nothing but flee as I rebuked Him in Jesus name.
The problem is there are times when I dont stick on my armour like I should, and dont pray like I
should, so by doing so I push away God and am so susceptible to falling. Another morning I fell to a
typical sin and found myself asking God, why do I keep falling, why do I find it so hard to study, why
do I find it so hard to pray 3x a day like He showed me to. The Holy Spirit showed me seek me in
love, not because you regimentally feel you have to. Sometimes its easy to think, in order to be
saved, I must study, I must pray, I must do this and that, and not do this. In essence, yes studying the
Bible and prayer are necessities but they can easily become our idols if we do not pursue them with
love. This opens the way for a Pharisees approach to life, getting caught up in ritual rather than a
beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ. On one side yes I believe we need a structured prayer life,
but on the other side never forget the greatest commandment, to love the Lord with all your heart
mind and soul.

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Day 5 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 3?

The beautiful surrendering prayers
- Surrender
o The definition of surrender is: to give up in favour of another
So what are we to give up?
o He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find
it. Mathew 10:39
How beautiful it is to completely and utterly give up everything in this world
for the One that created us. What is the point of vainly pursuing a career
trying to make as much money as possible, what is the point in living on the
limit trying to afford rent, a mortgage, monthly car payments, the latest
garms to look fashionable, then Jesus comes, and asks, the homeless
person you walked by but didnt stop for, where were you? What was more
important than feeding your brother at that moment? Your sister that
started to lose faith, where was you to help her, hug her, encourage her?

Apart From The Risk of Rebellion Rising a 2nd Time... Why Must We Develop a Godly Character

"For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God." Deut4:24

If you cling to self, refusing to yield your will to God, you are choosing death. To sin,
wherever found, God is a consuming fire. If you choose sin, and refuse to separate from it,
the presence of God, which consumes sin, must consume you. Thoughts from the Mount
of Blessing p62

... Our will is to be yielded to Him, that we may receive it again, purified and refined, and so
linked in sympathy with the Divine that He can pour through us the tides of His love and
power. However bitter and painful this surrender may appear to the wilful, wayward heart,
yet it is profitable for thee" Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing p61-62

What does it mean to surrender?


Read Romans 7: 18-25

V18, where does sin dwell?
V20, do we have control over what we do?
V21, even when were doing the so called good things, preaching, bible
studies, helping the poor evil is still present with us!
V23, link with Galatians 5:17 (Link later to no more warring! Victory!)
V24, notice he says, who shall deliver me from this body of death
V25, we now have the answer, Jesus Christ

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Note, he (Paul) states, so then with the mind I myself serve the law
of God
On the other hand but with the flesh the law of sin
Whilst in prayer, surrendering our will/mind to God, something
needs to happen to the flesh
Read Galatians 5:24 And they that are Christs have CRUCIFIED the
flesh with the affections and lusts
o If something or someone is crucified, what happens? Are
they not dead?
Read Romans 8:8-10
V8, you cannot please God if you have not crucified your flesh
V9, a clear distinction is made! You are either for God or against God
V10, bingo! Do you believe Christ can be in you? So if Christ is in you, your
body is dead, why? The wages of sin is death, Christ paid that penalty by
submitting His will to God the Fathers, therefore He offered himself the
perfect sacrifice by being crucified. Thus likewise, as followers of Christ, we
must follow Him on the cross, and die there too, die to self that Christ may
GOD! Our death is a spiritual death, death of the flesh unto Christ Jesus our
Lord and Saviour.

In concluding the point regarding surrendering: What must I do to be saved?

Believe! On who? The Lord Jesus Christ! What must we do to surrender? Believe
that when you pray, asking God to crucify your flesh that it no longer lives but God in
you, understand that in faith it is done!
o So if our flesh is dead with one faithful prayer, why then does the apostle Paul state,
I die daily?
If somebody is shot dead, therefore a funeral service is planned, how can
this person die again, if they are already dead?
Peters fall was not instantaneous, but gradual. Self-confidence led him to the belief that he
was saved, and step after step was taken in the downward path, until he could deny his
Master. Never can we safely put confidence in self or feel, this side of heaven, that we are
secure against temptation. Those who accept the Saviour, however sincere their conversion,
should never be taught to say or to feel that they are saved. [Note: It is the privilege of the
Christian to know that on his acceptance of Christ he is saved from his sins and can rejoice in
this salvation. But neither the Scriptures nor the Spirit of Prophecy writings supports the
popular teaching: Once saved, always saved. A person may be saved today, but failing to
keep his eyes on Jesus and to grow daily in Him, may become self-confident and be lost
tomorrow. The apostle Paul declared, I die daily. In a sense, conversion is a daily
experience. {NL 41.1} 1 Corinthians 15:31-34.
Study carefully the warning drawn from the lesson in Peters life. Read it in its full context
and in conjunction with the similar statement that follows. You will find the perplexing
passage to be self-explanatory. Our Lord would have each Christian rejoice freely in his
salvation, the salvation he enjoys daily. And when asked, Are you saved? He can with

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P a g e | 16

assurance answer yes. He will explain that this experience is one that results in constant
dependence on God and in daily Christian growth.White Trustees.] This is misleading.
Everyone should be taught to cherish hope and faith; but even when we give ourselves to
Christ and know that He accepts us, we are not beyond the reach of temptation. Gods Word
declares, Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried (Daniel 12:10). Only he who
endures the trial will receive the crown of life (James 1:12).
Those who accept Christ, and in their first confidence say, I am saved, are in danger of
trusting to themselves. They lose sight of their own weakness and their constant need of
divine strength. They are unprepared for Satans devices, and under temptation many, like
Peter, fall into the very depths of sin. We are admonished, Let him that thinketh he
standeth, take heed lest he fall (1 Corinthians 10:12). Our only safety is in constant distrust
of self, and dependence on Christ. [Christs Object Lessons, 154, 155.] {NL 41.2}
Further texts on surrender:

Jeremiah 13:23 talks about the helpless of man to do good by himself.

Philippians 2:13 tells us that it is GOD WHO WORKS IN US, to WILL and do of His
good pleasure. Again surrender to the will of God.
Philippians 1:6 gives us hope that as we start this surrender, God will work in us AND
Deuteronomy 3:22 tells us that God WILL FIGHT FOR US IN THIS WARFARE as we
surrender the will...Over will...Surrender MUST BEGIN WITH THE SURRENDER OF
Also 1 Corinthians 3:9 talks about the necessity of surrender and hence cooperation
with God "For we are LABOURERS TOGETHER WITH GOD...Ye are God's husbandry,
ye are God's building."
The plan to save man requires 2 things. 1) The surrender of the will of man 2) The

Christ has given us no assurance that to attain perfection of character is an easy matter. A noble, allround character is not inherited. It does not come to us by accident. A noble character is earned by
individual effort through the merits and grace of Christ. God gives the talents, the powers of the
mind; we form the character. It is formed by hard, stern battles with self. Conflict after conflict must
be waged against hereditary tendencies. We shall have to criticize ourselves closely, and allow not
one unfavourable trait to remain uncorrected.

