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Embracing Success

Discovering The Young Living Business Opportunity

By Teri Secrest and Cristina Campbell

What is True Success?
1. An achievement of your hearts desire
2. Overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
3. Affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.
True success is also:
 Living your life by design
 Having the opportunity to pursue
your passions
 Freedom to be your authentic self
 Time to be of service to others
 Realizing your dreams
What if You could Enjoy

1. Greater Time Freedom

2. Optimal Health

3. A More Significant Life

Abundance in the hands of good people is a

wonderful thing.
When you have the resources to give, you can be
of greater service to others.
Let’s Examine how 97% of people
earn income in the 21st century
• Trading dollars for hours
• Ceiling on your income
• No choice of with whom you work
• Limited vacation time
• Downsizing is a serious threat
• College degree no longer equates
to securing a job or position
• Nearly impossible to change
careers if you are over 50
• Retiring rarely pays you enough to
continue your current lifestyle
• You rarely use all of your talents
• Corporations thrive on competition
97% of people earning an income are employees
What are the rest of the 3% doing?
 Own your own business
 Choose your working hours and
create a work environment that is
harmonious with your life
 Unlimited income
 Freedom to choose with whom
you desire to work
 Use all your natural gifts and
talents to build a successful
 Build a business that thrives on
co-operation and team building
 Time freedom to be available for
the important events in life
What is Network Marketing?
• Network Marketing is a way of
providing goods or services without
a middle man.
• It is word of mouth marketing,
affectionately known as
Relationship Marketing.
• People have been “networking”
“Network Marketing is the most brilliant
since the beginning of time, except method of moving goods and services
they were never paid for it. Imagine the world has ever known”
-Dr. Charles King,
if you received a check every time Business Professor at the
you recommended a great movie or University of Chicago
restaurant to a friend!
The Brilliance of Network Marketing
• You are the CEO of your company
from day one.
• The abundance you create is from
helping people be successful not
from holding them back.
• Your network will grow and expand
even when you are on vacation.
• Your success is based on cooperation
not competition.
• Age and ethnicity are not a factor.
• You can never be downsized or fired.
• If you are unable to work for a period of
time, your checks keep coming in.
The Truth about the
Corporate Business Model
This is the typical bank corporate structure.

Ask yourself this question: CEO

What are the chances of a President

bank teller or customer Vice-Presidents

ever becoming the CEO Branch Managers
of the bank? Bank Tellers Employees
Bank Customers

Does this look like a pyramid?

The Advantages of the Network
Marketing Business Model
• You are the CEO of your company
from day one.
• The “orchard” you create is made by
helping people be successful not from
holding them back.
• Your “orchard” just keeps growing and
expanding even when you are on
• Your success is based on your
cooperation not competition
• If you are unable to work for a period
of time, your checks keep coming in
• You are never too old to begin
building your empire
• You can never be downsized or fired
What is Leveraging?
Leveraging is incorporating the
time and talents of many
people to magnify the returns of
success for each person on
your team.
“People who enjoy lasting abundance
are people who understand the power
of leveraging.”
“When you become part of a
While you are working, some of your dynamic networking team
business partners might be vacationing. you learn a whole new set of
While you are sleeping, some of your skills that benefit you for the
business partners are working. rest of your life.”
Attention College Students
Did you know that there is a great alternative
to minimum wage paying jobs during your
college years?

By starting to work for yourself now, you are

securing a stream of income that can help pay
for your college and that keeps on growing
while you pursue your dreams.
“Having a home based business is like getting a
four year business degree for free.
You continually earn money while learning new
skills from other business partners who have skills
different than yours. These skills help you to
become successful in every area of your life.”
Teri Secrest ~ Who’s Who in American
Business Woman
Calling all Professional Business
Men and Women
• Are you keeping your options open
when it comes to your career?
• Do you wish you could use more of your
natural talents in your work?
• If there was one thing that you could
change what would it be?
• Have you ever thought about owning
your own business?

Owning your own home-based business in the network marketing industry

allows you to use all of your natural skills, work with people you really enjoy,
pursue your passions, earn unlimited income, and enjoy a more significant life.
Attention Baby Boomers
The time is now to re-invent yourself and
supplement your social security check
According to CNNMoney.com,
experts believe that upon
retiring you will need a
minimum of 2 million dollars in
the bank to carry you through
your golden years.

How many people do you know

that have that kind of money
set aside?

