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Release Notes for Altium Designer Version 15.

Modified by Nikolay Ponomarenko on 17-Nov-2014

Key feature highlights

High Speed Design with xSignals
Solder Mask Expansion Enhancements
Accurate Route Length Calculation
Polygon Enhancements
OLE Object Support in PCB Documents
Support for Rectangular Pad Holes
Separate 2D & 3D View Orientations
IPC-2581 Support
Gerber X2 Support
IDX Support
Exporting to IDF in Unicode Format
True Variants Enhancements
Output Job Editor Enhancements
Upgraded Duplicate UID Correction
System and Performance Enhancements
Vault Connection Enhancements
Ability to Control Parameter Visibility for Vault Components
Parameter List Templates
Parameter-based Name Templates
Vivado toolchain improvements
Intuitive Import and Export

Version 15.0.7
Build: 36915 Date:17 November 2014
1015 Support for high DPI screens using oversized fonts has been reviewed and improved.

PCB NC drill layer pair reports now correctly report layer spans for blind/buried via holes,
when layers are shuffled out of default order.

1381 Export to AutoCAD now correctly includes thru-hole pad geometries and holes.

After certain editing sequences the PCB editor would incorrectly switch to masking the display,
this no longer occurs.

1408 IDF export now includes an option to export in Unicode format.


Changing PCB layer names could result in layer-related lists populating incorrectly and certain
outputs not generating correctly, this has been fixed.

2613 A Vault Content Cart can now target regular folders.


It is now possible to define a CmpLib Component Naming scheme using a template with
values from any parameter, for example CMP-[Value]-[PackageReference]-{0001}.

The CmpLib editor now supports the addition of new parameters via customizable parameter
2817 list templates. Click the Required Models/Parameters Add button to access the templates
(samples are stored in the \Templates folder).

Duplicate UniqueIDs are detected by the Schematic compiler and detailed in the Messages
panel. Existing duplicate UIDs are also automatically resolved during document loading.

2910 Release Notes column is now available when using Vault-based libraries in the Libraries panel.

The Component Cuts Wire mode now functions correctly when the Always Drag option is

OutputJob Editor enhanced by the addition of: mouse wheel scrolling & scroll bars when not
3008 all Jobs/Containers are visible, drag and drop to change Job order, multi-Job Enable/Disable
right-click commands & shortcuts (select the container first).

Import and Export options are now directly accessible via the Files menu. Save As commands
are now used exclusively for Altium file formats. (BC:1812, BC:2731 partial)


Gerber X2 is now available as an output format. It supports output generation via the PCB
editor Fabrication Outputs menu, or via an OutputJob.

IPC-2581B is now available as an output format. Install the extension and generate output via
3035 the PCB editor Fabrication Outputs menu, or via an OutputJob. Download a free viewer from

The Vaults panel now supports changing the column visibility and order. These changes,
along with panel-section resize actions are retained between sessions.

3143 Timeout errors after releasing project documents to a Vault have been fixed.
3188 OutputJobs now support using a slash character in the Output Container Name.
It is now possible to pre-configure the display state of Vault component parameters, via the
3189 Vault Folder Properties dialog (Type = altium-component-library) and the Vault Library dialog
(add a Vault as a Library).

Switching from the logical to the physical tab of a schematic no longer leaves artifacts on the


Schematic dragging has been further developed to improve wire/bus bending and reduce the
likelihood of a netlist change.


Schematic dragging has been further developed to improve object handling and the quality of
the result, and reduce the likelihood of a netlist change.


Polygon vertex deletion using Ctrl+Hover+Click is now working correctly. Hold the left mouse
button down as you click, until the vertex disappears.

3251 Releasing projects to the vault with file-locking being enabled works correctly now

The schematic library editor panel now supports standard copy and paste shortcuts, Ctrl+C
and Ctrl+V.


BOM filters no longer mix up the parameters. Note that for an existing BOM the filters must be
cleared, the BOM saved, closed and re-opened, and the filters re-defined.


Multi-net routing no longer creates a clearance violation at corners when the Converge
shortcut (C) is pressed.


When a PDF is generated from a schematic that includes a hyperlink, clicking the hyperlink
now opens the target web page correctly.

