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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Major: Human Resource Development Management


Labor Laws and Social Legislation

Course Number: HR 3

Credit: 3 units

Course Title: Labor Laws and Social Legislation

Pre-Requisite: HR 1

Course Description:

The course covers the study of labor relation and social legislation; labor laws related to
relationship between employers and employees; social laws related to maintaining health and
well being of employees to prevent employees exploitation, rules and regulations needed to
know by both employers and employees whereby harmonious relationship and productivity be
maintained. It discusses legal procedures in case of labor disputes to prevent social unrest and
establish industrial peace.

Course Objectives:



At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

1. Understand the different principles and concepts of labor relations and social legislations
as applied to various practices in business and industry.
2. Identify the importance of labor laws and social legislations in developing strong
harmonious relationship between employers and employees to be more productive and
to prevent social unrest.
3. Develop appropriate values.
4. Put into practice the spirit and letter of the law to encourage, develop and enhance
productivity and growth thereby maintaining industrial peace.

Course Outline

No. of Hours


A. Definition of the Law and Its coverage

13.5 hours

1. Applicability of The Law and its Limitations

2. Principles and Concepts on Emancipation of Tenants.
3. Recruitment and Placement of Workers, Including
The Rules and Regulations on Employment Domestically and Abroad.
4. Rules and Regulations on Organizing or Establishing
Recruitment and Placement Companies and Its Various Activities
Including Various Government Agencies.
5. Recruitments and Procedures in Employment of Non-Resident Aliens.
6. Classification, Training and Employment of Special Workers
Qualifications, and Requirements.


13.5 hours

1. Requirement For Existence of Employee-Employer Relationship
2. Working Conditions For Employment Benefits
a. Working Condition and Rest Period
b. Weekly Rest Period
c. Holiday, Service Incentive Leaves and Service Charges
3. Minimum Wage Rates To Apply For Women, Minor and Special Workers.
a. Minimum Wage Rates
b. Payment of Wages
c. Prohibition Regarding Wages
d. Wages Studies, Wage Agreements and Wage Determination
e. Administration and Enforcement
4. Requirements for Employers to Provide Medical and Dental Services
to Employees.

No. of Hours








State Insurance Funds

a. Policy and Definitions
b. Coverage and Liability
c. Administration
d. Contributions
e. Medical Benefits
f. Disability Benefits
g. Death Benefits
h. Provisions Common to Income Benefits
i. Records, Reports and Penal Provisions
j. Medicare
k. Adult Education
Labor Relations
a. Policy and Definition
b. Definition
National Labor Relations Commission
a. Creation and Composition
b. Powers and Duties

National Labor Relation Commission:
a. (Covered under Semi-final coverage)
b. (Same as (a)
Bureau of Labor Relation
Labor Organization
a. Registration and Cancellation
b. Rights and Conditions of Membership
c. Rights of Legitimate Labor Organizations
Unfair labor Practices
a. Concept
b. Unfair Labor Practices of Employers

13.5 hours

13.5 hours

c. Unfair Labor Practices of Labor Organization
d. Collective Bargaining and Administration of Agreement
e. Grievance Machinery and Voluntary Arbitration.


A. Bibliography

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Course Requirements

A. 95% attendance and participation of students in various classroom activities
B. Personal sharing of the students as to the effects and/or influence of the course on their
individual lives.

G. Grading System

Midterm Grade

Tentative Final Grade

Prelim Examination

Semi-final Examination 25%
Midterm Examination
Final Examination

Class Standing

Class Standing




Midterm Grade + Tentative Final Grade

Final Grade