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33134 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

108 / Tuesday, June 7, 2005 / Notices

[FR Doc. 05–11240 Filed 6–6–05; 8:45 am] ADDRESSES: The Defense Intelligence Deadline and Submission Dates: See
BILLING CODE 5001–06–C Agency, 200 MacDill Blvd, Washington, Tables A and B at the end of this notice.
DC 20340.
Table A—Deadline Dates for
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Application Processing and Receipt of
Victoria Prescott, Program Manager/ Student Aid Reports (SARs) or
Executive Secretary, DIA Advisory Institutional Student Information
Office of the Secretary
Board, Washington, DC, 20340–1328 Records (ISIRs) by Institutions
Notice of Meeting ((703) 697–1664).
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The entire Table A provides deadline dates for
AGENCY: DoD Education Benefits Board meeting is devoted to the discussion of application processing, including
of Actuaries. classified information as defined in corrections and submission of
ACTION: Notice of meeting. section 552b(c)(l), Title 5 of the U.S. signatures, submission of verification
SUMMARY: A meeting of the Board has Code, and therefore will be closed to the documents and, for purposes of the
been scheduled to execute the public. The Board will receive briefings Federal Pell Grant Program, receipt by
provisions of Chapter 101, Title 10, and discuss several current critical institutions of SARs or ISIRs. We are
United States Code (10 U.S.C. 2006). intelligence issues in order to advise the using only three deadline dates in Table
The Board shall review DoD actuarial Director, DIA. A for the 2005–2006 award year. The
methods and assumptions to be used in Dated: May 31, 2005. single date for the submission of a Free
the valuation of the Department of Jeannette Owings-Ballard, Application for Federal Student Aid
Defense Education Benefits Fund. OSD Federal Register Liaison Officer,
(FAFSA) is June 30, 2006, regardless of
Persons desiring to: (1) Attend the DoD Department of Defense. the method that the applicant uses to
Education Benefits Board of Actuaries [FR Doc. 05–11231 Filed 6–6–05; 8:45 am]
submit the FAFSA. September 15, 2006
meeting, or (2) make an oral is the deadline date for the submission
presentation or submit a written and receipt of a signature page (if
statement for consideration at the required), corrections, changes of
meeting, must notify Inger Pettygrove at addresses or schools, or requests for a
(703) 696–7413 by July 8, 2005. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION duplicate SAR. September 22, 2006 is
Notice of this meeting is required the deadline date for the submission
[CFDA Nos. 84.007, 84.032, 84.033, 84.038,
under the Federal Advisory Committee 84.063, 84.069, and 84.268] and receipt of all other documents and
Act. materials that are specified in Table A.
DATES: August 12, 2005 10 a.m. to 1 Student Assistance General
p.m. Table B—Federal Pell Grant Program
Provisions, Federal Supplemental
Submission Dates for Disbursement
ADDRESSES: 4040 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite Educational Opportunity Grant,
Information by Institutions
270, Arlington, VA 22203. Federal Family Education Loan,
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Table B provides the earliest
Inger Pettygrove, DoD Office of the Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Leveraging submission and deadline dates for
Actuary, 4040 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite Educational Assistance Partnership, institutions to submit Federal Pell Grant
308, Arlington, VA 22203, (703) 696– and William D. Ford Federal Direct disbursement records to the
7413. Loan Programs Department’s Common Origination and
Dated: May 31, 2005. Disbursement (COD) System.
ACTION: Notice of deadline dates for
Jeannette Owings-Ballard, receipt of applications, reports, and In general, an institution must submit
OSD Federal Register Liaison Officer, other records for the 2005–2006 award Federal Pell Grant disbursement records
Department of Defense. year. no later than 30 days after making a
[FR Doc. 05–11230 Filed 6–6–05; 8:45 am] Federal Pell Grant disbursement or
BILLING CODE 5001–06–P SUMMARY: The Secretary announces becoming aware of the need to adjust a
deadline dates for the receipt of student’s previously reported Federal
documents and other information from Pell Grant disbursement. In accordance
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE institutions and applicants for the with the regulations in 34 CFR 668.164,
Federal student aid programs authorized we consider that Federal Pell Grant
Office of the Secretary under Title IV of the Higher Education funds are disbursed on the earlier of the
Act of 1965, as amended, for the 2005– date that the institution: (a) Credits
Defense Intelligence Agency Advisory 2006 award year. The Federal student those funds to a student’s account in the
Board Closed Meeting aid programs include the Federal institution’s general ledger or any
AGENCY: Department of Defense, Defense Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study, subledger of the general ledger, or (b)
Intelligence Agency. Federal Supplemental Educational pays those funds to a student directly.
ACTION: Notice; Defense Intelligence Opportunity Grant, Federal Family We consider that Federal Pell Grant
Agency Advisory Board closed meeting. Education Loan, William D. Ford funds are disbursed even if an
Federal Direct Loan, Federal Pell Grant, institution uses its own funds in
SUMMARY: Pursuant to the provisions of and Leveraging Educational Assistance advance of receiving program funds
subsection (d) of section 10 of Public Partnership programs. from the Department. An institution’s
Law 92–463, as amended by section 5 of These programs, administered by the failure to submit disbursement records
Public Law 94–409, notice is hereby U.S. Department of Education within the required 30-day timeframe
given that a closed meeting of the DIA (Department), provide financial may result in an audit or program
Advisory Board has been scheduled as assistance to students attending eligible review finding. In addition, the
follows: postsecondary educational institutions Secretary may initiate an adverse action,
DATES: 22–23 June 2005 (8:30 a.m. to 5 to help them pay their educational such as a fine or other penalty for such
p.m.) costs. failure.

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