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1. Cau menh lenh gian tiep : Reported commands.
@ Affirmative :
Ex: Tom said: Please wait for me here, Mary
Tom told Mary to wait for him there.
Form: S + told / advised / command / tell / request + O + to - infinitive.
@ Negative:
Ex : Dont talk in class! the teacher said.
The teacher told students not to talk in class.
Form: S + told / advised / command / tell / request + O + not to - infinitive.
Note : Some verbs used when Reported commands: advise, ask, beg,command,
encourage, entreat, expect, forbid, implore, instruct, invite, order, persuade, recommend,
remind, request, tell, urge, warn .
2. Cau hoi gian tiep : Reported questions.
a.Yes/No questions:
Ex: Did you see this film? Minh asked.
Minh asked me if / whether I had seen that film.
Form: S + asked ( + O) / wanted to know / wondered + if/whether + S +V
b.Wh- questions:
Ex: They asked us: Where are you going on holiday?
They asked us where we were going on holiday.
Form: S + asked ( + O )/ wanted to know / wondered + Wh- words + S +V
3. Cau tran thuat gian tiep : Reported statements.
Ex: He said to me: I havent finished my work.
He told me he hadnt finished his work.
Form: S + told + O + S + V
Note : said to told
Khi chuyen t mot li noi trc tiep sang gian tiep chung ta can lu y mot
so van e sau:
- Neu ong t tng thuat chia cac th hien tai chung ta gi nguyen th
cua ong t chnh, ai t ch nh va cac trang t ch ni chon cung nh
trang t ch thi gian trong cau trc tiep khi chuyen sang gian tiep (gi
Ex: He says: Im going to Ha Noi next week
He says he is going to Ha Noi next week
- Neu ong t tng thuat cua cau th qua kh th phai lui ong chnh
ve qua kh mot bac khi chuyen t li noi trc tiep sang li noi giang
tiep; cac trang t ch thi gian va ni chon, ai t ch nh c chuyen
oi theo quy tac sau:

Direct speech Reported speech

will / shall
am/ is / are going to was / were going to
Present simple
Past simple
Present continuous Past continuous
Past continuous Past perfect continuous
Present pefect
Past perfect
had to

Direct speech Reported

that day
that night
the next day
the following day
the day before
the previous day






4. Trng hp ac biet : Special cases.

ong t trong cau noi trc tiep co t/gian xac nh.
Ex: He said,I was born in 1980.
He said that he was born in 1980.
Cau ieu kien loai 2,3:
Ex: He said,If I were you , I wouldnt come here.
He said if he were me , he wouldnt come there.
Past subjuntive : ( trong wish clause , as if )
Ex: Mary said, I wish I were a boy.
Mary said that she wished she were a boy.
Trong li noi trc tiep co : could , would , should , might , used to , ought to
, would rather , had better
Ex: Tom said to me You had better not contact her.
Tom told me I had better not contact her.
Li noi trc tiep dien ta mot chan ly.
Ex: My teacher said the sun rises in the East.
My teacher said the sun rises in the East.
Exercise: Put into indirect speech.
1.He said: I shall expect her
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2.He said: I cant find my hat
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.She said: I am going to the movies tomorrow


4.Lan said to me: You are looking much better

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5.He says: The river is rising early this year
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6.She said to me: I will do it if necessary I can
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7.He said to his friend: Did you see the accident yesterday?
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8.John said to me: How did you come here?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9.He said: Have you finished your task, Nam?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10.He said: Yesterday evening I met Nam. He has bought a new car
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11.She said to me: Who is this book?
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12.Nam said to his father: Please let me go to Paris
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13.He said to me: Do you like to live in Orange Country?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14.My friend asked me: Have you a lot of money?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.He said: I cant meet you here either today or tomorrow
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16.They said: We did it yesterday
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17. If I were you, Id read the exam questions very carefully. Teacher said

Teacher advised Minh

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------18. You had better not waste your time, Betty. Tom said.
Tom advised
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19. Shut the door but dont lock it, I said to him.
I told
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20. I image Ill see Sue at the party. john said
John hoped
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21. Dont forget to give the book to Jane David said
David reminded
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22. Before Tim went to bed, his father said, Dont forget to brush your teeth.
Before Tim went to bed, his father reminded
----------------------------------------------------23." Is this your new calculator, Mai?" Nam asked.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24." Tell me what you saw at the party yesterday?" I said to Tom .
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25. Do you know how far the drug store is? The foreigner asked me .
The foreigner
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26. Will you please water the flowers for me tonight, Jim? said the old woman
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27. I said to John, Why arent you looking for a job?
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------28. Nancy said: Why didnt you call me,John?
Nacy wanted-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29. Remember to give your parents my regard, Lan Nam said.
said----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30. Teacher, give us better marks, please the puplis said.
pupils---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31. Mr Smith said to her:Where will you go on your vacation?
Mr Smith
asked---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------32.He said: I am very proud of my parents, Daisy

He told------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------33. Be modest if you are a good pupil,Lan said her mother.

