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Lasts 11-14 minute. 3 parts:
Part 1. Introduction and Interview The examiner introduces him/herself and
asks the candidate to introduce him/herself and confirm his/her identity. The
examiner asks the candidate general questions on familiar topics, e.g. Myself,
Family, Studies or Work, My hometown, Future plans, Friends, Hobbies, Culture,
Entertainment, Festival, Colours, Names, Sports, History, Environment.

1) What is your name? / Can you tell me your name? Answer: My name is
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx.
2) Can I see your passport? / Could you show me your identification card?
Answer: Yes, please. / Yes, here you are.
3) What shall I call you? / Can I call you ? Answer: I think Xxxxx is ok. / I
think Xxxxxx will do.
4) What does your name/ it mean? Answer: From Uzbek, it means a child of
a Royal family or Prince. It was given to me by my father and I love it.
5) Is your name important to you? Answer: It is. Firstly, I like its meaning. It
is not too long and easy to pronounce. Also, I believe a name can help a
person in life.
6) Why do so many people change their names? Answer: Well, I may point
out some reasons. Some, especially performers like actors and actresses,
singers or writers choose pseudo names to become famous because their
real names are less sounding or complex to remember or call. Another
group, especially in Uzbek families claim, they cannot bear too famous
names of prophets or kings and shift to simpler ones. Also it is common to
pick Muslim names in Islamic states.
7) Does a name affect personality? Answer: I suppose it depends on what a
person believes in. For some, it actually matters in life, career, love or
prosperity. For others, success is represented by hard work and ambitions
rather than a lucky name.



1) Do you have a big or a small family? Answer: Id call it a big one. There a
total of six people including parents, an elder brother and an elder sister, a
little brother and me.
2) Can you tell me something about them? Answer: My dad is a man of 45, a
banker and he likes watching boxing matches and football on TV. My mum
is a woman of 41. She is a housewife and cooking with reading and her
favorite hobbies. She often prepares special dishes for family dinners.
Xxxxxx is my sister. She is a freshman of banking at the Institute of Finances
in Tashkent. She is intelligent and listening to pop and classical music often
helps her in her studies. One of my brothers Xxxxxx is a law student. He is
18. But he has already succeeded as one of the best law students. He can
never do without reading books but he also likes boxing. Finally Xxxxxx is a
schoolboy of 15. Because he is the youngest, he has more opportunities and
attention by parents. He is a little noisy but I usually enjoy his company.
3) Do you get on well together? Answer: For the most part, we love and
support each other discussing our success or problems or just having fun at
weekends or holidays. There are sometimes small disputes on insignificant
matters like cleaning the house, using the computer and such but this never
affects our relationships.
4) What do you like to do as a family? Answer: I dont think our activities
differ much from those in other families. We always celebrate holidays at
home, go on picnics to the mountains, spend vacation in resorts or give
presents to each other on birthdays.
5) Whats the difference between a core and extended families? Answer:
Well, parents and children represent a core family, while in an extended
family there are grandparents, uncles and their children as well. Extended
families are more common in Uzbekistan, especially in regions.
1) Do you have many/any friends? Answer: Yes I think so.
2) Who are they? / Are they casual acquaintances or close friends? Answer:
Many are casual acquaintances among my classmates, schoolmates or
neighbors. But three or four people are close friends.
3) Can you describe you best friend? Answer: His name is Xxxxxx. He is my
classmate at the lyceum. I met him three years ago. He lives in Chorsu
which is a little far from my place but it is not an obstacle. He is my height
and has brown eyes and dark hair. He never talks much, usually looks
serious but I like his company. He is intelligent and is good at English and
Math. In our free time, we play tennis. We see each other at lyceum every


day and also weekends. We play football or go to the movie. Sometimes we

might sit in a caf for food and drinks or play video games in a cybercaf.
On holidays, he invites me to his family dinner and the other day he comes
to my place.
4) Who is more important, family or friends? Answer: I cant separate either
of them. Family is my place, the closest people and the only place where I
can be myself without any restrictions. On the other hand, friends share the
same interests, hobbies, problems or ideas. I can have more fun with them
and interacting with them I learn better about different personalities, or how
to survive in this world.
5) Why can children make friends easier than adults? Answer: In my mind,
children are eager to learn more about the world and the most effective
tool is games. Thus, children often seek friends as playmates. They never
consider economical, religious or social status of friends. In most case child
friendship doesnt last long. In adults, more investigation and time is
required before making friends. They think about how well they match or not
in interests, world outlook or economics. The number of friends is much
smaller but relationships may last entire life.
6) How do you make friends? / Who can be your friend? Answer: Well, I
dont think I have any tough standards. But a person has to be good at
subjects, love both watching and playing football and never lie. In any case,
different people have different attitudes and I trust only if my friends and
I feel any connection can we be in one company.
1) Do you have a hobby / interest? / Whats your hobby? Answer: I have to
say Im these days too engaged with my studies. But this cant stop me from
watching and playing football. I often go with my friends to the nearest pitch
and enjoy this sport.
2) Have you always liked that hobby? Answer: I have been playing football
since my early years but it wasnt until my fifth grade at school before it
became my hobby. I dont think I have ever tended to any other activity.
3) Is having a hobby a good thing? / Why do we need a hobby? Answer:
Version 1: Indeed, it is. A person relaxes, releases his stress, develops
mentally or physically and can even earn some money. It only becomes
undesirable if we spend too much time or money on it. We may loose contact
with our families, friends or even be dismissed of our jobs.
Version 2: Ultimately, any hobby brings only benefits. A person develops
mentally or physically. A hobby is the best pastime. Its a strong tool to


release stress, forget about problems and just be ourselves. The exceptions
maybe there if a person spends too much time or financial resources on their
hobby or if they are completely isolated from family, society or colleagues.
Sometimes, they may even loose their jobs. This often happens with
designers and collector.
4) Would you like to take up (start) new hobbies? Answer: Perhaps, I will.
Recently parkour has been spreading in our country. There are already
hundreds of fans to do it; I need good trainers, suitable jeans and T-shirt.
But the most important they must be barriers, stairs or other places I can
jump, turn over and such. I think it is both exciting and useful for health.
Also, I can make new friends.
5) Are there expensive hobbies? Answer: Virtually, any interest if is done its
maximum requires substantial funding in equipment or travel. But
snowboarding, mountaineering, collection of stamps, original paintings or
cars are the ones not everyone can afford. For example, a Mercedes car of
1950 might cost five times as much as a new one only because it is rare or
6) What hobbies are popular in Uzbekistan? Answer: Well, it depends on the
age. Children are mad at computer or video games. Teenagers prefer sports,
dancing, skateboarding, while the working ages try to go to other places,
learn new skills, and the retired enjoy watching TV.
1) Why are you taking the IELTS? Answer: Mainly, I am going to present the
IELTS score to be admitted to Westminster International University in
Tashkent. Also, Id like to know what level my English is.
2) What are you going to in the next five years? Answer: There are some
plans. Definitely, I will spend four years at the university studying
economics and Finance. In the summers I intend to enjoy work and travel
opportunities in the US, Britain or Europe. This will further improve my
English skills. Other times or weekends I will try to be in company of my
friends, Probably, I will take up new skills like web-design, accounting
electronic commerce or diving.



