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term 3



1 Identify these rights defined in the Spanish Constitution.



We have the right to travel freely.


2 What are two responsibilities defined in the Spanish Constitution?


3 Answer the questions about the organisation of Spain.

(a) What do we call the two parts of Spanish Parliament?


(b) Who can vote in general elections?

(c) Who is the head of the government?

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4 Match.
(a) They're in the Mediterranean Sea.


(b) It has nine provinces.

Castilla y Len

(c) Its situated between Extremadura and Valencia.

Las Islas Baleares

(d) Its in the north east of Spain, on the coast.

Castilla-la Mancha

5 Answer the questions about Europes territory.

(a) Where does Europes territory reach in the north?

It reaches the Arctic Circle.

(b) What landform separates Europe from Asia?

(c) We can separate Europe into three relief zones. What are they?


(d) What type of climate do you find in the centre and east of Europe?

6 Circle true or false. Correct the sentences that are false.

(a) The European Union began in 1957 when six countries
founded the EEC.

True / False

(b) There are now 12 countries in the European Union.

True / False

(c) The European Unions motto is Equality for all.

True / False

(d) Spain joined the European Union in 1986.

True / False

(e) The Euro means that we must change money from
country to country.

True / False

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7 Match to make true sentences about each king.

(a) King Fernando IV of Aragn

became king in 1556.

was married to Queen Isabel I of Castilla.

won the Battle of Lepanto.

(b) Carlos I

conquered Portugal in 1580.

made the Christian part of the Iberian

peninsula one large, powerful kingdom.
(c) Felipe II

became the Holy Roman Emperor.

was the grandson of

the Reyes Catlicos.

8 Answer the questions about Spain in the seventeenth century.
(a) How did Felipe III, Felipe IV and Carlos II lose power?

(b) Why did Spain become poorer in the seventeenth century?



(c) Why did Spains population decrease in the seventeenth century?



(d) When and why did the Habsburg dynasty end?

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9 Complete the sentences about Spain in the nineteenth century.

(a) In 1808, Napoleon Bonaparte of France invaded


(b) The invasion led to the

(c) During the war, representatives of the Spanish Parliament met to discuss a
(d) The Constitution limited the kings

(e) The Constitution also established rights for the Spanish


10 Answer the questions about social changes in the twentieth

(a) What made more people richer in the twentieth century?
(b) Which social class was made up of agricultural and factory workers?
(c) Which social class was made of merchants, doctors and lawyers?

11 Complete the text about Spain in the twentieth century.


On 18th July 1936, General Francisco (a)

led a military takeover
against the Republic. This was followed by a (b)
. During the
Civil War, Spain divided into the Nationalists and the Republicans. The
supported General Franco and the military takeover. At
the start of the war they controlled the rural areas in the (d)
and also Castilla y Len. The Republicans supported the democratically elected
Republic and controlled most of the (e)
, east and centre of
Spain. The Nationalists gradually occupied most of Spain. The Spanish Civil War
officially ended on 1st April (f )

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