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University of South Carolina

College of Health Professions
Division of Health Informatics
Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) Program

Introduction to Health Care Information Systems (IHCIS)

Fall 2015
Revised and Updated as of 8/25/2015

Instructor Contact Information

Course Information
Instructor: Mark S. Daniels

Credit Hours: 3
Faculty Office: 200J HOT

Semester: Fall 2015
Office Phone: (843) 792-6001

Prerequisites: None
Office Hours: By appointment

Course Status: Required

Class Meets: Online, no set times
Course Placement: First year
Fax Number: (843) 792-8319

E-Mail: danielsm@musc.edu

Teaching Assistant: None

Texts and Course Resources

Wager, K.A., Lee, F.W. and Glaser, J.P. (2013) Health Care Information Systems: A
Practical Approach for Health Care Management, Third Edition. Jossey Bass, San

AUPHA modules for Healthcare Information Management Systems Technology and
Analysis (will be provided via Moodle Website for course).

Other course readings and resources can be found on the Moodle system website for
the course or will be distributed by the instructor.

Course Description

This course provides students with an overview of various clinical and administrative
information systems and critical functions used in healthcare. Key topics include
electronic health records, computerized provider order entry, decision support, e-
prescribing, telemedicine/telehealth, and revenue cycle. Students explore the history,
adoption and use of various types of health care information systems and gain insight

into the process of selecting and implementation of health IT systems. Reporting

requirements and senior level management issues related to the adoption, use and
management of health care information systems are also discussed.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course the student will be able to do the following:

1. Demonstrate a firm understanding of how Health Information Technology (HIT)
systems can be leveraged to provide benefits to a healthcare entity.
2. Describe common Health Information Technology standards and regulations.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of roles and responsibilities in the designing,
implementing and supporting of HIT systems.
4. Discuss the current trends and challenges impacting HIT.
5. Demonstrate an awareness of confidentiality, privacy and the general security
aspects of HIT systems and related data (both patient and other institutional data).
6. Show a firm understanding of the various types of HIT systems (departmental,
ancillary, enterprise, integrated) and how they fit together to form an enterprise
HIT strategy.
7. Document the flow of data through a healthcare entitys various systems,
including the release of data to outside entities.
8. Describe the HIT purchase process and show an understanding of typical system
vendor contract agreements.
9. Describe an HIT-related governance structure and explain its importance within a
healthcare entity.
10. Compare and contrast common technologies that enable HIT to operate in a
healthcare environment.

Honor Policy

Students are expected to abide by the MUSC Honor Code. Work submitted must be
original, reflect the students individual effort, and be completed for the specific
purpose of fulfilling the assignments for this particular course.

Instructional Strategies:

Narrated PowerPoint Slide Presentations
Text Readings
Current Literature Reviews
On-Line Discussion Topics
Practical learning (exercises)

Method of Evaluation:

Topic-focused Practical Exercises

Topic-focused Short Papers

Topic-focused Quizzes

Class Participation (input to on-line discussions)*

Evaluation of course (see explanation below)**

*Class participation is based on on-line discussions and includes:
o Degree of engagement
Appears interested
Asks questions
Makes valuable contributions
Defends their statements
Applies information from discussions and assignments
o Shows respect for others
o Demonstrates professionalism.

**Evaluation of Course Requirement:

It is a requirement of the Medical University and the College of Health
Professions that each student complete an on-line evaluation of this course. An
e-mail will be sent to your MUSC e-mail account 2 weeks prior to the end of the
course providing you with a link to the on-line course evaluation. The evaluation
is short and should only take a few minutes of your time. We expect your
participation as a mechanism to ensure that we continue to improve the
educational quality of every course and program in the College of Health
Professions. We appreciate your efforts to keep all comments constructive and
professional. Please be assured that all student input is completely
confidential. There is no mechanism to track comments or scores back to a
particular student. Faculty and program directors will only receive a summary of
the scores and a summary of the typed comments.


Instructors Policies:

On-line AttendanceSince this is an online course, students may review the narrated
slide presentations when they see fit. It is advised that students watch the presentations
on the week they are delivered to avoid missing information needed for online
discussions, exercises, quizzes, and short papers.

