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Volume 7, Issue 6 March 14, 2010

Small Gatherings...a New Direction

ASSEMBLY TIMES Are small gatherings the steps of faith in thing far bigger and far more important
the right direction? Because we are called than a program. What is required of us is
Sunday Morning: to live for God in this world, it is impera- that we step out in faith, trusting that God
tive that we consider how we ought to is going bless our efforts. It is the ambi-
10:00am Bible Class
best accomplish this calling. The leader- tion of the elders that each gathering be-
11:00am Worship ship team has had a lengthy discussion comes precisely ‘what-the-doctor-
about what we see as our calling as a con- ordered’ for each place. If the people
38 No widow may be 12 a wedding took place at ___ in Galilee. Thursday Evening: gregation. It is abundantly clear from the gathered need a study, then that is what
put on the ___ of Jesus' mother was there (John 2:1) scriptures that our role as a people of God they can do. Likewise, if the small gather-
widows unless she is 13 I the LORD search the heart and ___ the 7:00pm Bible Study
over sixty (1 Tim 5:9) mind (Jer 17:10) is to bring the presence and knowledge of ing in another community wishes to simply
39 The Angel which 15 God gave unto them Saul the son of ___ Christ to each other and to the world. This fellowship, or serve, or sing, or...whatever
redeemed me from all (Acts 13:21) KJV is done, not by teaching alone, but also by is necessary to meet the needs of those
ACROSS evil, bless the ___ (Gen 48:16) KJV 17 ___ though I walk through the valley of the CONTACT INFO
1 the best of ___ and the finest of wines (Isa 41 the ephod, close to the ___ just above the shadow of death (Ps 23:4) relationship building and authentically attending, then that is precisely what they
25:6) waistband (Ex 39:20) 21 unto the high places, and see where thou representing Christ in our respective set- will do. However, it is intended that each
5 the idolaters and everyone who loves and 43 His face ___ like the sun, and his clothes hast not been ___ with (Jer 3:2) KJV 1 Christina Street
tings. Small gatherings in our own com- small gathering work to accomplish the
___ falsehood (Rev 22:15) became as white (Matt 17:2) 22 neither shall he drink any liquor of grapes, Village of Kenosee Lake
10 I had rebuilt the wall and not a ___ was left 45 cups shaped like almond flowers with ___ nor eat ___ grapes, or dried (Num 6:3) KJV munities have the potential to accomplish same end; to bring the presence and
in it (Neh 6:1) and blossoms (Ex 37:19) 23 remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it this calling. knowledge of Christ to our respective
11 who is praised by all the churches for his 46 seven of every kind of clean animal, a male produces many ___ (John 12:24) Box 184 We know that we are a “far-from-perfect” communities.
___ to the gospel. (2 Cor 8:18) and ___ mate (Gen 7:2) 25 I also want women to ___ modestly, with
14 After an ___ of several years I came 48 If the ___ wishes to redeem the animal, he decency (1 Tim 2:9) S0C 2S0 people, but we also understand that our We can break it down in this way;
to Jerusalem (Acts 24:17) must add a fifth to its value (Lev 27:13) 27 who ___ to be Jews though they are not (306)577-2477 weakness more clearly reflects God’s Relational Evangelism through Authentic
16 know that you have no authority to impose 50 Men of all ___ came to listen to Solomon's (Rev 3:9) power (2 Corinthians 4:7; 12:9). By invit-
___ , tribute or duty on any Ezra 7:24 wisdom (1 Kings 4:34) 29 took palm branches and went out to meet onthe-
ing people into our homes and lives allow-
18 Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the 51 from merchants and traders and from all him, shouting, ___"!" (John 12:13)
___ of the world! (John 1:29) the ___ kings (1 Kings 10:15) 30 Bathsheba bowed, and did ___ unto the mount@sasktel.net ing them to see us as real, authentic peo- We want to invite you to pray about this
19 the servant of the LORD sent me from 53 others asked, "How ___ a sinner do such king (1 Kings 1:16) KJV ___ ple, we will be effectively representing undertaking as well as our direction as a
Kadesh-barnea to ___ out the land (Josh 14:7) miraculous signs?" (John 9:16) 32 Picnic pests (Prov 30:25) congregation. We believe that this is a
KJV 54 When the disciples saw this, they were 34 seven thin ears and ___ with the east wind Christ and God’s power through our lives.
LEADERSHIP direction we are being lead, and welcome
20 Adam and Eve probably did not have one ___ . "Why this waste?" (Matt 26:8) sprung up after them (Gen 41:6) KJV We wish for our midweek gatherings to
22 "Teacher, what good thing ___ I do to get 55 The Danites answered, Don't ___ with us 35 The LORD is ___ to anger, abounding in become some- your insight.
eternal life?" (Matt 19:16) (Judg 18:25) love (Num 14:18) Your Leadership.
23 to another faith by the ___ Spirit, to an- 37 they that use this world, as not ___ it (1 Cor Elders:
other gifts of healing (1 Cor 12:9) 7:31) KJV Cameron Husband
1 See, I will send my ___, who will prepare
24 they consult a wooden ___ and are an- 40 Then will the lame leap like a ___ (Isa
the way before me (Mal 3:1) Harold Floyd
swered by a stick (Hos 4:12) 35:6)
2 A few days later King ___ and Bernice ar-
26 The ___ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with 41 The LORD descended to the top Dale King
rived at Caesarea (Acts 25:13)
you (1 Thess 5:28) of Mount ___ and called Moses (Exod 19:20)
3 last letter in Hebrew Jim Sedor
28 But the meek will ___ the land and enjoy 42 the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet
4 Then they ___ in his face and struck him
great peace (Ps 37:11) 44 The word of the LORD that came to ___ son
with their fists (Matt 26:67)
31 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and of Beeri (Hos 1:1)
6 exalt him that is low, and ___ him that is Minister:
___ not on your own (Prov 3:5) 47 He is a prophet, like one of the prophets of
high (Ezek 21:26) (KJV)
33 Do not touch my anointed ___ (Ps 105:15) ___ ago (Mark 6:15) Rolland Bouchard
7 chore, job
34 such as I never saw in all 49 anyone who says to his brother, ___ ,' is
8 A mocker resents correction; he will not ___
the land of Egypt for ___ (Gen 41:19) KJV
the wise (Prov 15:12)
answerable to the Sanhedrin (Matt 5:22) (306)577-8418
36 Those who see you ___ at you, they ponder 52 have them shut the doors and ___ them
9 yet at the ___ of water it will bud and put
your fate (Isa 14:16) (Neh 7:3)
forth shoots (Job 14:9)