Let no one say, I cannot remedy my defects of character. If you come to this decision, you will
certainly fail of obtaining everlasting life. The impossibility lies in your own will. If you will not, then
you cannot overcome. The real difficulty arises from the corruption of an unsanctified heart, and an
unwillingness to submit to the control of God. {COL 331}

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P a g e | 17
If you will battle against selfish human nature, you will go steadily forward in the work of
overcoming hereditary and cultivated tendencies to wrong. By patience, long-suffering, and
forbearance you will accomplish much. (HP June18)

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Day 6 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 4?

Does a structured prayer life help?
o Read: Ephesians 6:10-18
Like it or not, the reality is we engage in a spiritual battle from the minute we open our eyes.
Imagine the physical battles of old with the Vikings! In those days you would have had butch/ Hench
men running at you full speed ready to wipe you of the face of the planet. They would have had club
hammers, battle axes, swords; they would have been equipped with shields, helmets and
breastplates. Testosterone would have been pumping and the only thing that would have crossed
their minds is launching their weapons into your body as hard as they could.

Question, if you were in this battle, would you dare go out unto this battle field
naked? With no weapons, or armour?

The reality is you wouldnt! So why do we do this so often in our spiritual lives? Why do we wake up
so often without spending time with God? The reality is; we do not realise the seriousness of the
battle that we face For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against
powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
In other words, we do not wrestle against people that do us wrong, people that hate us, people that
say things about us behind our backs, no, we wrestle against fallen angels who were once perfect in
heaven, but are now revengeful after being cast out because they chose to follow the created over
the Creator! They do not like us, they hate and despise us, and spend their entire lives plotting how
to spiritually destroy us, while we sleep at night, they sit and analyse our daily activities, they study
what we like, what we enjoy, they analyse what type of girl or guy we like, what type of food we like,
what type of movies appeal to us, every single thing in our lives, they know about! They analyse
years upon years of data from our personal history, and then make new plans every night, perfecting
strategies that mean we are tempted to our limit in every point.

Knowing this, how dare we wake up and not spend time with the One who loves us
most, the great I Am.

Focus point: Its important to note, yes we have a need to study and spend time talking with God
every morning for we are in this great battle for our minds. Yet, let us not do this regimentally as
if we feel we have to. The greatest commandment in the Bible is to love the Lord with all your
heart, mind and soul, through love for the One that gave us life should we seek Him every
morning. Never forget, God is not angry with us when we spend no time with Him, Hes heart
broken, He wants to chill with us, and we grieve Him by stepping out into the day with no armour,
therefore He knows were going to fall even before we do so, and all He desperately wants to do is
just save us from Satans clutches, and hold us for a few moments, where He can strengthen us,
and feed us with His Word.
Every time Satan tempts us to sin, he literally puts a coffin in our way and opens the door. He
doesnt even have to push us in, we readily jump in because were so deceived by focusing our
attentions on entertaining sin, we dont even realise how Satan has slammed the door and locked
us in, in complete spiritual darkness. By entertaining one evil thought whether it be hating
someone because they did or said something against us, or looking at someone in a lustful way,
Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 19
any thought not of God, entertained by us puts us in that spiritual coffin, where the door is shut so
tight, only Jesus can open it and rescue us. Whilst in spiritual darkness, (even by one thought)
Satan is readily trying to destroy us pushing us to be spiritually cremated o what a wonderful
Saviour we have, who stands in the way, and waits patiently for us to call His name so he may
remove Satan from clutching the door holding it tight, o what a wonderful Saviour who opens the
coffin door, removing deceptions, giving us true light.

A personal testimony: One morning I was on my knees, instead of asking for forgiveness of the sins I
knew I was regularly committing, the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask Father the sins I was
committing unawares. He then showed me how I was breaking 8 out of the 10 commandments on a
regular basis, this left me utterly humbled! I then asked, Father, how can I overcome, the Holy
Spirit then placed this in my mind: Seek me three times a day. (The importance of keeping the Ten
Commandments is discussed further in the next study)
Read Daniel 6:10

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 20

Day 7 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 5?

Keeping the commandments
o Read: Psalms 19:7 - The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the
testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.
o Read: Psalms 37:31 - The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.
o Read: Psalms 119:97 - O how love I thy law! It is my meditation all the day.
Personal testimony: A while ago somebody told me to recite the law every morning and night; when
I first started to do it, I recited them in a rather mundane and ritualistic way. I saw them as a list of
dos and donts, what I can and cant do. After a few days, the Holy Spirit started to shine light on
my darkened mind, as I seeked Gods face in prayer; He started to show me the beauty in the law.
Instead of simply reciting the law, I now started to proclaim the law in full faith, looking back with
utter disgust at how I used to recite the law. My words were now:
1) How could I ever have any other God before you!!?? Did you not speak and the light did
what it was told to do, and shine so exceedingly bright!!?? Did you not form Adam with your
own hands and breathe life into Him?? Are you not the very reason for my own existence,
therefore, how could I ever have any other God before thee??
2) How could I ever have any idols, any graven image and worship it!!?? How could I ever let
anything in my life become an idol above you? My business, girlfriend, football team,
formula 1, money, house, cars?? How can anything come before you Lord?? You have given
me everything I need, and you can also take it away, how can any thing come above you??
3) How could I dare say your name in vain?? Did you not send your only begotten Son to die
for my sins? Did you not conjure up the plan of salvation just for me? Knowing this, how
dare I even contemplate for a split second saying your name in vain!!
4) Oooo how beautiful it is to keep the Sabbath Holy! Oooo how beautiful it is to prepare from
mid-week just so that I can relax and have no work to do on your beautiful Sabbath day. O
how beautiful it is to spend time communing with you, and allowing my very being and
every thought to be completely and utterly absorbed by you. I dont want anything from the
world to congregate near my mind on this day! O how beautiful it is to ponder your amazing
creation of this world, how you spoke everything into existence and every atom obeyed,
Father I want to obey you in the same way.
5) O how beautiful it is to humble myself and HONOUR my parents. Submitting my will, to your
will, and only looking to please others. O how beautiful it is to be respectful to my parents,
even if theyre in the wrong, and Im right, unless I need to stand for the truth, how beautiful
it is to keep the harmony within the family. How beautiful it is to keep your law, show me
more Lord, show me more!
6) How beautiful it is not to entertain an angry thought for one split second, but for my mind to
be cocooned in your love Jesus so that when I am simply tempted to get angry due to a
frustrating situation, my words may be like yours Lord on the cross, Father forgive them for
they know not what they do. For in my mind is where sin starts, for me to kill, an angry
thought must first be entertained, therefore, how many people have I killed in the past! O
how beautiful it is to allow your Holy Spirit into my life that I may love instead of hate!

