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Weekly Exam 2


Electronics Engineering

Instruction: Select the correct answer for each of the following

questions. Mark only one answer for each item by shading the box
corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided.
Strictly no erasures allowed. Use pencil no. 1 only.
NOTE: Whenever you come across a caret (^) sign, it means



Carbon-composition resistors
A. can handle gigantic levels of power.
B. have capacitance or inductance along with resistance.
C. have essentially no capacitance or inductance.*
D. work better for ac than for dc.
What type of resistor, or combination of resistors, would you use as
the meter-sensitivity control in a test instrument, when continuous
adjustment is desired?
A. A set of switchable, fixed resistors
B. A linear-taper potentiometer*
C. An audio-taper potentiometer
D. A wirewound resistor
Suppose a 1-k resistor will dissipate 1.05 W, and you have a good
supply of 1-W resistors of various ohmic values. If theres room for
20 percent resistance error, the cheapest solution is to use
A. four 1-k, 1-W resistors in series-parallel.
B. a pair of 2.2-k, 1-W resistors in parallel.*
C. a set of three 3.3-k, 1-W resistors in parallel.
D. a single 1-k, 1-W resistor, because all manufacturers allow for a
10 percent margin of safety when rating resistors for their powerhandling capability.


A ferromagnetic core is placed in an inductor mainly to

A. increase the current carrying capacity.
B. increase the inductance.*
C. limit the current.
D. reduce the inductance.


As an inductor core material, air

A. has excellent efficiency.*
B. has high permeability.
C. allows large inductance to exist in a small volume.
D. has permeability that can vary over a wide range.


Which of the following is not a characteristic of mica capacitors?

A. Excellent efficiency
B. Small size, even for large values of capacitance*
C. High voltage-handling capacity
D. Low loss


A carbon-film resistor is color coded with red, violet, black, and gold
stripes. What are its resistance and tolerance?
A. 27 5%*
C. 270 10%
B. 270 5%
D. 27 10%


What is the area in circular mils (cmils) of a wire whose diameter, d,

is 0.01 in.?
A. 0.001 cmil
C. 1 cmil
B. 10 cmil
D. 100 cmil*


One of the main applications of a capacitor is to

A. block ac and pass dc
C. block dc and pass ac*
B. block both dc and ac
D. pass both dc and ac

10. Two 0.02- F, 500-V capacitors in series have an equivalent

capacitance and breakdown voltage rating of
A. 0.04 F, 1 kV
C. 0.01 F, 500 V
B. 0.01 F, 250 V
D. 0.01 F, 1 kV*
11. How much is the inductance of a coil that induces 50 V when its
current changes at the rate of 500 A/s?
A. 100 mH*
C. 100 H
B. 1 H
D. 10 H
12. It is found that the resistance of a coil of wire increases from 40 ohm
at 15C to 50 ohm at 60C. Calculate the resistance temperature
coefficient at 0C of the conductor material.
A. 1/40 per C
C. 1/165 per C*
B. 1/50 per C
D. 1/234.5 per C
13. An electric radiator is required to dissipate 1kW when connected to
a 230 V supply. If the coils of the radiator are of wire 0.5 mm in
diameter having resistivity of 60 -cm, calculate the necessary
length of the wire.
A. 13.27 m
C. 15.65 m
B. 17.32 m*
D. 16.45 m

14. An air capacitor has two parallel plates 10cm and 0.5 cm apart.
When a dielectric slab of area 10cm2 and thickness 0.4 cm was
inserted between the plates, one of the plates has to be moved by
0.4 cm to restore the capacitance. What is the dielectric constant of
the slab?
RF Review Center : MANILA-CEBU-BAGUIO (0932-175-1218)

