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Work Plan Template


To create a script for your improvement effort and support implementation.


1. Using this form as a template, develop a work plan for each goal identified.
A. Interpersonal (Qualitative)
B. Performance (Quantitative)


A. Interpersonal:
B. Performance:

Have more confidence on the court

Make 3 set shots from outside key and 2 set shots from shoulder.

Crit D: ii. develop goals and apply strategies to enhance performance
Crit B: i. design, explain and justify plans to improve physical performance and health

Action Steps
Explain What Will Be

Why is this your step? Why is
this the proper actions to meet
the goal?

Step 1: Practice ball control

by alternating hands when
dribbling and running
through the court in
different speeds and
different directions. I will
also try to dribble lower
than I normally do, because
the lower the gravity of the
ball, the harder it is to be
stolen. Through this, I will
improve my confidence and
ball control

It is important for me to learn

ball control because on the court,
no matter what position, ball
control is important. My
objective in this practice is to
learn how to dribble without
looking at the ball using my left
hand, as it is my less-dominant
arm. If I do this, then I can
dribble around the court, pass,
and do crossovers that I know
will be successful, therefore
helping me play more
confidently on the court.
It is important that I practice
shooting from the free throw
without jumping because one of
the things I struggle with is
power. Although I have
moderately good stamina, I lack

Step 2: Practice shooting

from the free throw without
jumping to improve arm
strength. With my partner,
we will take turns shooting
from free throw while the

By When? A. Resources Available
(Day/Month B. Resources Needed
(human, equipment
& other)

Potential Barriers
A. What physical or
mental struggles
might you encounter?
B. How? Why?

Who is involved?
What methods?
How often?
Cika is my partner
because we
communicate well,
and our goals are
well oriented
between ourselves.
Her goals are
similar to my
goals, which
means that while
shes helping me, I
can also help her,
which is an
effective thing in
teamwork. When
shes shooting, Ill
be rebounding, and
vice versa. This
gives us both a
chance to practice


A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to rebound

A. Not believing in
B. Because my left side is
my weaker side, I tend to
underestimate my self a
lot. But confidence on
court means I need to use
both arms well, which is
why it needs to be


A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to rebound

A. Desperation
B. My arms arent as
strong as Id like them,
and I become frustrated
because I know that most
of the shots I dont make

other rebounds, so that the

time used will be more
effective. I will also be
experimenting on different
positions to see which one
works best for me.
Step 3: Practice shooting
from outside the key in
different positions to get
used to flexibility in
shooting. Whenever I get
the ball in my hands, I will
shoot from that position, to
practice my flexibility in
shooting range. With my
partner, we will take turns
shooting and rebounding.
Step 4: Practice defending
by defending a peer as they
are dribbling or shooting
towards the basket. My
partner will shoot or
execute a lay-up, and I will
act as a defender to practice
defending effectively
without fouling.
Step 5: In the three-onthree final match, I will
confidently play on the
court and make instinctive
decisions without
hesitation. With my team,
we will cooperate and
instead of fearing failure
strive for achievement.

Action Steps
Explain What Will Be

upper body strength greatly. If I

practice shooting from the free
throw without jumping, then Ill
be more confident with my
power and Ill more confidently
make shots during a game.
Because Im already quite
comfortable with shooting from
near the bottom of the ring, I
need to make myself adept at
shooting from outside the key. If
I can do this, then Ill be
comfortable playing a three-onthree match where most of the
play is from within the threepoint line. Through this practice,
Ill shoot more confidently.
Another important aspect for
basketball is defending. Often
when Im playing defend, Im
afraid of accidentally fouling my
opponent. Because of that, I
need to practice. When I
practice, then Ill manage to play
defend more confidently,
therefore also braver.
This is the final product of all
my practice. If I do my practices
diligently, then this goal should
be achievable by the end five

Why is this your step? Why is
this the proper actions to meet

only require a little more

energy. Hence, I become
desperate and lack

A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to rebound

A. Frustration
B. I know I can do this
shot because Ive done
it before but not
consistently, which can
get me very frustrated.
Also, its been 3 months
since Ive done it
properly, so I need to
regain the skill.

5 October

A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to act as the

A. Giving up
B. Because although I
enjoy defending, it can
become really tiring after
some time, because it
requires not only thinking
but also predicting the
opponents movements.

5 October

A. A basketball, half of a
basketball court, and the
basketball ring
B. Five other people to
separate into two teams

A. Lack of confidence
B. At the beginning of
games Im normally quite
nervous, which is against
the goal of the stages.

By When? C. Resources Available
(Day/Month D. Resources Needed

Potential Barriers
C. What physical or
mental struggles

our shooting skills

and practice
rebounding. If we
practice rebounds,
it means we have
more chances to
latch onto the ball,
which are more
opportunities for
shooting in real
matches. When
defending, we can
both act as
opponents to each
other and practice
our skills.
Gradually, both of
us will be more
confident at
playing basketball.

Who is involved?

