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As we know, Germany is one of the countries that leads the financial busines in

Europe, as well as the scientist investigation and the economics rules.

They have innovated in several matters of industry. After the second war they had
a period of economic recovery, specifically in their pharmaceutical and automotive
Many companies such like: Adidas, Bayern, Audi, BMW, Bosch, Mercedes Benz,
Hugo Boss, Lufthansa, Porsche, Puma, Siemens, Telefunken, Singer, etc. They
have marked the guidelines as well as a synonym of high standards of production
in all over the world.
.So, In spite of the fact of have a god quality in his firms, in the past weeks
Germany had suffered a scandal of global dimensions in one his most iconic
corporations. The Volkswagen.
Volkswagen is the largest automaker in Germany and its the largest automaker in
the world, Volkswagen has been the most successful mark of Germany.
Das auto what means peoples car, was a project created during the Nazi
regime whose searching for a mobile society in order to were cheap and simple.
Ferdinand Porsche along Hitler designed the first beetle in 1935 and with the
support with the plan Marshall, at the end of the war, the firm was became in one of
the first multinational corporation most important starting on Brazil.
So, what happened recently, The Company was related by an investigation about a
software. This software was manipulated in order to hide the real dimensions of the
toxic emissions from the diesel cars in USA. A global company with a global
problems, the companys reputation suffered a hard hit because affects the real
dimensions about the environmental pollution, without mention the economical and
finances problems.
The company admitted that manipulated the software and fired their CEO Martin
Witerkorn, but countries like South Korea began investigations about the real
environment impact because there are Volkswagens cars everywhere.
The worst was the Jetta 2012, compared with a Passat 2013, the Jetta exceeded
between 5 and 35 times nitrous oxide molecules allowed.
So, the Volkswagen was accused about evading rules of air quality what means a
threat of public health. The investors have left the company by fear of the fines and
penalties on an international level, what happens in USA is just the icebergs peak,
that fail it is over 11 million vehicles around the world, from which 3 models are
fabricated in Puebla.
The modified diesel cars have been responsible of generating around 1 million of
pollution, if there 11 millions of vehicles its about 948, 691 thousand tonnes of
hosted nitrous oxide directly into our lungs