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Assigned Reading Number 3

Title: Entrepreneurs, Champions and Technological Innovation by Modesto A. Maidique

Reaction Paper by: Remson Mark C. Macawile
Submitted to: Engr. Marvin I. Noroa, MBA

The assigned reading entitled Entrepreneurs, Champions and Technological innovation written
by Modesto A. Maidique discussed the entrepreneurial roles and corporate development, the evolution
of the network of the entrepreneurial roles and the task of top management in technology based firm. As
per the context distinction of the roles of the entrepreneurs and champions I realized that the two player
can make a very large impact in employing successful innovation in a certain venture. Entrepreneurs as
the pivot on which everything turns provide ways to improved old platforms or provides new technologies
for producing new commodity or an entirely new market. In the Philippines, entrepreneurs are
everywhere. We can see them from a small stand at the street up to the wide space of internet and social
media. Just like the notion for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in an innovation and technological base firm
has a big role in providing new ideas which will fruit to wither a new way or to an entirely new product.
In the world where I belong, SM, as the one of the longest running and biggest shopping mall and retail
business in the Philippines and my employer, can be the best example of a pool of entrepreneurs which
keep providing ways on how a specific item or service can be viable
On the other hand, the text also stressed on the other role player in any ventures which is the
product champion. Its indeed an amazing statement that the new idea either finds a champion or dies
It is funny that a new idea needs its own champion but thats the real truth. In my works case a new
system develop is provided by a team leader to develop more and concentrate to the idea. A champion is
needed to cope with the indifference and resistance that major technical change provokes. I also agree
that champion served as a catalyst for the development of a literature on internal entrepreneurial roles.
They act as a hero of their specific product through early adoption of innovations and product
engagement. The text also stressed about the stages of development of the firm in which the context
describe the stages of corporate development, not with the specific issue of the entrepreneurial team.
As a young professional pursuing my career in engineering and taking up to the ladder of
management, I realized that roles are very important in every ventures. Everyone must take their own
roles for their own development and their companys benefit. Its one of the many but effective tool to
succeed in coping with new waves of technology. I see myself and want to be a product champion in the
near future. I want to be a catalyst which will take risk to produce new venture and products.