1) Do you like travelling? Answer: Version 1: Yes it is my favorite activity. I

never miss a chance to go to the mountains, visit friends or relatives
whenever Im free or on holidays. Version 2: I certainly do. It usually
happens on holidays, especially spring or summer. Mountains at about
100kms from Tashkent with places like Chimgan, Charvak, Gazalkent or
Oktosh, beautiful nature in Zomin in Jizzakh region. As well as historical
places in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva are my favourite. I can spend days or
even weeks there. Often I try to relax after hard studies and recover my
health. I swim, breathe fresh air, see new people or just be on my own.
2) Do you like to travel alone or with your friends? Answer: Version 1: It
depends. If Im visiting my grandparents or relatives in the country I try to
have a solitary trip to enjoy their company and not to care about other
people. But my friends always accompany me on picnics, driving to other
cities or resorts. I think with them I can have more fun and a maximum of
relaxation. Version 2: I think I cant stand solitary trips because I have
many friends and always try to keep their company. With them, I go on
picnics or trips, have fun, receive more relaxation and collect only good
memories. For example, we prepare barbeques, chase each other in the
water, in a lake, take a lot of pictures and joke at each other at night. But I
think if Im in depression or I have complications with health which make
me avoid many people, I would travel alone.
3) Have you travelled to other places? Where are they? Answer: Version 1:
So far, I havent had any chance to travel outside Uzbekistan. But in some
years I intend to visit the UK, namely to London to have western education.
Version 2: So far I havent been that lucky. I have been all around
Uzbekistan but never abroad. It is in my plans to visit the UK and some
countries like Singapore or Malaysia. I think Ill go to Europe, namely for
education but for holidays to Asia. It is colder in Europe. Thats why I prefer
much warmer climates of Asia.
4) What are the benefits of traveling? Answer: Well, it has a lot of too offer.
Firstly, we change our boring daily routine and relax after studies or work.
We release stress, try to forget all our lacks and forgive other people. We try
to avoid bad news and temporarily stay out of touch with friends or
colleagues. Sometimes we may review our current life, goals and objectives
or find solutions to problems. Also we may taste new food, meet new people
and even take up new hobbies or skills. We recreate ourselves and upon
returning to work or studies. We are even more energetic than before


5) Why do so many people like traveling nowadays? Answer: I guess there

are many factors. Firstly, people new have more money and are willing to
spend it on leisure. Secondly, tour operators now offer travel to every corner
of the globe and newer experience like bungee-jumping in Australia, fishing
in Canadian lakes and rivers or whale and penguin watching in the Pacific.
Next, air transport has increased the speed of travel and a tourist can fly
from Uzbekistan to New York in just about 15 hours instead of days or
months. Finally, many countries have developed infrastructure like hotels,
entertainment facilities, shopping centers to meet every visitors needs.






Are you a student or do you have a job? Answer: Well, I have recently
completed high-school and wish to be accepted to a university.
What do you like most about your study? Answer: Not many things but the
subjects like Algebra, Geometry, English and the Worlds History are my
favorite. I love meeting my classmates or friends at school. Sometimes I
prepare hard for the exams to see my performance. But Im not fond of the
school uniform which I have to wear and some courses which I dont need.
In general, I have to confess that I like studying.
What kind of job do you prefer after graduation? Answer: I havent got
any solid plans but for now I think Ill become a banker and work for local
or international banks.
What do you do for living? Answer: In the meantime, Im provided
everything by my parents. They cover all my expenses on study materials,
travelling, clothing and accommodation. But when I graduate, I will have
my own job to meet my expenditures and at the same time care about my
Could you tell me a typical day of yours? Answer: Im afraid there is not
much interesting about it currently. On weekdays, Im too engaged in my
tutor classes to prepare for the university. They start from early morning till
the evening. I only have sometime for breakfast and lunch. Also, travelling
from home to other parts of the city and book usually takes two or three
hours a day. I come back home at 6 p.m. indeed exhausted, change my
clothes and take a shower. I have dinner with whole the family and watch
TV. Because there are many assignments, I have to spend my time until
midnight on them. But, I normally enjoy more free time at weekends to meet
my friends, go to the movie or swimming.


6) What do you like most about your study? Answer: Well, I wouldnt say I
love everything about them. For instance, I hate wearing a uniform,
spending up to eight hours at school every day and tough assignments.
However, I take a lot of pleasure learning mathematics English Uzbek and
literature. I readily do all home tasks on them. I also appreciate different
contests or competitions on the some subjects. Finally, I like preparation of
assignments on the computer.
1) Do you like music? Answer: Yes, I do. I often choose Pop music or hiphop. Justin Timberlake, Accent, Backstreet Boys, Inna, Timberland are my
favorite. I try to enjoy their tracks when I come back home in the evening to
relax or concentrate before an exam. Sometimes I need such music when I
play football.
2) What are the benefits of listening to music? Answer: I believe no human
can survive in this world without music. It helps us relax, encourages us to
do good, teaches us to be educated and respect others, helps us to fall-out of
depression or develop humane feelings like love, understanding support and
kindness. There are even some sports like aerobics, gymnastics or
synchronized swimming which employ music. Also music unites people of
different nationalities.


1) Where do you come from? / Where do you live? Answer: I live with my
family in an apartment in Mirabad district of Tashkent. It is just 10 minutes
drive from the city centre. It is quite a nice area with Mirabad food market,
a lot of supermarkets, a bank and a railway station. Around there are only
apartment buildings.
2) What are the interesting places in your hometown? Answer: Tashkent is a
modern metropolis with banks, apartment buildings, schools and etc. There
are very few ancient buildings. But many visitors try to go to amusement
parks, Tashkent land, Japanese garden or Tashkent Zoo, the night-life
includes night clubs, discos, show-clubs, restaurants or theatres. I myself
often go to the Japanese garden just behind the Intercontinental hotel in
Tashkent. It is extremely attractive. There are extraordinary flowers, small
trees, Origami and the most famous Japanese tree- Sakura. There is no
noise, no crowds. The fish in ponds, benches among trees and silence give


you peace and relaxation. I especially find it useful after hard studies at
school. It is particularly popular with couples, marrying people or the
retired. People come; have tea or snacks, and take photos or videos.
3) Can you tell me some history of your hometown? Answer: I have to
confess that I hate history because it is to difficult to me to remember all
those facts dates, people and so on, but I think I have good knowledge of
history of Tashkent. Two years ago we celebrated its 2200th anniversary in a
large scale. Previously, it used to be called Choch, Shosh, Binkent or
Banokat but become Tashkent in 1920s. The name means a city of stone and
according to history it used to be constructed of stone and had stone
resources. In the last century it was part of different emirates and kingdoms
like Bukhara, Kokand. In 1930, winning the competition with Samarkand
Tashkent became the capital. Before Russian invasion the city had twelve
gates for each of which there was a huge key made of gold serving as the
symbol of city. One of them was lost but the rest eleven can be seen in the
Museum of history of Uzbekistan. Mosques, medresses, some hills still tell us
a lot about the history of Tashkent.

