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My Internal Assessment

Promotional Strategy;
Personal Selling,
Advertising, Publicity &
Sales Promotion.

Kayela Graham
Dinthill Technical High School
Centre #: 100028

Table of Contents
Acknowledgment 1
Introduction .2-5
Literature Review 6-8
Methodology ...9-10
Presentation of Data 11-15
Analysis of Data ..16-17
Interpretation of Results ..18
Conclusion 19
Recommendation .20
References 21
Appendix ....................................................................................................................22-23

I would like to thank God for giving me the strength and courage for doing this project. Also, thank you to
my teacher who gave this assessment in aid of widening my knowledge about the topic being investigated,
Promotion Strategy. Finally, thank you for my friends who guided me throughout it all.

Promotion Strategy
Promotion Strategies is what helps to position your company in a favourable light with not only current
customers but new ones as well. This research aims to critically assess the promotion strategies of the
Nestle Company in order to identify factors which contribute to the performance and effectiveness of the
business. Also, to understand how to promote quality goods and services by using appropriate tools to
achieve successful sales. The researcher wishes to conduct an internal investigation to the extent of which
will give details of how Promotion Strategies prior to the tools of promotion, which includes; personal
selling, sales promotion, advertising and publicity are being manifested within the company. After the
researcher has conducted his internal investigation, an analysis will be done on the data being collected in
order to make a conclusion on the thesis being investigated.
Personal selling is defined as the method people use to persuade customers to buy products. Sales
promotion is the procedure a person selling a product directed towards consumers and traders with the
intention to produce immediate or short-term sales effects. Advertising is described as the ways and means
by which a person selling a product gets it to their consumers effectively, by telling about the product or
service. Finally, public relations is the relationship that is developed between the consumer and consumer
in a effective manner to build a bond between them.

Justification for the topic:

This is to illustrate the importance of a Promotional Strategy. It also facilitates the business to develop,
advertise and sell products or services to customers. Promoting is a key element in communicating the
benefits of products once they are researched and developed. It enables marketers to determine the most

effective communication vehicles, which includes; personal selling, sales promoting, advertising and
publicity to allow the business meet the consumer market needs.

Background information of the project:

Promotion is one of the market mix elements or features, and a term used frequently in marketing.
Promotion is the method you use to spread the word about your product or service to customers,
stakeholders and wider public. Once you have identified your target market, you will have a good idea of
the best ways reaching them, but most business use a mix of advertising, personal selling, public relations
(publicity), referrals, sales promotion to promote their products or services.

Tactics "How to get there"

Promotion strategy
Your promotional strategy will ensure that consumers find out about your product or service. There
are four main promotional tools:


personal selling;

sales promotion; and

public relations.

Advertising in business is a form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate

an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to take or continue to take some
action. While, Personal Selling is a strategy that sales people use to convince customers to purchase a
product. The salesperson uses a personalized approach, tailored to meet the individual needs of the
customer, to demonstrate the ways that the product will benefit him. The customer is given the opportunity
to ask questions, and the salesperson addresses any concerns he has about the product. In addition, Sales
Promotion is the kinds of incentives and techniques directed towards consumers and traders with the
intention to produce immediate or short-term sales effects. A Public Relations involves the planned

promotion of goods, services and images of organizations intended to create goodwill for a person, place or
event. Public relations professionals work to build long-term relationships among individuals and
institutions. In conclusion, they all coincide to create and perform an effective Promotional Strategy as
stated by The Government of Western Australia, 2013 Small Business Development Corporation.

Literature Review:
The Nestl Company was founded in 1867 by Henri Nestl, who, at a time of high infant mortality,
developed a milk-based food for babies unable to feed from their mothers. Since then nutrition has been at
the very heart of the Nestl business. Nestl Jamaica Limited provides Juicy Juice, Nestl Svelty, Nestl
Nestum, Nestl Breakfast Cereal, Ice Cream Nestl Orchard, Nestl, Betty, Klim, Nestle Supligen, Maggi,
Nestl Coffee Mate, Nestl Milo, Nescafe and Nestl Carnation etc for their customers also.
As they confronted the challenges of the 21st century, nutrition was more than ever the key to the
companys future. While they remained loyal to the principles and ideals that drove Henri Nestle, they
adapted to meet the changing needs of consumers because they recognized that the business is not just the
things they make, but the role those things played in making life better for their customers.
They summed the philosophy up in four simple words Good Food, Good Life - reflecting in everything
they do and extending beyond what they make. On their path to being the leading food, nutrition, health
and wellness company, they continue to ensure that they do everything they can to build, nurture and
develop family and community wherever they are.
There objective is to be the leader in Nutrition Health and Wellness, and the industry reference for
financial performance, trusted by all stakeholders. Nestl has published a set of forward-looking
commitments to society and on environment sustainability it aims to meet by 2020 or earlier. We are
announcing a set of forward-looking, measurable commitments to society and on environmental
sustainability. We believe that leadership is not just about size; it is also about behaviour. Trust, too, is
about behaviour; and we recognise that trust is earned only over a long period of time by consistently
delivering on our promises. These objectives and behaviours are encapsulated in the simple phrase, Good
Food, Good Life, a phrase that sums up our corporate ambition. The Nestl Roadmap ( is intended to
create alignment for our people behind a cohesive set of strategic priorities that will accelerate the
achievement of our objectives. These objectives demand from our people a blend of long-term inspiration