Lans mother told her-------------------------------------------------------------------------------34.Can I use your phone? he said to me.
He asked---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------35. Whose car did you borrow last night? I said to him
wondered--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36. 'If I had any money, I'd buy you a drink,' she said to me.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------37. 'If I were you, I'd stop smoking,' she said to her brother.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------38. 'Can you lend me ten pounds?' said the boy to me
The boy asked
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------39. Dont play with the matches!I said to Jack.
warned----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------40. 'Don't swim out too far, boys.' said the pool guard.
The pool guard
warned--------------------------------------------------------------------------41. 'Don't forget to attend the meeting tomorrow 'she said to her friends

Review Reported speech with To Infinitive and Gerund.

a) With infinitive : khi thuat lai mot li yeu cau vi told, asked,
demanded . . . , mot li khuyen vi advised, mot li ha vi promised, mot
e ngh vi offered, mot li mi vi
invited hay mot s nhac nh vi reminded . vv .
Eg : a) You had better not tell lies to others, his mother said.
His mother advised him not to tell lies to others.
b) Ill wake you up tomorrow said he to me.
He promised to wake me up the following day.

b) With Gerund : khi thuat lai mot li chuc mng, li xin loi, mot e ngh,
mot c m, li cam n, s canh bao, s trach moc, s thu nhan hay choi
bo . .vv. Cac cau truc ong t nay thng la : Form: Verb + (OBJECT) +
Preposition + (NOT) V-ing
We dont use say in this structure.
Note : Some verbs followed by object + preposition + gerund :
+ forgive ..for .. : tha th .cho
+ thank . . . for . . .: cam n . . . ve . . .
+ congratulate . . . on . . . : chuc mng . . . . ve . . .
+ accuse . . . . of . . . : trach moc, to cao . . . . ve . . .
+ blame . . . . for . . . : khien trach , o loi cho ..
+ warn . . . . against . . . : canh giac . . . tranh khoi . . .
+ prevent . . . . from . . . .: ngan can . . . . tranh khoi . . . .
+ stop . . . . . . from . . . . : ngng khoi ..
+ apologize for . . . : xin loi ..ve . . .
+ insist . on . . . . : mot mc/kien quyet oi . . .
+ dream of . . . . : m ve . . . . .
+ look forward to . . . : nong long / mong
+ think of . . . : ngh ve . . . .
+ admit : thu nhan #
deny : choi bo
a) You sent me a pretty card. Thank you for it, said Jane to Tom.
Jane thanked Tom for sending/having sent her a pretty card.
b) Lets me pay for your meal. I really want, Tom said to his friend, Daisy.
Tom insisted on paying for Daisys meal.
I.Change direct speech into reported speech :
1. Thanks for helping me.Mary said.
thanked-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Ill drive you to the airport. I insist,John said to Linda.
John insisted
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Im happy you have passed the final exams. Congratulations!Jim said to you.
Jim congratulated
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. It was nice of you to invite me to the dinner. Thank you,Miss White said to Peter.
Miss White thanked
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Im sory I didnt phone you earlier,Margaret said to you.
apologized-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. I have always wanted to be a pilot,Paul said to you.
Paul has always dreamed

8. You didnt do what I said,the mother said to her son.

The mother accused
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. She said,Children, stay away from the water
warned---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10. You damaged my bicycle, John!Said Margaret
Margaret accused
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11.'If I catch the plane, I'll be home by five,' he said.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12.'You should stay in bed if you feel unwell.' my mother said.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13.'What would you do if you were having a problem with grammar, Jane?'
asked----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14.'If I'd had my mobile yesterday, I could have contacted you,' Matthew said to Jane.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.'If I don't practice my English, I won't get any better,' she said.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16.'If you press this switch, the computer will come on,' he said to his students.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17.'I'd have been in bad trouble if you hadn't helped me,' he said to his friends.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18. 'If the door is clocked, what shall I do ?' she said to herself.
She wondered
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19. 'If I were you, I'd read the exam questions very carefully.' said the teacher to us
The teacher advised
------------------------------------------------------------------------------20. 'Its better to have the theater built next to the town hall.' they said