1) Can you tell me about the transportation in my hometown? Answer: I
believe the transportation in Tashkent is excellent. There are modern and
comfortable buses companies run shuttle buses and taxis. Many of them run
from early morning to late at night, except Sunday carrying thousands of
working people, students and school goers as well as guests or visitors. The
fares are quite affordable. Even taxis are much cheaper than in other states.
2) Are there traffic jams? Answer: Not too often. But occur during rush
hours in the morning and evening. Sometimes, there are jams in the city
3) What does the government do improve transportation? Answer: I have to
say public transport is well-developed in Tashkent. A lot of people use it and
it is very efficient. The governments policy is strong in this sphere. Firstly,
every year new buses of the best quality are purchased and old buses are
repaired. Broader or new roads, connecting bridges, high ways are
constructed. Traffic jams are reduced, especially in the city centre by
restricting entrance to some streets. The forces are increasing at affordable
rates for passengers.


Transportation words: coaches, subway, tube, heavy, limited, public,

private, emissions, poisonous gases, noise, pollution, ecologically, friendly,
gasoline, methane propane, parking (space);

Part 2. Individual long turn(Description) The examiner gives the candidate a

task card which asks the candidate to talk about a particular topic and which
includes points which the candidate can cover in talk. The candidate is given 1
minute to prepare their talk, and is given a pencil and paper to make notes. The
candidate talks for 1-2 minutes on the topic. The examiner then asks the candidate
one or two questions on the same topic. Topics e.g. Human, Building, Place,
Feelings, Things, Animals or Unknown thing. Lasts about 3-4 minutes.
1) Describing a kind of music. You should say,
Whether you like music. Why or why not?
What kind of music you like best
What role music plays in peoples life?
Answer: Pop music is my favorite. I have been listening to for 2 recent years
but before I used to like Jazz. Pop tracks usually carry good meaning, the
lyrics are quite understandable and the sound of musical instruments is not
as noisy as in rock. Especially, I prefer Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys,
Inna or some Uzbek performers such as Bojalar. Ive got many tracks on


CDs, MP3 disks or I-pod. I try to enjoy them on my way to school, doing
classes in the evening, or dancing at parties. In my view, everyone can find
some joke in music whatever genre they listen to. The form of art is very
entertaining, stress-releasing, and helpful in depression. Also music can
stimulate to do sports, concentrate on studies or enjoy ourselves if we are
alone. In addition, now even more people use music to learn languages like
English, Japanese or Arabic. Finally, every show, advertisements, motion
pictures employ music to capture the attention of the audience and have
high sales.
2) Describe a traditional festival in China. You should say,
what it is.
When is it celebrated?
How to celebrate? / What you usually do on that day.
What you like and what you dont like.
Answer: Im going to talk about Eyd-ar-Ramadan. It is one of the most popular
and widely celebrated festivals in my country. There is no one date or dates for it.
Because it comes one day after the month of Ramadan each year. There are
specially trained Islamic scientists who calculate the month of Ramadan o the 15th
of September, this year it may be the 10th of September. In this month, all Muslims
have to fast and dont drink or eat during the day. Eyd-ar-Ramadan ends the
fasting and allows to enjoy food and beverages. The festival is three days. On the
first day morning, all males go to mosques to do prayers. Then they buy presents
for their families and return home to congratulate other people. Everyone puts on
clean and nice clothing. Tabled are set full of food, drinks or their relatives if a
family can afford to help the neediest, widows or orphans. No one has to work and
there is only fun. I love the festival because I can be with my relatives, receive
presents from my parents and see everyone happy. But the prices over increase
those days which is extremely disturbing and highly undesirable. Because each
family looks for holiday but each can afford the costs.

3) Describe a traditional festival in China. You should say,

What it is.
When is it celebrated?
How to celebrate? / what you usually do on that day.
What you like and what you dont like.


Answer: I choose to talk about Xxxxx. He is my classmate at school. He is my peer

and we met three years ago. He is a bit taller, has got dark hair and brown eyes.
On many subjects we share the same desk. He has got a sportive body and likes
football as I do. We see each other every day, except Sunday. He is good at Math
and English and often helps me with assignments. He doesnt talk much which I
appreciate. He never shows-off. Xxxxx and I often discuss football, football stars
or championships, have lunch together and spend hours at the library. When I am
in trouble, he can give a hand. I think everyone should have such friends in life.


Describe your favourite animal

1) What kind of animal is it?
2) Describe it briefly
3) Why do you like the animal?

Dogs are my favourite and I choose to talk about them. There are many species of
this animal around the world, including greyhounds, wolfhounds or bulldogs. If I
could have one Id prefer a greyhound. The dog is of average sizes, very fast,
extraordinarily clever and faithful. According to Islam, when Man was sent to
Earth, there were many animals that attacked him. Man was told to touch the first
animal on the head and that was the dog. Since then, dogs have been irreplaceable
in guarding humans. A typical dog has a refined sense of smell, strong pause and
often a tail of different length. Now they can be found in homes as pets or just as
guards in organizations, or with shepherds. If I have won, I will play with it, wash
and train it to do basic comments and value as a real friend. Unfortunately, for the
time being my parents dont allow one, because we are living in an apartment.
Conversely, a dog needs some space and a considerable amount of time and care
which I cant make possible either.

5) Describe one of the shopping centers you often go to

1) Where is the shopping center?
2) How often do you go to the center?
3) Why do you often go to it and its characteristics?


Answer: Let me describe The basket, one of the biggest supermarkets in

Tashkent. It is a three-floor building in Charsu, the old part of Tashkent. In details,
it is in a very comfortable location. So that shapers can arrive from all parts of
Tashkent. It offers a large parking are for cars. On the first, food, beverages, fruit,
dairy, meet products, culture, glasswear and confectionery are sold. Also, I can
buy Cds, DVDs, some souvenirs on the some floor. Many of the products are made
in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine or locally. My usual shopping is salads, olive oil, dairy
and meet, especially lamb and chicken. If Im shopping for holidays I also look for
fruit, cakes or candy. On the second floor, there are departments for men, women
and children. Clothing, widewear, accessories, hats and shoes of high quality can
be found on this floor. Also, there are many changing room. Finally, there is a
restaurant and a children playground on the top floor. After hour of shopping, a
customer can enjoy. Turkish, European or Uzbek dishes, refreshments or bakery
in the restaurants. If parents come with children they may live them in the playing
area for a special staff. In general, I try to visit The Basket twice a week. I enjoy
fresh and quality food staff, excellent service and money methods of payments like
cash, credit cards or cheques.