To retire successfully in the 21st century, begin incorporating a

business model into your life now that creates enough residual
income to allow your standard of living to perpetuate.
What to Look for in Choosing a
Network Marketing Company
• An Exquisite product line that everyone needs, no one
has, and are monthly consumables
• A generous compensation plan that allows new
business owners to earn income immediately
• Conscientious customer service
• Internationally emerging markets
• A company that doesn’t require you to carry inventory
• A rock solid company with years of experience, no start
up companies (90% of all Network marketing
companies fail within the first 2 years)
• A skilled and experienced corporate executive team
• A strong internet presence with easy to use systems
• Has consistent comprehensive training world wide

Gary and Mary
• A rock solid 15 year old company
• Dynamic and dedicated Executive Team at
the helm
• Young Living’s generous Compensation Plan
allows people to create residual income from
the moment they become a business owner
• State of the art internet presence
• Rapidly expanding international markets
• Unparalleled customer service
What Makes Young Living
Products So Unique?
• Young Living produces products from
seed to seal, with thriving organic farms
all in Mona, Utah, St. Marie’s, Idaho,
Simiane-la-Rotonde, France and
Guayaquail, Ecuador

• Largest distiller of therapeutic grade

essential oils in the world

• Essential Oils are proving to be the

most powerful natural therapy in health
care today

• Exquisite product line that everyone

needs, no one has, and are monthly
consumables for the 21st century family
Young Living offers •Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
over 400 Exquisite •Pure Nutritional Supplements
Enhanced with Essential Oils
products to meet all •NingXia Red Proprietary Products

your lifestyle needs •Thieves Proprietary Products

•Superb Personal Care Products
with an Essential Oil Base
•KidScents: Non-Toxic Children’s
Head to Toe Collection
•Animal Scents All Natural
Pet Care Products
•Accessories for Healthy Living
•Unsurpassed Business Opportunity
Essential Oils are at the forefront of
a Billion Dollar Wellness Industry
12 Benefits from using Essential Oils
• Alleviate stress and anxiety
• Shield your body from bacteria and viruses
• Experience natural pain relief
• Support your body’s Immune System
• Ward off Insomnia
• Rejuvenate your skin
• Soothe Digestive Disorders
• Support Your Bones and Muscles
• Superior Dental and Oral Care
• Increase Your Mental Clarity
• Safe alternatives to household cleaners
• Potent against Inflammation
Essential Oils Support all 5
Elements of our Health
Physical Health

Spiritual Health Emotional Health

Social Health
Mental Health

Essential Plant Oils are the only substance that have the ability to support
the whole being.
A College Student Excels in
Young Living
“My Family and I have used Young
Living Oils since I was a baby and we
have enjoyed super health. Now I am
a sophomore vocal major in college.
When I turned 18, I started my Young
Living business and it has been a
huge blessing. I have been able to
help people with their health and have
extra money for college expenses. My
income keeps growing every month
and I am still able to keep my focus on
the pursuit of excellence in singing.”

Elizabeth Rose Williams

Busy Lifestyles and Young Living
are a perfect match.
“My friends love the oils, and the
beautiful thing about my Young Living
business is that I did it part time so
that it worked around my busy lifestyle
and full time class schedule.  I’m very
proud to say that in March 2009, I
graduated from Western Washington
University debt free due in part to my
monthly check from Young Living. 
Following graduation I was able to
travel to France and Italy for 3 weeks
-- thank you Young Living!”

Amanda Shiftlet
Financial Freedom Creates
Unlimited Possibilities
With Young Living’s life changing
products, everyday someone comes to us
and says, “I don’t care about the money, I
just want to help people with these
fabulous products”.
Our response is, “do you have any
idea what a greater impact you can have
on the world around you if you are
financially healthy?”
Young Living offers us the
opportunity for financial freedom and this
freedom allows people to relax, reflect and
move towards their highest callings. We
Teri Secrest, Young Living
thank God everyday for Young Living.
What Else Does Young Living Offer
beside Monetary Compensation?
Fun and Adventure!
• Having fun on cruises and
exotic all expense paid
leadership trips
• The opportunity to learn new
life skills with talented success
oriented people
• Fun relationship-building
• Continuous Recognition
• Opportunity to participate in
historic planting and harvesting
organic crops around the world
Owning your own Business allows
you to live your authentic life
• Having fun on ski vacations or
snowboarding and being able to
afford the equipment
Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s look at 5 possible questions
you may have
“The Young Living product line seems large,
how will I ever learn about all these products?”

