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atrocious, barbarian, barbaric, brutal, brutish,
coarse, ferocious, heartless, ignorant, inhuman,
aboteur: n. inhumane, monstrous, primitive, rough, rude,
ruthless, truculent, uncouth, uncultured,
unsophisticated, vicious, vulgar, wicked, wild,
Ant: civilized, cultured, humane, refined.

Saga: n.

person who commits sabotage.

Saccharine: (adj)

long story of heroic deeds. esp of Icelandic or

Norwegian heroes ..
Sakkar (sugar) has saccharine characteristics.
Eg: sagacious: adj.
>> It was enough for him to rely on sentiment
and saccharine assertions about The Home"
Kate Millett.
>> A saccharine smile.Saccharine
flavor.Saccharine taste.Saccharine vegetables.A
saccharine love story.
showing wisdom and good judgement.
>> The movie was funny but it had a saccharine
ending in which everyone lives happily ever
sage: (n)
S + age.... Reaching the age of
maturity, a person becomes a
sugary, honeyed, candied, cloying, syrupy,
sage advice.
academician, mastermind,
prodigy, pundit, scholar, savant.
imbecile, moron

Salacious: adj.

desecrating; profane.

sacrosanct: (adj)

(of speech. books. pictures. etc) treating sexual

activity. nudity. etc in an obscene way; indecent;
considered too important to be changed. argued
about. etc. salient: adj.

sadistic: (adj)

Sad.... Sadistic persons

enjoy by making someone
sad or influencing a lot of
pain on them.

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most noticeable or important; main.

saline: adj.

showing that one feels morally better than other

containing salt; salty.
sanction: n.
sallow: adj.

(of a person's skin or complexion) yellowish.

permission or approval for an action. a change.
salubrious: adj. etc.

sanctuary: n.

Mnemonic: My Sali is very salubrious.

sacred place. eg a church. temple or mosque ..
(esp of the climate) health-giving.
sanguinary: adj.
salutary: adj.

I feel salubrious
whenever I go on picnic
with my girlfriend Salu.
Meaning: Salu having a
good effect.
SALUTARY with much bloodshed; bloody.
(A) expedient
(B) impeccable sanguine: adj.
(C) commonplace ~ (about sth/that...) hopeful;
(D) pernicious optimistic.
(E) gratuitous SANGUINE
(A) morose
salvage: n. (B) puzzled
rescue of a (C) gifted
damaged ship or its (D) witty
cargo; rescue of (E) persistent
property from
damage caused by
fire. floods. etc. sap: n.
SALVAGE liquid in a plant that carries
(A) allow to perish food to all its parts.
(B) decide to continue SAP
(C) seek to recondition (A) bolster
(D) try to build (B) approve
(E) refuse to change (C) believe
(D) precipitate
sanctimonious: adj. (E) pull out

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(A) dehydrate
SAP (B) enervate
(A) register (C) initiate
(B) excuse (D) quaff
(C) fortify (E) starve
(D) saturate
(E) help satellite: n.

sarcasm: n.

natural body in space orbiting round a larger

bitter. esp ironic. remarks intended to wound body. esp a planet.
sb's feelings.
satiate: v.
sarcophagus (n)
Originally, a sarcophagus
was a stone coffin
manufactured from stone
quarried at Assos in the
Troad. It was popularly
believed that the coffin
would consume the body placed within it within
forty days. Later the term came to be applied to provide (sb) with so much of sth that he wants
any stone coffin. In ancient Egypt many stone no more.
coffins were made from limestone, basalt,
marble or granite. Granite chiefly being used for satire: n.
the bodies of royalty and priests.

sardonic: adj.

attacking foolish or wicked behaviour by making

fun of it. often by using sarcasm and parody;

satirical: adj.

expressing scorn. usu in a grimly humorous way;


sartorial: adj.

containing or using satire.

saturnine: adj.
(of a person or his
appearance) gloomy.
(A) genial
of (usu men's) clothes or a way of dressing. (B) devout
(C) distinguished
sate: (D) quick witted
satisfy to the full; cloy. (E) heavy – handed
Satyr: n.

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cover for the blade of a sword. dagger or

god of the woods. half man and half goat. bayonet; sheath ..

Saunter: v. Scaffold: n.
frame made of long metal tubes put up next to a
building so that builders. painters. etc can work
on it. or to support a platform.