7) Describing a piece of equipment you often use at home or at work. You sh

ould say,
What is it ?
What you do with it/ How to use it?
How long you have had it?
How important it is to you?

Answer: I choose to talk about my pocket dictionary. I received it from my dad on

my 15th birthday last year. It is ECTACO of a medium size made jointly by
American and Russian linguists and developers. The color is white on the top, but
black in the bottom. Its a little heavy and even if it is called a pocket dictionary I
steel cant carry it in my pockets but keep in my room at home. It has a medium
colorscreen and a keyboard. It is capable of translating two languages only
Russian-English and English to Russian. My studies take up a lot of time and the


assignments in English dont allow me to spend time to look up a word in a hard

copy(=dictionary). I use the ECTACO much more easily and faster. There are more
than 27000 words and millions of meanings according to the subject or area like
Medicine, Politics, Economics or Education. There are also synonyms and
antonyms which I can use in writing essays or reports. The fonts are large on the
screen and dont damage my eyes. The device is expensive and cant be found in
shops here so I never let my brothers or other people touch it. Sometimes I
upgrade the software in it through the Internet.

8) Describe a restaurant or a cafe. You should say,

Where it is?
What it looks like?
What kind of services is provided?
What kind of food you like there/ What kind of food is famous?
Why you like it?

Answer: I pick to describe the Gap caf near my school. It is in Shaykhontohur

district of Tashkent. Translation from Uzbek it means a meeting place but Im
afraid it doesnt match that name. The caf is of a single floor but very large. It
runs from 10 in the morning until nearly midnight. There are both indoor and
outdoor seats. Once you enter, youll see a hall with many tables. Near the wall
there are special cabins if you need some privacy. In one corner near the windows
there are sofas comfortable but for extra charge. Long conditioners help to control
the appropriate temperature providing cool or warm degrees. The tables and
chairs as well as the napkins, cutlery, dishes are of high quality and personalisized
with the mark gap. Outside there are again tables of the same quality. If it is warm
or hot, I try to be outside. In the shade of the tent and near the small fountain. But
in company of my friends we try find a vacant cabin inside and enjoy lunch. I love
the caf because the food is always tasty and fresh. For example I often eat salads,
chicken or fish. The table, the dishes are always clean. The bread is of many types
and fresh. The waiters and waitresses are welcoming and fast in service. There is
no much noise but only is pleasant sound of music. The caf offers parties on
birthdays or other happy events. The prices are a little high. But I think they match
the reputation and service of the caf. I try to have lunch there two or three times a
week, alone or with a couple of friends.



9) Describing a perfect trip/ holiday. You should say,

Where you would go.
When would you go?
Whom you would go with.
What you are going to do.
What you think it perfect.

Answer: Im going to describe my future holiday in the UK, namely in England. I

dont think it is in the next two years but as soon as I graduate from the university
or more probably in the summer. The best way is through work and travel
programs. In my plans it is to keep the company of my friends. The holiday would
last three month, just the length of summer vacation. In the first two month I
suppose Im going to be employed by a caf, restaurant or a hotel as a waiter,
courier, receptionist or such temporary jobs. As I want have to study or be with my
family, Ill have more independence and tine to explore the culture, lifestyle,
traditions and the most important the language from native speakers. I wouldnt
call my position a job but rather a very useful pastime. I would see new people,
learn to communicate better in English, spend evenings with my friends and locals.
Also, Id enrich my experience and world outlook. The salary I ear would cover
my expenses. Finally, I would enjoy the third month visiting Backing ham palace,
the Tower of London, the Westminster abbey and the British museum. In the latter
place, Im going to take photos, videos of hundreds of thousands of exhibits like
statues, manuscripts, ancient jewellary coins or weapons. If Im lucky, I would buy
a ticket to one of football matches of Chelsea, Manchester United or Arsenal. In
my opinion, it would be worth remembering because of its originality, the
experience it will provide with and the fact that it may not happen again because
of considerable expenses.


Describe a newspaper or magazine

1) Whats your habit for reading?
2) What are the benefits of reading?
3) What's the main difference between newspaper and magazine?

Answer: Let me describe the interfootball newspaper. Because Im not so much

interested in magazines. The paper is of about 40 pages, black and white and is
printed on Tuesday every week. In every issue there are articles about famous


football players. For example, I have recently read about Alessandro Pato of
Milan Italy. Often there are interviews with World-class coaches, judges of
matches between well-known teams, history and success of teams or players,
debates on judgings, score sheets of national, CIS, European clubs. Sometimes,
there are questions and answers about everything which is related to football. On
Tuesday evening I return home with a copy of the Interfootball and short enjoying
it after dinner. I think reading books, newspapers or magazines let us relax, stay
aware of recent news and entertain ourselves. A newspaper and a magazine differ
a lot. Firstly, a newspaper is cheaper, more frequently printed, in no more than two
or three colours and has much fewer pages. But, in general, they are both
interesting and our choice depends on our needs, world outlook and maybe the
price, because magazines are seldom cheap.

11)Describe a party
1) What is the party?
2) Why was the party held?
3) Who attended the party?
4) What did you do for that party?
Answer: I choose to talk my own birthday party which was held in our apartment
on the first of November last year. It was my sixteenth birthday. This age is usually
thought of like the ending of early teenage years and the start of almost adult life.
For example, if I were in the US, I could even have a drivers license. For this
reason, I had invited more people among my friends, relatives or neighbors. The
table was set in the middle of the living room and about 40 people came. The party
started at in 6 in the evening. The table was full of snacks, nuts and many other
staff. I myself drew up the plan and timing of the party, helped my mother to lay
the table, and gave invitations to guests before the party. The party was a success.
I was able to see many friends, become closer with other people and enjoy the
company. Everyone congratulated me with the date, made wishes, laughed, danced
and exchanged jokes and stories about school life. Besides, I received many
presents like a watch, a box of chocolate, a mobile, an I-pod and such. The present
was Toshiba laptops from my parents. Also, the food like lamb soup, salads, pilaf
and the cake pleased every taste. Finally, I saw everyone of by calling taxis. Some
were taken by their parents.




Describe a subject taught in your school.

1) Who teaches it?
2) How is taught?
3) What do you learn from the class?

Answer: I choose to speak about mathematics including algebra and geometry.

