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0 D&D- Dark Folks campaign supplement

Optional Character Races
Half-Dwarf (adumark)
Personality- The adumark try to fit into whatever society they live in. Their eagerness to conform often
leads them to be more gruff and reserved than a full-blooded dwarf or as outgoing and adventurous (and
with little respect for the past) as the most daring humans.
Physical Description- Half-dwarves typically stand from 5- 5 ft tall and weigh from 125-250 lbs. They
most closely resemble stocky humans. Their skin is usually light brown, though they typically take their
eye color from the human parent. They are considered to be adults around 25 yrs old and can live to be over
200 yrs old.
Relations- Half-dwarves get along best with humans, dwarves and hobgoblins. They can tolerate gnomes
and halflings but think of them as weak and fragile children. If raised in the dwarven fashion, they tend to
distrust elves.
Alignment- Most likely to be LN or CG though evil half-dwarves are also possible.
Languages- Common, Dwarven and Merchant's Tongue.
Adventurers- Half-dwarf adventurers are rare, but those who do choose to leave the safety of their
homelands are most often clerics. Classes such as bards, druids, sorcerers, wizards and fighter subclasses
are less common but not unknown. Because of their innate clumsiness, they almost never become monks,
rogues or rangers.
Racial Traits +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity. Growing up as a child of two frequently warring races brings half-dwarves
greater understanding of the world, though their bodies are often awkward to manipulate, like a human
child still going through puberty.
Medium. Base land speed is 25 ft. However, their speed in not reduced even when carrying a light,
medium or heavy load or wearing light, medium or heavy armor.
Darkvision 60ft.
Dwarf Blood.
+1 racial bonus on saving throws versus poisons.
+1 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects.
+1 racial bonus on Appraise and Craft checks that are related to stone or metal.
Favored Class- cleric.
Half-Mountain Dwarf (rurmok)- Same as above, but with no stonecunning, an Appraise check that focuses
on metal items instead of stone, and a +1 racial bonus to Wilderness Lore (Survival) checks.
Half-Stone Dwarf (durovar)- All same as above , but with a +1 racial bonus when using Hide, Move
Silently or Search underground and a +2 racial bonus on Craft checks related to stone. All half-stone
dwarves get the Ambidexterity feat for free.
Half-Githzerai (haragitu)
Personality- Regardless of which parent raises them, half-githzerai tend to be silent and serious, keeping
their own counsel, reclusive of other races.
Physical Description- Half-githzerai have thin, muscular bodies with angular facial features and small
noses. The skin has a slightly yellow tinge, the overall effect making them appear sickly. They stand around
6- 6 ft tall and weigh in around 160 lbs. Eyes tend to be gray or a peculiar shade of light yellow or green.
They have a life span slightly longer than a normal human.
Relations- Half-githzerai get along with no one well, though they tend to feel more comfortable around
gray elves, whose similar height and serious attitude makes them feel less different than among humans.
Due to their githzerai parent's strong influence, they also favor the company of monks of any race.
Alignment- Half-githzerai try to avoid questions of ethics, focusing instead on the principles of order and
chaos. Hence, they are mostly neutral in part.
Languages- Common, Githzerai and Merchant's Tongue.
Adventurers- Half-githzerai favor the life of a monk (particularly among sects that value privacy), fighter or
sorcerer. However, as a race, they are quite versatile and can be found among many other classes as well.
Racial Traits +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution. As the offspring of an outsider and a human, half-githzerai have light,

agile bodies. However, their weak blood gives them less health and stamina with a greater susceptibility
to diseases and toxins.
Medium. Base land speed is 30 ft.
Spell Resistance- A half-githzerai has spell resistance equal to 2 + 1 per character level.
Outsider Blood. For all special abilities, magic item usage and other effects, half-githzerai are
considered outsiders.
Favored Class- monk.