Step 1: Practice shooting

outside the key from lowpost position without
jumping. My partner and I
will alternate between
shooting and rebounding, to
save time and practice both
skills. I will do five-in-arow shots from both the left
and right respectively,
practicing these shots with
and without the backboard.
Step 2: Practice shooting
from the shoulder without
jumping. For this, I will
have to accomplish a
cumulative of five set shots
from the shoulder, a
combination of both the left
and right. With my partner,
we will take turns shooting
and rebounding.
Step 3: Practice shooting
from outside the key
without jumping. From a
mixture of various spots
outside the key, I will need
to make five shots in a row.
When I have accomplished
this, I will continue to
practice shooting from
different positions to
increase variety and range.
Step 4: Practice shooting
using the staircase method
to improve flexibility in
shooting positions. I will

the goal?

(human, equipment
& other)

This is my step because for this

goal, I want to begin small and
gradually move towards my
goal. The reason for this is that
starting too esteemed too quickly
will only result in frustration
over an unachieved goal. The
area near the basket from outside
the key is the closest area to the
basket from outside the key, so
this is where Ill start. (Five in a
row for consistency)
The shoulder is a position where
Im comfortable shooting from
with jumping. Because my goal
is to do set shots, then Ive
modified this comfort into
something that will be
challenging and help me work
towards my goal. With this
practice, Ill build upper arm
strength and shoot more
To practice accuracy and build
arm strength, I must practice
shooting from outside the key. If
I do this successfully, then
during matches Ill be more
successful towards reaching my
goal and more prepared
physically. I will also be more
flexible in shooting range. The
repetition creates accuracy.


A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to rebound


A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to rebound


A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to rebound

This step is essential to practice

shooting from different
positions. Variety and flexibility
in shooting positions is

5 October

A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. A friend to rebound

might you encounter?

D. How? Why?

What methods?
How often?

A. Frustration
B. Because often I make
four consecutive shots but
miss the fifth one, which
means I must start over
from the beginning.

Cika will be my
partner because or
steps echo each
others (for the
most part). While
shes shooting, I
can practicing my
rebounding, and
vice versa.
Rebounding is an
important asset,
because the more
possession you
A. Giving up
have over the ball,
B. Because the shoulder
shots are further and more the more likely you
draining, so I fear that Ill are to find a
give-up midway and take shooting
Because we
communicate well,
whenever she and I
feel frustrated or
lack confidence,
we can help each
A. Giving-up
B. Sometimes Ill make a other remove the
few consecutive shots, but mental strain
through words of
because I need to do ten,
encouragement and
itll be frustrating when
help each other try
the streak stops midway
and Ill feel like giving up harder.

A. Being tired
B. Because the different
shots mean variety, it
means I need to adjust my

For the last step,

two of my team
members are
involved. Well
have to establish a
means of
communication on

move from low-post, midpost, shoulder, free throw,

and reverse every time I
make a shot, to practice my
flexibility in shooting
position. I will alternate
between rebounding and
shooting with a partner.
Step 5: In the three-onthree match, I will make at
least three set shots from
outside key. I will have to
accomplish this goal
without hesitating or
doubting myself, to prove
that my body is conditioned
to making set-shots from
outside the key accurately.

important in basketball. If I
practice using the staircase
method, then during the threeon-three, my shots will be more
unpredictable, therefore there
will be less defenders on me
while playing resulting in more
shooting opportunities.
This is the final goal to be
accomplished from in the threeon-three game. This step will
show if I have improved and
ultimately justify whether my
steps were effective or not.

energy and accuracy to hit

different areas of the ring.
Additionally, the multiple
shots will be draining of

5 October

A. A basketball, a court,
and the basketball ring
B. Five other people to
separate into two teams

the court, so that

while we work
together, well be
able to prove and
accomplish each
persons individual
goals, too.

A. Lack of
B. Even if I can take my
shots, if I lack
communication with my
teammates, then the
practices will be useless
because even if Im
successful as a person, we
wont be successful as a
team, and teamwork is
very important

Crit B: ii. analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of a plan based on the outcome.
Crit D: i. explain and demonstrate strategies to enhance interpersonal skills
iii. analyse and evaluate performance.