A. 3
B. 5*

C. 4
D. 6

15. A multiple plate capacitor has 10 plates, each of area 10 square cm

and separation between 2 plates is 1 mm with air as dielectric.
Determine the energy stored when voltage of 100 volts is applied
across the capacitor.
A. 0.3985 J*
C. 97.7 pJ
B. 79.7 pJ
D. 0.5294 J
16. Two similar coils have a coupling coefficient of 0.25. When they are
connected in series cumulatively, the total inductance is 80 mH.
Calculate the self inductance of each coil.
A. 48 mH
C. 40 mH
B. 32 mH*
D. 20 mH
17. A rectangular carbon block has dimensions 1.0 cm x 1.0 cm x 50
cm. What is the resistance measured between the two square
ends? Resistivity of carbon at 20C is 3.5 x 10-5 -m.
A. 0.350
C. 0.530
B. 0.175*
D. 0.715
18. A parallel plate capacitor has the following values: k = 60, d = 0.025
inches, A = 6 square inches. What is the capacitance of the
A. 32.39 picofarad
C. 4372 picofarad
B. 3239 picofarad*
D. 437.2 picofarad
19. A capacitor consists of
A. two insulators separated by a conductor
B. a coil of wire wound on an iron core
C. two conductors separated by an insulator*
D. none of the above
20. Capacitance increases with
A. larger plate area and greater distance between the plates
B. smaller plate area and greater distance between the plates
C. larger plate area and less distance between the plates*
D. higher values of applied voltage
21. A fluctuating magnetic field
A. produces an electric current in an insulator.
B. magnetizes the earth.
C. produces a fluctuating electric field.*
D. results from a steady electric current.
22. A span of wire 1 km long has a conductance of 0.9 S. What is the
conductance of a span of this same wire that is 3 km long?
A. 1.8 S
C. 0.2 S
B. 0.3 S*
D. 2.7 S
23. A bleeder resistor
A. is connected across the capacitor in a power supply.*
B. keeps a transistor from drawing too much current.
C. prevents an amplifier from being overdriven.
D. optimizes the efficiency of an amplifier.
24. An advantage of ac over dc in utility applications is the fact that
A. ac is easier to transform from one voltage to another.*
B. ac is transmitted with lower loss in wires.
C. ac can be easily obtained from dc generators.
D. ac can be generated with less-dangerous by-products.
25. The wavelength of a 500-Hz sound wave is
A. 60 km
C. 4.52 ft
B. 2.26 ft*
D. 0.226 ft
26. In residential house wiring, the neutral wire is always color-coded
A. black
C. green
B. bare copper
D. white*
27. How much is the capacitance, C, of a capacitor that draws 4.8 mA
of current from a 12-Vac generator? The frequency of the ac
generator is 636.6 Hz.
A. 0.01 F
C. 0.001 F
B. 0.1 F*
D. 100 pF
28. For a capacitor, the charge and discharge current, Ic,
A. lags the capacitor voltage, Vc, by a phase angle of 90
B. leads the capacitor voltage, Vc, by a phase angle of 90*
C. is in phase with the capacitor voltage, Vc
D. none of the above
29. For a steady dc current, the XL of an inductor is
A. infinite
C. usually about 10 k*
B. extremely high
D. 0 *
30. If the dielectric material between the plates of a capacitor is
changed, all other things being equal,
A. the value of XC increases negatively.
B. the value of XC decreases negatively.
C. the value of XC does not change.
D. we cannot say what happens to XC without more data.*

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Weekly Exam 2


Electronics Engineering

31. Imagine a coil, a resistor, and a capacitor connected in parallel. The

resistance is 1.0 , the capacitive susceptance is 1.0 S, and the
inductive susceptance is 1.0 S. Then, suddenly, the frequency is
cut to half its former value. What is the complex admittance at the
new frequency?
A. 1.0 + j0.0
C. 1.0 j1.5*
B. 1.0 + j1.5
D. 1.0 j2.0
32. Suppose the apparent power in a circuit is 100 W, and the
imaginary power is 40 W. What is the true power?
A. 92 W*
C. 140 W
B. 100 W
D. 60 W
33. A branch current of + j 250 mA represents
A. 250 mA of inductive current C. 250 mA of capacitive current*
B. 250 mA of resistive current
D. 250 mA of in-phase current
34. Four coils are connected in series. Each has induced in it a
sinusoidal emf of 100V, 50 Hz and there is a phase difference of 14
electrical degrees between one coil and the next. What is the total
emf generated in the circuit?
A. 483 V
C. 384 V*
B. 348 V
D. 438 V

35. Work equal to 136.0 joules is expended in moving 8.5 x 10

electrons between two points in an electric circuit. What potential
difference does this establish between the two points?
A. 50 V
C. 150 V
B. 100 V*
D. 200 V

36. Electrical energy is converted to heat at the rate of 7.56kJ/min in a

resistor which has 270 C/min passing through. What is the voltage
difference across the resistor terminals?
A. 2041 V
C. 82 V
B. 4021 V
D. 28 V*
37. How many electrons pass a fixed point in a 100-watt light bulb in 1
hour if the applied constant voltage is 120 V?
A. 1.87 x 1022*
C. 2.69 x 1022
B. 5.20 x 10
D. 7.49 x 1018
38. A series RLC circuit, with R = 15, L = 80 mH, and C = 30 F, has a
sinusoidal current at angular frequency 500 rad/s. Determine the
phase angle and whether the current leads or lags the total voltage.
A. 60.6 leads
C. 45.2 leads
B. 60.6 lags*
D. 45.2 lags
39. Find Z in the parallel circuit of the figure below, if V = 50 30 V and
I = 27.9 57.8 A.

