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Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President/CEO is a key leadership position responsible for planning and directing all credit union activities in accordance with credit union policies as established by the Board, as well as setting business-related goals for strategic direction. He/she will also be responsible for ensuring financial stability commensurate with the best interest of the members, the employees, the credit union, and the community.

The President/CEO will be crucial in meeting or exceeding business goals and fostering a satisfying work atmosphere. Additional President/CEO responsibilities include leading, guiding, and coaching the staff and Board of Directors to provide the highest quality of member service.

Nothing in this job description can supersede board policy.




The President/CEO is the ultimate authority in the credit union, with respect to day-

to-day operations, reporting only to the Board of Directors.

2.2 The President/CEO selects and appoints the key management of the credit union

and has authority over all management decisions in day to day operations.

2.3 The President/CEO has full authority over all aspects of the credit union’s activities,

including that needed to make decisions and take action in order to satisfy the

responsibilities and duties set forth below.


The duties and responsibilities of the President/CEO include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

3.1 Directs all credit union operations, including strategic planning, recommends and

implements programs and policies, and provides general administrative direction, once

approved by the Board of Directors

3.2 Defines the precise scope, range, and limitations of credit union involvement in

terms of services and geographic areas in which the credit union will operate.

3.3 Provides strategic and/or administrative direction/management in all credit union

functions to include: accounting, ALM, business development, compliance, facility management, finance, human resources, investments, lending, marketing, operations, retail services, risk management, and security.



3.4 Analyzes operating results of the credit union relative to established objectives and

insures that appropriate steps are taken to reverse unsatisfactory trends.

3.5 Continually strives to provide the highest quality service consistent with

competitive rates and the achievement of the credit union goals.

3.6 Provides Board of Directors with industry trends and forecasts; works closely with

others in developing and executing the strategic and business plans necessary for development and success of the sales and service teams and is directly responsible for the development and execution of best practices in lending activities and strategies.

3.7 Develops, recommends, and implements financial and lending policies/procedures

to enable the credit union to meet its obligations to membership in terms of low cost loans and fair returns in dividends.

3.8 Prepares and presents fiscal budget to the Board for review and approval in October

of the current fiscal year for the succeeding fiscal year. Supervises a budget for the credit union, which is consistent with the overall strategic plan.

3.9 Signs all financial agreements and long-term contractual agreements.

3.10 Selects, secures, and coordinates all legal, accounting, banking, consulting and

other professional services, which are deemed necessary, for the protection of the credit union’s assets.

3.11 Authorizes, approves, and maintains sufficient insurance to protect and preserve

the assets of the credit union.

3.12 Maintains the desired credit union image of quality, service, and professionalism.

3.13 Operates the credit union in a profitable manner, assuring that a reasonable return

is realized, based on equity of ownership.

3.14 Continually strives to maintain state-of-the art technical knowledge of the business,

products, services, and overall credit union best practices.

3.15 Conducts new business development activities as a way to promote growth and

development of the credit union; builds positive relationships with the field of membership, within the community, and with the appropriate trade associations and organizations.



3.16 Directs an emphasis on improving product per member penetration through sales


3.17 Provides justification for all recommendations and decisions on expansion plans,

capital expenditures, or major changes in credit union policy.

3.18 Provides oversight and makes recommendations for plans, specifications, and

agreements for the construction and/or acquisition of all credit union buildings.

3.19 Leads by example in fostering and maintaining an open and cooperative

atmosphere; provides leadership related to communication, training, general information sharing, and support of the success of all departments.

3.20 Resolves all business and human relation problems or grievances not satisfactorily

settled at a lower level. Ensures that decision making is decentralized and performed at the proper levels.

3.21 Insures that the credit union’s policies are uniformly understood and properly

interpreted and administered by subordinates.

3.22 Develops and maintains good credit union relations with employees, members,

and in the community.

3.23 Responsible for the selection, appointment, and retention of key management


3.24 Establishes standards for managerial performance.

3.25 Approves recommendations for staffing and/or compensation changes within the


3.26 Approves all personnel promotions within the credit union and oversees all hiring


3.27 Conducts periodic performance reviews and salary reviews of key personnel under

incumbent’s supervision, and ensures all other personnel receive a periodic review.

3.28 Provides staff with a working environment where open communication, personal

and professional growth opportunities, compassion for staff needs, empowerment to perform essential job duties, fairness, dignity, and mutual respect are priorities.



3.29 Ensures that the growth of the credit union is in accordance with identified goals,

that the objectives are achieved through the coordination of the activities of the key managers, and through the provision of guidance and direction to these managers.

3.30 Establishes and ensures that the functional organizational structure is maintained

and up-to-date at all times:

A. Organizational chart

B. Job descriptions for all positions

3.31Assures that each of the key management personnel establishes his/her own departmental operating procedures, policies, interpreting the overall credit union policies and detailing the work methods for each functional group.

3.32 Performs all other tasks and duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.




Ensures that the credit union is in compliance with the federal laws and regulations

set forth by the National Credit Union Administration, State of Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, and other regulatory agencies.

4.2 Ensures the prudent operation of the credit union, safeguarding the credit union’s



Ensures the proper and complete handling of all legal matters.



The fully qualified candidate will possess an established track record of successful management experience in a financial services or credit union setting; previous credit union experience and a four-year degree ideally in Finance or Accounting preferred. At least ten (10) years of progressive management experience with extensive knowledge of the consumer financial industry, the last three (3) of which have been in senior or executive management. The individual selected will possess a commitment to and understanding of the credit union movement and will have visionary leadership skills that can guide the credit union into the future.

An extensive level of trust and diplomacy is required. Must possess the ability to lead, manage, persuade and obtain cooperation from the staff and Board of Directors. He/she will exhibit excellent member service skills; maintain the friendliest atmosphere possible in the credit union, and be highly visible within the membership and community.



He/she must possess the ability to motivate or influence others as a material part of the job, requiring a significant level of diplomacy and trust.

The individual hired will have solid experience with lending, accounting and finance, with a generalist overview of the following areas: operations, marketing, facilities management, technology, and board relations. This individual will have an understanding of/and the ability to interpret regulatory and compliance matters affecting credit unions. This individual will have management experience in the areas of leadership, communication, team development, and coaching, and situation assessment skills. The ability to develop and maintain good credit union relations with employees, customers members and the community is required.

The individual will be an innovative, proactive leader who can analyze trends and develop ideas for all areas of the credit union including, marketing, income generation, member relations and process improvement. This individual will assess the present business of the credit union and after evaluating findings will strategize on ways to solidify the business.

The individual must be a visionary leader who has the ability, skills and knowledge to take the credit union into the future. He/she instills in the staff a passion and understanding of the credit union movement and credit union philosophies as they relate to serving members. He/she must be able to develop, recommend and implement quality financial services, education, counseling and procedures to best serve the organization and the members it serves.

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