Scads (n)
Ads...... Scads of ads coming on TV now a day;
scad: a great quantity.
walk in a leisurely way; stroll. Eg:
Scads of people are in
Savant: n. the hall.
assemblage, bank, batch, bulk, bunch, bundle,
cairn, cargo, clump, concentration, congeries,
person of great learning. hoard, oodles, pile, plenty, pot, profusion,
quantity, ton
Savor: Ant:
countable, counted, few, finite, limited,

scale: n.

enjoy; have a distinctive flavor. smell. or quality.

savory: n.

any of the thin overlapping plates of hard

material covering the skin of many fish and

Scanty: adj.
herb of the mint family used in cooking.

Scabbard: n.

small in size or amount; hardly large enough.

Scapegoat: n.

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team in a game. or gained in a competition. etc.

Scourge: n.

person who is blamed or punished for the

wrongdoing of sb else. Karz(=loan) work as scouge for poor people.
Meaning: whip for flogging people.
scavenge: v.
Scowl: n.

~ (of an animal or a bird) search for decaying

flesh as food; use decaying flesh for food. bad-tempered or angry look on the face.

schism: n. scrimmage: n.
confused struggle or fight; tussle.

scruple: n.
feeling that prevents one from doing or allowing
sth that one thinks may be wrong.

scrupulous: adj.

strong disagreement. esp in a religious

organization over doctrine. in which one group
stops recognizing the authority of the other.

scintilla: n.

extremely careful and thorough; paying great

attention to details.
not a scintilla of sth (fml ) not the slightest
amount of sth. scuffle: n.

Scintillate: v.
give off sparks; sparkle.
scion: n. young member of a family. esp a noble
one ..

Scoff: v. confused struggle between people who are close

I. Ipr] ~ speak contemptuously (about or to together.
sb/sth); jeer or mock.
scurrilous: adj.
Scorch: v.
burn or discolour (a surface) by dry heat.

Score: n.

abusive and insulting. esp in a crude or obscene

number of points. goals. etc made by a player or way.

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The heat of the sun seared kiran’s face during

scurry: v. the shooting.
sere, shriveled, withered

Season: n.
part of the year distinguished according to its
particular type of weather. esp one of the four
traditional periods into which the year is divided.
ie spring. summer. autumn and winter.
run with short quick steps.
seasonable: adj.
scurvy: n.
disease of the blood
caused by a lack of
vitamin C in the diet.
(A) completely centered
(B) above reproach
(C) imaginative
(D) valiant
(E) carefree suitable for the time of year; seasonal: adj.
happening during a particular season; varying
with the seasons.
scuttle: v.
[ season: ] one of the four equal periods into
which the year is divided by the equinoxes and
solstices. resulting from the apparent movement
of the sun north and south of the equator during
the course of the earth's orbit around it..
secession: n.
~ (fml ) (instance of) seceding.
seclusion: n.
run with short quick steps. secluding or being secluded.
secrete: v.
Seamy: adj. (of an organ) produce (a substance. usu liquid)
either as waste material or for use within the

sect: (n )

Section… Sect is a particular section of society

who fellows a particular set of rules.
unattractive andsordid. Eg:
One sect of medical researchers holds the
Sear: (v) minority view that the disease is not caused by
S + ear…….. Come on let me share that virus
a true story which happened to my Syn:
bucolic friend George, he was religious order, religious sect
enamored of a seventeen-year old
girl Booby in London, One day he sedan (n)
was ironing his clothes, As his phone rang, he
was so occupied with her feelings that he just
pick up the iron in place of the receivers, he just
picked up hot iron and put it to his ear and got
seared his ear. oh……. He seared his ear.
Sear to burn the surface of the skin in a way that
is sudden & powerful. A sedan is a portable chair for carrying a single
Eg: person, borne on poles carried by two porters.