Evidence Of Success for both interpersonal and performance. (How will you know that you are making progress? What are your benchmarks?)
Throughout the process, the benchmarks of each step rely on whether or not Im able to achieve the goals for each phases action step. Success in each actin
plan means that Im moving forward and progressing towards my goal. Interpersonally, the main goal of each phase was to increase my skill in different
areas of basketball, so that Ill manage to holistically and confidently plays while on the court. The problem with this is that I often hesitate and doubt
myself when playing on court, because I fear making mistakes. With the practices on the different skills, Ill remove that fear of failure because Ill be more
asserted and comfortable with my skills and myself. Ill be conditioning myself to be confident in playing basketball, at least without hesitating and
doubting myself excessively. With interpersonal skill, the benchmarks are whether or not I feel more comfortable playing basketball with each step. This
includes being more involved in games, trying harder, and not being reluctant to have to dribble or shoot anymore. I should accomplish and overcome each
action step so that Ill be more familiar with the basketball regardless of whether it's a G6 or G7 and therefore more comfortable. If I slowly but
consistently grow more confident within each phase, then I know Ill be making progress towards the main interpersonal goal. In the first step, I reached
my benchmark of practicing ball control because the next time I played basketball, I no longer had to look at the ball to dribble with my left hand. This
shows that I have improved in the balance of my ball control, because I am more comfortable and confident with dribbling the ball. The second steps
benchmark was achieved, because although I alternated between set and jump shots in the practice, the next time I practiced, the less energy I had to exert
to make free throw shots, and my body was physically less tired doing the same amount of shots. In the final match, I was much more confident than prior
to the plan, making it effective. The third step was successful in increasing my confidence because the next time I played basketball after the practice, I was
less hesitant on shooting and was more comfortable shooting form different areas of the court. There was no longer an impending fear in not making the

shot, rather, my mindset was to do my best in shooting to achieve more. The fear of failure had turned into a yearn for success, a positive change that is
beneficial for confidence. In the fourth step, I know Ive reached the benchmark because I no longer had fear in in defending. In the past times Ive played
basketball, Ive been reprimanded for defending to roughly, so I often withheld myself when defending. However, after practicing defending, Ive grown
more confident in my defending skills, so Im no longer afraid of being more immediate in defending. We did not have a PE period that allowed us to
practice the fourth step. Performance wise, my success will be based on whether or not I achieve each goal. Even if I fall short in the beginning of each
phase, I should remain persistent and work towards the goal. Through the varieties in position of shooting, Ill be making myself more flexible to shoot
from anymore on the court, which also contributes to my confidence on court. When I accomplish each action step, they become benchmarks that mean Im
working towards the main goal and am making progress. By the end of each action step, I should be more confident in making set shots accurately. In the
first step, I reached my benchmark because I made the quantitative goal. In the first week, I made five set shots in a row from the low post position, for
both the left and right side respectively. The following practice, I tried replicating this, and I discovered that it was much easier for me, and my body was
more equipped to the power, distance, and the arc my wrist had to be in to shoot from below the ring. For the second week, too, this is how I practiced.
However, during the second week, I accomplish my benchmark effectively, because half a period was used for personal goals while the other half was used
for three-on-three scrimmages. Because of that, in the third week, I continued to practice shooting form the shoulder and from outside the key. This
benchmark was reached because I managed to do five set shots in a row from a mixture various spots outside the key, and I could feel my hand being more
equipped to arcing the ball and shooting straight. We did not have PE period the fourth week, so I could not accomplish my benchmark. However, the most
prominent difference prior and post the action steps is the fact that my shots throughout the week have become more accurate when outside the key and
within three-point, and that I arc the ball better through the air. Ultimately, in the game itself, these factors contributed to success in making shots, and I
was comfortable making shots from anywhere on the court, proving that my steps were quite effective. For both interpersonal and performance goals, I
know I have reached my benchmark because the following weeks, I have become more comfortable in playing basketball, and had more confidence in my
own personal skill.
Evaluation Process (How will you determine that your goal has been reached? What are your measures?)
There are two main benchmarks for my final match; the qualitative is playing without hesitations (especially when shooting) while the quantitative is
making at least three shots from outside the key or the shoulder. Interpersonally, I achieved my goal of playing confidently on court, because I wasnt
hesitant or fearful when the ball was in my control, and I was comfortable with the ball being in my possession. My confidence also helped me have
confidence in my teammates, which is an important factor in basketball. Even though Ive never played in the same team with them together, because I was
confident in myself, I was also confident in them, so instead of playing fearfully, our team played with determination to do our best. I was also more
confident in defending, which is a product of being aware of my surroundings. Because of this enhancement of my interpersonal skill, our team benefitted,
which means that the achievement is not only for myself but for the team as well, making it ultimately good. I also hesitate only once in shot attempts I
made, which proves that my confidence has improved. To further enhance my confidence on the court, I should practice more because itll help me be more
comfortable with basketball. Performance wise, I only half-succeeded my goal. Although I made the shots outside of the key, only one of the three were set,
which means I still need to improve on making set shots. The other two shots werent exactly jump shots, but I hopped a little out of habit. In the future, I
should remove this habit and make set shots, which can be done through consistent practice at making shots anywhere outside the key and also increasing
arm strength. I should teach myself to instinctively make set shots instead of jump shots when its possible. This can only be done through hard work, and
reconditioning my bodys initiatives. Overall, my performance and interpersonal skills were able to compliment each other, which benefited both the team
and myself. With both skills, whenever playing basketball, Ill be more confident in handling the ball and interacting with the other players, and Ill be
more flexible with the positions from which I can shoot. The plan has therefore been successful in enhancing my basketball skills, although my
performance did not wholly fulfill my initial goal. With hard work and more practice, however, I know that I can achieve the goal.