Late AssignmentsLate assignments are generally not accepted unless prior
arrangements and approval have been given. Points may be deducted for work
submitted late.

Course CommunicationStudents are to submit all course assignments to the
instructor via the Moodle system.

Quizzes Quizzes will be delivered online. Students will have approximately 5-7 days to
take the quiz and will have 1 hour to complete it once started.

Online Discussions Online discussions will use the Moodle system. Class participation
will be assessed by participation in online discussions. All discussion comments should
be thoughtful and constructive. Comments should be based on the students opinion,
but should be backed up by information from the text, ancillary readings and personal
research. Comments in online discussions should be the students original work.
Supporting statements taken direct from other sources should be credited

Course Schedule

Week Date
8/26 Introduction to Course
Review of Syllabus and Course Expectations
Overview of Whats to Come
8/31 Topic: Todays Health IT Landscape

Required Readings
Text: Forward & Preface, pages xv-xxx
Topic: The Patient Record: Its Purpose, Uses, Forms
Administrative and Clinical Information













Required Readings
Text: Chapter 1 & 2

Online Discussion Assigned
Topic: System Architecture: Integration and Data Flow
Architecture Models
Best of Breed / Integrated
Interfaces and System Messaging

Required Readings
HL7 Tutorial

Exercise Assigned:
Analysis of data flow between systems
Topic: System Architecture: Integration and Data Flow
Data Movement
Data Storage

Required Readings
Resources to read will be distributed via Moodle

Exercise Assigned:
Analysis of data movement between systems
Topic: Health Information System Selection

Required Readings
Text: Chapter 7 and Appendix A
Sample RFPs and vendor scoring/scenarios

Online Quiz Assigned
Topic: System Implementation
Build & Configuration
Extending the Application
Custom Development

Required Readings
Text: Chapter 8




Topic: Clinical Information Systems

Clinical Documentation, CPOE,
Bar-code medication administration,
Digital Imaging, Tele-Medicine, etc.

Required Readings
Text: Chapter 5

Short Paper Assigned:
Survey / Comparison of current CIS vendor applications
10/5 Topic: Clinical Information Systems
Digital Imaging, Tele-Medicine

Tele-Medicine Consult
10/12 Topic: Health Care Information Systems History & Evolution

Required Readings
Text: Chapter 4
Listen to AUPHA audio slide presentation
10/19 Topic: Health Information Exchange / Technology Standards
Nation-wide Health Information Network (NwHIN)
Local Health Information Exchanges (HIE)

Required Reading
Text: Chapter 10

Exercise Assigned:
CCD Document Exchange and Content Interpretation
10/26 Topic: Underlying IT Technology and Infrastructure
Hardware, Software, Database, Networks

Required Reading
Text: Chapter 9
Additional Resource to read distributed via Moodle

Online Quiz Assigned
11/2 Topic: Underlying IT Technology and Infrastructure
Fault Tolerance
High Availability
Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery




Required Reading
Resources to read will be distributed via Moodle

Online Quiz Assigned
11/9 Topic: Health IT Security
Threats, Tools, Policies
Release of information
Cost of a security breach
Fault Tolerance, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

Required Reading
Text: Chapter 11

Exercise Assigned:
Data Release Security Violations: Quasi-Identifiers
9/16 Topic: Emerging Technologies in Healthcare
Hype Cycle
Magic Quadrants

Short Paper Assigned:
Emerging Technologies in Healthcare Information Systems
Thanksgiving Holiday Week No lectures, readings or additional assignments

11/30 Topic: All things Government
Laws, Regulations and Standards Governing Health Information
Record Retention, Legal Medical Record
HIPAA Privacy Regulations
HITECH ActCMS EHR Incentive Program and Meaningful Use
Clinical Quality Measures
Certified EHR Technology

Required Reading
Text: Chapter 3 & 6

Resources to review:
HIPAA Regulations
CMS EHR Incentive Programs
Meaningful Use Stage 2
Online Discussion Assigned

Online Quiz Assigned



Topic: IT Governance, Alignment and Strategy

Required Readings
Text: Chapters 12, 13

Online Discussion Assigned
12/14 No Exam for this class.