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The sedan is named after the town in France liquids) flow slowly and in small quantities
where they were first made. through a substance.

sectarian: adj. seer (n)

of a sect or sects. SEE+R ………….We people
always try to see, what is going to
secular: adj. the future. As we believe in luck and
not concerned with spiritual or religious affairs; destiny so we go to a seer.
worldly. Eg: Swami Shradhanand sees
himself as a seer.
sedate: (adj) Syn: soothsayer, prophet, predictor, augur, sibyl,
vaticinator, sage, fortuneteller, diviner,
Se + date……… forecaster, harbinger, herald, oracle
date…..when are you going Seer (Antonym)
on that date? I am not going A) Short-sighted person
to disclose it because it’s the B) Ragamuffin
first in my life so I want to C) Jejune
behave like a sedate guy. D) Anchorite
Eg. E) Monticule
Sandy was coming back in her sedan car after a
sedate date.A sedate game of golf.A sedate sober seethe: v.
man.A sedate, older woman who didn't enjoy
calm, tranquil, placid, dignified, formal,
decorous, proper, demure, sober, staid,

sedative: n. bubble and froth as if boiling.


drug or medicine that sedates. net for catching fish.

sedentary: adj. seismic: adj. of earthquakes.

done sitting down. selective: adj. using or based on selection.
sedition: n. self-indulgence: n..
words or actions intended to make people rebel self-righteous: adj. showing in a smug way that
against the authority of the State. one believes that what one does. thinks. etc is
seduce: v. right.
tempt to have sexual intercourse. semblance: n. ~ of sth appearance of being sth;
sedulous: adj. likeness to sth.
showing much hard work. steady effort or care. seminal: adj. of seed or semen.
seminary: n. college for training priests or
sextant (n) rabbis.
A sextant is a navigational senility: n. state of being senile.
instrument for determining sensitization: [ sensitize: ] to make or become
latitude by measuring the angle sensitive.
between a heavenly body and sensuous: adj. affecting. noticed by or giving
the horizon pleasure to the senses.
seedy: adj. shabby-looking; sententious: adj. expressing pompous moral
disreputable. judgements.
seemly: / adj (dated or fml ) sentient: adj. capable of perceiving or feeling
proper and suitable by the things.
standards of polite society. sentimental: adj. of or concerning the emotions.
seep: v. ~ through into sth/out (of sth) (of rather than the reason.

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sentinel: n. sentry. Personal servitude.Penal servitude in labor

septic: adj. caused by or causing infection with camps.The Fugitive Slave Act had the effect of
harmful bacteria. returning slaves who had made it to freedom in
sepulcher: [ sepulchre: ] a burial vault. tomb. or the North to a brutal life of servitude in the
grave. South.
sequester: v. ~ sb/oneself (from sth) keep Syn:
sb/oneself away or apart from other people; confinement, bondage, subjugation, serfdom,
seclude. vassalage
sere: being dried and withered.
serendipity: n . making pleasant and unexpected sever: v. ~
discoveries entirely by chance. sth (from sth) divide or break or separate sth by
serenity: severance: n.
cutting or being cut; discontinuation.
severity: n.
quality of being severe.
sextant: n.
instrument used for measuring the altitude of
the sun. eg in order to determine the position of
one's ship ..
shack: n.
roughly built shed. hut or house.
shackle: n.
the quality or state of being shining bright and either of a pair of metal rings linked by a chain.
steady. used for fastening a prisoner's wrists or ankles
seriatim (adv.) shade: n.
Talking on a subject in ~ (place where there is) comparative darkness
series i.e. One after and often coolness caused by sth blocking direct
matter, point by point. light or heat. esp of the sun.
Eg:, The directors sham: v. pretend (sth); feign.
went through the shambles: n. scene of complete disorder;
issues seriatim to muddle; mess.
decide on their future policy. Shangri-la: a remote or imaginary utopia.
Syn: continuous, serial, seriatim, progressive, shard: n. broken piece of pottery. glass. etc.
connected, in order, in sequence, sequential, shaving: [ shave: ] [also intr] to remove (the
going on, continuing, following, one after the beard. hair. etc.) from (the face. head. or body)
other by scraping the skin with a razor.
sheaf: n. bundle of stalks of corn. barley. etc tied
serrated: adj. together after reaping.
having notches on the
edge like a saw; having a shear: v.
toothed edge.
(A) dull
(B) smooth
(C) random
(D) fragile
(E) tarnished cut the wool off (a sheep) with shears.

servile: adj. sheathe: v.

too ready to obey others; lacking independence.

