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1. If the optimistic estimate for an activity is 12 days, and the

pessimistic estimate is 18 days, what is the standard deviation of
this activity?
A. 1
B. 1.3
c. 6
D .3
2. During the define activities process for the subdivision
development project, the project manager and his team are
determining the tools and techniques they will utilize. Of the
following, which tools and techniques are available?
A. Activity lists, decomposition, rolling wave planning ,expert
judgment, and templates
B. Rolling wave planning, activity lists ,expert judgment ,and
C. Decomposition, templates ,rolling wave planning, and expert
D. Expert judgment, rolling wave planning, and decomposition.
3 You are the project manager for a new project that has four
levels in the work
breakdown structure. The network diagram and duration
estimates have been determined and a schedule has been
developed and compressed. Which time management process
should you do NEXT?
A. Control Schedule.
B. Estimate Activity Resources.
C. Analogously estimate the schedule.
D. Gain approval.
4. An activity has an early start (ES) of day 3, a late start (LS) of
day 13, an early finish (EF) of day 9, and a late finish (LF) of day
19. The activity:
A. Is on the critical path.
B. Has a lag.
C. Is progressing well.
D. Is not on the critical path.
5. During the project to construct a gymnasium for a pre-school
age children, the project manager and his team are identifying
leads and lags. What is an example of a lag?
A. The latest padding for equipment can be ordered from the
manufacturer without delaying the project.
B. The time between ordering the equipment and installing it

C. A delay after installation of rubberized flooring, allowing the

adhesive to thoroughly dry before adding the equipment and
D. The earliest the equipment can be ordered from the

6. The city has approved an initiative to revitalize its

downtown area. One of the initiatives project is the
construction of an aquatic center that will service all age
groups. The project manager and his team are performing
the estimate activity duration process. Which tools and
techniques are available for their use?
A. Parametric estimation, analogous estimating, three -point
estimates, and reserve analysis
B. Reserve analysis, three point estimates, analogous estimating,
parametric estimating, and expert judgment.
C. Three point estimates, reserve analysis, analogous estimating,
parametric estimating, and Parkinsons Law.
D. Parkinsons law, analogous estimating, parametric estimating,
reserve analysis, three point estimates, and expert judgment
7. There five team members working on the project to
update the e-cyclopedia. Currently the project is five weeks
behind schedule with three team members dedicated to the
completion of critical path activities. Of the following which
represent the slack of the critical path?
A. Five weeks
B. Not enough information
C. 0(zero)
D. Negative five weeks
8. You are the project manager on a defense project and are
creating a net work diagram. Activity A(7 days) and activity
B( 12 Days)can start immediately. Activity C (3 days) can
start after activity A is complete .Activity D ( 4days) and
activity F (3 Days) can start after activity B is complete.
Activity E (5days) can start after Activity C and activity D are
complete. Activity G (6 days) can start after activity D and
activity F are complete. When Activity E and Activity g are
complete, the project is done. What is the critical path?

9. Using the original network diagram question, what is the
slack of activity F?

Two days
One day
Four days
Not enough information.

10. The project to upgrade the SQL reports will be two

weeks behind schedule based on the project managers
decision to wait until the newly hired operations manager
has had a chance to review existing reports and make her
preferences known before resuming the project. This is an
example of what?

Peripheral dependency
External dependency
Mandatory dependency
Discretionary dependency

11. A team member approaches you with a change that could cut
your schedule down by a
month. What is the first thing you should do?
A. Write up a change request and see if you can get it approved
B. Make the change; its going to save time and nobody will want the
project to take longer
than it should
C. Figure out the impact on the scope of the work and the cost before you
write up the change
D. Tell the team member that youve already communicated the deadline
for the project, so
you cant make any changes now
1 2. You are managing a software engineering project. Your team
is having trouble completing their object design tasks. One of
your team members tells you that her friend at another company
sent her a copy of a software package they own that will help
your team meet its deadline. Without that software package, your
project will probably be late. But you dont have enough money in
the budget to purchase it. Whats the BEST way to handle this

A. Tell the team member not to use the software, and accept that the
project will be late
B. Use the software so that your project comes in on time
C. Purchase the software so that you have a licensed copy
D. Tell the team member that you need to maintain plausible deniability,
so she should just do whats necessary and not tell you about it
13. You have just been authorized to manage a new project for
your company. Which of the following BEST describes your first
A. Create the work breakdown structure
B. Develop the project management plan
C. Start working on the project charter
D. Figure out who has a stake in the project
14. Which of the following are NOT all examples of project
A. Scope Baseline, Project Funding Requirements, Stakeholder
B. Activity List, Stakeholder Register, Teaming Agreements
C. Forecasts, Risk Register, Quality Metrics
D. Basis of Estimates, Resource Requirements, Statement of Work
15. Which of the following are valid ways to breakdown the work
in a WBS?
A. By risk or quality metric
B. By product feature or unit of work
C. By project phase or project deliverable
D. By charge code or initial estimate
16. Which of the following is an output of Direct and Manage
Project Execution?
A. Work Performance Information
B. Statement of Work
C. Approved Change Requests
D. Contract
17. You recently took over the assignment for a project. The
project charter has been developed. What is an appropriate next
step for you?36
A. Develop the risk register.
B. Develop the project milestone schedule.
C. Develop management plans.
D. Get approval for the project management plan.

18. During project planning, you estimate the time needed for
each activity and then add up the estimates to create the
project estimate. You commit to complete the project on this
date. What is wrong with this scenario?
A. The team did not create the estimate, and estimating takes too
long using that method.
B. The team did not create the estimate, and a network diagram was
not used.
C. The estimate is too long and should be created by management.
D. The project estimate should be the same as the customer's
required completion date.
19. Crashing describes a technique to speed up a project by
A. reallocating existing resources or assigning additional resources to
the project.
B. overlapping activities which were originally planned to be done in
C. reducing the number of features of the product in order to reduce
development work.
D. reducing the duration estimates for activities to increase the
pressure applied to the staff.

20. During execution of a project, you observe that the

performance of some of your team members is dropping, while
others are doing a consistently good job. What should you try
first to bring the team as a whole back to performance?
A. Organize a team meeting and discuss openly the bad performance
of the weak team members. Try to find a joint solution during the
B. Introduce a competitive incentive system with a bonus for the 20%
of your team which is performing better than the other 80%.
C. Do not interfere, but allow the team some time to organize itself
and sort the problem out by low-level conflict management.
D. Introduce a system of formal and informal performance appraisals,
research causes for bad performance and solicit mutual feedback.