needed to build for the future and short-term entrepreneurial actions, delivering the necessary level of
performance said Nestl Chief Executive Officer Paul Bulcke.
The town of Christiana, Manchester, was on Saturday taken over by the Nestl Community Fest as Nestl
Jamaica Limited engaged yet another community in its community-based promotions. Residents from in
and around the town made them the opportunity and received free health checks from the Nestl Wellness
caravan as well as tips on healthy lifestyle from the Maggie Mobile.
Andrew East, Base of the Pyramid champion for Nestl Jamaica, told The Gleaner he was happy for the
response that the Nestl Community Fest got from the people of Christiana.
"This is just great," East said. "Prior to this event today, we had a 'knock-at-your-gate promotion' last
weekend, and during this week where we went door to door in the community and rewarded our consumers
for using Nestl brand products." East added, "The response was great from the people in the community.
They were glad that their purchase (of Nestl products) didn't go unnoticed. The Nescaf 3-in-1, we found
that it was popular, a lot of householders bought it."
The Maggie Mobile was a big hit. The team carried out cooking demonstrations and showed how to use
Maggie products, owned by Nestl, to prepare healthy meals at home. The Nestl Wellness caravan gave
residents free blood pressure checks, body mass index checks and hip-to-waist checks. "We also give health
consultations where we inform residents about the five steps to healthy living," East said.
Jodianne Ahkin-Chin-Tai, Nestl nutritionist adviser, was on hand to share with the people tips on healthy
lifestyles. "We have a high-five for life initiative community approach to wellness. It consists of five steps.
Step one - eat healthy; step two - control your portions; step three - be active; step four - check your health;
step five - be happy; so we spoke to the people about that." Adding to the excitement on the day was the
presence of Tricia Spence, who was a hit with the people of Christiana as she carried out her MC duties.

Promoters were also busy in the supermarkets and wholesales helping people to choose their favourite
Nestl products from Betty condensed milk, Supligen, Nescaf, Milo, as well as Maggie products. The day
culminated with a Supligen party and a domino tournament.

Research Design
The use of questionnaires was to gain specific data. The reasons for choosing this instrument were due to
the fact that its confidential, its time consuming, they are relatively easy to analyse, a large sample of the
given population can be contacted at relatively low cost and the format is familiar to most respondents.
In conducting this research permission was sought by the researcher from the Nestl Jamaica Limited main
office in order to conduct a research on Promotion Strategy in the organization. The researcher chose to use
questionnaires and interviews which are both primary data sources. Questionnaires and interviews were
used instead of other methods because they are known to be very cost effective, they are easy to analyse,
reduces bias and much information can be easily collected. The interviews will allow me to interact more
with people, also the information gathered will make my research more factual and precise. Both
qualitative and quantitative research methods were used to collect data.
Fifteen (10) questionnaires were prepared and fifteen (10) persons were randomly selected from the
Marketing (promotion) Department to answer the questions. The respondents consist of both male and
female employees so as to ensure that the research was not gender biased. By using interviews, I will be
able to use the medium provided to ask appropriate questions for the research. This inturn will provide the
researcher with relevant and accurate information. The research however, will comprise of employees
within the Nestl Company. Information will be obtained from these employees regarding how promotional
strategies are being enforced in the business. The Nestl Company is an appropriate business to carry-out
this study due to (2) reasons:
o It is a large producing company.
o It provides a wide array of products.

Research Instrument
Questionnaires are a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the
purpose of gathering information from respondents. The questionnaires were then analysed and the
collected data was statistically represented. The questionnaire comprised of 11 questions all together, (8) of
which provided optional answers from which participants could select and (3) were open-ended questions.

Presentation of Data
This research aims to critically assess the promotion strategies of the Nestle Company in order to identify
factors which contribute to the performance and effectiveness of the business. Also, to understand how to
promote quality goods and services by using appropriate tools to achieve successful sales. The researcher
wishes to conduct an internal investigation to the extent of which will give details of how Promotion
Strategies prior to the tools of promotion, which includes; personal selling, sales promotion, advertising and
publicity are being manifested within the company. The questionnaires were issued to the employees of the
Nestle Company concerning this subject matter. The information that will be presented in this section was
obtained solely from the data collected from the questionnaires. It will be presented in the form of a written
account with graphs and charts integrated.

Do you enjoy your job description?





Figure 1
The pie chart above illustrates that 90% of the employees enjoys their job description while 10% were not
enjoying their job description.




