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Principle of Beneficence

-The practice of doing acts of

goodness, kindness and charity.

In these two pictures above shows how principle of beneficence has

been applied during the old times and the present. First was the
famous Bayanihan of Filipinos, which they wholeheartedly offer their
help to carry a kubo for their fellow countrymen. And the other one
was a community service, which serves as a help of the volunteers to
maintain the cleanliness of one place. They have this one
characteristic in common; they dont expect anything in return. For
charity sees the need, not the cause.

Principle of Autonomy
-Sense of practicing
your self-freedom to
choose and takes
responsibility for that
The doctor said to the patient that he needs
Principle of Justice
to undergo operation to prevent the
continuous spreading of the cancer cells in his
Rendering what is due
body. But the problem was, he is not capable
for any kind of operation because he has a
heart disease.


After people died there will always

be a fair and equal judgment. This
judgment will tell where you are
destined to go after living your life

Principle of Double Effect

in this world. Either go home in

or go and
Holy and
in .
Heaven Himself will judge us.
Technologies especially computers
now a days are best examples that
gives double effects specifically to
the students. They will learn to
research for their assignments or
projects but they may also begin
to copy their homework from the
internet instead of paraphrasing it.

Giving your life to God

and letting Him to rule
over you are the best
ways for us to
understand why we
need to keep the life
that God gave to us as
well as integrity of our
whole body. Act as

Principle of Totality
Preserve the modesty of

Principle of Stewardship
Person is the caretaker
of his/her body, but no one.

Eating nutritious food like fruits and vegetables

regularly is a good example on how we can maintain
ourselves good and has a sound mind and a sound
body. We need to be gentle with our mind, be honest
to our life, be true to our heart and be kind to our

Principle of Inviolability
Of life
God gave our lives. He is the
only one who has complete
control over life until He takes
it back from us.

Every mans life is a fairytale

written by Gods finger thats why
even in the hardest times or in
critical situations, our only duty is
to take care of our life and never
let anyone to take it from us. For
Him, He will take it on His right

Principle of Sexuality and

Marriage before sex

We should know that sex is not a

daily necessity or for mens ego.
We dont need sex to make us
feel we are the person we need
to be. We dont need it like water
and food to live. For it requires
preparedness and love for unison
and companionship.

Principle of Cooperation
Direct/Indirect participation
in the welfare of ones self or
others to produce particular
There is no such thing as a
self-made man. There is no
such group without
cooperation. You will reach
your goals only with the help
of others and if you want to
be exponentially better; be

Principle of Solidarity
Think for the
common good of all.

Having the heart and courage to save your fellow

of Veracity
from war and suffering is what our brave
soldiers always have for us. They lay their lives just to

of truth
the peace in our country and to keep us safe from
News Anchors and Newspaper
writers should always tell
factual information that gives
truthful knowledge among the
people about what are the
current happenings that
happens especially if its about
the country.

Principle of Confidentiality
Importance of privacy, selfincrimination and

Some things are meant to be

secret and personally kept
without letting anyone to
know it but yourself alone.
There are some moments by
yourself that you can keep
and cherish forever quietly.

Principle of Fidelity
Importance of loyalty and faithfulness of ones
obligation and promise.

Marriage is one of the most sacred ceremonies that people

could experience. It is a sacrament that God Himself will
bless you as couples. It requires loyalty and faithfulness to
your spouse until death will set you apart. Even in
committing yourself to be a friend or a best friend to
someone. We should always put in our heart and mind that
this friendship should be a responsibility to uphold and
never an opportunity to break.

Lyceum Northwestern University

(13 Bioethical Principles)

Submitted to:
Mr. Harret Bauzon
Submitted by:
May D. Isidro