3357 Teardrop removal speed has been improved.

3381 Second click to select an individual segment in a schematic wire now works correctly.

The issue with not being able to close documents having "=" character in their name has
been resolved


When the Interactive Router is in push mode, a via on the pushing net can push other-net
objects, including vias.

3423 A specific Verilog HDL project would cause an AV on compile, this no longer occurs.

Update from Libraries now correctly preserves existing location and orientation of parameter


2D and 3D PCB view orientations are now completely separate, each retains the previous
orientation and zoom when switching between the views.

Pin-pairs have been added to the PCB editor, delivering the ability to define the path and
3441 constraints for a signal to travel between a source and destination, through termination
components and y-splits.
3442 The import of complex arc shapes from AutoCAD has been improved.

The PCB Editor now supports embedding OLE objects, such as Word or Excel documents, into
a PCB document (Place Object from File).


Xilinx Vivado toolchain is now correctly detected, and can also be added manually in the FPGA
- Place and Route preference settings.

3457 Split plane editing could occasionally cause an exception, this no longer occurs.
When a wire is placed perpendicular to multiple schematic pins and then dragged, a wire
3459 segment is automatically added between every pin and the wire being dragged. This fix
restores previous schematic editing behavior.

Schematic library editor, the Parameter Manager now supports editing parameters across
multiple selected components.


A warning is displayed when you attempt to complete an invalid blanket (has intersecting
edges) in the schematic editor.


PCB component fanout now functions correctly when there is an unpoured polygon under the

3497 Click and drag to move a group of selected objects now be functions correctly.
3498 An exception that occurred during import of specific DxDesigner projects has been resolved.
3514 PCB Step model import has been enhanced with better support for curved shapes.
3521 Fileless editing of an external SIM model no longer generates an AV.
3528 AVS 1.1 is now supported by Altium Designer 14.3.

Component pads placed on a signal layer other than top or bottom could not be edited in
certain layer-stack configurations, this no longer occurs.

3530 Top and Bottom Solder Mask layers are now included in the PCB Filter panel's Layer list.
3546 The IPC Footprint Wizard now previews 2-pin and 3-pin DFN component correctly.
3551 Schematic auto-junctions now size correctly regardless of the wire width.

Component primitives placed on mechanical layer 17 or higher now have their layer displayed
correctly in the Components mode of the PCB Panel.


It is now possible to connect to an SVN repository with a user name containing the @

3561 The correct Lifecycle and Naming Schema is now being loaded during CmpLib file-less editing.
3567 Model selection drop-downs in the CmpLib editor now display the Lifecycle state in color.
3568 The Vaults panel now shows the Note data from the correct Lifecycle state.
3576 PDF generated by running OutputJob can be opened directly from OutputJob document
3577 Simulation model pin mapping now works correctly in the CmpLib editor.

Pin swapping was not correctly generating an ECO after performing PCB pin swapping, this
has been resolved.


The path tracing routines used for creating a polygon from selected primitives have been
improved, to better handle small objects and multiple paths.

3598 From-To panel now shows length taking via heights into account

The schematic Place Wire command now correctly retains the corner mode used in the
previous wire placement.

3626 Vault-defined part choice currencies are now used in Altium Designer supplier dialogues
3633 Updating Altium Designer from an NIS no longer requires a current Portal connection.
3634 "Access denied" error when installing an update from NIS has been resolved
3640 Support for rectangular-shaped pad holes has been added

PCB exception while re-building a net to an arc center point in a specific design no longer

3681 Plane connects (thermal reliefs) are now shown correctly when board is flipped
3689 Exception no longer occurs when choosing PCB font style in VariantManager (BC:4664)

Pads with rotated square holes no longer show copper still being present after running the
Remove Unused Pad Shape command.

3695 GOST specific documents can now be generated in BOM Report outputs
3707 "No model link found for component" error no longer occurs while editing old cmplib files
3708 Clicking on a supplier part number in the Vaults panel no longer causes an exception.
3721 Occasional exceptions during a print preview no longer occur.

Under certain conditions changes made in the Variant Management dialog could cause an
exception, this no longer occurs.


The Variant Management dialog now immediately reflects changes to components, such as
clearing or choosing an Alternate Part, improving usability.