• Our large product line is our greatest asset because Young

Living has products that address every heath challenge a
person might have. We never have to send someone to
another company for their health.
• We have the Essential Oils Desk Reference to answer all
of our health questions.
• Young Living sponsors educational seminars all over the
world to help with your understanding of the products.
“Are Young Living products expensive?
Can people afford them?”

• Being proactive with our health is much less expensive than

costly drugs once we get sick.
• Therapeutic grade essential oils seem more costly then other
lower grade essential oils but only therapeutic grade can
provide results and true therapy for the human body.
• All of our products are very concentrated and it only takes a
small amount to get the desired results.
• With Young Living you are merely spending money that is
already in your budget. We teach you how to transfer the
dollars you are currently spending on unhealthy products to
purchasing pure life giving essential oil based products.
“I’ve tried other Network Marketing businesses in the
past, but have never had much success.
What makes this company different?”
• Review the criteria for choosing a network marketing company
and ask yourself. “What was missing from my last company?”
• The extraordinary high quality of Young Living products keeps
people ordering monthly for years to come.
• The Young Living leaders teach and support you on how to
work with both your warm market and your cold market so that
you can get your phones ringing no matter where you live.
• The Young Living $2000 Distributor Team Bonus is so lucrative
it allows you to attract many people into your business.
“Do I have to Sell?”

• In Young Living we don’t sell, we share. When we share

samples of our essential oil products, the quality is so high
that people get immediate results. Our prospects make their
own decisions, we merely provide the vehicle.
• In Young Living we don’t sell, we tell. Each Young Living
business owner has their own personal story of how the
Young Living products have improved their life. As we tell this
story, our prospective clients make their own decision as to
whether they are ready for what we have to offer.
• No one likes to sell, no one likes to be sold, but everyone
loves to buy. We simply provide the knowledge which gives
our friends the opportunity to buy.
“I am already working a fulltime job, how can I fit the
Young Living business into my schedule?”

• Sharing Young Living products is a natural part of our lifestyle because

everyone from infant to adults and pets need these products.
• A fun way to begin sharing is by having a few friends over to experience
our oils and other oil enhanced products.
• Committing a minimum of just 5 hours a week to building your Young
Living business can produce great results.
• Teaching a 2 hour class once a week can produce large results in a
short period of time.
• The fortune is in the follow-up. Following up with potential clients and
customers can be done easily and quickly via email anytime day or night
• Using systems like MarketingScents.com allow you to use auto
responders with minimum effort.
How to Earn a Lucrative
Income with Young Living
• The best way to begin earning a
lucrative income with Young Living is
to study the structure of our $2000
“When was the
monthly Distributor Team Bonus and
last time that your begin earning this bonus.
boss gave you a
$2000 bonus?” • This bonus creates for you the perfect
structure you need to become a
Young Living Diamond and rewards
you with a generous monthly bonus
while you are building.
Distributor Team Bonus Step One
YOU Step 1:
Identify 6 business partners who
$100 invest $100 each month into their

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

Young Living gives you a Team Bonus of

$100 every month this structure is in You Earn a
place Your product is then FREE
Monthly Bonus
Distributor Team Bonus Step Two
YOU Step 2:
Train and support two of these 6
$100 partners to identify their 6
business partners.

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

Young living gives you a Team Bonus of You Earn a

$500 every month this structure is in place
Monthly Bonus
Distributor Team Bonus Step Three
YOU Step 3:
Train and support your 2nd level
business partners to identify their 6
$100 business partners

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

You Earn a
Young Living gives you a Team Bonus of
$2000 every month this structure is in place $2000
Monthly Bonus
How does your $100 Investment
compare to other Investments
“My father was a stock broker. He would
ask a client to invest $20,000 into a
retirement fund in the hopes that someday
this would give the investor a $2000
monthly return towards retirement. The
investor received nothing for his $20,000
except the hope that it would produce. As a
Young Living investor, you receive $100 of
life giving products for your investment each
month while it is growing into the $2000
return. Upon completing your first structure,
this is a guaranteed return, there are no Enjoy getting healthy while you create
surprises.” Jan Weger your residual income
How Many Business Partners am I
Personally Looking for?
You are looking for 6 people to partner Once you duplicate this twice, you are
together in business earning the full $2000 bonus each month