Personality- Half-gnolls are ambitious, brutal, chaotic and untrustworthy, traits often common to both of
their parents. They prefer solitude to the tribal life of gnolls or the human community, and speak little. They
prefer to let their actions speak for them.
Physical Description- Half-gnolls stand about 6 to 7 ft tall and commonly weigh from 180- 220 lbs. Their
skin is dark, with a brown or black mane-like head of hair. Their bodies are often quite hairy or covered
with a thin coat of fur. They also have wide, pointed ears on each side of their menacing face. They are
considered adults at age 10 and can live to be up to 70 yrs old. Most half-gnolls are male and all are sterile.
They only reproduce when a full-blooded gnoll mates with a female human.
Relations- Half-gnolls raised by a gnoll tribe will be as savage and bloodthirsty as any gnoll. The usual
temporary alliances they make are with bugbears, hobgoblins, ogres, orcs and trolls, and are inevitably
temporary. If raised by their human parent, half-gnolls will dislike most other humanoids. Regardless of
parentage, half-gnolls are most often found allying themselves with half-hobgoblins, half-ogres, half-orcs
and half-trolls.
Alignment- Almost always Chaotic with most being Evil. If raised by the human parent, half-gnolls with
other characteristics (good and neutral) can occasionally be found. Of course, since the human parent is
unlikely to be the one in charge, such half-gnolls are very rare. Regardless of parentage, Lawful half-gnolls
are almost unheard of.
Languages- Common, Gnoll.
Adventurers- Because of their tribal and animalistic nature, and their need for solitude, half-gnolls who are
adventurers typically become rangers. Other common adventurer types are barbarians, fighters and rogues.
Other classes are uncommon, and wizards and sorcerers are extremely rare. A half-gnoll never becomes a
Racial Traits +2 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Though strong, half-gnolls have a definite bestial streak with
an accompanying lack of intelligence.
Medium. Base land speed is 30 ft.
Darkvision 60 ft.
Gnoll Blood.
+1 racial bonus to Listen and Spot checks.
Favored Class- ranger.
Half-Gnome (shirazi)
Personality- Half-gnomes are curious, adventurous and light-hearted. They are quite possibly the most
adaptable of all the half-human races.
Physical Description- Half-gnomes stand from 4 to 4 ft tall and commonly weight from 70- 75 lbs. Even
with their slightly larger than normal ears, eyes and noses, half-gnomes are often mistaken for unusually
short humans. Their skin is a light or medium tan, their hair is usually brown or black and their eyes are
often a sea-green color. Half-gnomes reach maturity around age 25 and can live to be over 200 years old.
Relations- Half-gnomes get along well with almost everyone, though they favor the company of gnomes
and humans first, followed by half-elves, halflings, full elves and dwarves. Half-gnomes can easily tolerate
hobgoblins though they greatly dislike orcs of all kinds.
Alignment- Half-gnomes can be of any alignment, though good aligned are more common than evil.
Neutral outnumbers chaotic, though chaotic outnumbers lawful.
Languages- Common, Gnome and Merchant's Tongue.
Adventurers- Half-gnomes are most likely to adventure as a means of satisfying their curiosity about the
world. They generally become bards, wizards (specifically illusionists), sorcerers, rangers or rogues. Other

classes are potential, if less likely, options. Clerics, druids, monks and barbarians are very rare.
Racial Traits +2 Wisdom. -2 Strength. Due to their small size, half-gnomes are not as strong as a full-blooded human.
Medium. Base land speed is 25 ft (15 ft in medium or heavy armor).
Low-Light Vision.
Gnome Blood.
+1 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions.
+1 racial bonus on Listen and Craft (alchemy) checks.
Favored Class- bard.
Half-Forest Gnomes (shinamar)- Same as above, but 6 taller and darker skinned. Also a +1 racial bonus to
Diplomacy checks instead of Listen checks, and a favored class of rogue.
Half-Deep Gnomes (shimyth)- Same as above, but with darker skin, a +1 racial bonus to Fortitude saves
against poison instead of Listen checks, a bonus language of Undercommon and a favored class of fighter.
Half-Goblin (fieri)
Personality- Half-goblins are often hateful of their own existence, and strive to prove themselves to others.
Among goblins, this means that the half-goblin will be quite outgoing and vicious. They often end up
starting their own tribe. A half-goblin raised by humans, however, tends to be somewhat shy, inquisitive
and principled. Both have their own personal code of conduct (good or bad) that they live by.
Physical Description- Half-goblins are between 4 to 4 ft tall and weigh from 60- 70 lbs. Their height
comes from their human side, yet they are almost always scrawny and thin. In spite of their height, a
crouching posture posture often makes them look slightly smaller than they are. Their skin color is that of
their human parent, but with a strong orange or red tint. Their eyes can be light green, light brown or
yellow. Their goblin blood also gives them broad noses, slightly pointed ears and a sloped forehead. They
are considered adults at age 15 and can live to be around 80 yrs old.
Relations- Half-goblins spend most of their time with goblins or humans, depending on the culture that
raised them. They avoid hobgoblins, who automatically treat them as inferior. They do, however, share a
bond with half-hobgoblins and even half-orcs. They dislike gnomes and halflings.
Alignment- Though LE is a common trend, individual half-goblins can be of any alignment. Their human
parentage contributes to an individuality that makes them hard to predict.
Languages- Common, Goblin.
Adventurers- Half-goblins are natural adventurers, rarely staying long in one place. Too often they find
themselves a reviled outsider or, at best, an exotic curiosity. A half-goblin's speed makes it an excellent
rogue. Half-goblin barbarians come from young half-goblins left in the wild to fend for themselves at a
very young age. Other possible classes include fighter, ranger, wizard or sorcerer.
Racial Traits +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength OR +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma. All half-goblins are agile and
quick, though some are blessed with greater physical power (than a normal goblin), while others are
wiser and more attractive.
Medium. Base land speed is 25 ft (15 ft in medium or heavy armor).
Darkvision 60 ft.
Goblin Blood.
+1 racial bonus to Reflex saves.
Favored Class- rogue.
Half-Satyr (vrastand)
Personality- Half-satyrs are mostly serious minded, though the mischievous side of their personality often
appears at the least likely of times. This seriousness likely comes from the hardships and taunting they
suffered in their youth and adolescence, while they tried to come to terms with their unusual nature.
Physical Appearance- Half-satyrs stand about 5 ft tall and commonly weight between 110- 130 lbs. They
are considered adults at age 18 and can live to be up to 130 yrs old. They are almost always male.
Relations- In general, half-satyrs prefer the solitude of the forests to the overwhelming obscurity of large
towns and cities. They feel the most kinship with humans, satyrs, elves and other half-breeds. They enjoy
the company of gnomes and halflings, though they are distrustful of dwarves and hobgoblins. They hate

