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Life expectancy at birth, one of the major indicators of a societys overall wellbeing, is the number of years that a newborn infant is expected to live assuming the
prevailing pattern of mortality remains the same throughout his life. For obvious reasons, advanced economies have higher life expectancy than developing ones. In
all societies, women have higher life expectancy than men. This might be due to a mix of genetic and lifestyle factors. The difference in male-female life expectancy is
typically higher in advanced economies than in developing or underdeveloped countries. This might be linked to much lower maternal mortality rates in these countries

Brics countries

Highest Life expectancy at birth- 2013

Hong Kong* Male 81

Female 87




San Marino













Swaziland 50



Sierra Leone 45



World Regions















79 84

72 78

72 76

69 76

69 74

65 69

56 58








Source: World Development Indicators - 2015: Research: Atul Thakur

Organs from 5 people save lives of 23 others

Chennai: Emotions ran high
at Apollo Hospital on Monday
when members of five different families held hands and
told the story of grief, loss and
generosity. The hospital harvested nearly two dozen organs from five brain-dead patients in a single day and saved
the lives of 23 people.
Five livers, one heart and
four kidneys were transplanted into patients at Apollo Hospital; one heart was used at
Fortis Malar and six corneas
were sent to Sankara Nethralaya. Four kidneys were
transplanted into patients at
a private hospital in Coimbatore and one kidney each was
sent to Kamakshi Hospital
and Global Hospitals. Under
the organ donation programme, the hospital that has
the brain-dead patients is al-

heempuri Babaji, a wandering sadhu from Manmad in

B Maharashtras Nasik district, had a tough time checking in at a

corporate hospital in Madhapur recently just because of his age.

The swanky hospitals otherwise top-end computers failed to
register his age, which he claimed was greater than the
computers106-year limit. Eventually, Babajis age had to be
tweaked to take him in as a VIP patient. He had come with
complaints of gastroenteritis. The baba, who claims he is 116, left
many stunned when he spoke about his guru Arjunpuri Maharaj
who is now 137-years-old. The guru, who claims he was born in
1878, actually paid a visit to his disciple at the hospital recently. TNN

lowed to use the organs for its

patients and give away the
rest to other hospitals.
I have not slept in two
days and have been running
from one operation theatre to
another. But today, I stand not
overwhelmed in front of the generosity displayed by these
grieving families who chose
to put their loss aside and
think of another person in

need, said senior transplant

surgeon Dr Anand Khakar,
who co-ordinated the transplants. Two of the donors
were from Apollo Speciality
Hospitals, one from the Vanagaram facility and two
from Apollo Hospital on
Greams Road.
The patients were declared brain dead on Monday
and we had seven operation
theatres functioning simulta-

Getting Jaitleys
call records
not breach of
privilege: Panel

Realty bill delay rubs salt

on home-buyers wounds

New Delhi: Following Rahul

Gandhis accusation that the
NDA real estate bill is pro-realtor, three Congress MPs on
the 21-member select committee have a tough task at
hand as they now have to
walk the talk on their professed concern for homebuyers, who often complain
of getting shortchanged by
To begin with the delay in
enacting a legislation, which
was first conceived in 2009, will
be a negative for home-buyers,
many of whom are still awaiting possession of apartments
that they had booked six-seven
years ago. All these years,
builders have been accused of
exploiting consumers whether its delivering the promised
carpet area, facilities and services. Builders have also been
changing the structure and
squeezing the open area for
commercial gain.
The delay in the passage

neously with several teams of

surgeons, grief counsellors
and other medical staff. The
transplants went on till
Wednesday morning. Teamwork was the keyword of the
entire exercise, said Dr Khakar. The doctor added that three
hearts could not be used considering the age of the donors.
Though their dead loved
ones can never be replaced, the
five families chose to see beyond their moment of grief.
My father was declared brain
dead two days ago and we had
no clue how to proceed. Though
we were completely unaware
about organ donation, the moment the grief counsellors
told us that we could give away
his organs and save five other
people, we thought, why not?
This is exactly what dad would
have wanted, said Karthik, a
donors son.
Apollo Hospitals chairman