This entire
Young Living structure consists
also allows you of 42 people
to duplicate this including yourself
bonus 3 times and $4200 in
to become a product volume
Diamond which pays you
almost 50%!
How Do I Get Started
Three important steps to start your Business
1. Order your premiere Starter Collection
2. Set up your monthly Essential Rewards
3. Set the date for your business kick-off event
Start Living with Everyday Oils
An Exquisite collection of 9 Essential Oils to enjoy all day long
Single Oils Proprietary Blends
• Frankincense • Peace and Calming
• Lavender •Thieves
• Lemon • PanAway
• Peppermint • Purification This collection is a
• Valor $225 value for just
• 24% discount on all $150
future Young Living
• Bonus Bottle of
Lavender and
• 50% OFF coupon for a
Young Living diffuser
• Lifetime wholesale
membership with no
annual fees (a $50 product
order required per year to maintain
your membership) Code #3700
Start Living with NingXia Red
Wholesale price $185
Retail Savings: $81.98
This Powerhouse Collection includes:
4 liters NingXia Red and 10 Bonus Travel Packs

• 24% discount on all

future Young Living
• Bonus Bottle of
Lavender and
• 50% OFF coupon for a
Young Living diffuser
• Lifetime wholesale
membership with no
annual fees (a $50 product
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your membership)

Item #3696
Code #3696
Start Living with Thieves
21st century “Germ Busting” Collection Includes:
• 2 bottles of proprietary Thieves cleaner • 2 bottles of Hand Sanitizer
• 1 – 15 ml bottle of Thieves Oil Blend • 1 tube Thieves toothpaste
• 2 bottles of Thieves spray • 1 bottle thieves mouthwash
• 2 bottles Thieves Foaming Hand soap • Educational CD, DVD and materials

Wholesale price $150

• 24% discount on all Retail Savings: $66.32
future Young Living
• Bonus Bottle of
Lavender and
• 50% OFF coupon for a
Young Living diffuser
• Lifetime wholesale
membership with no
annual fees (a $50 product
order required per year to maintain
your membership) Code #3865
Now it’s Time to Enroll in Young
Living’s Essential Rewards Program
Get Healthy and Earn Income at the same time
• Earn 10%, 15%, 20% in Free products on
each shipment
• Enjoy reduced shipping and discounted
pricing on exclusive offers
• Never run out of Products
• Never miss a check
• Get Healthier Faster
• This is required if you are building your
$2000 bonus structure
On page 15 of the Young Living Product
Guide you will find fabulous Essential
Reward packages or create your own
package with great savings!
Now Let’s Plan Your Business
Kickoff Event
• Send out a written invitation or email
invitation to your personal contacts
(Request an R.S.V.P.)
• Follow-up with a phone call the
morning of your event (Mention that
space is limited and that their spot is
• Dress professional, be on time and
be prepared
• Serve water with essential oils or
NingXia Red and light healthy snacks
• Use this Power Point presentation at
your Event
Tools for a Successful Event
www.youngliving.com www.crowndiamondtools.com

NingXia Red Tear-Off Pad

By Marcella Von Harting
Item Code: YLB050 Expanding Your Young Living Success DVD/CD Set
by Teri Secrest
Item Code: YLK007

Code 3850
(10 pack)

Order your tools in plenty of Time before your Event

Tools for a Successful Event
www.abundanthealth4u.com www.crowndiamondtools.com

Embrace Success DVD/CD Set

by Teri Secrest and Cristina Campbell
Item Code: TBD

Order your tools in plenty of Time before your Event

“If I only have 5-10 hours a week
how can I best invest my time?”
• Become a product of the product by trying New Young
Living products every month and enjoy greater health
• Consider hosting 1 event a week (Your upline business
partner will train you how to do this event)
• Teach your 6 business partners how to host an event
• Use tools, such as email and Marketingscents.com, for
easy follow-up
• Enjoy great books before bed such as, MLM Magic by
Venus Andrecht or Endless Referrals by Bob Burg
“What is my next Step after
Earning my $2000 Bonus?”
• By the time you are earning your $2000 bonus you
will have some advertising dollars to invest back
into your business
• This is a good time to begin expanding your
marketing and try some new advertising ideas to
get your phones ringing
• Your upline team will help educate
you on how to explore new markets
Including magazine ads, radio ads,
Expos and internet marketing
We Invite you to own your own
Young Living business and
become part of our team!