Its been my favourite subject since I started it on my 4th grade. Up to now I have
studied in two schools, so Ive had two teachers. In the last three years Mrs.
Mavlonova has been teaching it in the lyceum. She is a woman of 50 and has a
great knowledge and experience. I have three classes of Algebra and two of
Geometry each week. The classes are interesting and full of challenge. We often do
exercises and solve problems on the chalk board and in our exercise books.
Sometimes, teacher uses a flipchart, a projector, different charts tables on large
pieces of paper, as well as computers. When we learn rules or theories, the teacher
first explains, provides many examples and the same day or the following classes
she expects us to do equations, problems or presentation of the material. Twice or
more times a semester she holds various contests and competitions which help us
with additional knowledge. Even if home assignments and exams on this subject
are pretty demanding and take up most of my time, Im extremely attracted to it
and enjoy every class trying not to miss any. So far, I have learned a lot on the
subject and I think this knowledge will be an asset in my future studies in business
and economics and my career as an economist.


What is the important invention before the age of computer?

1) What is the invention?
2) Why do you think it is very important?
3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the computer?

Answer: The list of such is too long starting from the plane, steam engine to the
telegraph but I now decide to talk about the car. The first car was invented by
Karlz Benz in 1885. It looked like a big tricycle and had wooden tires. Step by
step, companies in other countries like Ford in America, Mercedes in Germany
started a serious production of better models. They have radically(tubdan)
improved our lives. Firstly, they reduced the time of travel hundreds of times. For
example, a driver can reach another country perhaps in hours rather than days.
Secondly, we became able to stop worrying about the luggage. I mean, we easily
place it in the trunk(bagaj) and just continue our road. Thirdly, the industry
assumed giant workshops and plants to manufacture and assemble cars. This
raised thousands of jobs for people with many professions like drivers, mechanics,


electricians or engineers. Finally, after decades of research and experimentation

faster cars appeared to allow creation of car racing. Today, almost every family in
the world owns a car and save time and energy but enjoy the comfort and luxury.
At the same time, cars are one of the most terrible sources of pollution of land, air
and water. In cities they create traffic jams and road accidents because of their
increasing number. The solutions are already emplaced like recycling of about
70% of a car for example, saves resources and energy, also reducing the negative
impact on the environment.


Describe an environmental problem. You should say,

1) What it is?
2) How long it has existed?
3) What effect it has brought to peoples life / what it happens?
4) What we can do to solve it?

Answer: I choose to speculate on pollution. It is a common phenomenon and has

existed for thousands of years caused by different factors at different times. Talking
about current trends, pollution comes from human activity, industrial emissions,
and explosions of different levels or release of chemicals uncontrollably into
nature. All elements including water, air have already experienced considerable
amounts of pollution by carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, heavy chemicals like
methane and others. As the result many plant and animal species have
vanished(yoqolmoq) forever. Of other types there are many endangered or near
extinction. For example, frogs can hardly be seen in cities or even suburbs. In
addition, water in most areas is becoming more and more unsuitable for drinking
or requires expensive treatment. Finally, there are many diseases like asthma,
pneumonia or cancer. At the same time, although slowly the states are putting
many practical solutions into place. The industries are now required to clean
poisonous gases and sewage before emitting and releasing them. Car
manufacturers are obliged to design more and more ecologically friendly vehicles.
Recycling is starting to include more items. Also, promotion goes among public to
encourage better understanding of consequences and further involvement in
environmental initiatives. In Uzbekistan for example, almost every city is equip
with recycle bins, high standard garbage collection sites. Schools and
organizations often take part in environmental projects. Yet, I believe there is even
more to do which will be realized step by step in the coming years.




Describe your favourite possession. You should say,

1) What this is
2) When you obtained.
3) What you like about it
and explain why this item is important for you.

Answer: I think I have to tell about my IPod. It is IPod NANO of Apple. It is white
with silver edges. The size is about 10cms long and five cms wide. On the top,
there is a color sensor with many clickable buttons. On the lower side, there are
quick keys forward, backward, play, change the folder and such. Its been about a
year since my friends presented it to me on my 15th birthday. Ive got a mobile, a
computer, and a laptop but none of them can match the IPod. When I feel like
listening to music Firstly, the IPod is light, compact and easily attachable on my
clothing. The earphones are well-suited in my ears. Secondly, it can play not only
music, but also video of MP4 format, slideshow pictures, tune in to radio stations
and record sounds. Finally, it allows to scroll electronic books. I often use it to
enjoy music or video whenever I have some free time or record my classes at
school or with tutors. I think it has become a part of my life and I always keep it
clean, well-functioning and dont let others touch it.


1) What are the forms of advertisement?
2) What are the functions of advertisement?
3) What is the effect of advertisement to people?

Answer: Advertising or commercials have existed for many years. The main idea
is to promote goods or services. A second objective sometimes is to promote
different ideas, for example on stopping smoking, the dangers of drugs, AIDS or
other social, political or economical topics. In my countries, the candidates for
president promote their campaigns. The forms of ads are countless. The most
popular types include video, clips, audio on the radio, banners in street, transport
or on buildings, brochures and pamphlets, inscriptions on pens, notebooks or
products of companies as well as logos on clothing. For example, I often see ads
on pens and other stationary. In addition, the advertising on the Internet is
becoming more and more developed. We can find short videos, pop-ups, Google
ads and such. For majority, commercials are indeed disturbing. Imagine, a fan of
TV enjoying a movie which he has been watching since the morning and being
forced to interrupt his pleasure for several ads several times and several minutes
each or the housewives in the same time situation but watching their favourite
series. This is the opinion of ordinary people or in other words, the consumers.


For manufacturers or business people, the area is promising because it sells their
products and generates profits. Companies allocate thousands, hundreds of
thousands and even millions of dollars on advertisements. With them, they reach
the consumers, tell about their new products and encourage buying them. I think
the other positive is that advertising has become a whole industry creating new
businesses and many new jobs.


Describing a skill you want to learn. You should say what it is.
1) What you think it is important.
2) How you are going to learn it.
3) What role it will play in your life.

Answer: Let me tell you about computer programming. For many, it may sound
extremely boring or a waste of time. But not me. Im now good at mathematics,
physics and English. One of my interests is Business computing. Today the
business world is changing fast and employing newer and newer equipment. There
is a new area, digital marketing. It deals with online of goods and services through
web solutions. As my future job is an economist, Im sure such a skill will help me
to successfully compete in the jobs market. It is not easy, but demanding and time
consuming. I will use my laptop, learn different languages of programming,
especially visual C++, PHP or APLETS. My knowledge of English will help a lot.
Because the comments must be in this language. Perhaps, I will attend specialized
courses with Microsoft certification in Tashkent. The courses are chargeable, but
my parents will support me. I hope to receive a university degree in economics but
the certificate programming will give me another advantage and a better job.

Part 3. Two-way discussion (4-5 minutes). The examiner asks further questions
which are connected to the topic of Part 2. These questions give the candidate
opportunity to discuss more abstract issues and ideas.