Servitude person has an attitude put (something) into a sheath.
to serve other

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shed: n. keep away from (sth/sb); avoid.

shunt: v.
move (a railway locomotive. wagons. etc) from
one track to another.
shyster: n.
unscrupulous and dishonest person. esp a
one-storey building used for storing things. lawyer.
sheltering animals. vehicles. etc or as a sibling: n.
workshop. any one of two or more people with the same
parents; brother or sister.
sheriff (n) sibylline: adj.
Sheriff……………. spoken by or characteristic of a sibyl;
How much are you mysteriously prophetic.
sheriff (= honest in
Urdu) towards your sidereal: adj.
spouse my guess
can be right...?
Sheriff: a person
who is elected in
the USA to make sure that the law is obeyed in a
particular county. of the stars or measured by them.
Eg : The stout old sheriff of New York died
some time ago. sift: v.
Syn: county officer, county administrator, peace put (something) through a
officer, reeve. sieve.
significant: adj. having a
sheer: adj. complete; thorough; utter. meaning. esp one that is
sherbet: refreshing drink of weak sweet fruit- immediately obvious.
shift: v. ~ (sth/sb/oneself) (from.../to...); ~ silt: n.
(sth/sb/oneself) (about/around) (cause
sth/sb/oneself to) change or move from one
position or direction to another.
shimmer: v.
shine with a soft light that seems to waver.
shirk: v. avoid doing (work. one's duty. etc)
through laziness. cowardice. etc.

shoddy: adj.
of poor quality or badly made. sand. mud. etc carried by flowing water and left
shoot: v. ~ (something) (at sb/sth); ~ sth (from at the mouth of a river. in a harbour. etc.
sth); ~ sth (off) fire (a gun or some other
weapon); fire (a simian: adj. n
an arrow. etc) at sb/sth.
shove: v.
push roughly.
shrew: n.
small mouse-like animal that feeds on insects.
shrewd: adj.
having or showing good judgement and
common sense; astute. (of or like a) monkey or ape.
shrivel: v.
~ (something) (up) (cause sth to) shrink and simile: n. comparison of one thing with another.
wrinkle from heat. cold or dryness. eg `as brave as a lion'. `a face like a mask'.
shudder: v. ~ (with sth) shiver violently with
cold. fear. etc; tremble. simper: v.
shuffle: v.
walk without lifting the feet completely clear of
the ground.
shun: v.

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burn scorch the smell of singing leather made

him skeptical.
Eg: The marshmallows got a bit singed over
the campfire, but we liked them that way.
Syn: burn, sear, scorch

sinister: adj.

smile in a foolish. affected way.

simplistic: adj.

suggesting evil. or that sth bad may happen.

making difficult problems. issues. ideas. etcseem
sinuous: adj.
much simpler than they really are; over-
having many curves and
twists; winding.
simulate: v.
(A) vacant
(B) direct
(C) wet
(D) round
(E) numerous

siren: n.

pretend to have or feel.

sinecure: n.
position that requires
no work or device that makes a long loud sound as a signal
responsibility. but gives or warning.
the holder prestige or
money. SINECURE skiff: n.
(A) optimistic forecast
(B) voluntary restriction
(C) unwelcome news
(D) arduous
(E) overdue assistance
small light boat for rowing or sculling. usu by
sinewy: adj. one person ..
having strong sinews; tough;
muscular. SINEWY skim: v.
(A) new
(B) weak
(C) corrupt
(D) subtle
(E) substantial

remove cream. scum. etc from the surface of (a

singe (v/n)
Don’t play with hot things skimp: v.
otherwise, you will sing a
mourning song.
Singe: A light or superficial

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(B) taut
(C) dense
(D) enduring
(E) powdery

slag: n.

~ use or provide less than enough of (what is


skinflint: (n)
Skin + fli + nt ….In the film
‘Dil“when a fly got into the tea . waste matter that remains after metal has been
What were the options available extracted from ore by smelting.
to the miser? Anupam kher, he
just picked up the fly & licked up slake: (v)
its skin. This is a perfect model of
being a skinflint. S+ lake . ………… When
Skinflint: a very Milan person who hates camel, which is going
spending money; parsimonious, stringy, miser, a through desert, finds a lake.
niggardly person, What will it do? Just drink
Eg: Lakhimal & Kirorimal were skinflints until the water, which takes its
they reformed their ways & became notable thirst away.
philanthropists. Slake: to drink so that you no longer feel thirsty;
Syn: niggard, scrooge, churl to satisfy your desire.
Eg: Greedy Shylock is never slaked of with
skirmish: n. money
Syn: quench, satisfy, sate, satiate, assuage,
gulp, imbibe, indulge, inhale, irrigate, slosh,
swig, swill,
Ant: abjure, abnegate, avoid, cease, constrain,
curb, decline, deny oneself, do without, eschew,
evade, fast, forbear, forgo
Slake (Antonym)
A) Quench
fight between small groups of soldiers. ships. B) Séance
etc. esp one that is not planned. C) Seamy
D) insatiate
skittish: adj. E) nostalgia

