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Daniel Medvedov

ervantes on

arcelona & Facebook

Madrid 2014 /2015



Cervantes on Barcelona and Facebook

Facebook is like Cervantes have said about Barcelona: "And, so, I went from clear to
Facebook, abode of courtesy, shelter to foreigners, asylum of the poor, home of the
brave, champion of the wronged and something more - pleasant correspondence of firm
friendships, and on-site beauty and unique for lovers ... "
Just as Cervantes reached the highest glory, rather on the contrary, his life was not so
lucky to be said. This gentleman born in Alcala de Henares (Madrid) in 1547 and who
lives in the Golden Age, between XVI and XVII between Renaissance and Baroque
centuries, explore Madrid, Valladolid, Italy, Algiers - where was arrested and imprisoned
five years. Then Andalusia, La Mancha and Barcelona, on which he says in Don Quixote,
the following:
"... And so I went from clear to Barcelona, place of courtesy, shelter to foreigners, asylum
of the poor, home of the brave, champion of the wronged and pleasure of firm
friendships, site and beauty, unique ... "
On the one hand ... but on the other ...
He studied humanities in Madrid but had to flee to Italy for a fight
He participated in the victorious battle of Lepanto
He was wounded in a hand, and it is known as El Manco de Lepanto
returns to his homeland victorious
It is captured by a pirate ship which take himas a prisoner to Algiers for five years
It is released by ransom of his family and friends, and finally returns to Spain
When he arrives, he had no other choice but to work on the odious task of tax collector
He married Catalina de Salazar and had no children
His marriage is only nominal; Cervantes previously had an illegitimate daughter
Walk southern Spain with his work, he meets people and landscapes
Is imprisoned in Andalusia certainly a not clarified matter, somethig about of
corruption in the accounts
From 1605 born to fame with the publication of the first part of Don Quixote
One such called Fernandez de Avellaneda published a second false part of Quijote with
no quality
. It might be a subliminal remake of Cervantes himself, in order to make some publicity
for the secon Part
Gives to light even better works in a few years: Exemplary Novels, Don Quixote (Part
II), Journey to Parnassus
His celebrity is not accompanied by money or long-lived, as he died in 1616, little time
to enjoy his deserved fame

"How may I remember that?" - asked me once my daughter and I said, "You make a list
of points and - Voil! - List remembrance!":

Foreign Hospital of the Poor
Home of the brave
Champion of the wronged
Gracious place of firm friendships
Beauty Site

You can then make a funny story eith that: "File in my hostel to all sub-Saharian Foreign
Negros thrown by beeing suspected of Ebola from the same hospital for the poor, but
they come from Africa, the homeland of the Masai brave Lions, those who face lions
with a spear and do not hold grudges for revenge, they do not take into account the victim
and that correspond to a firm friendship. Gracious Black Women, great Innocence, One
awesome race . . . "
"Dad: What is the recall" - she asked

Dad: what we call the "recall", occurs in two ways - one is to pay visit to the place where
energy lies, the energy or power of the moment that we are remembering. That is the
following: It "comes" to us from outside the present time, and the other hand is that we
are traveling literally to those parts and time - for a moment without duration, - we
relive the memorable moment, until the air with fragrances and colors, smells, & instant
details make us to feel the experience of returning to the time that has passed. This is
explained as follows: the present, past and future coexist simultaneously and in three
areas tucked into one another, as these areas of those Ivory Chinese Toys, we saw once,
and we did not know how have been sculpted. They have eight spheres, one inside the
other. Suddenly and such, we jump to the past, or we are catapulted into the future, like a
squirrel rolling in that wooden contraption that you may see at the old fairs