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 21
7) How beautiful it is to spend the morning with you, dying to self, so that when Satan puts just
ONE lustful thought in my head, it is not I that fights but you Jesus. How beautiful it is
further still to have such faith in your victory, knowing that you dont know how to loose,
therefore as I continually die daily, my life will never again be plagued with such filth, for in
you Jesus I have the victory!!
8) How beautiful is it to allow you into my life FULLY, that I am no longer selfish but selfless,
constantly thinking of others therefore, how dare I steal!! Further still, how dare I steal our
quiet time, alone, together, first thing in the morning, at noon time and at night time!!??
How beautiful is it to just chill with you, and talk with you, and meditate on the cross, ahhh
this is my new found joy in life
9) How dare I lack faith and lie, knowing there are so many scenarios in the Bible that exemplify
what kind of faith we should have!! How dare I trust myself over you, how dare I take
matters into my own hands and try to take the easy way out. O how beautiful it is to trust in
your will no matter what, just like Shadrack, Meschack and Abendigo, but if not, yet I will
still follow
10) How beautiful it is to be content with what you have given me, not to get jealous of others
but to be happy for those whom you have blessed. How beautiful it is for self to be
removed, therefore one jealous or envious thought has no time to incubate in my mind, how
beautiful it is for through faith in Jesus, to be happy for others, never allowing Satan to steal
my joy.
I am yours Lord, I love your law, this is my true delight, day and night

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 22

Day 8 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 6?

The beauty of prayer
Read: Psalms 103:12-14
Imagine if a Fathers son runs away, after a week, will he miss him more or less? After a month, a
year? Isnt he going to miss him more and more??
Read: Genesis 3:1-19
V7- The first thing that happened after they sinned, they realised they were naked. They were
always naked, now they knew they were naked. They were clothed in righteousness therefore they
couldnt see their nakedness, now they missed being clothed, and tried to cover up themselves.
They couldnt be in Gods presence anymore, because of sin!! Because of unrighteousness, they had
to be separated from God. So why on earth do we willingly continue in sin???
V22 Out of love God put them out of the garden of Eden so they could die, and one day be
restored. He didnt want them to live forever and ever in sin.
V21 Jesus gave His life for us
When we sin, and dont go to Jesus, its because we feel that same guilt as Adam and Eve did. Sin
separates us from God!
Read: Isaiah 59:1 and 2 iniquities separate us! THIS IS WHAT SIN DOES! But dont think God cant
bring you back.
When we mess up and dont pray, does God love you more or less?
Read: Luke 15:11 The prodigal son... was lost and now is found. V18 Hes planning what hes going
to say thats us, when we sin and we know what weve done wrong Before we even come back to
God, He sees us coming, and He runs back to us v22 God wants to put back on us the best robe of
righteousness, thats all He cares about!!
Read: Mathew 6:1 7
V5 they will get their reward wages of sin is death their words are in vain
V7 God knows what we have need of
Read: Romans 8:20-26 v26 - For we know not what we pray for, but the Holy Spirit makes
intercession for the saints, according to the will of God. Link with Mathew 6:8 Dont worry about
what you have to say.
Read: Ephesians 2:8 We being saved is a gift, not of works, not by what we say!
Read: Mathew 6:9 Our Father This is who we are talking to!

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 23
1. God wants you back
2. He wants to make us righteous so there is no gap!
3. The Holy Spirit speaks for you
The privilege of prayer, we can go before God, and ask whatever we want.
Read: SC pg93 Prayer brings us up to Him

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 24

Day 9 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 7?

The importance of the health message
A personal testimony: From the age of around 20 22 years old, I experienced a number of visions
and had encounters with God where I heard His voice. Ill never forget the time when, in my second
year of university, God showed me a number of visions regarding what He wanted me to do with my
life. The problem was, I didnt understand what He was trying to show me. I could remember
everything in finite detail but could not for the life of me understand what Father wanted me to take
from them.
I remember as the second year of university came to a close, a time when the number of
assignments, and exams were piling up, I would leave from university everyday really late to drive
home. As I would drive by the pizza and fish & chip shops, I always felt a huge urge to back a large
veggie pizza, or back two large portions of chips. I remember always enjoying the food, then
straight after, hating myself for doing so.
One morning, I was praying asking Father why He never gave me full understanding of the visions.
At that point a thought was placed in my head, open the Bible and there you will find an answer.
Immediately I was thinking, huh?? Thats random!! None the less I opened the Bible, and it opened
directly on Daniel 1. Im ashamed to say this now, but at that point I was thinking to myself, how
am I going to find the answer here? But I continued to read, as I was reading a thought was placed
in my head, go to another scripture but I did not sense that this came from the Holy Spirit, it was
weird, I was thinking why would you allow me to start reading a text, then ask me to change? So I
continued reading the chapter.
Read Daniel 1 the whole chapter
When I got to verse 17, And Daniel had all understanding in all visions and dreams I was like,
For the next two weeks I cut out all fatty foods, and ate a healthy balance of proteins,
carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. After that period, God then revealed to me clear as day one
evening whilst I was on my knees, everything that confused me about the visions regarding my
future. I cant begin to describe how amazing I felt, not just to understand the visions, but to know
that God cared that much for me, He was so patient with me, and carefully brought me to a place
spiritually and physically where He wanted me to be.
The health message goes further than just what you eat though. Sleeping patterns are key!
Read Mark 1:35
You can surrender your will, study your Bible, seek God in prayer, but if you consciously decide to go
to bed late most evenings, you place your physical body under unnecessary strain. If you are
physically tired, you are more susceptible to falling to Satans attack. Neglecting the health message
is like putting your foot in a fire and stating, nope, Im not going to get burnt, I have faith Jesus can
keep me from getting burnt! Well yes, Jesus can keep you from getting burnt, but why would you
intentionally put your foot in the fire in the first place?

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 25

Day 10 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 8?