Hospital stumped by 116-yr-old baba



Retaining provisions
of old Bill
The Improved Provisions on Real Estate Bill
Promoters to
Carpet area as unit & net usable area disclose all information
as rentable area
relating project
Ongoing projects need registration in
Penalty of 10% of
3 months
project cost for nonregistration & payment
Commercial real estate covered
No change in plans & structural design of another 10% or
3-year jail or both for
without 2/3rd consent of allottees
Max 60 days to decide all disputes/ cases
States to make rules within one year
of registration in
Real estate agents made punishable for case of persistent
non-compliance of authoritys orders

of the bill also comes as a relief for builders, who have

been lobbying that establishing the regulator could adversely impact the sector that has
been identified as one of the
key sectors to accelerate
Now its a challenge for
the political parties to protect
the improvements that were
made in the earlier bill and
improve upon those provisions. While most of the provisions of the old bill have

been retained to keep a check

on builders from exploiting
consumers, new clauses have
been added to strengthen consumer protection, a government source said. Several of
the proposals put forward by
the real estate lobby have also
been rejected. The NDA government has already accepted 23 of 39 recommendations
made by the parliamentary
standing committee.
For the full report, log on
to www.timesofindia.com

New Delhi: The privileges committee of Rajya Sabha has said unauthorized obtaining of call data records (CDR) of finance minister
Arun Jaitley, the then leader of opposition, in 2013 was not a breach of
The panels report tabled on
Wednesday said the issue was a breach
of right to privacy which could be dealt
with under the laws of the land. The report slammed Delhi Police and said accessing CDRs of Jaitleys mobile
phone by police personnel and some
other individuals in a surreptitious
manner was very unfortunate and uncalled for.
It said accessing of CDRs does not
seem to cause any hindrance or obstruction in the functioning of a member of Parliament so as to attract
breach of his parliamentary privileges. The committee did not believe that
the previous UPA government had any
role in accessing Jaitleys CDRs. The
committee said accessing CDRs of an
individual could only help a person
know about the phone numbers and,
ostensibly, the persons with whom the
individual was in contact. TNN

On GST, Cong looks for support

from parties in TN, Maha
Continued from P 1
The Modi government has set
April 1, 2016 as
deadline for
implementing the goods
and services
Arun Jaitley
subsume excise, service tax, state VAT, entry tax, octroi and other state
levies. But for that to happen,
the Constitution Amendment
Bill needs to be cleared by the
Rajya Sabha and has to be endorsed by state legislatures.
Subsequently, the Centre and
states will decide on the tax
rate and a GST Bill will have to
be approved by Parliament.
With BJP and its allies in
minority in the RS, the bill is
expected to face some stiff opposition as Congress is determined to send it to a parliamen-

Sure of numbers, PM
skips LS vote on bill
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was absent from
Lok Sabha on Wednesday when the
governments big ticket tax reform bill
was being passed. The Constitution
amendment to enable the Goods and
Services Tax Bill went through without
the PMs vote, though he was present in
the House and was later seen in his
office in Parliament House.
BJP had earlier issued a whip for the
Narendra Modi
entire week as the government was
preparing to take up crucial bills for passage. According to
government sources, the PM was informed of the bill
being put to vote, which requires two-thirds majority of those
present and voting, and was willing to attend the House
but since the ruling side had the numbers, it did not require the PM to be present for the vote. TNN

tary standing panel. With most

parties having made their
stand clear, ADMK, which has

remained ambivalent, is key.