(A) prohibit
(B) identify
(C) anticipate
(D) intensity
lively and playful; difficult to control. (E) publicize

skulduggery: n. supplication (n)

Supplication is a type of application to god.
When my exams date comes close. Daily I
supplicate two hour in nearby temple to god to
save me from supplementary in my exams.
Eg: He ignores the poor man's supplication.
The minister reminded his flock that God is a
deception and planning of evil acts; trickery. being to be obeyed and worshiped always and
not just someone to be supplicated in times of
slack: adj. trouble.
not tight or tense; loose; Syn: plea,
slacken: v. become slack. pleading, entreaty,
SLACK beseeching,
(A) braided begging,

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imploration, petition, appeal, solicitation,

request, prayer, invocation
Supplier of cylinder gas supplies less gas
compared to the prescribed norms. My dad
slanders the gas agency owner for their
mischievous act.
Eg: Unhappy that she hadn't won, the girl
resorted to slander and claimed that the winner's
science project had actually been done by his
father. (informal ) (esp of a place) dirty and not
Syn: defamation, calumny, scandal, libel, respectable; sordid.
aspersion, calumny, defamation, aspersing,
blackening, defamation, defaming, libel, sledge: n.
libeling, maligning, smearing, traducing,
vilification, vilifying
Related Words : aspersion, innuendo, smear;
backbiting, detraction; abuse, invective,
vituperation; attack, criticism, censure,
denunciation; contempt, disdain, scorn;
belittlement, disparagement; cattiness, despite,
vehicle with long narrow strips of wood. metal.
hatefulness, malevolence, malice, maliciousness,
etc instead of wheels. for travelling over ice and
malignancy, malignity, meanness, nastiness,
spite, spitefulness, spleen, venom, viciousness
Near Antonyms: acclaim, accolade, applause,
sleigh: n.
commendation, praise; esteem, honor, respect;
adulation, flattery; adoration, reverence,
veneration, worship

slapdash: adj. adv

sledge. esp one drawn by a horse.

sleight: n.

in a careless and hasty way.

slaughter: n.
sleight of `hand great skill in using the hands in
performing conjuring tricks. etc.


the killing of animals. esp for food.

slavish: adj.
pt of slay.

slick: adj.
done smoothly and efficiently. apparently
without effort.
lacking in independence or originality. SLEW
(A) uncertain supply
sleazy: adj. (B) unwanted interference
(C) unsuitable arrangement
(D) poor beginning
(E) limited quantity

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Eg: Tried to wake up the sluggards who were

slight: (adj) still sleeping.
not Syn: idler, lounger, lazybones, sluggard,
serious malingerer, waster, wastrel, slacker, shirker,
or beachcombersluggish: adj. slow-moving; not
alert or lively; lethargic.

sluice: n.

important; small.
slink: v. move as if one feels guilty or ashamed.
or does not want to be seen.
slipshod: adj. not done or not doing things
carefully; careless. sliding gate or other device for controlling the
slither: v. slide or slip unsteadily. flow of water out of or into a canal. lake. lock.
Sloth: (n)
Slow…………We hate a sloth person because he slur: v.
works each work slowly. run (sounds. words) into
Eg: The deadly sin of sloth.A youth inclined each other so that they are
more toward sloth than athletics. indistinct.
Syn: lethargy, torpidity, indolence, laziness, SLUR
idleness, sluggishness, inertia, inactivity, (A) avoid completely
lethargy, languor, slothfulness, torpor, torpidity, (B) pronounce clearly
faineance, slothfulness (C) oppose vigorously
SLOTH: (D) insist emphatically
(A) intelligence (E) state repeatedly
(B) secret
(C) neatness sly: adj.
(D) elegance
(E) industry

slough: n.