orcs of any kind.

Alignment- Because of the injustice they often suffered in childhood, they favor good or neutral. Of course,
their fey nature also leads them to favor chaos over law. In general, most are CG or CN, though any
alignment is possible.
Languages- Common, Sylvan.
Adventurers- Half-satyrs are often loners and wanderers, taking to adventuring as a means of distraction
from their lives. Their high Charisma and Dexterity makes them excellent bards or sorcerers.
They also become druids, rangers or even fighters, though less frequently.
Racial Traits +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Strength, -2 Intelligence. Though half-satyrs have animal-like quickness
and agility along with an unworldly charisma, they also have the lessened strength common to fey and
the reduced intelligence of their animal-like nature.
Medium. Base land speed is 35 ft (25 ft in medium or heavy armor).
Low-Light Vision.
Fey Blood.
Natural Weapon. A half-satyr can use its head butt as a natural weapon, doing 1d4 points of bludgeoning
+1 racial bonus to Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Perform and Spot checks.
Favored Class- bard.
Tel-Amhothlan (guruk-vra), crossbreed of orc and elf (any sub-race)
Personality- A tel-am tends to be creative and curious, two traits gained from their elven heritage. When
combined with orcish greed and violent tendencies, unfortunately, a tel-am becomes much more dangerous.
Physical Description- A tel-am stands about 6 ft tall and commonly weighs from 140- 160 lbs. These
crossbreeds greatly resemble half-orcs, though they are thinner and lighter, with longer pointed ears and
larger eyes than a typical half-orc. Of course, such little things often go unnoticed which is why so few
humans have discovered the existence of these creatures.
Relations- A tel-am gets along best with orcs or other half-breeds. Because of their elven hatred of orcs,
elves treat these half-breeds like distant relatives- with politeness and courtesy, but no trace of friendship or
trust. Some elves hold orcs in such hatred that they will seek out and destroy tel-am's wherever they are
found. A tel-am raised by orcs feels that all others are inferior to orcs- even himself.
Alignment- The dual nature of the tel-am gives them a strong chaotic bent from both parents. Neutral halfbreeds are uncommon and lawful tel-am's are unheard of. They lean more towards evil than good.
Languages- Common, Orcish, Elven.
Adventurers- Like typical half-orcs, most tel-am's tend to be loners and often take to adventuring to prove
themselves and to be with outsiders like themselves. Their increased speed, combined with their elven
nature, makes them excellent rangers and fighters. They also less frequently become barbarians. All other
classes are possible but rare.
Racial Traits +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Tel-am are dexterous, but their orc heritage makes them
crude and dull.
Low-Light Vision.
Medium. Base land speed is 30 ft (20 ft in medium or heavy armor).
Orc Blood.
+1 racial saving throw bonus against Enchantment spells or effects.
+1 racial bonus on Listen, search and Spot checks.
Favored Class- fighter.