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Class Prophecy 2010

Joy: On July 01,2020 few days before I go to Texas For a seminar on Latest Eye Care
Breakthroughs at The Eye Care Center of America I decided to drop by at Japan to
buy a laptop for my mother as a gift for her birthday. When I was on the plane, I
noticed the Time magazine and I was captivated by the front page with a caption of
Successful Singer-Nurses, As I turn it’s pages, I was shocked to know that the
singer-nurses are my former classmates in nursing at Christ the King College namely
that the profits of their concerts goes to six charity organizations founded by the
successful nurses namely MELROSE RONTOS that helps the orphans; JUNBELLE
DAGUMAN that owns a big charity hospital in Calbayog City; SARAH JEAN CABER
- a founder of a Christian organization; RICARDA CANGAYAO with her co-founder
CERNA RUTH CRUZ of the Home for the aged at California; QUEENCEE MARIE
OMELGO who is also a freelance photographer and a psychologist in France,
JOVINA TAN who is also the chef of her own restaurant near a beach in Paris and
ROSALIE ANN PALOMA with their Franciscan Youth Charity; and JENELLE
BALASBAS as the president of Skida Foundation for the Poor with her cliques who
render their full support to the organization. As I go on reading, I end up in the
classified ads section and AHA! Just exactly what I’ve been looking for, a computer
company that offers high-end computers and gadgets. I scribbled the location of
the said company and didn’t notice that the plane had already landed.
I hurriedly rode a cab.
When I entered the computer company, while scanning some laptops on a touch-
screen catalogue, someone approached me and asked…
Rio: Konbawa! We have this newest model of laptop, would you like to see it?
Joy: Oh sure!
Rio: J-Joy Jara?
Joy: Yes. You know me?
Rio: Can’t you remember me?
Joy:, I’m really sorry but who are you?
Rio: Ha-ha-ha, it’s me the beautiful and sexy Rio.
Joy: Rio Bautista? The shumboka of BSN4 batch 2010?…ha ha ha ha
Do you own this company?
Rio: Yes.
Joy: How can you manage your time? A nurse and a businessman?
Rio: Joy, haven’t you remember what our clinical instructor said “ Flexibility is real
Joy: Ah! You really put into your heart what our clinical instructors had taught us.
Rio: How about you, what’s keeping you busy?
Joy: Well I’m now the nurse supervisor of St. Paul Hospital in Ilo-Ilo city as well as a
business partner of my mom and just last week I was one of the guest speakers on
a seminar at CKC organized by the dean of College of Nursing who is AZAD
ROQUE and now I’m planning to buy a laptop for my mother and after that I’ll be
going to Texas for a seminar at The Eye Care Center of America.
Rio: Really?! Did you know that MARIA NEZE DALIMOCON work there as a company
nurse and she’s already married with her fiancé and they already have 4 kids?
Joy: Really?! That’s good news.
Rio: (excited) And just last night when I was turning on F TV, the creations of Rosalie
Ann Paloma and ANN-JILL DINEROS were featured as the best fashion
statements of the year.
Joy: Oh! That’s wonderful. You know I really admire our batch mates, aside from being
successful nurses they can still pursue another career and manage to be one of the
successful business tycoons in different countries and to top it all as I have read
from Time magazine Ricarda also founded a charity institution.
Rio: Fabulous! Still remember GILYN CHRISTINE NUEVO?
Joy: Yes of course, the aspiring nun of our batch.
Rio: Exactly! Guess what, she’s not anymore just an aspirant; her dream is already
fulfilled and is now a nurse-nun at Assisi, Italy.
Joy: That’s great to hear. And do you remember ASILA COSTELO, our “beauty
consultant” during our 4th year? She now owns the AC Cosmetics, a well-known
cosmetic company in the Philippines. Her supplier is ROBERTA MAE ESPIA, the
owner of BamLabs, Inc. in Florida. And because Asila is also a nurse, she is concern
about the health of the consumers that’s why she works hand-in-hand with RYAN
TERGA who is a Cosmetic Surgeon and with the proficient dermatologist,