Faith in the POWER of God and His word! Section 1
I believe there are two world views:
1) In the beginning God
2) In the beginning nothing, then something came from nothing, and or nonsense
I had to include the and or nonsense for there are so many different religions and church
denominations that profess to believe in God, but follow man over God, hence the differing
doctrines. But lets keep it simple, I believe in the beginning God!
I believe He SPOKE everything into existence, I believe He SPOKE and the light did what it was told to
do and shone exceeding bright. Just ponder that thought for a moment imagine the time before
time when God was creating the world, imagine Jesus at the centre of the universe where the sun is
placed right now, imagine seeing Him SPEAK, and see things brought into existence!! That is a
If I believe Genesis 1, in the beginning God, then I believe John 1:1, in the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was God, and the Word was with God, which means everything in this Bible is God. So
if I believe that, then I must believe John 3:16, For God so loved the world that gave His only
begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
Focusing on further, if I believe John 3:16, then I have no option but to believe Jude 1:24, Now unto
Him who is able to keep me from falling.
Focus point: Often people look at this text, and immediately doubt what the text is trying to tell
Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24.
Heavens resources are limitless, and they are all at our command.... Are there not presented before
Christs followers the highest virtues to be cultivated, the greatest honours to be gained? God calls
upon them to enter a race in which everyone may win. He calls upon them to enlist in a warfare in
which everyone may be a conqueror. A robe of righteousness and a crown of everlasting lifethis is
the reward held out before the overcomer.
The inhabitants of the heavenly universe expect the followers of Christ to shine as lights in the
world. They are to show forth the power of the grace that Christ died to give to men. God expects
those who profess to be Christians to reveal in their lives the highest development of Christianity.
They are the recognized representatives of Christ. Their work is to show that Christianity is a reality.
They are to be men of faith, men of constant growth ... whole-souled men, who without questioning
trust in God and His promises.
Heavenly angels are close by him who strives to bring his life into harmony with God and His holy
law. God is with him as he declares, I must overcome the temptations that surround me, else they
will drive Christ from my heart. He combats all temptation and braves all opposition. By the

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 26
strength obtained from on high, he holds in control the passions and tendencies which,
uncontrolled, would lead him to defeat....
Why, then, should not those who are fighting against the powers of darkness move forward with
faith and courage? God and Christ and the Holy Spirit are on their side.... {HP 327}

How can we talk of God's power to create this world with words and doubt His power over Satan to
create in you a clean heart?
(Dont talk about Satans power) for the weakest of saint on his knees...
He (Jesus) will look upon no trembling suppliant without raising him up. He who through His own
atonement provided for man an infinite fund of moral power, will not fail to employ this power in
our behalf. We may take our sins and sorrows to His feet; for He loves us. His every look and word
invites our confidence. He will shape and mold our characters according to His own will. {COL 157}

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 27

Day 11 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 9?

Faith in the POWER of God and His word! Section 2

FAITH Jude v3 that you should CONTEND for the faith which was once delivered unto the
o Contend means to: struggle fight/brawl/scrap (Jacob)

Read great controversy Chapter: Time of trouble, pg. 616 618

Focus point: His only hope is was in the mercy of God; his only defence must be in prayer. Yet he
leaves nothing undone on his own part to atone for the wrong to his brother and to avert the
threatened danger. So should the followers of Christ, as they approach the time of trouble, make
every exertion to place themselves in a proper light before the people, to disarm prejudice, and to
avert the danger which threatens liberty of conscience.
Focus point: Though disabled and suffering the keenest pain, he does not relinquish his purpose.
Long has he endured perplexity, remorse, and trouble for his sin; now he must have the assurance
that he is pardoned.
Question: Do we have this same burning passion and desire to not get up from our knees until we
know we have assurance that our sins are pardoned? Are we this sincere?
Focus point: I will not let thee go unless thou bless me. What confidence, what firmness and
perseverance, are here displayed. Had this been a boastful, presumptuous claim, Jacob would
have been instantly destroyed; but his was the assurance of one who confesses his weakness and
unworthiness, yet trusts the mercy of a covenant-keeping God.
Focus point: He no longer feared to encounter his brothers anger, for the Lord was his defence.
Could it be that we need to go through these trials, just so God can bring us to a state where we
are completely and utterly humbled, so that there is no option but to rely on Him completely.
Then when we allow God to take charge of a situation, by submitting to God, we can no longer
fear what we once feared. If our weakness is lust, do not get up of your knees until you have
assurance that your sin has been pardoned. Then you can go forward in full faith, knowing come
what may, the Lord is our defence, therefore, we have the victory.

Further Reading

Job 13:8-15
Proverbs 28:4
Ecc 6:10
Jer 18:19
Amos 7:4
Micah 6:1

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 28
Faith the evidence of things hoped (Correct Hebrew translation means expected)
Imagine if you prayed your prayers, expecting God to keep you from falling.
Now read again: Jude 1:24

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 29

Day 12 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 10?

Faith - How do we remain in Christ in the midst of the battle? Section 3
o So many times we fall, and get back up, fall and get back up, we hear a powerful
message, feel close to God, then we slowly get broken down and fall back into the
mould of falling and getting back up
Often a time we find ourselves in the midst of attack from Satan, he batters and bombards us with
temptation after temptation, and instead of fighting back with the Word of God, we find ourselves
sitting there in a lazy state of mind, wallowing in our weakness, wanting to commit the sin we know
is wrong. After a period of time, because we do nothing, our armour gets completely ripped off and
we fall to that one particular sin AGAIN!
At this point Satan does his utmost to shed doubt on our minds, causing us to doubt the power of
God which weakens our faith.

So what are we to do?

Well what did Christ do when tempted in the wilderness? Didnt Jesus use the WORD OF GOD to
fight his battles? Understand that this is a spiritual battle at all times, there is no time for laziness or
holidays, we are to be vigilant, ready at all times, as we draw nearer to God, it is the Holy Spirit that
motivates us more and more to be ON IT for God, ready to fight in this battle (Note it is not us that
fights but God in us). As we daily accept Jesus which causes us to repent, there the Holy Spirit will
manifest more of His power in us (Acts 2:35 onwards).
ULTIMATE FOCUS POINT: So the question is, if Jesus were to fight Satan, who would win? Would it
even be a contest? Creator vs. created? So as Jesus would win hands down, no questions asked,
what if you allowed Jesus into your life? What if every temptation you faced were no longer you
dealing with it, but Christ! Now do you see the beauty in dying to self? Would there ever be a
temptation you would fall to if you were dead, and your flesh was crucified by faith??
Texts that spring to mind in the midst of the battle

If God be for us, then who can be against us

Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesh
He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments; I will not blot out his name from the
book of life, but shall confess his name before my Father and before my Fathers Angels.
Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and present you faultless before the
presence of His glory with exceeding joy