The Edit action is now available when right-clicking in the Search results panel in the

3736 Fixed error while releasing Vault revisions with extra long file and path names

Changes to Comment and Description are no longer lost during component release from the
CmpLib editor

3739 A Length column has been added to the Primitives table in the Nets view of the PCB panel
3755 Scope section of the Teardrops dialog was modified to distinguish TH and SMD pads


Duplicate Port UIDs no longer cause Port names to be changed when generating a PDF from
the schematic.


Under certain conditions, schematic compile masks did not exclude components or net
objects underneath them, this has been resolved.


On a schematic with a lot of wiring, placing a wire with the Break Wires at Autojunction option
enabled was very slow, this has been optimized.

3779 Improved performance of selection and zooming in Schematic in comparison with 14.3

Under certain conditions it was possible to get the PCB Layer Stack Manager graphical
representation out of sync with the tabular layer detail region, this has been resolved.


The "Print as a single job" option in Output Job File documents now properly combines the
separate documents to a single print output

PCB re-annotation on a variant design with not-fitted parts could result in the varied parts
3789 becoming out of sync, this no longer occurs. Note: PCB re-annotation on a design that uses
alternate parts with different footprints is not yet supported.
3792 STEP models from Inventor 2014 are now loaded without errors

Variant PCB drawing options have been updated to make it easier to understand how Not
Fitted components are displayed.


It is now possible to specify different values for solder mask expansions for top and bottom

3834 Empty surface constructs are now suppressed in ODB++ fabrication output.

The IPC footprint wizard now correctly supports defining PLCC packages with different D and E
pin counts, allowing packages with any even number of pins to be created.


Dragging multiple schematic wire ends could occasionally result in one wire being shorter
than the rest, this no longer occurs.


Reset All command added to the Variant Manager, use this to restore all parameters to
alternate or base component values.


The issue resulting in "I/O error 103" error message when some of the project files are
read-only has been resolved


The speed of updating from libraries or a database has been improved for designs that
include variants using alternate parts.


In certain circumstances a component would still be shown as varied after resetting

parameter variations, this has been resolved.


Polygon management was improved in comparison with 14.3 (restored shelving, modified

3875 The Vaults panel right-click menus now display correctly when Display scaling is being used.

Elements of the Vaults panel were being compressed when Display scaling is being used, this
no longer occurs.

3888 Crash reports can now be send from behind a proxy

3889 Simulation Waveform viewer print preview issue has been fixed.
3900 Class generation settings are now stored for device sheets (BC:3840)

The time to open the PCB Classes dialog has been substantially reduced, particularly on
designs with a large number of classes.


ODB++ output did not generate drill data for drill holes included in a panel, when none of the
embedded boards had drill holes, this has been resolved.


Drawing of Schematic Blanket directives has been further optimized to get them to draw
quickly and also correctly display the fill color.


Variant designs that include alternate parts with different footprints can now be re-annotated
in the PCB editor.

4016 PCB DRC now supports stacked alternate parts in a variant-based design.

Signal length column was added to Nets panel (this length is being calculated using more
precise xSignal engine)

4062 All extensions within a group can now be installed in a single action.

Some PCB dialogs were ignoring the board units and always displaying in mils, this no longer

4076 Modified Polygon rule support check for shelved polygons


During import of a P-CAD PCB file the layer types are now correctly detected and assigned for
all possible layer configurations.


The DRC Violations Display page of the Preferences dialog now displays the complete list of
Display Style entries when Windows display scaling is being used.


An AV could occur while placing a pin in a schematic library and pressing Esc to quit the
command, this no longer happens.


With a specific combination of preferences, placing a component from the schematic libraries
panel could cause Altium Designer to crash, this no longer occurs.


After configuring components for pin swapping, it is no longer necessary for the designer to
manually recompile the design to make those swap configurations available.

4133 Changes made in the FPGA Signal Manager are now correctly added to the constraint file.

Silk to Solder Mask design rule now correctly detects both silk to solder mask or silk to copper
rule check configurations.


When a polygon is shelved, connections created by the polygon are maintained internally so
the connection lines will not be displayed.

4351 NIOS II CPU does not generates with Altera Quartus version 13.0 or later

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