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The Truth About

Many people need to avoid fluoride altogether to preserve their health. We know
this because scientists in government agencies have documented it extensively.
Symptoms of So why do they continue to add it to over 75% of public water supplies in the US?
Fluoride And how can they claim that it is safe and “optimal” when one person may drink
1 cup of water a day and another may drink 1 gallon of water a day?
Toxicity: The U.S. Public Health Service reported in 1991 that people living in cities with
“optimal” water fluoridation can easily receive a total daily fluoride exposure ex-
 Increased lead ceeding 6.5 mg … more than 600% higher than the “optimal” amount. And water
absorption is the first item on the list. Fluoride is also found in:

 Hyperactivity  Toothpaste
 Mouthwash
 Disrupted synthesis of  Dental Treatments
collagen  Soft Drinks and Juice
 Commercially raised fruits & vegetables
 Lethargy  Processed and canned food, wine, beer, coffee and tea
 Decreases immune And that’s just to name a few—not to mention increasing fluorine pollution in the
function environment.
 Muscle Disorders
 Arthritis
Pros and Cons of Fluoride
Fluoride is more toxic than lead and nearly as toxic as arsenic according to the
 Dementia
Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products 5th Edition, 1984). It is NOT an essential
 Bone Cancer nutrient. The fluoride added to your drinking water is in fact a chemical waste
(Osteosarcoma) product that was classified as a toxic waste in this country for years. In fact, not
too long ago its only approved uses were as an insecticide and a RAT POISON!
 Bone Fractures
The biological effect of fluoride on living tissue is the disruption of enzyme activity,
 Lowered thyroid including the enzymes that maintain life in the cells of the human body. Fluoride is
function an endocrine disruptor that was used for decades in Europe as a drug to treat
overactive thyroid by depressing thyroid function. Alarmingly, the dosage once
 Brain Damage
prescribed to reduce thyroid activity is about the same amount ingested by peo-
 Damages Sperms ple in many communities today.

 Increases Infertility Healthy kidneys are able to clear less than 50% of the fluoride taken into the body,
and kidneys are prone to damage in the fluoride-filtering process. Fluoride is bone
 Increases tumor and -seeking, and fluoride that is not excreted by the kidneys accumulates primarily in
cancer rate the bones, never to leave. Does it make any sense to surround the bone marrow,
the blood factories of the body, with a toxic element more deadly than lead?
 Genetic Damage
So why is fluoride hyped up to be this life-saving nutrient that we all should get?
 Inhibits formation of Dentists have been recommending fluoride treatments, fluoridated toothpastes
antibodies and mouthwash for years to prevent cavities. Interestingly enough, there are no
 Cell Death scientifically-valid tests to prove this theory for safety and effectiveness. Fluoride
was never the answer to tooth decay and new testing is proving that the areas of
 Inactivation of over 60 the world without fluoride are showing the same rates of tooth decay as fluori-
enzymes dated areas.
However, all over the world the rate of dental cavities has fallen dramatically in
Visit www.holisticmed.com/ developed countries, even though most have never added fluoride components
fluoride for more information to their water. The common factor seems to be better nutrition and higher health
research on fluoride toxicity. standards.
Government Alert:
Several Groups at High Risk for Fluoride Toxicity
BABIES: In November 2006, the American Dental Association (ADA) announced
that babies up to 1 year of age should avoid fluoridated water because they are
at high risk of developing dental fluorosis—a defect of tooth development that Alternatives to
can result in staining, pitting, and corrosion of the enamel. In fact, both the ADA Avoid Fluoride Toxicity:
and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommend that infants not receive
fluoride due to its toxic nature. The recommendation goes as far as using non- Try these safe, natural alterna-
fluoridated water to make formula. tives that can be found at
CHILDREN: That same month The Lancet reported that fluoride may damage a Optimal Wellness Center.
child’s development brain. The article described fluoride as an “emerging neuro-  Use toothpaste free of
toxic substance” because of evidence linking fluoride exposure to lower IQs in
fluoride—especially kids!
children and brain damage in animals.
We love SPRY!
In 1993, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) listed several
groups of people at high risk for fluoride toxicity. Below are excerpts from the
 Use fluoride-free/non-
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, April 1993:
alcohol based mouthwash
“Existing data indicate that subsets of the population may be unusually suscepti-
SPRY makes a fantastic
ble to the toxic effects of fluoride and its compounds. These populations include
mouth wash, too!
the elderly, people with deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, and/or vitamin C,
and people with cardiovascular and kidney problems. Because fluoride is ex-
 Never drink tap water—
creted through the kidney, people with renal insufficiency would have impaired
renal clearance of fluoride (renal clearance means how well the kidneys are able Invest in a water purifica-
to do their job and filter the body’s blood). tion system for your home.
“Impaired renal clearance of fluoride has also been found in people with diabetes Removing fluoride from tap
water at home is not simple.
mellitus and cardiac insufficiency ...People over the age of 50 often have de-
Investing in a reverse osmosis,
creased renal fluoride clearance…Postmenopausal women and elderly men in
fluoridated communities may also be at increased risk of fractures.” distiller, or alkalizing filter is
highly recommended for all
and a requirement for those
on the high risk list. Most bot-
tled water and inexpensive
filters (Brita) do not remove
fluoride from the water.

 Eat organic foods and

The fluoride being added Organic produce is grown
water being added to
is actually without the use of pesticides
our water is actually toxic
sludge scraped from
scraped from the
that contain fluoride.

the smokestack filters

smokestack filters of
of the  Avoid processed foods
the American
American industry!?
industry!? and sugar to avoid cava-
ties and decay.
They cause high acidity in the
body and break down bone
(in the teeth and the skele-
ton!) Especially sodas, juices,
FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT and chewy, sticky candy.

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