Figure 2
The dough nut above shows a table of the overall satisfaction of teamwork within the organization from the
respondents seventy five percent (75%) of respondents agreed that the overall performance of teamwork in
the organization is excellent, with fifteen percent (15%) of the respondent stating that the level of teamwork
within the organization is only satisfactory, but then ten percent (10%) of the respondents believed that
teamwork was poor within the organization.

How often is the value of the product being emphasized to the customers?




Not Regularly


Figure 3
The chart above shows that 70% of the respondents think the value of the product is being emphasized to
its customers monthly, while 20% say that it is done daily and the remaining 10% says it is not regularly

Which cross-section is your target market?






Elderly Persons


Figure 4
The diagram above shows that the respondents think that the equal amount of distribution that the Nestle
Company produces for is for everyone.

1. Gender?
Male []
Female []
2. How long have you been working in the promotional department?
Under 1 year []
3-5 years []
7-10 years []
Other []
3. Do you enjoy your job description?
Yes []
No []
4. Which cross-section is your target market?
Babies []
Teenagers []
Elderly []
All []
5. Which method of advertising is used most frequently?
Print Media []
Television []
Samples []
6. Overall, how is the spirit of teamwork within the organization?
Satisfactory []
Good []
Excellent []
7. What are the challenges you encounter in the promotional process?
Comment: ________________________________________________________________
8. Who is your major competitor?
Lasoe []
Grace []
Seprod []
9. How often is the value of the products being emphasized to the customers?
Daily []
Monthly []
Not Regularly []
10. Is your means of distributing the products reliable?
If yes, how: ______________________________________________________________
11. Do you encourage direct services to consumers?
If yes, what is the procedure: ________________________________________________

Analysis of Data
Indications from the research conducted among the employees of the Nestl Company clearly supports that
the company is carrying out the promotional strategies a business should to allow effective and efficient
consumer consumption.
Figure one (1) shows on pie charts that majority of the employees enjoy their job description as they would
not be able to carry-out certain job duties. This fraction was ninety percent (90%) of the employees who
stated yes to their job description satisfaction while ten percent (10%) said they were not enjoying their job
Figure two (2) diagram shows the overall satisfaction of team spirit within the organization. The researcher
found that seventy five percent (75%) of the respondents agreed that teamwork is excellent. Fifteen percent
(15%) of respondent believed that team spirit is satisfactory within the organization while there was ten
percent (10%) of respondents who stated that team work is very poor within the organization. The
researcher found out that most employees at the Nestle Company, specifically in the promotion department
work together in order to get objectives completed.
Figure three (3) states on the chart that majority of the respondents think the value of the product is being
emphasized to its customers monthly. This was evident when they were asked how often they think that the
products are being emphasized to its customers. Seventy percent (70%) thought it was done monthly while
20% said that it was done daily and the remaining 10% said it is not regularly done.
According to the results obtained, all the respondents think that the equal amount of distribution that the
Nestl Company produces for is for everyone. Figure four (4) showed a one hundred percent (100%) of the
respondents saying that the company produces for all with the exception of none. As a result of this
response, this can be used to explain why the company is so productive and always making progress

Interpretation of Results
The subject of the matter, however, is that the Nestl Company has a good liaison with its customers and
that the employees are effective workers who help in making the name of the company and the successions.
As a result of this, the researcher sought to do an investigation on the topical issue whereby the individuals
gave positive responses. They were in agreement with saying that the company has a good way of
promoting its goods and had proper services. These findings clearly justified Henri Nestls concern as to
the development and purpose of the Nestl Company. (See Literature Review).
Andrew East observation on the Nestl Company Fest in Christiana was justified by the door-to-door they
carried-out. He stated that it was just great prior to the events they had whereby they went to a community
to reward their consumers for using the Nestl brand products. This was helpful in that it gave them a
feedback from the people that their products were being promoted on the market effectively. They were
glad that their purchase (of Nestl products) didn't go unnoticed.
The business theories and concepts are incorporated with the research through the medium according to
what the founder, chief executive officer, the Nestl nutritionist adviser and others said about the company
on a whole. They shared insights on the company that are proven to be valid and reliable to potential
consumers and consumers.

It can safely be deduced from the research that promotional strategies which includes; personal selling,
sales promoting, advertising and publicity were handily done. Nevertheless, there is always room for
improvement as it was evident in the results that everything is not perfect. The employees are a part of the
making of the products to carry it off in a successful way and they all werent in agreement but the majority
of them.

The trends based on the sample indicated that there are good promotional strategies that is enacted by the
company that brings out good work, however it can be improved by persons being employed to be more
professionally equipped with their job description so they may bring out the making of products better and
more attractive as it is never too much. A person should enjoy doing their job unless it will not be done to
the best of their ability as it isnt really what they want to do but for some other reason, they adapt
Also, find more means of emphasizing on their products, for example, internet marketing is a good and
effective way in doing so. Internet marketing is advertising and selling products and service by email
marketing search engine marketing, social media marketing, many types of display advertising, and mobile
advertising. It will bring global satisfaction.

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