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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

117 / Monday, June 20, 2005 / Notices 35455

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Mississippi engaged in production of U.S. Headquarters, a subsidiary of Creo,

men’s trouser samples was denied Inc., New York, New York.
Employment and Training because the ‘‘contributed importantly’’ The petitioning group of workers is
Administration group eligibility requirement of section covered by an active certification, (TA–
[TA–W–57,078] 222 of the Trade Act of 1974 was not W–55,607A) which expires on April 5,
met, nor was there a shift in production
2007. Consequently, further
Allied Bias Products; Jersey City, NJ; from that firm to a foreign country. The
investigation in this case would serve
Notice of Termination of Investigation investigation revealed that the
preponderance in employment declines no purpose, and the investigation has
Pursuant to section 221 of the Trade is attributed to a domestic shift in been terminated.
Act of 1974, as amended, an production of men’s trouser samples. Signed at Washington, DC this 1st day of
investigation was initiated on April 29, In the request for reconsideration, the June 2005.
2005, in response to a petition filed by petitioner alleges that the layoffs at the Elliott S. Kushner,
a state agency representative on behalf subject firm are attributable to an
of workers at Allied Bias Products, Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
increase in imports of men’s trouser Adjustment Assistance.
Jersey City, New Jersey. samples.
The petitioner has requested that the [FR Doc. E5–3173 Filed 6–17–05; 8:45 am]
A company official was contacted
petition be withdrawn. Consequently, regarding the above allegations. The
further investigation would serve no company official confirmed what was
purpose the investigation has been revealed during the initial investigation.
In particular, the official stated that
Signed at Washington, DC, this 2nd day of even though the subject firm has been Employment and Training
June, 2005. importing a small portion of men’s Administration
Linda G. Poole, trouser samples, domestic production of
Certifying Officer, Division of Trade men’s trouser samples have not
Adjustment Assistance. declined during the relevant time [TA–W–56,674]
[FR Doc. E5–3171 Filed 6–17–05; 8:45 am] period. Furthermore, the official stated
CTS Corporation; CTS
BILLING CODE 4510–30–P that the same amount of pant samples
Communications Components, Inc.,
that were produced at the subject
facility are now produced at another Including On-Site Leased Workers of
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR domestic facility. Excel and Spherion Albuquerque, New
Mexico; Dismissal of Application for
Employment and Training Conclusion Reconsideration
Administration After review of the application and
investigative findings, I conclude that Pursuant to 29 CFR 90.18(C) an
there has been no error or application for administrative
Block Corporation; Amory, MS; Notice misinterpretation of the law or of the reconsideration was filed with the
of Negative Determination Regarding facts which would justify Director of the Division of Trade
Application for Reconsideration reconsideration of the Department of Adjustment Assistance for workers at
Labor’s prior decision. Accordingly, the CTS Corporation, CTS Communications
By application of May 16, 2005 a application is denied. Components, Inc., including on-site
petitioner requested administrative leased workers of Excel and Spherion,
reconsideration of the Department’s Signed at Washington, DC, this 7th day of
June, 2005. Albuquerque, New Mexico. The
negative determination regarding
Elliott S. Kushner, application contained no new
eligibility for workers and former
Certifying Officer, Division of Trade substantial information which would
workers of the subject firm to apply for
Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Adjustment Assistance. bear importantly on the Department’s
Alternative Trade Adjustment [FR Doc. E5–3168 Filed 6–17–05; 8:45 am] determination. Therefore, dismissal of
Assistance (ATAA). The denial notice BILLING CODE 4510–30–P the application was issued.
was signed on April 27, 2005 and TA–W–56,674; CTS Corporation, CTS
published in the Federal Register on Communications Components, Inc.,
May 16, 2005 (70 FR 25859). DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Including On-Site Leased Workers of
Pursuant to 29 CFR 90.18(c) Excel and Spherion, Albuquerque, New
reconsideration may be granted under Employment and Training Mexico (June 7, 2005).
the following circumstances: Administration
Signed at Washington, DC, this 8th day of
(1) If it appears on the basis of facts [TA–W–57,158] June 2005.
not previously considered that the
Timothy Sullivan,
determination complained of was Creo Americas, Inc., U.S.
erroneous; Director, Division of Trade Adjustment
Headquarters, a Subsidiary of Creo,
(2) If it appears that the determination Assistance.
Inc.; Billerica, MA; Located in New
complained of was based on a mistake [FR Doc. E5–3165 Filed 6–17–05; 8:45 am]
York, NY; Notice of Termination of
in the determination of facts not Investigation BILLING CODE 4510–30–P
previously considered; or
(3) If in the opinion of the Certifying Pursuant to section 221 of the Trade
Officer, a misinterpretation of facts or of Act of 1974, as amended, an
the law justified reconsideration of the investigation was initiated on May 12,
decision. 2005 in response to a worker petition
The TAA petition, filed on behalf of filed by a State agency representative on
workers at Block Corporation, Amory, behalf of workers at Creo Americas, Inc.,

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