Congress is also likely to rally parties from manufacturing

states such as TN and Maharashtra as they have raised concerns of losing revenue. Conversely, BJP is hoping for support of parties from consuming states such as UP and Odisha as they are likely to be gainers from the new tax regime.
The Centre would need at
least 122 votes in the 243-member RS as the Bill is required to
be passed by two-thirds of total
members present and voting,
which cannot be less than the
simple majority of the actual
strength of the House.
Sources said Congress,
with its likely supporters including the Left, could muster
anywhere between 90 and 100
votes. BJP, which has 47 seats,
would be hoping that JD(U),
SP and BSP with 37 votes
will vote in favour and that it
will be able to swing ADMK,
which has 11 seats, to its side.
For the full report, log on
to www.timesofindia.com

Sushma completes
what Singh started

*Special administrative region, China

Lowest Life expectancy at birth- 2013

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Credits Ex-PM As RS Clears Bangla Land Swap



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Dr Prathap C Reddy pointed

out that the brave acts of the
families show that awareness
programmes on organ donation have yielded remarkable
results. Every day several people with end-stage diseases are
dying as there are not sufficient
donations. People should see
this as an opportunity to celebrate a second chance at life,
he said.
Though the organ donation programme in Tamil Nadu is 10 times more successful
compared to other states,
there is still a long way to go,
said health secretary Dr J
Radhakrishnan. Our prime
focus should mainly be to prevent road traffic accidents.
When people are willing to
spend Rs 1,000 on a cover to
protect their phone, they
should do the same to buy a
helmet that protects their
life, he said.

New Delhi: In a historic step,

members in Rajya Sabha on
Wednesday buried their
sharp ideological divide
from Shiv Sena to CPM to
unanimously give effect to
the Land Boundary Agreement signed between India
and Bangladesh in 1974 for exchange of enclaves.
External affairs minister
Sushma Swaraj won the
hearts of the entire opposition by crediting Manmohan
Singh government for putting
in the hard work. Manmohan
Singh is the one who started
the whole thing. I have merely
completed the task, she said,
thanking the former PM who
was present in the House. She
pointed out that the bill is exactly the same to the last
comma and full stop as was
presented by UPA in Parliament in December 2013. Its a
win-win-win situation for everyone, she said, ascribing
the quote to leader of opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad.
The bill, passed by support of 180 members, aims at
giving effect to the acquiring
of territories by India and
transfer of territories to Bangladesh through retaining of
adverse possession and exchange of enclaves in accordance with the 1974 agreement. It will be taken up in
Lok Sabha on Thursday.
Swaraj also set at rest apprehensions of two members
Ram Gopal Yadav (SP) and
Satish Chandra Mishra (BSP)
about shrinking boundary
of India and the fate of people
who will shift from India to
Bangladesh and vice-versa.
She said India is getting 510
acres and 10,000 acres of enclaves that the country is supposed to have lost is notional
since they are deep inside
Bangladesh. She also said
there will be no physical

Swaraj said that the bill is exactly the same to the last comma and
full stop as was presented by UPA in Parliament in December 2013

Govt OKs changes in whistleblower act

he Cabinet on Wednesday passed amendments to the Whistle

T Blowers Protection Act that ensures safeguards against

disclosures of any information which may affect the sovereignty,

integrity and security of the country. The government has also
proposed safeguards in respect of such disclosures which have
already been exempted under Section 8(1) of the RTI Act. Though
this section of the RTI Act provides similar safeguards which
exempts sharing of information that would affect the sovereignty
and integrity of India, the security, strategic, scientific or economic
interests of the state, or relation with foreign state. Anti-corruption
activists opposed to the amendments argue that such safeguards
will weaken the countrys fight against corruption. TNN

transfer of people. It is optional. We have allotted Rs

3,008 crore out of which Rs
2,234 crore is variable component. We have provided for
35,000 people coming to India.
Those who are in India will be
given Indian citizenship and
those in Bangladesh will become citizens there. Choice is
entirely theirs, she said.
She admitted that BJPs
Assam unit, Asom Gana Parishad and Trinamool Congress were opposed to the bill
because it was felt that interests of Assam were not taken
care of. She said when NDA
came to power, the bill was referred to the standing committee which gave its report
in December last year. She
said at that point it was
brought to the governments
notice that even Assam chief
minister Tarun Gogoi was
opposed to the agreement. I

briefed PM and said we can

leave out Assam and renegotiate the agreement. At least
95% of the agreement will be
implemented. He agreed. I
moved a cabinet note to that
effect, Swaraj said. Later,
she said, during consultation
with political parties the general view was that even Assam should be included.
Even Tarun Gogoi wrote
to PM and me that he was not
opposed to the agreement.
PM told me to withdraw the
earlier cabinet note that had
excluded Assam. The bill was
cleared by cabinet last night.
Azad said, Swaraj was
truthful and admitted BJP
was opposed to it. Good that
with change in chair (from opposition to treasury) there has
been change of heart. If you
continue to bring bills like this
without any change, we will
cooperate and get it passed.