A. 5 -30*
B. 1.78 -27.8

C.7.18 -27.8
D. 3.45 39

40. A 4500-VA load at power factor 0.75 lagging is supplied by a 60-Hz

source at effective voltage 240 V. Determine the parallel
capacitance in microfarads necessary to improve the power factor
to 0.9 lagging.
A. 212 F
C. 61.8 F*
B. 122 F
D. 18.6 F
41. Two heaters A and B are in parallel across supply voltage V. Heater
A produces 500 kcal in 200 min and B produces 1000 kcal in 10
min. The resistance of A is 10 ohms. What is the resistance of B?
A. 10 ohms
C. 2.5 ohms*
B. 5 ohms
D. 7.5 ohms
42. For a given line voltage, four heating coils will produce maximum
heat when connected
A. all in parallel*
B. all in series
C. with two parallel pairs in series
D. one pair in parallel with the other two in series
43. The rms value of a sinusoidal ac current is equal to its value at an
angle of ___ degrees
A. 60
C. 30
B. 45*
D. 90
44. A conductor has how many types of flow?
A. 1*
C. 3
B. 2
D. 4
45. What is meant by back emf?
A. a voltage that is applied in the reverse direction
B. an emf that is due to flywheel effect
C. an emf that is generated from the back of an electromagnet
RF Review Center : MANILA-CEBU-BAGUIO (0932-175-1218)

D. a voltage that opposes the applied emf

46. Capacitive reactance, XC,
A. applies only to nonsinusoidal waveforms or dc
B. applies only to sine waves*
C. applies to either sinusoidal or nonsinusoidal waveforms
D. is directly proportional to frequency
47. Two capacitors are in series across a 50-V source. If one is 1-F
capacitor with 16 V across it, what is the capacitance of the other?
A. 0.147 F
C. 0.741 F
B. 0.471 F*
D. 0.174 F
48. A 3-H inductor has 2000 turns. How many turns must be added to
increase the inductance to 5 H?
A. 582*
C. 1582
B. 2582
D. 3582
49. What is the shortest time required for a 2.1 krad/s sinusoid to
increase from zero to four-fifths of its peak value?
A. 0.381 ms
C. 0.553 ms
B. 0.476 ms
D. 0.442 ms*
50. At the same frequency, a larger capacitance provides
A. more charge and discharge current
B. less charge and discharge current
C. less capacitive reactance, XC
D. both a and c*
51. Movement of holes in a semiconductor
A. is like a flow of electrons in the same direction.
B. is possible only if the current is high enough.
C. results in a certain amount of electric current.*
D. causes the material to stop conducting.
52. Which of the following units can represent magnetic flux density?
A. The volt-turn
C. The gauss*
B. The ampere-turn
D. The gauss-turn
53. A coil has 500 turns and carries 75 mA of current. The
magnetomotive force is
A. 37,500 At.
C. 37.5 At.*
B. 375 At.
D. 3.75 At.
54. A metal-film resistor
A. is made using a carbon-based paste.
B. does not have much inductance.*
C. can dissipate large amounts of power.
D. has considerable inductance.
55. A resistor is specified as having a value of 68 , but is measured
with an ohmmeter as 63 . The value is off by which of the following
A. 7.4%*
C. 5%
B. 7.9%
D. 10%
56. If a wire coil has 100 turns and carries 1.30 A of current, what is the
magnetomotive force?
A. 130 Gb
C. 164 Gb*
B. 76.9 Gb
D. 61.0 Gb
57. The temperature coefficient of resistance of semiconductors is
A. positive
C. negative*
B. zero
D. infinite
58. A platinum coil has a resistance of 3.146 at 40C and 3.767 at
100C. Find the resistance at 0C.
A. 7.322
C. 2.732*
B. 3.272
D. 7.333
59. What do you call an electronic component that is non-linear resistor
and its resistance is a function of the voltage across it?
A. Varistor*
C. Thyristor
D. Triac
60. If the value of 0 of a conductor is 1/234 per C, then the value of 18
A. 1/218 per C
C. 1/272 per C
B. 1/252 per C*
D. 1/245 per C
61. A rectangular carbon block has dimensions 1.0 cm x 1.0 cm x 50
cm. What is the resistance measured between the two square
ends? Resistivity of carbon at 20C is 3.5 x 10-5 -m.
A. 0.350
C. 0.530
B. 0.175*
D. 0.715
62. One precaution to observe when checking resistors with an
ohmmeter is to
A. check high resistances on the lowest ohms range.
B. check low resistances on the highest ohms range.
C. disconnect all parallel paths.*
D. make sure your fingers are touching each test lead.

