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Forces in trusses

What is strain how is it calculated on an axially loaded member

Draw a whitestone brige with a strain gage and explain how it is used
Question on method of sections
What is uncertainty analysis and how does it help us.

Pressure Temperature relationship

1. Why must the heating and cooling be done slowly?
2.The objective.
3.How do you increase pressure in a closed container from 1 bar to 10 bar?
4.Why is the cooking of rice faster in capetown than johannesburg? and how can
we make rice cook faster in a cooker?

1.State two functions of a "Pig Tail"

3.How will the thermocouple behave if the reference end of the thermocouple
was left in open
ambient temperature?
4.If the temperature was to decreased which one between steam and air would
behave as an ideas gas?

1. Why is it neccesary to calibrate the bourdon pressure guage? [1]

2. State two functions of the "Pig Tail" loop. [2]
3. Why does the prussure corry-on increasing when the "heat" supply is turned
off? [2]
4. Are the readings more accurate on the heating or the cooling parts of the
experient? [3]
5.Why is the 'cold' terminal of the thermocouple submerged in a mixturenof ice
and water? [2]

Compund pendulum

What is a sweet spot?? [1]

What is the significance of a sweet spot? [2]
Derivation [4]
Where is the centre of gravity of a ring?
Find the derivatives in terms of dt/dD(i) or dT/dD(o) (partial derivative)?
Experimentally how can you determine the natural frequency/ explain natural
What is material toughness for the compound pendulum?
What is the different between compound pendulum and the simple pendulum?
Explain and give the difinition of L in T=sqrt(L/g)*2pi?
How does period and natural frequency relate to each other?

Single degree of freedom

Explain using a free body diagram why a helical coil spring experiences a torque
when a load is applied to its ends.
Derive the equation k(eq) = k(1) + k(2) + ... + k(n) i.e equivalent stiffness for a
parallel spring arrangement
Fill in the blanks:
Springs in series experience the same _____
Adding another spring to a series or parallel arrangement will cause the natural
frequency to _____
Increasing the mass on a spring will _____ the natural frequency
Calculate the spring stiffnes,k , given mass = 5 kg and t = 0.5 s

Heat transfer
What does heat flux ACTUALLY mean
What does thermal conductivity ACTUALLY mean

Name a few ways of measuring temperature

From the experiment, how do you calculate the heat flux
Explain from the graph when steady state occurs on it?[1]
we cannot take the initial power in our reading, explain why it decreases with
Describe the preperation when placing the copper electrodes.[3]
Is the heat input the same as the heat transferred in the sample? [3]
Describe the graph above of K vs mean temperature? [2]