Puzzles and Cartoons used with Permission. For rights and permissions see http://biblewordgames.com and www.reverendfun.com
Volume 7, Issue 6 March 14, 2010


A group of eleven students from WCC Welcome and Announcements
THRIFT STORE DAYS Haiti by sending funds to the church Bernice Lawrence along with Andrea Muirhead and Prayer
We will be working the thrift store there. They are also going to be sending Deanna Cook are going to Lazaro
We rejoice knowing that our Sister 578 We Will Glorify
March 23 & 25 relief workers and building supplies Cardenas, where Bernard and Alicia
Bernice has gone home to be with God. Krogsgaard are working in Mex- 153 Come Let us Worship
April 20 & 22 (construction materials, food, clothing,
She passed away on Thursday, March ico. They will be there during spring
May 18 & 20 water, etc.) to begin the rebuilding proc- 922 Jesus Paid It All
11, 2010 at 1:30 pm in Redvers, leaving break to help with a Let's Start Talking
More dates coming very soon. ess. They will be going down in April to
behind her husband, children, grandchil- project there. As the missions ministry,
 help out. If you are interested in helping
dren, great grandchildren, siblings and we would like to send some things down with them to help Bernard 345 Christ the Lord is Risen Today
HOMEMAKERS CIRCLE out financially or any other way please
Christian family. and Alicia and the mission in Lazaro Cardenas. We are going to
Here is a list of upcoming Homemakers send cheques or inquiries to: Psalm 95:1-7—Dale
Circle events. For more information talk Attention Haiti Mission
Peace I leave with you, My peace I purchase fifteen kids backpacks and we are asking you to help by
Strathmore Boulevard Church of Christ give to you.
to Judith. bringing appropriate school supplies to fill them with. Suggestions
April - Public Speaker/ to be an- John 14:27 are to go easy on the paper since it is heavy...but pencils, colour 794 Unto Thee O Lord
nounced. 346 Strathmore Blvd
Toronto, Ontario M4C 1N3 pencils, markers, crayons, tape, glue sticks, sticky notes, and pens
May - Greenhouse. Caring and Sharing—Dale
would be fantastic. Since the team leaves at the beginning of
June - Tea house.
The specific details will be announced as  April, we don't have much time so please bring in a generous
each activity comes up. NEW PHONE LIST LAST CHANCE amount of school supplies for needy kids in Mex-
 ico for NEXT Sunday.
We are working on a new Phone list, SONSH
please fill out the form at the back of the Western’s Chorus will be here on Thursday, be hosti RUS TO
If you have any photos that you would on Thurs ng the W UR
auditorium and we’ll publish soon. The March 18th. Both Trevor Mountney and day, Ma estern C
like to be put into a church scrapbook rch 18, 2 hristian
on-a-bu 010. W College
First draft is done, but we need a few Heather Goud are going on mission trips this n suppe e will be Chorus
please talk to Ronda. r for the providin
more details before we can print one for year, and they will both be here with the cho- students g a Beef-
 formanc at 5:30p
e will be m and th
everyone. Please Take one more look. rus. We will have opportunity to see these For invit at 7:00p e per-
HAITI RELIEF ations ta m.
Thanks. Rolland young missionaries before they go on the lk to Roll
The Strathmore Boulevard church of and.
respective journeys. As a congregation, we
Christ will be continuing support efforts in are also going to be sending a case of easy
to read New Testaments with the LST team.

THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER... Thank you! The Missions Ministry

 Marie McMillan—Continued  Joe Fox—Surgery for His  Melissa Lynch—biopsy for

Heal concerns knee and subsequent unem- growths. Well-being
 Bernard and Alicia Krogsgaard ployment.  Our Community
- Missionaries in MexicoBrent  Our Shepherds—leadership  The Lawrence Family—as
Peterson—continued recovery and care they mourn the loss of Ber-
 Chris Cornforth—continued nice.
 Pamela King—General health concerns.
prayers for Her well being

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