They offered
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21. 'Okay, I'll collect David from school ', said his father.
David father promised
---------------------------------------------------------------------------22. 'Please stay for a few more days.' she said to us.
She invited
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23. 'We'll fight the ban on smoking in public places.', said the heavy smokers.
The heavy smokers threatened
-------------------------------------------------------------------24. I imagine I'll see Olivia at the party.' said Tom
Tom hoped
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25. 'Let me take the children into town.', he said
He volunteered
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26. 'It was nice of you to invite me to your birthday party. Thanks very much.' said Mike
to Jane.
Mike thanked
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27. 'I must have made a mistake in the calculations.'
Mr. Forest admitted
------------------------------------------------------------------------------28. 'I'll pay for the meal.'
Sarah insisted
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29. 'Perhaps we can go to Paris for the weekend.'
Neil suggested
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30. 'I'm sorry I couldn't come to visit you last summer.' said Kate to me
Kate apologized
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31. 'I hear you won the championship. Congratulations!' said Dane
Dane congratulated
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------32. 'I wish I'd asked for his name and address.' said Mary
Mary regretted
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------33. 'You've dirtied the floor, children.' said Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown accused

34. 'You mustn't drink too much caffeine.' Marta said to me

Marta warned ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------35. 'It's not true! I have never been arrested!' Larry said.
Larry denied
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36. 'I gave you my textbook last week. I insist,' Tom said to Mai
Tom insisted
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------II. Change the following sentences into the indirect speech, using the verbs in
1.Nga said that she was sorry she dropped the jug.(apologise)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2.The policeman said that the thief stole the bicycle.(accuse)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.The thief said that he didnt take the bicycle.(deny)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4.Tom said that he would drive Kate to the station.(insist)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5.Ba said that he broke the mobile phone.(admit)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6.Lan said that they should go for a picnic on Sunday.(suggest)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7.Daivid said that ha always wanted to be a rich man.(dream)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8.The manager told the visitors not ot stay at the hotel near the airport.(warn)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. Jean saidNo, it is not true. I didnt steal the money!.(deny)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10.Peter said Why dont we go to the cinema this evening?(suggest )
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11. David toldI ve broken your pen. I m sorry, Jack(apologise)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. No, no, you really must have another drink.Dick said.(insist)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13. It was me who stole the moneysaid Jim.(admit)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14. Jane said, Lets go to the Zoo, shall we?(suggest)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15. Dont touch that flower! the old lady said the boy.(warn)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16. Dont use the telephone after eleven oclock (TELL)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17. Please, give me money (BEG)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18. Eat your meal, Nam! (TELL)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19. Dont go away! (ADVISE)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20. Go and buy some meat ! Dont be long!(ORDER)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21. Ill take you to town (OFFER)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22. My friend will eat all food in fridge (AGREE)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23. Lan ll go to the cinema with me (PROMISE)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24. Dont sit on my hat! (REQUEST)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25.John, remember to pay th watch to me. (REMIND)

II. Multiple Choice.

1. Do you like this book?
a. My father wanted to know if I did like that book
b. My father asked me if I liked that book
c. My father told me if I liked that book
d. My father said if I liked that book
2. Lets go out for a walk, shall we ?
a. She suggested going out for a walk
b. She suggested to go out for a walk
c. She suggested not to go out for a walk
d. She suggested go out for a walk
3. His wife said to him , Write to me as soon as you can .
a. His wife told him to write to her as often as he can .
b. His wife told him to write to her as often as he could .
c. His wife told him writing to her as often as he could .
d. His wife told him writing to her as often as he can
4. May I see Mr.Pike ? the guest asked.
a.The guest asked to see Mr.Pike.
b.Mr.Pike wanted to see the guest.
c.The guest invited Mr.Pike to see.
d.Mr.Pike wanted the guest to see.
5.The lift-girl said to me, I m sorry. I cant take you up in the lift
a.The lift-girl invited to take me up in the lift.
b. The lift-girl agreed with me by taking me up in the lift.
c.The lift-girl told me to take her up in the lift. d.The lift-girl refused to take me up in the lift.