1) Newspaper or magazine.
1) What do you think the important qualities for a news reporter? Answer: I
dont think it is an easy job because a reporter must have attractive outlook,
clear speech, excellent presentation skills, and strong leadership in
organizing a report, outstanding communication and interaction skills. He
must be adapted to non-fixed working hours, employ literature appropriate
to his reports, and have contacts in public and the government to receive
breaking or interesting news.
2) Whats the function of a report to the society? Answer: Im not sure but I
suppose it depends on what readers expect the current situation in
economics, politics and other areas. Basically, a report provides with news,
makes the reader think about a problem, encourages to support others or
act, warn about the lacks in society and entertain.
3) What kind of books/newspapers/magazines do Uzbek adolescents read?
Answer: There are many types. Detectives, love stories, historical events,
science fiction books are popular. While many males enjoy the papers like
Interfootball, Xalq sozi, XXI Century, the Jannatmakon, Sogdiana, Tasvir
or Cosmopolitan newspapers and magazines are the most common among
4) With the popularity of Internet, do you think newspapers and magazines will
disappear? Answer: Let me think. Yes because we are trying to save paper.
The online resources provide faster and easily accessible news both video
and audio as well as printed. Many articles are free of charge. We are using
even mobiles to stay updated if we are out. No. because, besides, being a
source of news, newspapers and magazines offer entertainment and useful
pastime which is hardly matched by often types. The readers flip through
pictures, articles, crosswords and this often happens in their free time at
home, in the garden or a park or their trips.

2) Party. Follow-up:
1) Whats the difference between serious party and friendly party?
Answer: I guess, award ceremonies, corporate parties, employee of the
match events, banquets for the governments, film festivals, and
Independence Day celebrations are serious parties. People usually have
to wear formal clothing. The party is limited in timing and is strictly
regulated by a well-done scenario. There are alcoholic beverages but
people try to keep themselves to avoid any embarrassment after drinking


too much. In contrast, mo time is limited in friendly parties like

birthdays, celebration of a promotion at work and such. Casual clothing
is preferred and the participants are more relaxed. They laugh loudly,
truly enjoy the company, drink and eat a lot and may stay until morning.
Finally, people themselves pay for friendly parties, while the other type is
covered by the host organization, the company or the government.
2) Why are some people late for parties intentionally? Answer: Its not in
my case because I try to appear on time because I think punctuality
shows my respect to the host. But bosses are often late to make everyone
wait for them and tell they are the most important. Some people try to
insult the host by delaying their visits. In other cases, people wish to
come late as a surprise and make fun. Especially, if the two parties
havent seen each other for a long time and have missed.
3) Why do some people like parties while others hate it? Answer: There
may be some reasons. Some cannot live without parties because they
area sociable and wish to stay in company of others, interact with
different people, learn new skill from them and even make friends. In
contrast, many try to receive stress or as they think negative emotions or
to keep their privacy and secrets from others. In my case, I dont favour
parties either sometimes but if it is my friends company I never miss
4) What would you do if the guests feel bored? Answer: Well, it is a
dilemma indeed(haqiqatdan). Perhaps, I would invite a person who is
more interesting in talking to and telling jokes. Or I might put some video
or music of their interest and mood. Possibly, I would change food and
drinks or offer some boardgames like monopoly if there are younger
5) Will there be more and more people to attend parties? Answer: Oh yes.
Because we like to relax after hard studies or work, entertain ourselves
and release aggression. Besides, the food and drinks offered at parties
vary greatly and free for guests which attracts even more people.
3) Museum. Follow-up:
1) What do you think of the importance of museums in history? Answer:
In my mind, they are extremely vital in preservation of history, culture,
lifestyle, traditions and arts. With them, people have a more vivid idea
about the past, entertain themselves and better memorize past events.
2) How do you think of the heritage of a country? Answer: It may be
represented by its culture, history, festivals or lifestyle which is
accumulated over hundreds of years. It identifies the nation and separates
it from other nations. The governments in many states are now allocating


more and more on production and promotion of heritage through

organizing different contests, exhibitions and other events, encouraging
children and the young to receive knowledge about it and initiating
national funds and organizations to support it and offering grants and
scholarships for outstanding artists, musicians, culture people or
craftsmen. For example, Fund Forum in Uzbekistan is one of such
3) Compare the museums nowadays and in the past. Answer: I might point
out some directions. In the past, museums prevailed in Royal palaces or in
homes of rich people. Most of the exhibits were original because
replication was hardly possible. Gifts from other states, jewellary, art
work, carpets, manuscripts, textile, armor, weapons and such coins were
the major exhibits. Only royal families, officials, famous people and
scientists were allowed to see and use the exhibits. In modern conditions,
museums are open to everyone and everywhere. They take huge areas but
are better organized with various classifications, catalogs and separate
buildings. Some are indeed giant such as the British Museum or the
Smithsonian Museum (In America). Although there are many original
things, the replicas prevail. The means of exhibiting are various like audio
and video presentations, on-screen or behind security windows. Many
museums have also started to transform their manuscripts or images into
digital forms to make them observed online.

4) Your favourite photograph. Follow-up:

1) How to take good photo? Answer: It is my impression that good
quality photos can only be made by professional photographers but not
amateurs. It is just my case because I cant boast any photos of a
desirable level. Anyway, there are some important matters. Firstly, we
must use a good camera like Nicon, Cyber-shot or Lumix. Digital
cameras are preferred because we can retake pictures before printing
them. Also, they allow us to record them on CDs or DVDs and send via
the Internet. Secondly, the location of the sun must be observed because
it must be behind the photographer. If at night, the night mode with
some lighting must be ensured. Finally, we must arrange objects,
people, animals or nature quite well to suit the screen and produce a
beautiful background.


2) When do people use camera? Answer: It is the some everywhere and

people try to apply on parties, like birthdays and weddings, other
happy events. Paparazzi enjoy hunting celebrities in strange and
unexpected situations to produce and sell them to newspapers or
3) How can the new technology put cinemas skill advanced? Answer: I
believe, it is common now that computers, devices of many purposes,
software to edit films are dominating in the film industry. With them,
incredible scenes or characters which cannot be performed by humans
are made possible. Any special effects or stunts have become real. In
addition, advertising, distribution and editing of movies have become
faster, more effective and reliable.