Successive govts have tended

to pay lip service to farmers
When farmer suicides are in the news, father of the Green Revolution
M S Swaminathan speaks out against political one-upmanship in
agriculture. Excerpts from an interview with TOIs Sagarika Ghose
A poor monsoons predicted. Are we facing
an agrarian crisis?
The situation is very unsatisfactory. The
government says its prepared a contingency plan. If rains fail farmers will
Farmers are 60% of
need alternative crops, alternative
the population. You
seeds. The role of states will be crucial
although the Centre will need to help
cant ignore them. They
with funds. An inter-disciplinary team
(ministers) mention in
will be needed to manage an unfavourable monsoon.
Budget speeches that
Do governments tend to neglect
finances will be allocated
Successive governments have tended to
to farming. But actions
pay lip service to farmers needs. Farmers are 60% of the population. You cant
and investments arent
ignore them. They mention in Budget
commensurate with
speeches that finances will be allocated
to farming. But actions and investments
what they say
arent commensurate with what they say.
Is dependence on monsoon bane of
Indian agriculture?
Yes 60% cultivation depends on rainfall.
Only 40% depends on irrigation. But
irrigation systems require rainfall.
Farmers depend on monsoon and markets. Theres talk about market economy. Nowhere is the farmer left entirely doesnt government talk of inflationary
to the market. The US too supports pressures when it comes to industrialfarmers.
ists? Input costs are rising for farmers.
The beef ban hurts Maharashtra farmers Your assessment of farmers suicides
Yes, they arent able to sell their bul- Suicides happen due to frustration,
locks. When the household economy helplessness, lack of credit. Theres no
collapses, they sell their bullocks. When government protection, no social or
they sell cattle, you know
community protection for
theyre facing a drought. TOI INTERVIEW farmers. This is particuToday there are no cattle
larly true for dry-land
buyers. Maharashtra said itd imple- farmers. We must strengthen the panment a scheme Gokul Gram Yojana chayati system, make credit available.
but so far it hasnt.
Will the new Land bill cause further
Government says raising MSP will
Three conditions should be met for land
fuel inflation..
Why such concerns only when it comes acquisition. First we should ensure food
to farmers? The market price is already security. Second, land should be acso low; 80% farmers arent insured. Why quired only for public good. Land

The farmers wife is

very important, she is
often more dependent on the
land because she cultivates a
small plot of land to provide
nutrition security to the family...
So, consent should not just be
sought from the male farmer
but from the woman

shouldnt be acquired for private profit.

Third, when it comes to consent, seek
consent not just from the farmer but his
wife. Often, shes more dependent on
land because she tills a small plot for
her familys nutrition security. Generally, men have the patta and widows are
let high and dry.
Is NREGA a white elephant?
NREGA should be revitalised and
skilled work included. The project is
named after Gandhi. It should follow his
words about productive work being a
marriage of intellect and labour. The
intellect is missing. Train women in
balwadi and crche work.
Does Modi government have a vision for
The PM has announced a big irrigation
programme and a soil-health card. The
Budget speech on agriculture though
didnt seem adequate. Everything depends on implementation. The farm
crisis must be gone into properly. We
need a holistic approach to livestock,
fish and agriculture.
What about Rahul Gandhis padyatras
to villages?
Its good that political leaders are showing interest but there should be a follow
up. The farm sector shouldnt be about
political one-upmanship. Agriculture is
the largest private sector enterprise in
India and requires more attention.