6. I will do it for you, Mary, Peter said.

d. He told me to leave it here if I didnt like it.
a.Peter advised Mary not to do it.
b. Peter advised Mary to do it.
17. Tell me what is happening to you
c.Peter promised to do it for Mary.
d.Peter wanted Mary to do it.
a. He told me to tell him what was happening to me
7. Susan, can you remember to buy me some sugar? said Billy.
b. He asked me to tell him what is happening to me
a.Billy advised Susan to buy him some sugar.
c. He asked me to tell me what was happening to him
b.Billy reminded Susan to buy him some sugar.
d. He asked me to tell him what was happening to me
c.Billy reminded Susan to buy me some sugar.
18. What were you doing last night , Mr. John ? the police asked .
d.Billy invited Susan to buy me some sugar.
a. The police asked what were you doing last night , Mr. John .
8. Dont talk in class, the teacher said.
b. The police asked Mr. John what he had been doing the night before .
a.The teacher told his student do not talk in class.
c. The police asked Mr. John what he had been done the night before .
b.The teacher told his student did not talk in class.
d. The police asked Mr. John what had he been doing the night before .
c.The teacher told his student not to talk in class.
19. I have seen that film twice
d.The teacher told his student not talking in class.
a. Tom said that he had seen this film twice b.Tom told that he had seen that film twice
9. It is you that stolen my purse,Mr.Pike said to the young man.
c. Tom said to me that he had seen that film twice
a.Mr.Pike told the young man that it was you that stole her purse.
d. Tom said that he had seen that film twice
b. Mr.Pike denied the young man of stealing her purse. ( t choi ,phu nhan )
20 .Would you mind opening the window? I said to him
c. Mr.Pike accused the young man of stealing her purse.
a. I said to him if he would mind opening the window
d. Mr.Pike asked the young man of stealing her purse
c. I told him to mind opening the window
b. I asked him to open the window
10. Thank you very much for your help, John,said Daisy.
d. I asked him to mind opening the window
a.Daisy thanked John for helping her.
b.Daisy told John to help her.
21. 'You broke my glasses,' said the woman to me.
c.Daisy wanted John to help her and said thanks. d.Daisy would like John to help her.
a.The woman insisted on breaking her glasses.
11. You cheated in the exam,the teacher said to his students. ( gian lan )
b.The woman advised me to break her glasses.
c.The woman told me to break her glasses.
a.The teacher insisted his students on cheating in the exam.
d. The woman blamed me for having broken her glasses
b. The teacher prevented his students from cheating in the exam.
22. 'Let me pay for the coffee. I really want.'
c. The teacher advised his students to cheat in the exam.
a.Jenny is asked to pay for the coffee.
b.Jenny suggested paying for the coffee.
d. The teacher accused his students of cheating in the exam.
c.Jenny insisted on paying for the coffee. d.Jenny told me to pay for the coffee.
12. Please give me some more money, Mum,Daisy said.
III. Choose the best answer to each question by circling a, b, c, or d :
a.Daisy protected her mother from giving her some more money
1. Would you like to spend the weekend with us? They -------her to spend the
b.Daisy insisted her mother on giving her some more money.
weekend with them. a.advised
c.Daisy dreamed of her mother giving her some more money.
2. Could you open the window please? She ---------him to open the window.
d. Daisy looked forward to giving her mother some more money.
13. Why didnt you answer my phone last night?
3. Go to bed immediately! Marys mother ---------her to go to bed immediately.
a.He asked me why he hadnt answered my phone last night
b.He asked me why I didnt answer his phoned the night before
4. Dont forget to post the letter! He ----- me to post the letter.
c..He asked me why I hadnt answered his phone the night after
d..He asked me why I hadnt answered his phone the night before
5. Park the car behind the Van. The instructor ----him to park the car behind the Van.
14. What would you do if you were a billionaire ? the man said to the woman
a. The man asked the woman what would she do if she were a billionaire.
6. Please, turn down the radio!Marks sister --------him to turn the radio down.
b. The man asked the woman what she would do if she were a billionaire.
c. The man asked the woman what you would do if you were a billionaire.
d. The man asked the woman what would you do if you were a billionaire.
children not to play with the matches. a.ordered b.asked
15. If I were you, I wouldnt lend her any money
a. He advised me if he had been me ,he wouldnt have lent her any money
8. Ill give you a lift to the airport.Michelle-----to give her husbands a lift to the
b. He advised me to lend her any money c.He advised me not to lend her any money
d. He advised me lend her any money
16. Leave it there if you dont like it
9. I wont lend you any more money.Matthew ------to lend me any more money.
a.He asked me to leave it here if I didnt like it b.He told me to leave it there if I not to like ita.offered
c. He asked me to leave it there if I didnt like it

10.The teacher said to her student: You nneed to syudy harder.She ----him to study
a. asked
10. If I were you , I would go to the doctor. Peter said to Mary.
A. Peter told Mary to become a doctor B.Peter told Mary that he would go to the
C. Peter advised Mary to go to the doctor D. Peter advised Mary not to go to the doctor
26. I want to borrow your bicycle , John said Mary
A. Mary told John I want to borrow your bicycle.
B. Mary told John She wanted to borrow his bicycle.
C. Mary told John he wanted to borrow her bicycle
D. John told Mary he wanted to borrow her bicycle.