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City College Norwich A2 Media Studies

Music Video Proposal
Band & Track Name: Paolo Nutini Iron Sky
Running Time: 6:12
General style of music video:
(Relate here the ideas of Goodwin, Gow, Lynch, Railton & Watson)
The style of music is indie/alternative but earlier in his career he was established
as pop music. With the theory of Joan Lynch establishing three types of music
video narrative. Paolo Nutini uses all three types on his music videos but for Iron
Sky he has made a narrative/concept short film. This breaks the generalisation of
one narrative and is seen as a hybrid video. He has made an acoustic version
that is solely performance based to iron sky as well. For mine I will do a
performance/concept video.
With Andrew Goodwin looking at the general code and conventions they can be
seen in Iron Skys video. The use of relationships between the music and lyrics
with the images on screen are shown however the musician is not seen in the
short film video. Also Jon Gow has some of his points established within the video
as well. The showing of anti-performance and enhanced performance are all seen
within the video.

Briefly describe what will happen in your music video, highlighting camera
angles and effects used. What will we see?
In my video I will be showing a performance/concept video narrative. It will
change between the two a majority of the time and the audience will see a
performance fading in and out for a concept theme of found footage, filmed
segments and still images in correlation with song. In the video there is a speech
from Charlie Chaplins film The Great Dictator and I will be on green screen
showing a direct line of sight with the camera to give a direct speech to the
viewer, which will break the fourth wall and make them interpolate the video.
The video will be shortened slightly as the intro alone is 45 seconds with no
lyrics, so this will be taken out. Hopefully copyright isnt an issue when I add
stock images for a few seconds of the video but I will also be adding my own
footage as well.

City College Norwich A2 Media Studies


What resources will you need?

Props, styling, location, recording and lighting equipment, actors, etc.:
I will be using varied locations changing from outside spaces to a green screen
room. I will use lighting in the studio and the drama room at my old high school
as well. I will use props all the time and I will be the main actor for the piece. I
will try to have other people contribute to the video and use the musical
instruments such as guitars and piano in the video. The images will be of the
musicians with close ups of the instruments playing not the peoples faces being
shown. When recording the song it will of course be dubbed over by the lyrics of
the song but I will be lip syncing with the song playing in the background to
make sure it is linked together properly when it comes to editing.

Who will you need to organise for your music video shoot? (Are they reliable?)
I will be using people I can count on for the shoot. People I know and trust to be
at locations on time and put in some effort for the video. There wont be many
people maybe 1-2 helpers but I am able to do most of the video by myself and
make sure it is done to high standard. The directing and main actor on screen
will be me but I will have help to get certain camera shots to be done correctly.

When do you plan to shoot your music video?

I think I will do it in three or four weeks from now. Because I will have to tell
people about it and get permission from the record label to use the song I want.

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