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Weekly Exam 2

Electronics Engineering

63. If a thermistor has a negative temperature coefficient (NTC), its

A. increases with an increase in operating temperature.
B. decreases with a decrease in operating temperature.
C. decreases with an increase in operating temperature.*
D. is unaffected by its operating temperature.
64. Which has more resistance, a 100-ft length of No. 12 gage copper
wire or a 100-ft length of No. 12 gage aluminum wire?
A. The 100-ft length of No. 12 gage aluminum wire.*
B. The 100-ft length of No. 12 gage copper wire.
C. They both have exactly the same resistance.
D. It cannot be determined.
65. The term pole as it relates to switches is defined as
A. the number of completely isolated circuits that can be controlled
by the switch.*
B. the number of closed contact positions that the switch has.
C. the number of connecting terminals the switch has.
D. none of the above.
66. What is the name for a nonmetallic material that has the
ferromagnetic properties of iron?
A. lodestone
C. ferrite*
B. toroid
D. solenoid
67. Hysteresis losses
A. increase with higher frequencies.*
B. decrease with higher frequencies.
C. are greater with direct current.
D. increase with lower frequencies
68. The saturation of an iron core occurs when
A. all of the molecular dipoles and magnetic domains are aligned by
the magnetizing force.
B. the coil is way too long.
C. the flux density cannot be increased in the core when the field
intensity is increased.
D. both a and c.*
69. A vertical wire with electron flow into this page has an associated
magnetic field which is
A. clockwise
C. parallel to the wire
B. counterclockwise*
D. none of the above
70. How much is the induced voltage when a magnetic flux cuts across
150 turns at the rate of 5 Wb/s?
A. 7.5 kV
C. 750 V*
B. 75 V
D. 750 mV
71. An electric radiator is required to dissipate 1kW when connected to
a 230 V supply. If the coils of the radiator are of wire 0.5 mm in
diameter having resistivity of 60 -cm, calculate the necessary
length of the wire.
A. 13.27 m
C. 15.65 m
B. 17.32 m*
D. 16.45 m
72. Two heaters A and B are in parallel across a supply voltage V.
Heater a produces 500 kcal in 20 minutes and B produces 1000
kcal in 10 minutes, the resistance of A is 10 Ohm. What is the
resistance of B?
A. 2.5 ohms*
C. 3.5 ohms
B. 4.5 ohms
D. 0.14 ohms
73. Find the output of four lead acid cells.
A. 1.6 V
C. 3.2 V
B. 5.8 V
D. 8.4 V*
74. What do you call the force that sets up or tends to set up magnetic
flux in a magnetic circuit?
A. Dynamic Force
C. Potential Difference
B. Electromotive Force
D. Magnetomotive Force*
75. What is the lagging effect between the magnetizing force applied
and flux density?
A. Hysteresis*
C. Reluctance
B. Permeance
D. Eddy current
76. In order to match the load to the generator means making the load
resistance _______.
A. decreased
B. equal to generators internal resistance*
C. lowered than generators internal resistance
D. increased to more generators internal resistance
77. A good material conductor should have _______ valence electrons.
A. 1*
C. 10
B. 21
D. 3.5
78. Given two voltages: S (t) = 10 cos (wt + 30) volts and Q (t) = 15 cos
(wt + 45).Find V (t) = S (t) + Q
RF Review Center : MANILA-CEBU-BAGUIO (0932-175-1218)