MELCHORA YAUDER who is also a Red Cross volunteer.
Rio: Speaking of Red Cross volunteer, LUCILLE RAZ is also one of them and she’s the
only woman in region 8 of the Philippines to be entitled as a gallooner in blood
donation. She’s still single and founded a support group for women who have
unexpected pregnancies.
Joy: That’s nice. Ah! I forgot to tell you JULIE ANN BARANDINO and JASON
JUNTILLA works as a staff nurse in the AC hospital exclusively for the oppressed
sector in Calbayog city which is established and directed by Asila with APPLE
LINDE as the chief nurse and KRISTINE BOSQUE as the psychologist-consultant
who owns a ranch house in Tagaytay.
Rio: Oh! Jason? I’ve heard that he’s already married with 2 kids and he’s the author of
the best-seller book entitled “How to Live a Simple Life”.
Joy: Books? I’ve just finished reading “Arrogant Love” of PAOLO ANGELO GALANG
and did you know that he established the Smokers Anonymous which help people to
quit smoking and during his spare time, he performs at Hardrock Café.
Rio: So at last his dream of being a rock star is already fulfilled. Ehm, How about
Shaira? I haven’t heard from her since the past two years.
Joy: Oh! Haven’t you heard from CNN? MA. FATIMA SHAIRA ADONA is now a
renowned nurse-environmentalist as well as a talent youth advocate. In Fact I
bumped with her at the airport this morning, she told me that she just came from
Rio: In Greece? So probably she met MARIBELLE ENCOMIO there because she’s
working as an OR nurse in one of the prestigious hospital.
Joy: Yah! Shaira told me that and I have seen from 24 Oras Patrol, MAE ALLEQUIR
has topped the Diplomat and Fellowship exam and St. Luke’s Hospital has hired her.
Rio: That’s very good news. Wanna hear another one?
Joy: Sure.
Rio: PRELL LUDA has this hospital for the poor where SARAH SELENCIO, JANE
staff nurses and in Lomalinda Adventist Medical Center, LARAINE JOR DELE
CERNA works as a nurse-anesthetist.
Joy: Hey! Remember Elinor, the reigning Ms. Basay?
Rio: Yah, ELINOR PACAANAS, what about her?
Joy: She, with her 2 adopted children. Is now residing in London and works as a head
nurse with KELLY DELA CRUZ as the chief nurse of a hospital there.
Rio: Ei, JOMAEL RAMOS is also a chief nurse but in Gandara hospital and he’s also a
pastor of their church and LUDWIG ERICK ZOSA is now a military nurse.
Joy: Yah! Just last month he opened his new pharmacy. Before I forgot, I wanna ask
you what bank it’s good to open an account, since you’re a businessman, I know that
you can recommend me to a trustworthy bank.
Rio: Sure am, try to open an account in Banco de Orient. It is owned by JOVIELYN
BESO with her consultants MELODY RODILLAS and MAY ROSE LADROMA both
were CPA top notchers.
Joy: Oh, that’s good to know, I’ll surely open an account in that bank. But how about
their nursing career?
Rio: Oh, they’re successful nurses too, in fact they’re working at AC Hospital, Jovielyn
as the Head Nurse, Melody and May Rose as nurse supervisors.
Joy: Ah (nodding). Another thing Rio, I want to organize the upcoming birthday of my
mom, can you help me find a venue?
Rio: Perfect! I know one the Farmvilla Hacienda of Dr. APRILEE BHY BAYOG. I’ve
been there once and it was fantastic.
Joy: Great! Do you have her contact number? Can I have it?
Rio: Sure… 09… (iwhisper nala)
Joy: Thanks. Uhm I remember that Jovina is a chef, I would be very honored to taste
her palatable food but still I need some more.
because aside from being nurses they’re also successful chefs of their own
restaurants. Don’t you need a photographer to capture the once in a lifetime
moment of your mom?
Joy: I already called Queencee she will be the official photographer of the party.
Rio: I was about to recommend her to you, but it’s nice that you’ve already arranged an
appointment with her.
Joy: (Looked at her wristwatch) Rio, I will be leaving in two hours for Texas, I would
like to see the laptop that you’ve told me.
Rio: Sure let me show you.

Script written by:

DALIMOCON, Maria Neze E.
OMELGO, Queencee Marie G.
TAN, Jovina R.