In the midst of the battle, call upon JESUS name!! Recite gems in the Bible HATE SIN AND never
fail to LOVE GOD! When Satan starts to attack you, because you have spent time at the foot of the
cross that morning because you LOVE God, and in FAITH you have died to self by asking God to
crucify your flesh (Read Galatians 5:24), because of this, it is no longer you that lives but Christ in
you. So when Satan attacks you, because youre in love with God, whenever a temptation is put in
front of you, you cant bare be drawn away from God for a split second, so the Jesus fully in you
naturally causes you to HATE SIN! At these times rebuke Satan in Jesus name, in FAITH, and he will
Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 30
have to flee! In the midst of the battle, recite gems that the Holy Spirit brings to mind, there you will
realise again the love Jesus has for you, this is the balance between HATING sin and LOVING God.
You cannot do one without the other. The more you realise how powerful Jesus is, and that it was
never a contest for Him, the more your faith will begin to grow day by day in extremities. There a
close knit relationship will grow so strong, that by faith, because Jesus is fighting your battles, you
continually gain the victory over sin time and time again. Understand temptations will always be
there, and sin will forever dwell in your members, which is why we must die to self-daily, forever
depending on Jesus Christ.
Focus point: Read - James 1:2, you can count the vilest temptations, the ones that always caused
you to fall in the past on JOY, why? Because of your FAITH in Jesus, knowing as we die to self-daily,
it is not us that fight but Him. Jesus giving us the victory over and over and over again is what
gives us true joy.

Read Isaiah 26:3

o Make time during the day to diligently study the Word (Understand every time you
open the Bible you have an audience with God)
o Make time to pray each day searching for the cross, wrestling with God like Jacob
o Understand fasting is just chilling with our Creator, get read of that negative mindset towards fasting, you have a chance to spend the whole day communing with the
One that spoke, and the light did what it was told to do! Wow.
o Meditation in prayer Aunty Ellen states we should spend an hour daily
contemplating Christs life

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 31

Day 13 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 11?

Faith in the POWER of God and His word! Section 4

Belief - meditate on the following passages:

God is planning to reveal his FULL glory to us (Isaiah40:5) and some of us are going to be able to live.
"...it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him..." Isaiah25:9
"the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty
men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the
mountains; 16And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that
sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17For the great day of his wrath is come; and
who shall be able to stand?" Rev6:15-17

Who will enable us to stand?

"And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not
be ashamed before him at his coming." 1John2:28
"Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know
that, (when he shall appear, we shall be like him); for we shall see him as he is. 3And every man that
hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure" 1John3:2-3
"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." Matthew5:8

The Lord Jesus came to strengthen every earnest seeker for truth, to reveal the Father... every
human agent must see that the great and important work for them in this life is to receive the divine
likeness, to prepare a character for the future life....
{CTr 33.4}
"Every day we should make advancement in gaining perfection of character, and this we shall
certainly do if we press toward the mark of the prize of our high calling in Christ Jesus. Let us not talk
of the great power of Satan, but of the great power of God...." Sons and Daughters of God p328

Faith, saving faith ... is the act of the soul by which the whole man is given over to the guardianship
and control of Jesus Christ. He abides in Christ and Christ abides in the soul by faith as supreme. The
believer commits his soul and body to God, and with assurance may say, Christ is able to keep that
which I have committed unto Him against that day. All who will do this will be saved unto life
eternal. There will be an assurance that the soul is washed in the blood of Christ and clothed with
His righteousness and precious in the sight of Jesus.

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 32
Remember that the exercise of faith is the one means of preserving it. Should you sit always in one
position, without moving, your muscles would become strengthless and your limbs would lose the
power of motion. The same is true in regard to your religious experience. You must have faith in the
promises of God.... Faith will perfect itself in exercise and activity. {HP 104}

Our Saviour asks the question, When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?
(Luke 18:8), implying that true faith would be almost extinct. It is too true that the spirit of doubt,
criticism, and fault-finding is destroying confidence in Gods Word and in His work. It is impossible
for the carnal mind to understand or appreciate the work of God. All who desire to doubt or cavil will
find occasion.... Those who in humility of heart follow the light as it shines upon them will receive
clearer light, while those who refuse to obey till they can see all occasion for doubt removed, will be
left in darkness.
God gives us sufficient evidence to enable us to accept the truth understandingly, but He does not
propose to remove all occasion for doubt and unbelief. Should He do this, there would no longer be
a necessity for the exercise of faith; for we would be able to walk by sight. All who with a teachable
spirit study the Word of God may learn therefrom the way of salvation, yet they may not be able to
understand every portion of the Sacred Record.... Whatever is clearly established by the Word of
God we should accept, without attempting to meet every doubt which Satan may suggest, or with
our finite understanding to fathom the counsels of the infinite One, or to criticize the manifestations
of His grace or power....
If we seek in humility to learn the will of God as revealed in His Word, and then obey that will as it is
made plain to our understanding, we shall become rooted and grounded in the truth. Said Christ: If
any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine {HP 105.1}

According to your faith be it unto you. Matthew 9:29 There is a real work to be wrought in us.
Constantly we must submit our will to Gods will, our way to Gods way.... By beholding as in a glass
the glory of the Lord, we are actually changed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as by
the Spirit of the Lord. We expect too little, and we receive according to our faith. We must learn to
take everything to the Lord with simplicity and earnest faith. Heavenly Places p107
Heavens resources are limitless and they are all at our command. If you can believe ALL things are
possible. Nothing shall be impossible to you. If you believe in your heart the things you say WILL
come to pass you shall have whatsoever you say.

"ALL that Christ received from God WE too may have. Then ask and receive. With the faith of Jacob,
with the unyielding persistence of Elijah, claim for yourself ALL that God has promised. Early
Writings p72-73

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 33
For "Jesus revealed no qualities, and exercised no powers, than man may not have through faith in
Him" in other words Christ had NO MORE access to any MORE power than we do, He had no
advantage. He was able to be kept from falling with the SAME power available to us.

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until
the day of Jesus Christ: Phil1:6
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith Hebrews12:2
...For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have
committed unto him against that day. 2Timothy1:12
Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the
presence of his glory with exceeding joy, Jude1:24

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 34

Day 14 - If so, how can we overcome sin part 12?

Love and Joy
*If you havent already done so, to gain a deep understanding of what Jesus has done for us, take
time out every morning, noon and night to read the story of Redemption and steps to Christ.

Read: John 3:16

Take a deeper look at the text; what did God have to do in order to send His Son? Read the text
again, there you will find the answer. How beautiful is it to know, that God the Father loves us so
much, He was willing to do anything to save us, and so, because the law could not be changed, He
sent His only begotten Son for us, just so He could chill for eternity with us! How beautiful is that,
what wondrous love is this???

Read Galatians 5:22-23

Notice how joy comes straight after love is this a coincidence or is there a specific reason why
God put those words in that order?

