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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

78 / Monday, April 25, 2005 / Notices 21251

All workers of Liz Claiborne, Inc., North Commutator Division, Dunn, North Local 2949, requested administrative
Bergen, New Jersey, who became totally or Carolina. The notice was published in reconsideration of the Department of
partially separated from employment on or the Federal Register on June 2, 2004 (69 Labor’s Notice of Negative
after October 5, 2003 through two years from FR 31136). Determination Regarding Eligibility to
the date of certification are eligible to apply
At the request of the State agency, the Apply for Worker Adjustment
for adjustment assistance under Section 223
of the Trade Act of 1974, and are also eligible Department reviewed the certification Assistance, applicable to workers of the
to apply for alternative trade adjustment for workers of the subject firm. The subject firm. The determination was
assistance under Section 246 of the Trade Act workers are engaged in the production signed on February 4, 2005 and the
of 1974. of commutators for fractional Department’s Notice of determination
horsepower motors in consumer was published in the Federal Register
Signed in Washington, DC this 25th day of applications. on March 9, 2005 (70 FR 11703). The
March 2005. New information shows that workers of the subject company produce
Elliott S. Kushner, Morganite, Inc, Commutator Division particleboard.
Certifying Officer, Division of Trade became known as Energy Conversion The negative determination was based
Adjustment Assistance. Systems Holdings, LLC, Commutator on the findings that subject company
[FR Doc. E5–1941 Filed 4–22–05; 8:45 am] Division, after the subject firms’ assets sales and production increased during
BILLING CODE 4510–30–P and operations were sold to Energy the investigatory period, that the subject
Conversion Systems Holdings, LLC in company did not have any imports of
June 2004. Workers separated from like or directly competitive products,
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR employment as the subject firm had and that the subject company did not
their wages reported under a separated shift particleboard production abroad.
Employment and Training unemployment insurance (UI) tax In the request for reconsideration, the
Administration account for Energy Conversion Systems petitioner alleges that particleboard
[TA–W–56,625] Holdings, LLC, Commutator Division. production decreased during the
Accordingly, the Department is relevant period.
Longwear Hosiery Mill, Inc., Hildebran, amending this certification to properly The Department has carefully
NC; Notice of Termination of reflect this matter. reviewed the request for reconsideration
Investigation The intent of the Department’s and has determined that the Department
certification is to include all workers of will conduct further investigation based
Pursuant to Section 221 of the Trade on new information provided by the
Morganite, Inc., Commutator Division,
Act of 1974, as amended, an petitioner.
now known as Energy Conversion
investigation was initiated on February
Systems Holdings LLC, Commutator Conclusion
23, 2005 in response to a petition filed
Division, who were adversely affected
by a company official on behalf of After careful review of the
by increased imports.
workers at Longwear Hosiery Mill, Inc., The amended notice applicable to application, I conclude that the claim is
Hildebran, North Carolina. TA–W–54,408 is hereby issued as of sufficient weight to justify
The petitioner has requested that the reconsideration of the Department of
petition be withdrawn. Consequently, Labor’s prior decision. The application
the investigation has been terminated. All workers of Morganite, Inc.,
Commutator Division, now known as Energy
is, therefore, granted.
Signed at Washington, DC, this 30th day of Conversion Systems Holdings LLC, Signed at Washington, DC, this 6th day of
March, 2005. Commutator Division, Dunn, North Carolina, April 2005.
Linda G. Poole, who became totally or partially separated Elliott S. Kushner,
Certifying Officer, Division of Trade from employment on or after February 16, Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
Adjustment Assistance. 2003, through April 23, 2006, are eligible to Adjustment Assistance.
[FR Doc. E5–1931 Filed 4–22–05; 8:45 am] apply for adjustment assistance under
[FR Doc. E5–1926 Filed 4–22–05; 8:45 am]
Section 223 of the Trade Act of 1974.
Signed at Washington, DC this 8th day of
April 2005.
Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
Employment and Training Adjustment Assistance. Employment and Training
Administration [FR Doc. E5–1943 Filed 4–22–05; 8:45 am] Administration
[TA–W–54,408] BILLING CODE 4510–30–P [TA–W–56,274]

Morganite, Inc., Commutator Division, Shane-Hunter, Inc., San Francisco, CA;

Now Known as Energy Conversion DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Notice of Revised Determination on
Systems Holdings LLC, Commutator Reconsideration
Division, Dunn, NC; Amended Employment and Training
Certification Regarding Eligibility To Administration On March 15, 2005, the Department
Apply for Worker Adjustment issued an Affirmative Determination
Assistance Regarding Application on
Roseburg Forest Products Reconsideration applicable to workers
In accordance with Section 223 of the Particleboard Plant, a Subsidiary of and former workers of the subject firm.
Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C. 2273) the RLC Industries, Roseburg, OR; Notice The Notice of determination will soon
Department of Labor issued Amended of Affirmative Determination Regarding be published in the Federal Register.
Certification Regarding Eligibility to Application for Reconsideration The Department initially denied
Apply for Worker Adjustment Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) to
Assistance on April 23, 2004, applicable By letter dated March 29, 2005, the workers of Shane-Hunter, Inc., San
to workers of Morganite, Inc., Western Council of Industrial Workers, Francisco, California because the subject

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