5) The important historic place. Follow-up:

1) What is the place? Where is it located? Answer: Im afraid I fail to
make any solid predictions because everything could happen. But if
people and the government manage to protect it sustainably it may
survive and be enjoyed by the next generations. Broadly, the officials
have to allocate more funs to reconstruct and repair its buildings
and set up effective infrastructure. In their turn, individuals have to
help recycling, replanting trees, cleaning the area and make every
use from tourism to develop the economy close to the side.
2) What do you think it is important? Answer: There are some.
People, on the one hand, have learned to cater every need of tourists
and earn wages. The economy, on the other hand, enjoyed new jobs
for local people, taxes and money flow from tourists. For example,
locals produce and sell jewellary souvenirs, carpets and work in the
hotel, restaurants and other places.
6) Describe a foreign country you have never been to. Follow-up:
1) Say something about the tourism development in Uzbekistan,
facility, services and the effect on environment. Answer: There
has been a lot of progress recently. The number of tour operators
as well as tourist destinations and services has grown
exponentially (anchor). Many visa countries have been removed
which allowed sending more and more tourists abroad. In
Uzbekistan itself, visitors can choose from rafting in fast rivers,
snowboarding in the mountains, swimming in pure waters of


Chirac reservoir, hunting birds and animals in some areas of

Tashkent region and Jizzakh. In addition, historical sites in
Samarkand, Bukhara, Kokand, Shahrisabz account for a growth in
the number of visitors. There is some pollution because of tourism
but there are some effective policies to radius its effects.
7) Describe a subject taught in your school? Follow-up:
1) Is there any difference between the traditional and modern
educational systems? Answer: Yes, definitely there are some. In
contrast to textbooks and chalkboard as the main tools in
commencional teaching we currently learn using multimedia
resources like audio, video and computer interactive(muomala
qiluvchi) software and the Internet. On the negative side, the
curriculum(oquv rejasi) and exams as well as home assignments
are tougher than in the past. Almost no room is there for
relaxation, sports or hobbies. In addition, schoolgoers are now to
devote a total of 12 years instead of 10.
2) Do you think it is necessary to give comment or criticism to
teachers? Answer: I feel it basicly depends on the society we are
living in. In western states and the USA, there are hardly any big
barriers between students and teachers in expressing themselves.
Any complaint, disagreement is welcomed. This is not true about
Asia. For example, in my society teachers are relatively, highly
respected and there are strict rules of behavior for learners.
However, if expressed properly and with gratitude towards the
teaching person, any opinion is accepted and an answer given. In
my mind, criticism must be common but only for educational

8) What is the important invention before the age of computer?

1) What is the significant impact of modern inventions on life?
Answer: The effects vary from one invention to another. But in
general, they all save our time, help produce better results, speed
up processing and prepare our food. When we travel, the reserve
tickets and hotels or provide us with the best routes. The only thing
is that many of them are sometimes too complicated to understand
and use, especially for the retired.


2) Which skills do you want to study in the future? Answer: Im not

sure about long term yet. But in the immediate future as soon as I
become a university student, I plan to learn driving. It wont be
easy because the number of cars is growing and the exams are
becoming more and more demanding. I think I will spend 4 months
in driving courses and at least a year after them. This will help me
to catch up with my work which requires travelling as well as
entertainment when I go on picnics.
3) Do you think its necessary to develop modern invention in the
countryside? Answer: On the one hand, it is because all people
must be in touch with the current progress. For many services
dominant in cities there is a market in the country as well. The
most recent successful applications were of computers and the
Internet and mobile phones. On the other hand, preliminary
consideration has to be devoted before each application to ensure
economical feasibility. Satellite TV or phones, dishwashers,
washing machines might generate little or know income in many
regions yet. However, the problem could be solved if progress and
financial stability maintained.

9) Describe your favourite movie. Follow-up:

1) Describe a type of movie you like. Answer: I used to like
detectives and science fiction movies some years ago but now
comedies have become my attraction. I prefer watching mostly
Hollywood films with Jim Carey, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lorenz or
English actor Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. Sometimes, I think I
like Uzbek comedies too. For example, some days ago I took a
great pleasure from A little doctor which shows a little boy with
extraordinary healing abilities and from beginning to
extraordinary healings abilities and from beginning to end is full
of funny moments. It is my impression that a comedy helps me to
relax, use my creativeness and improves my health because there is
no violence.
2) Whats the difference between Uzbek and American movies?
Answer: Im afraid there is a very large gap between them. If an
Uzbek movie receives minimum budget, features almost the same
actors again and again, Hollywood pictures boast hundreds of
actors of choice, millions in budget. The range of topics is bigger






in Hollywood. In addition, the majority of American movies are

made in several countries with highly distinctive weather, climate
and landscapes while Uzbek movies are limited to our state.
Despite this, some Uzbek production are worth seeing because
they are closer to our set of mind, culture and lifestyle.
Why do you think of the violent films(Hollywood films)?
Answer: I dont think there can be only one solid argument about
them. For the most part (asosan), this type significantly disturbs
minds, especially of teenagers and young people. They usually
promote tough and unmerfical patterns of behavior and earn cause
aggression. On the one hand, the special effects, scenes of fight are
often too realistic and thus enjoyable. I myself often pick such
pictures to feel myself more alive. Also they are the best in
generating profits for filmmakers. For example, in its own time the
film Rambo brought more than 200 million dollars in profits.
Why do movies need computer techniques? Any example of movie
using computer techniques. Answer: It is my impression that they
are unavoidable when there are characters(qahramonlar) who
cannot be performed by humans or highly imaginative landscapes
or worlds. Computers turn olders into a reality allows production
of any more. Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and Avatar in Avatar
movie are the best examples. In addition, computers, sensors as
well as other devices are irreplaceable in editing movies.
Which parts of cinema are the most important to improve it?
Answer: There are many measurements in considering a movie a
success. Firstly the topic must be attractive and popular with the
current audience or at least with any age group. The quality of
photographic film, appropriate lighting nature, surroundings and
cast also add a lot to the final appearance of the movie. To
improve those aspects, huge budgets qualified or famous
producers, directors must govern(boshqarmoq) whole the process.
Describe a happy event in your life? Follow-up:
Tell me how you organize you study time? Answer: Its not
much difficult because mostly, my school timetable distributes my
time. So, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Im engaged with my studies at
school. Talking about tutor classes, I have devoted evening hours
to them. Only night hours until midnight, early morning hours, and
breaks between classes are the time to do home assignments. If I
dont catch up during the week, I sometimes devote Sundays too.