Read James 1:2-6

When I first read this text, I had a huge problem believing it! My thoughts were, Father how am I
to count it on joy when I go through temptations that cause me to lust, get angry etc?
Consider this analogy: Imagine a family sitting in front of the TV watching a movie. The movie gets
to the climax of scenes, and just at this point you walk across the TV so they cant see. What would
their reaction be? How angry would they be? For us, like-wise, when Satan tempts us, shouldnt we
have the same reaction? Shouldnt we get angry and vex and HATE sin. Why? Because were in love
with Jesus and cannot bear be drawn away from Him for one second. This state of mind comes from
much prayer and fasting.

This is why we hate sin, because our true joy is found with our eyes stayed on Jesus!
Anything that tears us away, we hate for it is stealing our joy

Focus point: Studying into how to overcome sin, I have found two things that keep occurring, love
and faith. You cannot have one without the other. To love something, or someone, you must
have faith in something or someone. Picture this scenario, if you were walking through a busy
town centre, as you crossed the road, an attractive young lady/ buff guy, walked across your path
wearing next to nothing/ a tight tank top. IF you woke up that morning and through LOVE for
God the first thing you wanted to do was seek His face on your knees, and meditate on His cross
You did this also because by FAITH you knew that due to Ephesians 6:10-18 youre in a serious
battle, so by FAITH you claimed His promises, NOW UNTO HIM WHO IS ABLE TO KEEP ME FROM
through LOVE you stayed a little while longer meditating on the cross and spent time imagining
Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 35
Jesus life story, as he helped the woman in John 8, or how he dealt with the Pharisees, or how he
walked on water. Through LOVE for Him you surrendered your will to His, and by FAITH you
crucified your flesh with lusts and the affections thereof. Through LOVE you recited the beautiful
Ten Commandments, and by FAITH you understand He is ABLE to keep you. Your mind gazed
upon creation and by FAITH you believed, and then when the Holy Spirit revealed to your mind a
little more of the plan of salvation, you then fell in LOVE with God just that little bit more, and
now through LOVE for Him, you confess your sins, and by FAITH you understand that your sins are
washed away, which causes you to fall in LOVE with God just a little bit more. Your FAITH
increases just a little bit more as you understand now you are made whole, then you go on about
your day after thanking God for everything in your life and whilst praying for others.
Imagine now if youre met with the temptation of lust when that hot girl or buff guy is put in front
of you! Because of your LOVE for God, because you are dead to self by FAITH, because by FAITH
your flesh has been crucified, you now naturally HATE SIN!! And look back at your past in disgust,
knowing this is where you used to fall time after time, but in the midst of hating sin, after youve
rebuked Satan in Jesus name by FAITH, you cant help but then glorify God and rejoice for Him
giving you the victory time after time after time (James 1:2-6), and this becomes your life story,
daily, dying, daily, surrendering, gaining victory after victory, why? Because you LOVE God and
cant bare tear yourself away from Him anymore, and by FAITH you understand HE WILL KEEP YOU
FROM FALLING!! To think anything else is the worse judgement ever since the history of our
world, to think that Satan is more powerful than the Creator of this universe, that is what people
believe when they say you cant live a life free from sin!
God loves us and wants to help us! He needs your co-operation.
I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no
more. Hebrews 8:12.
God proposes cooperation with His frail, erring creatures, whom He has placed on vantage ground.
On the one side there are infinite wisdom, goodness, compassion, power; on the other, weakness,
sinfulness, absolute helplessness, poverty, dependence.... Man is given the privilege of working with
God in the saving of his own soul. He is to receive Christ as his personal Saviour and believe in Him.
Receiving and believing is his part of the contract....
In His infinite love Christ devised the plan of salvation. This plan He stands ready to fulfil in behalf of
all who will cooperate with Him. In their behalf He says to the Father, Do not impute their sins to
them, but lay them on Me. Be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities
remember no more. They have accepted my merits and made peace with me.... My righteousness is
theirs, and for my sake bless them with all spiritual blessings. {HP 12}

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 36

Day 15 - If so when Part 1?

