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 Get  Sick  Without  It  

The  Problem  
   When  a  pa3ent  develops  an  acute  medical  problem,  
how  do  they  find  the  best  treatment  in  their  area?  
The  Solu3on  
Symptom  to  Provider  Pathway  

Think  manufacturing  model  meets  structured  search:  

o  Symptom  is  the  raw  material.  
o  Treatment  is  final  product.  
o  Created  by  two  ER  Physicians.  
o  An  acute  healthcare  decision  tool  that  connects  
user’s  symptoms  to  the  appropriate  provider.  
o  iTriage  empowers  consumers  to  make  beJer  
healthcare  decisions.  
o  iTriage  enables  medical  facili3es  to  aJract  pa3ents  in  
a  mobile  environment.  
How  Does  iTriage  Work?  
o  For  consumers,  iTriage  helps  to  demys3fy  the  
healthcare  system.  
o  For  facili3es,  iTriage  guides  poten3al  pa3ents  to  their  
o  Because  pa3ents  use  the  technology  when  they  are  
sick,  they  represent  a  group  that  is  taking  ac3on.  
o  Pa3ents  are  prescreened  to  accurately  choose  the  
proper  level  of  care.  
Comprehensive  Mobile  Content  
o  iTriage  Health  Network  connects:  
o  Content  
o  Over  300  symptoms  
o  Over  1,000  diseases  
o  Over  350  procedures  
o  Medical  points  of  interest  including:  
o  Over  4,500  Emergency  Departments  
o  Over  6,000  Urgent  Care  facili3es  
o  Over  1,500  Retail  Clinics  
o  Over  55,000  Pharmacies  
o  Over  800,000  physicians  
iTriage  PlaWorm  
iPhone   .mobi  /  Android   Textual  .mobi   Web  /  Integrated  Content  

Media  About  iTriage  
How  Do  Hospitals  Benefit?  
o  Premier  Lis3ngs  
o  Adjunct  to  your  marke3ng  
o  Community  service  
o  Share  your  excellence  
o  Interac3ve  plaWorm  
o  Reviews  and  Social  Media  
o  Call  from  applica3on  
o  Help  pa3ents  find  you  
o  Detailed  analy3cs  
How  Can  Physicians  Benefit?  
o  Premier  Lis3ngs  
o  Direct  referrals  
o  Physician  Profiles  &Photos  
o  Areas  of  Excellence  
o  Connect  with  Call  Center  
o  Reviews  and  Social  Media  
o  Call  from  applica3on  
o  Help  pa3ents  find  you  
Why  Does  Mobile  MaJer?  
Mobile  Phones      
•  U.S.  mobile  phone  users  13  years  and  older  =  223  million  
•  One  in  three  adults  in  U.S.  have  smartphones  
Forrester  Research,  1/5/2010  
Looking  Ahead      
•  Es3mated  smartphone  user  base  will  =  150  million  by  mid-­‐2011  
The  Nielsen  Company,  November  2009    
•  Smartphone  sales  are  predicted  to  outpace  desktop  sales  by  2011  
RBC  Capital  Markets  
•  The  CEO  of  Google,  LinkedIn,  and  Facebook  all  predict  that  in  5  
years  over  75%  of  internet  traffic  will  be  through  smartphones  
Kathleen  Sebelius,  Secretary  for  the  Department  
of  Health  &  Human  Services  
Due  to  rising  interest  in  uses  of  mobile  technology  for  healthcare,  iTriage  has  
garnered  increased  press  interest  from  local  and  na3onal  media.  This  emerging  
interest  extends  all  the  way  to  the  Department  of  Health  and  Human  Services.  In  a  
recent  keynote  address  given  by  HHS  Secretary  Kathleen  Sebelius  to  the  Founda3on  
for  the  Na3onal  Ins3tutes  of  Health  (NIH),  Sebelius  noted  our  HCA  partnership  in  
pushing  out  ER  Wait  Times  on  iTriage  for  their  hospitals.  

“How  we  empower  consumers  and  put  patients  back  into  

the  mix  so  that  they  become,  not  only  responsible  for  their  
own  health,  but  also  have  an  opportunity  to  monitor  and  
participate  in  their  own  health  interests,  I  think  that  there  
is  no  question  that  mobile  technology  is  a  part  of  that  
puzzle,”  explained  Sebelius.    
Who  Uses  Mobile?  
•  Smartphone  users  have  beJer  jobs,  work  longer,  and  their  
average  income  is  $94,000  a  year.    

•  U.S.  users  are  on  average  of  35  years  old.  54  percent  have  a  
college  degree;  61  percent  have  children.  
iTriage  User  Data    
September  2009  –  December  2009  

Actual  Hospital  Group  

   iPhone  facility  lis3ng  encounters:                    4,204  
   Desktop  and  mobile  website  :                        3,048  
   Total  facility  lis3ng  encounters:      7,252  
   Higher  quality  encounters  become  pa3ents.  

*  Facility  lis7ng  encounters  increase  

with  marke7ng  efforts  
Man  directs  ambulance  crew  to  hospital    
with  shortest  ER  wait  3me    

Sick  pa3ent’s  friend  calls  the  ambulance"

Quickly  searches  local  hospitals  for  ER  wait  3mes  with  iTriage"

Directs  EMT’s  to  the  Hospital  with  the  shortest  wait  3me"
“While  wai3ng  for  the  ambulance  …  I  opened  iTriage  and  
searched  for  the  shortest  wait  3me.  I  found  that  Palm's  West  
was  the  shortest  around  and  was  able  to  direct  the  emt's  
there.  He  was  seen  within  10  minutes.  Thank  you  iTriage!!!”  

-­‐  J.  S.  

Women  use  iTriage  to  locate  
emergency  rooms  

Pa3ent  suffers  a  head  injury"

A  friend  searches  for  signs  of    

a  concussion"

Uses  iTriage’s  GPS  locator  to    

find  the  closest  ER"
“When  a  friend  hit  her  head  and  showed  signs  of  a  
concussion,  I  used  iTriage  to  locate  the  nearest  hospital.”  
-­‐  E.  M.  

“I  used  iTriage  to  locate  a  

medical  center  and  it  was    
very  helpful!”  

-­‐  A.  S.  

Woman  uses  iTriage  to  locate  a  
surgeon  for  colon  resec3on  

Pa3ent  dissa3sfied  with  current  surgeon"

Locates  another  surgeon  through  iTriage"

Uses  the  HealthGrades  quality  report  to  

verify  creden3als"

Makes  appointment"
“We  were  not  happy  with  the  surgeon  his  primary  care  
physician  had  recommended  so  we  used  iTriage  to  educate  
ourselves  on  the  procedure,  and  locate  a  surgeon  who  could  
do  the  procedure  laproscopically.”  
-­‐  H.  M.  
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