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Does Revelation 17:12 Imply Nations with Kings?

Author Frank Nic.

Bazsika (c)2015

(Bing(c) photo map)

When the 'Beast' of Revelation comes into being from the present day European
Union will there only be '10 nations' giving their authority to the Beast? "And the ten horns
which you saw are ten kings, who have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings
one hour with the beast"(Rev.17:12). Many are waiting for the present European Union to
downsize to only 10 nations before acknowledging any personage as 'The Beast' (the
human leader) that will enqulf the earth in world war and begin 'The Tribulation'.
Adhering to this belief can cost them their physical and possibly eternal lives!

The Greek word translated 'kings' in Revelation 17 is (basileis), which

means kings, sovereignty or royal power. The word kingdom stems from the same root
word. A kingdom can consist of territory that crosses national borders and may include
peoples of different nationalities. 'Kings' could also imply such leaders with titles such as

(German) Reichsfuhrer, president, minister, potentate or any other title that connotes
authority to rule.
Since the coming resurrection of the old Babylonian system in the vista of the holy
Roman Empire will be a combination of state and church it may very well apply titles, or
names, from the official language of the church. The language of the church, as well as the
ancient Roman Empire, has always been Latin. What was the official title of the ruler of
Palestine when Christ walked the earth? The ruler was Pontius Pilate and he was Rome's
Prefect of Judea.
Now we see in verse 12 of Revelation 17 that these 'kings' gain authority, i.e., their
power, at the same time as the Beast obtains his. Verse 13 adds; "These have one mind, and
they shall give their power and strength unto the beast". What this pictures is a vast
reorganization of the current European Union. After this reorganization there will be a new
super power on the world scene,-a rebirth of the (holy) Roman Empire! Just what this
power will be called we do not know yet,-perhaps Nova Rome!
The Book of Daniel names this beast leader as the King of the North (Dan.11:40). If
we look at the second part of Dan.11:39 we see "..and he shall cause them to rule over many,
and they shall divide the land for gain". I believe that this verse describes the Beast as "he"
and the 10 kings as "them". And "he" and "them" as together "they" will gain territory
("land") for their kingdoms resulting in the resurrected Roman Empire. And remember all
the power and strength (as well as wealth we may add) of the 10 kings will be turned over
to the Beast as the supreme leader of this new European combine. The Beast will call the
shots and the other rulers will consent to his agenda ("one mind").
Some of the current nations of the European Union that are of the Lost 10 Tribes of
Israel will more than likely not be a part of the resulting reorganization of the new union.
That would include Britain, the Benelux countries, France, Denmark, Norway, etc.,.
However the final reality is that their lands will be a part of the new European entity as
they will be occupied by them! Hitler occupied many European states and made them a
part of his new Europe during WW2.
I believe these "lands" will be distributed to The 10 Kings! This occupation of the
lands of the lost 10 Tribes may occur prior to or after the reorganization,-it could also be
the reason for the reorganization itself!

So for those waiting for 10 nations of Europe to come on the scene to form this
revived Roman Empire may be watching but they are watching for the wrong event to take
place! Let us look at an earlier kingdom of Europe that was not centered on just one
nation. That was the Austro-Hungarian Empire leading up to the WW1 period. The
Habsburgs were the royal ruling family of a dual monarchy that included the kingdoms of
Austria and Hungary.
The Austro-Hungarian Empire was centered in central Europe,-but it included
lands of other nationalities like Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Croats, Germans, Magyars
(Hungarians), etc.,. Look at the map below of that Empire (kingdom),-this is an excellent
example of what may constitute the kingdom of one of the 10 kings of Revelation 17;-

(Bing(c) photo map)

Incidentally there are still members of the royal Habsburg family living today.
Perhaps one of these 10 kings will come from that family. But the point is that kingdoms
and kings do not always mean just a single nation of peoples!
So if you have been in error just looking for 10 nations to fulfill Biblical prophecy
now you can have a broader perspective of understanding revelation 17:12. Remember it
says kings and not nations!
See my chart related;- https://www.scribd.com/doc/24018749/Prophetic-Chart-DanielRevelation