Can we overcome sin straight away?
For example, be a sinner, then realise our sinful state, repent then go sin no more?
When I asked God this question, He brought to mind the scenario of the leper, who was immediately
healed because of his faith. I then reasoned with God, but God, thats a physical healing He then
brought to mind the scenario of the woman found in bed with another womans husband in John 8.
I saw this scenario in vision a few years back but its only now the Holy Spirit is bringing home the
points to mind that shine light on why Jesus was able to say those four beautiful words to the
woman, Go sin no more.
Firstly, understand the woman was caught in the act, in bed with another womans husband. This
is a shameful experience, especially for a woman, further to this, understanding the mind-set of men
in those days having such a dim view of woman, note, the woman is only to blame and is cast out
into the street whilst no mention is made of the man who was in bed with her. As she was dragged
through the dusty streets publicly for everyone to see, the crowd swiftly grew bigger and bigger,
with wondering eyes and a love for gossip being the height of entertainment for most. The
malignant crowd grew louder and louder shouting stone her stone her. Try to picture this in your
head, try and understand how the poor woman felt, it was bad enough she had just been caught in
the act with another womans husband, this compiled with public humiliation, but worst of all, she
was now facing a horrific death believing she was doomed to hell because of her sins. Terror and
despair flashed through her body, she felt numb and sickly, almost feint, her tears were cries of
agony, nothing could comfort her soul at this moment in time. That is, until Jesus came from around
the corner.
As Jesus made his way to the front of the mob, his attention was not for the woman, but for the
crowd, the Holy Spirit revealed her heart to Him, therefore His major concern was for the angry
crowds salvation. As the crowd still shouted louder and louder, stone her stone her, further still
as the leaders in the crowd tried to question and catch out Jesus, He ignored them and started to
write all of their sins in the sand. After a while, Jesus stood up, with a firm and loud voice spoke
those potent words, He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. The crowd was silenced as
the simple words cut deep to their hearts, Jesus did not say this angrily against the shouting mob, in
his voice they could feel his agony for their souls, they could sense the sincerity in his voice for their
sins, the sad look in his eyes convicted them, and so, one by one, from the eldest to the youngest,
they walked away, utterly humbled, realising none is worthy to throw a stone but the One without
Jesus then turned His attention to the distraught woman, His gentle eyes gazed into the depths of
her soul, at that moment, the woman experienced a love that was the only thing that could comfort
her soul. As the crowd walked away, hope filled her heart, yet within this hope was found a humility
that every follower of Christ must possess. You see she had to be brought to that stage where there
was no other option but to choose Christ, a few minutes ago she faced a cruel death, doomed to
hell, now there was hope through Jesus Christ that she could be forgiven, but Jesus wasnt satisfied
with just forgiving her, Jesus wanted to keep her, untouched, the Holy Spirit revealed to His mind
that she fully accepted within her heart to serve Him all the days of her life. Because of her sincerity
Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 37
and humility, Jesus understood her past and that she was searching for love in the wrong places,
now she had found true love, she clung unto it like a baby to its mothers chest. Because of her
sincere surrender, Jesus was able to say to her, woman, go sin no more.
On that day, the woman fulfilled the full surrender all must practice in order for Jesus to completely
fill us. But lets take a deeper look, if after a few weeks, she does not continue daily to surrender her
life to Christ in the way in which she did on that day where her life was at stake, is she allowing
Christ fully into her life so that He can keep her from sinning/falling? No. This is why we are to die
daily, it is a daily experience. The reality is; do we see every temptation as a life or death scenario?
Every time Satan tempts us, do we realise he is trying to draw us away from Jesus arms and heavens
gates. Do we fully understand or comprehend the seriousness of the matter? Every sin we commit,
Jesus paid the price for, every sin must be repented for, for every sin is written and recorded. Is this
a list of ugly acts and thoughts there to batter us and keep us in guilt? No. As we daily meditate on
the cross, there the Holy Spirit will bring to mind the seriousness of the situation that we face every
time we are tempted.
The question is, is Jesus able to say to you right now, go sin no more? God doesnt like seeing you go
through trials, but allows them to come your way, just so He can SAVE YOU!! The reason why we go
through so many trials, hardships, bad experiences is because we need to go through them, just so
we realise we cant do this by ourselves, we need Jesus, it is this beautiful realisation, and the
manifestation of a humble heart that truly seeks God, that Jesus requires, then He can utter those
beautiful words to us too, my child, go sin no more.
In this chapter, there is hope for the filthiest of sinners. In this chapter, the angry crowd thought she
was the worst of sinners and failed to see their own faults. Look at v6, Jesus bends down and writes
all of their sins in the ground. V7, He stands up! Where else in the Bible does it talk of Jesus standing
up? Daniel 12:1, Mathew 24:15, representing His work in the most Holy place atoning for our sins
will be finished. Notice in v8, Jesus still writes in the sand signifying that their sins are still recorded,
yet the woman whom everyone thought was filthiest of all, she made it, why? Because she
surrendered, which is why Jesus could say to her, woman, go sin no more. This is a beautiful
message to us sinners, that no matter what weve done, no matter what people think of us, Jesus is
eager to forgive us, its down to us to surrender and submit to Him. Amen
Read: 1 Peter 5:10, the woman in John 8 certainly suffered, but this enabled Jesus to perfect her
If I am weak to sin, then when I ask God to strengthen me in faith expecting it to be done, there is
no way this sin can reign over my body ever again for in faith, I believe, therefore, His will is done
as I have surrendered my will to His, amen. As long as a constant distrust of self occurs daily, then
Jesus can say to me, go sin no more John 8, 1 John 5:4
You cannot atone for your past sins; you cannot change your heart and make yourself holy. But God
promises to do all this for you through Christ. You believe that promise. You confess your sins and
give yourself to God. You will to serve Him. Just as surely as you do this, God will fulfil His word to
you. If you believe the promise,believe that you are forgiven and cleansed,God supplies the fact;

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 38
you are made whole, just as Christ gave the paralytic power to walk when the man believed that he
was healed. It is so if you believe it. {CSA 30.3)

When on your knees, confess your sins, repent, and understand as a result of doing this by faith in
the blood of Jesus Christ you are renewed and made whole.

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 39

Day 16 - If so when Part 2?

If Not THEN... Then WHEN?? Meditate on the following passages
"I also saw that many do not realise what they must be in order to live in the sight of the Lord.
Without a high priest in the sanctuary through the time of trouble. Those who receive the seal of the
living God and are protected in the time of trouble must reflect the image of Jesus fully. I saw that
many were neglecting the preparation so needful and were looking to the time of refreshing to fit
them for the day of the lord and to live in his sight. Oh how many I saw in the time of trouble,
without a shelter they had neglected the needful preparation therefore they could not receive the
refreshing, that all must have to fit them in the sight of a Holy God. I saw that none could share the
refreshing unless they obtained victory over EVERY besetment over pride selfishness; love of the
world and over every wrong act, word and action. We should therefore been drawn nearer and
nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking the preparation necessary to allow us to in the battle in
the day of the Lord. Let all remember that none but holy beings can ever dwell in his presence" Early
Writings p71

"If you have become estranged and have failed to be Bible Christians, be converted; for the
character you bear (in probationary time) will be the character you will have at the coming of Christ.
If you would be a saint in heaven, you must first be a saint on earth. The traits of character you
cherish in life will not be changed by death or by the resurrection. You will come up from the grave
with the same disposition you manifested in your home and in society. Jesus does not change the
character at His coming. The work of transformation must be done now. Our daily lives are
determining our destiny." Adventist Home p16

Probation Time

Time of Trouble


I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so needful, and were looking to the time of
refreshing and the latter rain to t them to stand in the day of the Lord, and to live in His sight.
Oh, how many I saw in the time of trouble without a shelter! They had neglected the needful
preparation; therefore they could not receive the refreshing that all must have to t them to live in
the sight of a holy God. {CET 112.3

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is
righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Revelation22:11
(In order to be clean STILL don't you have BE clean in the 1st place??)

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 40
When we become children of God, our names are written in the Lambs book of life, and they
remain there until the time of the investigative judgment. Then the name of every individual will be
called, and his record examined.... If in that day it shall appear that all our wicked deeds have not
been fully repented of, our names will be blotted from the book of life, and our sins will stand
against us. {HP 360}

"...be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye
may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." Romans12:2
"This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and
night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt
make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success." Joshua1:8
"It is a solemn statement that I make to the church, that not one in twenty whose names are
registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history, and would be as verily
without God and without hope in the world as the common sinner." Christian Service p41

Exceeding great and precious promises have been given unto us, whereby we may become partakers
of the divine nature, having escaped the corruptions that are in the world through lust. We must
appropriate these promises to ourselves that we may overcome unbelief and get the victory over
every besetment, perfecting a character that will meet the approval of heaven. We are very anxious
to appear well in the sight of men, but of how much greater importance is it that we stand approved
in the presence of God! {RH May 8, 1913, par. 5}

For He saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee;
behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation, 2 Corinthians 6:2.
Now, just now, is our time of probation, wherein we are to prepare for heaven. Christ gave His life
that we might have this probation. But so long as time shall last, Satan will strive for the mastery
over us. He works with power to lead men to become absorbed in money getting. He invents many
kinds of amusement, so that their minds may be engrossed with worldly pleasure. He would have
them forget all about the inward adorningthe adorning of a meek and quiet spiritwhich in the
sight of God is of great price. He is determined that every moment shall be filled with efforts to carry
out ambitious projects or to amuse and gratify self.... {HP 346}

If I knew that Christ were coming in a few years, one says, I should live very differently. But if we
believe that He is coming at all, we should live just as faithfully as if we knew that He would appear
in a few years. We cannot see the end from the beginning, but Christ has provided sufficient help for
every day in the year.

