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Dining with the Stars RESTAURANTS. By Dorkys Ramos

Hollywood, Caltf" (323)1167-7991,
Domestic diva Eva Longoria Parker
STAR indulges her passion for cooking outside
GAZE her kitchen with the fabulous Hollywood
eatery Beso. Celeb chefTodd English is
the mastermind behind the eclectic menu
with strong Mexican influences (and some
of Longoria Parker's family recipes). The
two-story restaurant features an open
kitchen as well as a plentiful ceviche
selection. And Beso's adult juice bar uses
fresh fruits to make tropical concoctions
like the refreshing Watermelon Cooler.
WE LOVE: Longoria Parker's trademark
tortilla soup, for starters. Don't miss the
side of queso fresco fries and English's
delectable artichoke guacamole.

Company American Bistro

Las Vegas, (702) 262-11702, companylv.com
Colombian and Venezuelan hottie Wilmer
Valderrama has teamed up with Nicky Hilton
and Nick Lachey for this upscale ski lodge-
themed restaurant at the Luxor Hotel and
Casino-which, conveniently, is also home to
one of Sin City's hottest clubs, LAX. Executive
chef Adam Sobel provides diners with
scrumptious, tapas-style New American
dishes with Pan-Asian twists.
WE LOVE: The Company Retreat Martini and
the SoHo Kobe Sliders.

De Santos
New York. City, (212) 206-9229,
Oriente desantos.com.mx
Vero Beach, Fla., (772) 1110-0100,
costadeste.com Star drummer Alex Gonzalez of Mana recently
opened his fourth De Santos (albeit his first in
Located within Costa D'Este, Gloria and
the States) in NYC's artsy West Village area.
Emilio Estefan's newest beachside resort,
The rustic decor includes murals by Mexican
Oriente pays tribute to the power couple's
painter Rogelio Diaz and custom-made furniture
Cuban heritage. But executive chef David
from Guadalajara. Following the concept
Rodriguez went above and beyond by
that "food tastes better with music," De Santos
dreaming up a bold menu with Spanish and serves modern Italian dishes while eclectic
Creole flavors. The 85-seat indoor area is
DJs treat patrons to bossa nova and lounge-
perfect for diners hoping to share some tapas
ready electronica.
and sangria - or those who simply want to
WE LOVE: The Roasted Long Island Duck
enjoy a little Cuban cafecito and conversation.
with mashed sweet plantains and light apricot
WE LOVE: The Bistec Empanizado-flat iron
vin santo glaze.
steak served with avocados, hearts of palm,
chimichum sauce and shoestring potatoes.

Boca at the Conga Room

Los Angeles, (213) 7119-011115,congaroom.com
After a two-year hiatus from hosting some of the hottest concerts in town, the Conga Room, aka the
Latin House of Blues, is back with a vengeance (Olga Tanon and Toby Love recently rocked the stage
there) with a brand new space located downtown at L.A. Uve, the city's massive entertainment center that
boasts five-star hotels, movie theaters and clubs. Co-owned by Jimmy Smits, Jennifer Lopez, Paul
Rodriguez and Sheila E., Boca provides Pan-Latin dishes influenced by the Caribbean, Mexico
and South America. Late night, the spot gives way to bolero orchestras and live mariachi bands. i6ra/e!
WE LOVE: The pane!a sugar-glazed salmon with West Indian squash hash and coconut essence.