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1) What are main tabs under GENERAL DATA in Customer Master Data ( CMD) .

Address ( which contain Name, Address , Language etc )

Control Data( Mainly contains Tax Information )
Payment Transaction( Contains Bank Details )
Marketing( Contain information on Industry, Customer Classification etc)
Unloading Point( Contains info regarding goods receiving Hours )
Export Data ( Contains Data for export control )
Contact Person ( Will have all Address of business partner)

2) What are main tabs under Sales Area data in CMD.

Sales: Sales office+ sales district+currency+ customer group+ Customer pricing

Price list.
Shipping:Delivery+ Shipping condition+ Delivery Plant+ POD Relevance+Partial
Complete delivery by law+ Transportation Zone.
Billing: Incoterm+Term of payment+Credit control area+ Account Assignment
Group+ Tax.
Partner Function:(Can different or Identical) Sold to Party+ Ship to Party+ Bill to Party+Payer

3) What are main tabs under Company Code data in CMD

Account management( which mainly looks into Reconciliation account data )

Payment transaction ( mainly looks into Payment method datas)
Correspondence( which mainly looks into Dunning Procedure, Accounting
clerk etc )
Insurance ( which gives details of Amount Insured )

4) If you change any data in CMD will it be reflected in already created document?
NO; it will not reflect in old documents created except for ADDRESS.
5) Can a sales organization ( S.O) sell product to customer that belong to different
sales org?
Yes; S.O has to maintain relevant sales area data if they want to sell materials
to customer

which belong to different S.O .

6) Whats the main control for a CMD
Account group.
7) From where Delivery date and tax information will flow to document level

Ship to Party master record ( SH)

8) From where Payment terms, Credit limit check happens at document level

Payer master record( PY)

9) From where Address to which invoiced will be picked


From where Shipping conditions, Pricing, incoterms will be picked from


Bill to Party master record( BP)

Sold to Party(SP)

Explain what you know about CMIR-Customer material info record

CMIR - customers material no. will be cross referred to material and customer
Description & We can place sales order with the customers material no. using
Ordering tab page
CMIR -- keeps info about Customer material no., Delivering plant, and Delivery
agreement Complete /Partial


What are the main tabs in Material master data( MMD)

Basic data 1, Sales: sales org. 1, sales org. 2, Gen/Plant data, MRP 3,
Plant/data storage 1,Foreign trade, Sales Text.


What controls Material master

Material type


Do you know main there parts for a Sales Document

Header, Item and Schedule Line are the main three divisions for Sales document
From which all sources data is fetched to a sales document

Master data

Other SD document/Existing document with data
Hard coded controls