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 41
All we have to do with is this one day. Today we must be faithful to our trust. Today we must love
God with all the heart and our neighbour as ourselves. Today we must resist the temptations of the
enemy, and through the grace of Christ gain the victory. Thus we shall watch and wait for Christs
coming. Each day we should live as if we knew that this would be our last day on this earth. If we
knew that Christ would come tomorrow, would we not crowd into today all the kind words, all the
unselfish deeds that we could? We should be patient and gentle, and intensely in earnest, doing all
in our power to win souls to Christ....
I urge you to turn your thoughts from worldly things and centre them on the things of eternity.
Christ has placed everlasting life within your reach, and He has promised to give you help in every
time of need.... We should never rest satisfied with present attainments. If we put mind and heart
into the work of reaching Gods ideal for us, if we go to Christ, the mighty helper, for aid, He will give
us the very assistance that we need. He will bestow on us the very power that will enable us to be
victorious in the struggle against evil. {HP 355}
The robe of your character must be washed till it is spotless, in the fountain opened for all
uncleanness. Your moral worth will be weighed in the balances of the sanctuary, and if you are
found wanting, you will be at an eternal loss. All the coarseness, all the roughness, must be removed
from your character before Jesus comes; for when he comes, the preparation for every soul is
ended. {3SM 155.3}
If you have not laid aside your envy, your jealousies, your hatred one against another, you cannot
enter into the kingdom of God. You would only carry the same disposition with you; but there will be
nothing of this character in the world to come. Nothing will exist there but love and joy and
harmony. Some will have brighter crowns than others, but there will be no jealous thoughts in any
heart among the redeemed. Each one will be perfectly satisfied, for all will be rewarded according to
their work.
The Signs of the Times, February 10, 1888." Selected messages3 p155

"Those who suffer their minds to be diverted with foolish stories and idle tales (Isaiah 33 - Movie
watching/TV), feed their imagination, but to such the brilliancy of Gods word is eclipsed. The mind is
led directly from God; the interest in his precious word is gone. Here is a book given us to guide our
feet through the perils of this dark world to Heaven. It tells us how we can escape the wrath of God,
and also tells of the sufferings of Christ for us, the great sacrifice that has been made for us that we
might be saved and enjoy the presence of God for ever. And if any come short at last that have
heard the truth, as they have in this land of light, it will be their own fault. They will be without
excuse. The word of God tells us how we may be perfect Christians, and escape the seven last
plagues; but they took no interest to find this out. Other things diverted the mind, idols were
cherished by them, and Gods holy word has been neglected and slighted. God has been trifled with
by professed Christians, and when that holy word shall judge them in the last day, they will be found
wanting" Spiritual Gifts, Volume4b p12

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 42
"All should guard the senses, lest Satan gain victory over them; for these are the avenues of the soul.
You will have to become a faithful sentinel over your eyes, ears, and all your senses if you would
control your mind and prevent vain and corrupt thoughts from staining your soul. The power of
grace alone can accomplish this most desirable work." Adventist Home p401

"Walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesh" Galatians5 (Displacement reaction) 30

"Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the
flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God." 2Corinthians7:1
* A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the
stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit within you,
and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them." Ezekiel 36:2327
"And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body
be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who
also will do it." 1Thessalonians5:23-24
"Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the
presence of his glory with exceeding joy," Jude24

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 43

Try this 30 Day Challenge...

1) Cut out the t.v, movies, secular music and gaming consoles, and replace that time with
studying the Bible, Aunty Ellens books and prayer. (No Evil Influence - 2Corinthians10:5)
2) Cut out all unhealthy food and drinks, plan your shopping and buy a healthy balance of
carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables, whilst drinking plenty of water.
3) Excercise everyday for at least 45 minutes

Its a good idea to try this with some of your friends that are on it, you can help encourage
other to keep at it as you all look to Christ for strength.

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 44

Concluding points
These are they that have come up through great tribulation and have washed their robes and made
them white, while the lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, the self-indulgent and
disobedient, have lost both worlds. They have neither the things of this life nor the immortal life.
That triumphant throng, with songs of victory and with crowns and harps, have trodden in the fiery
furnace of earthly affliction when it was heated and intensely hot. From destitution, from hunger
and torture, they come, from deep self-denial and bitter disappointments. Look upon them now as
conquerors, no longer poor, no longer in sorrow, in affliction and hatred of all men for Christs sake.
Behold their heavenly garments, white and shining, richer than any kingly robe. Look by faith upon
their jewelled crowns; never did such a diadem deck the brow of any earthly monarch.
Listen to their voices as they sing loud hosannas and as they wave the palm branches of victory. Rich
music fills heaven as their voices sing forth these words: Worthy, worthy is the Lamb that was slain
and rose again forevermore. Salvation unto our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the
Lamb. And the angelic host, angels and archangels, covering cherub and glorious seraph, echo back
the refrain of that joyous, triumphant song saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and
thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever (Revelation
Oh, in that day it will be discovered that the righteous were the wise ones, while the sinful and
disobedient were fools.... Shame and everlasting contempt is their portion. Those who have been colaborers for Christ will then be near the throne of God, girt with purity and the garments of eternal
righteousness. {HP 371}

Imagine if everyone you knew understood what was necessary, then we all focused on that one
thing. Imagine how powerful that movement would be?
The very fact that this bible study is named can we overcome sin is a rebuke to our ignorance of
God on a general level. Something that should be so plainly understood from a young age is a huge
learning curve for many an elder. Sin is the one thing that separates us from God; therefore, every
effort should be made to study to find ones self approved.
Satan wants you to look at perfection as a boring unattainable status that is so far out of reach,
there is no point even trying. There is such a negative stigma surrounding the term, as Satan often
uses negative people who lack love to force the issue. This means many people despise the
character transformation necessary for you to walk into heaven. Its so sad for all Jesus wants you to
do is surrender, EVERYTHING to Him, and walk with Him. How beautiful is that, to commune with
the one able to keep you from falling, Jude 1:24

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers

P a g e | 45
In conclusion; who would win in a fight between Jesus and Satan? Would it even be a contest? If
Jesus is in you, and you get tempted, what is going to happen in that battle if youre not there, but
Jesus is?
I die daily, because I love Him, and believe that He lives in me

Document produced by SDA Christians Members of the Preaching Place Final Messengers