Also, as long as English, Mathematics, Information Technology,

Uzbek language and Literature are prioritized in my studies to
enter university, I try to cut time on all other subject concentrate
more on the said ones.
2) What do you think is important in achieving happiness? Answer:
Well, there are no final or solid concepts on how, when and where
to find happiness. It basically depends on our needs, goals and
intensions (niyat) which greatly differ from one person to another.
In general, hard work, patience, intelligence, good contacts in
desirable fields, friends, and financial stability are needed.
However, the role of luck mustnt be ignored either. In my case,
luck helped me to enter the lyceum despite a tough competition.
When I was doing tests, my knowledge was not sufficient so I had
to guess many answers. Yet, I found later those were correct
3) How do Uzbek celebrate some happy events? Answer: Our
nation doesnt differ much from other, in such practice. People
give each other presents, hold parties of small or big
scales(kolamda), buy something expensive for themselves or
slaughter sheep to thank God for help. For example, when a child
is born, parties organized inviting relatives, neighbors, friends and
other people to a caf or restaurant. In the morning or in the
afternoon pilaf is served with other food to express happy feelings
and share them with others.
4) What do the camera and video play in celebrating? Answer:
Currently, they have become inevitable(ozgarmas) in every party
or gathering. They memorize celebrations as video or photographs
which are kept for many years. Also they help to recall who and
what was at the party.
11)Describe a thing which is important to you? Follow-up
1) What are the changes of city between now and past? Answer: Id
point out a range of serious alterations. Many older buildings
have been demolished and replaced by modern buildings with
more comfort and facilities. The roads have been repaired,
reconstructed or enlarged to allow safer driving as well as a
bigger number of vehicles. To prevent traffic congestion several
bridges have appeared. Along the streets, tall buildings like
offices, shops or entertainment places have been constructed to
give the city a more modern look. Finally, the transport system has


improves with the extension of the subway and purchase of new

buses or taxis.
2) Does money represent happiness and why? Answer: In many
cases, yes it does. With enough amounts of it, our existence is
guaranteed because we can easily afford excellent education, food,
accommodation, leisure and all other benefits. On the other hand,
good health, warm relationships in the family, work or with
friends, care of others and sincere respect are even more valuable
than money.
3) How do you regard as the things people want to earn? Answer:
In my view, it is virtually(deyarli) a negative habit. Real estate,
fast or luxurious cars, fashion clothing band mobile phones are the
most addictive for everyone living today. As a result, people work
extremely hard and try to do everything to receive those items.
They damage their health, become too selfish, like to show-off and
express only negative emotions. I myself often tend to think about
this but make everyone to develop patience in myself.

Describe one of your neighbours. Follow-up:
1) What is the difference between neighbors and friends? Answer:
Although both the groups are equally important in our lives, their
roles and functions differ considerably. A neighbor, whatever his
age is, is a person who we sometimes see and greet, ask to look
after our house when we are away or expect to participate in
parties. On the other hand, we feel ourselves much closer with
friends and share secrets, entertainment, problems or concerns.
Friends are usually our pears and we find their company more
enjoyable. We study together, play games or travel. In anyway, I
would keep excellent relations with both a neighbor and a friend to
take maximum benefit of their company.
Describing a kind of music. Follow-up:
1) How long do you listen to music everyday? Answer: I think I
normally devote at least half an hour when I do my studies. But if I
am too exhausted or there are some guests and they wouldnt like
to be disturbed I put it off until the next evening.
2) What is it easier for children to learn playing a musical instrument?
Answer: Im not sure but it could be because they have more
time to spare on it. Secondly, they like to take up new skills and


playing a musical instrument is not an exclusion. Perhaps, also

they are interested in separating themselves from their peers with
there learned talents and often choose to learn to play the piano,
saxophone or the guitar.
3) What are the benefits of learning to play musical instruments?
Answer: The advantages are obvious. If a person can play any
instrument, he or she has acquired a good pastime, reached their
culture or learned patience, strict discipline and devotion
themselves because its not an easy task. For example, one has to
spend at least four years before he can play the piano.
4) Discuss the impact of western music on the world music?
Answer: It is indeed(haqiqattan) dominant today, music channels
on TV, radio channels, the Internet have been captured by western
styles like hip-hop, rock, metallic, jazz or pop. Teenagers and often
young people prefer it to eastern or local music because of
performers, fast beat of music or many electrical instruments such
as the guitar. Also, the best quality music videos are produced in
the west the USA or Europe which further promotes those styles.
However, attempts are being made by states to encourage the
audience to pick traditional music by organizing
contents(musobaqalar), events, festivals and offering grants or
scholarships. I feel we must stay in touch with progress and listen
to western music as well. But we must also maintain traditional
genres to differentiate ourselves as a different nationality.

Describe a traditional festival in Uzbekistan. Follow-up:
1) What is the concept(tushuncha) of holiday in Uzbekistan?
Answer: I dont think Uzbeks differ a lot from other nations. A
holiday marks some events like Independence day, the day of
Constitution, teachers day and others. People do a lot of
shopping, invite guests and set huge tables of food and drinks, go
to see parents and the sick or give each other presents. There is no
need to go to school or work. Everyone is happy congratulates
each other and says best wishes.
2) Why is holiday so important to modern people? Answer: For
different people it may carry different meanings. For the majority,
especially students and working people, it is an opportunity to


relax after hard studies or work, receive bonuses in salary from

employers, stay more with family or friends. For the elderly, it is
an event when their children, grandchildren can come to visit and
bring presents.
3) Do you think it is necessary to observe the traditional customs?
Answer: Basicly, yes it is. Custom are a huge part of every culture.
The food, the clothing and regain what we have lost. For example,
in Navruz only specific food like Sumalak is cooked and while it is
being prepared, people of every age see each other sing songs,
play around and dance. Without Sumalak there gathering would
carry no reason.
4) What changes in terms of spending festivals and holidays have
taken place in the past decade? It is my impression that some
festivals have lost their original meaning. People want to relax,
eat, drink and entertain themselves. They dont even realize why a
celebration is being held. The prices before holidays always grow
exponentially and there are many sick people because of spoiled
products. Still, the holidays like Eyd-ar-Ramadan, Eyd-al-Aksa are
given more importance and attention both by the government and
the public. The idea of those events is more publicized in mass
media and in mosques. The citizens try to understand their
meaning and follow the rules. The best example is that many who
can afford slaughter sheep, cattle on Eyd-al-Aksa and distribute
between the neediest.
5) What is the difference as regards celebration in different part of the
country? Answer: I would describe some. In Navruz, concerts
and performances are organized mostly in Tashkent, Tashkent
region and Fergana volley. But fights between sheep, bulls,
cooking lamb in Tandur only happens in Kashkadarya and
Surxandarya. Also, performers wear different clothing in every
province. However, there are no striking differences in general.\
Describe an environmental problem. Follow-up:
1) How should we educate children to protect environment? Answer: The growing generation learns fast and accepts any idea
as true. So, if we start from elementary school and continue in
secondary school organizing open lessons in nature, practical
classes in laboratories or plants(zavodlar), use a lot of solid
examples about the adverse affects of human activities on the



world surrounding them their awareness will rise enormously and

when they become adults they will have more chance to make right
decisions. Besides, they will have more love for nature and behave
themselves accordingly/
Whats the difference between the old and the young as regards
environmental protection? Answer: I suppose it firstly depends
on knowledge rather than age. In the eyes of many, those older
tend to have more experience and thus do better in protection of
the environment. It is partly true because we often find them
cleaning the garden from flowers to composed, never leaving
garbage in wrong places and advising other ages to render more
care for nature and animals. Despite this, the younger ages are not
necessarily less careful or ignorant. Properly educated, they are
eager to talk away rubbish, save paper, energy and other resources
or use recyclable products.