A. V (t) = 25 cos (wt + 75) volts

B. V (t) = 5.9 cos (wt + 71) volts
C. V (t) = 24.8 cos (wt + 39) volts*
D. V (t) = 13.6 cos (wt + 75) volts
79. What is the unit of magnetic flux in S1 system?
A. Tesla
C. Gauss
B. Weber*
D. Maxwell
80. What law in electronic where an induced current will be in such a
direction that its own magnetic opposes the magnetic field that
produces the same?
A. Lenzs Law*
C. Nortons Law
B. Maxwells Law
D. Electromagnetic Law
81. Solve the flux density given a magnetic flux of 5,000 Mx through a
perpendicular area of 2 cm by 5
A. 50 G
C. 500 G*
B. 5,000 G
D. 10,000 G
82. When a power supply is constructed to operate from either 240-V or
120-V ac lines, such that it will have same secondary output, its
primary when connected from 240 V must be _______.
A. connected in series
B. connected in parallel
C. split into halves and connected in series*
D. split into halves and connected in parallel
83. A law that states that the current in a thermionic diode varies directly
with the three-halves power of anode voltage and inversely with the
square of the distance between the electrodes, provided operating
conditions are such that the current is limited only by the space
A. Halls law
C. Joules law
B. Childs law*
D. Coulombs law
84. Materials whose permeabilities are slightly greater than that of free
A. Paramagnetic*
C. Ferromagnetic
B. Non- magnetic
D. Diamagnetic
85. It is the reciprocal of reluctance and implies the case of readiness
with which magnetic flux is developed.
A. Resistance
C. Permeance*
B. Conductance
D. Inductance
86. A t/m is a unit of
A. Mmf
B. Emf

C. Reluctance
D. Magnetizing force*

87. Calculate the flux density that will be produced by the field intensity
of 2000 a. t/m for a permeability of 126 x 10^-6 T/A.t/m
A. 0.252 G
C. 0.252 T*
B. 0.252 x 10^-2 T
D. 0.252 x 10^-2 G
88. A point charge, Q=30nC is located at the origin in Cartesian
coordinates. Find the electric flux density D at (1,3-4) m.
A. 12.7pC/m^2
C. 19.8 pC/m^2 *
B. 18.5pC/m^2
D. 15.6 pC/m^2
89. Ten identical charges of 500uC each are spaced equally around a
circle of radius 2. Find the force on a charge of -20uC located on the
axis, 2m from the plane of circle.
A. -97.5 an N
C. 79.5 an N
B. 97.5 an N
D. -79.5 an N*
90. What is the SI base unit of EMF?
m2 kg s3 A1 *

m kg s


mkg s2
3 2
m kg s A

91. The statement The emf, E induced in a circuit is directly

proportional to the time rate of change of the magnetic flux through
the circuit is known as
A. Lenz Law
C. Faradays First Law
B. Faradays Second Law
D. Faradays Law of Induction*
92. What is the power dissipated by R2, R4, and R6?

A. P2 = 417 mW, P4 = 193 mW, P6 = 166 mW *

B. P2 = 407 mW, P4 = 183 mW, P6 = 156 mW
C. P2 = 397 mW, P4 = 173 mW, P6 = 146 mW
D. P2 = 387 mW, P4 = 163 mW, P6 = 136 mW
93. Find the equivalent resistance of

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Weekly Exam 2


Electronics Engineering

B. 1232

D. 7890

96. What determines if resistor connections are in series, parallel, or

A. Voltage source
C. resistance
B. Power source
D. current flow*
A. 30 ohms
B. 40 ohms

C. 50 ohms
D. 60 ohms

97. Which component is shorted?

94. Which circuit fault do the meter readings in the given figure
A. R1
B. R3

C. R2
D. R4*

98. Which of the following dependent sources is considered as a

transconductance circuit?
A. The 1 k

resistor is shorted.

B. The 4.7 k

resistor is shorted.

C. The 2.2 k

resistor is shorted.

D. The 3.3 k

resistor is shorted.*

95. In the given circuit, what is RUNK equal to if RV must be adjusted to


99. If there are 28 branches and 6 nodes in a certain circuit, how many
independent loops or mesh loops can be made the circuit?
A. 22
C. 24
B. 23*
D. 25
100. The circuit below is referred to as a bridge circuit and is used
extensively in electronic and scientific instruments. Calculate the
current I and the voltage Vabwhen Rx=0 ohms.

in order to balance the bridge?


45.5 mA
44.4 mA

C. 43.3 mA
D. 42.2 mA *

God Bless!
A. 220

C. 6,899

RF Review Center : MANILA-CEBU-BAGUIO (0932-175-1218)

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