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THE MOST Manewvaralle LAWN TRACTOR IN AMERICA TODAY ‘Here's a completely new and sensible approach to lawn ‘mowing and snow removal . .. an approach that gives you outstanding control of the tractor. ‘The Lennox "RACK runs on smooth steel tracks, independent- Jy controlled for instant response. And, the tracks spread the weight of the tractor over a larger ground area than do wheels. No digging in. No eutting turf. For the suburban homeowner this tractor is’ made to order. So compact you can park it beside your car jn the garage. So simple and fun to operate you'll have to wait your tun in line. Before you buy your lawn tractor check and compare the outstanding features of the Lennox Krrrvraacs. SIMPLE CONTROL SYSTEM ‘MAXIMUM INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION, ALL STEEL 800Y BONDERIZED SHP ENGINE TRACK TENSION ADJUSTMENT BAKED ENAMEL FINISH the main working aetachments f or ate oul front,” No breaking dow the grass. re slung under the factor and sometimes very difficult to remove front’ mower euts. in ves, but (rims within a 36" ventional undersiung. mowers. fijnpl anne react ander busts,