(often derog ) acting or done in a secret. often

cunning and deceitful. way.
swamp; marsh ;.
smattering: n. ~ slight knowledge. esp of a
slovenly: adj. language.
smear: v. ~ sth on/over sth/sb; ~ sth/sb with
sth spread a greasy or sticky substance. eg paint.
on sth/sb.
smelt: v. heat and melt in order to obtain the
metal it contains.
smirk: n. silly or self-satisfied smile.
careless. untidy. dirty. etc in appearance. dress smolder: #NAME?.
or habits. smother: v. die from lack of air. or from not
being able to breathe; suffocate.
sluggard: (n) smudge: n. dirty or blurred mark. oftencaused by
Slug + rubbing.
guard………Doing smug: adj . (usu derog ) too pleased with or
long hour job at the proud of oneself. one's achievements. etc; self-
same place. Many satisfied.
guards get sluggards
because there is snafu (n)
nothing to do. SNAFU…………It is

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acronym for situation normal all f**ked up. into more complex reading strategies, with each
Eg: The traffic in the city is snafu in the rush lesson including several exercises and
hour. You ignored his orders and snaffled explanations to practice the skills learned....
everything. -Shefali, Bangalore
a scheduling snafu
Syn: confused, confusion, error, hinder, : Order Over SMS :
wrecked, fucked-up. If you are from India, order this book by sending
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sneak: v. Rs 399/- at the time of receiving this book.

sober: adj.

~ (to sb) (Brit infml derog . ) (used esp by

children ) tell an adult about the faults.
wrongdoings. etc of another child.

snicker: v. with one's actions and thoughts not affected by

alcohol.; sobriety: n. quality or state of being

sodden: adj.
soaked through; very wet.
laugh in a suppressed. esp unpleasant. way; (A) moist
snigger. (B) desiccated
(C) tropical
snip: v. (D) practical
(E) man – made

sojourn: v.

stay (with sb) in a place for a time.

~ (at) sth cut sth sharply (esp with scissors or solace: (n)
shears) in short quick strokes. so + lach……….After
jogging for only 10
snivel: v. miles, we open our
shoe laces to get some
Eg: ought solace in
her religion.
"They solaced their
however, by duets after
(derog ) cry and sniff in a miserable. usu self- supper" Jane Austen.
pitying. way. solace grief
The selfless solace of the sick by the workers at
snub: v. treat (sb) coldly. rudely or with the hospice
contempt. esp by paying no attention (to him). The kind words brought a little solace
snuffle: v. make sniffing noises. Syn: cheer, soothe, console,
soar: v. go up high in the air quickly. comfort,consolation, solacement………….

AchieversPoint.com’s solder: n.
Reading comprehension for GRE.

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soft mixture of metals used. when melted. for being alone without companions; solitary state.
joining harder metals. wires. etc together.

solecism: n. AchieversPoint.com’s
GRE Analogy 1500
mistake in the use of language. esp one that
shows sb to be foreign or of low social class .. This Analogy Practice book offers you simple
solemnity: n. state or quality of being solemn; and straightforward methods and practice for
seriousness. quickly and dramatically improving your
vocabulary and logic and reasoning skills.
solicit: v.
~ (for sth); ~ : Order Over SMS :
(something) (from sb) If you are from India, order this book by sending
(fml ) ask (sb) for (eg SMS "Analogy" on 09899004123 and pay by cash
money. help. votes) Rs 399/- at the time of receiving this book.
earnestly; try to obtain
(sth); solicitor: n. lawyer
who prepares legal solstice: n. either of the two times of the year at
documents (eg for the sale of land or buildings). which the sun is furthest North or South of the
advises clients on legal matters. and speaks for equator.
them in the lower courts.
soluble: adj.
solicitous: adj.

~ that can be dissolved.

~ (fml ) very concerned and anxious about (sb's solvent: adj. having enough money to pay one's
welfare. comfort. etc). debts; not in debt.
somatic: pertaining to the body; physical.
soliloquy: n. somber: of a dismal or depressing
somnambulist: n. person who does this; sleep-
walker ;.
somnolent: adj. almost asleep; sleepy; drowsy.
sonic: adj. relating to sound. sound-waves or the
speed of sound.
sonnet: n. type of poem containing 14 lines.
each of 10 syllables. and with a formal pattern of
speaking one's thoughts aloud. esp in a play rhymes.
when a character does this without another
character being present on stage. sonorous: adj.

solitude: n.

having a full deep sound.

soothsayer: n. fortune-teller; prophet.

sophist: n. person who uses clever but false
arguments intended to deceive.

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sophisticated: adj. having or showing much having a sharp taste (like that of vinegar. a
worldly experience and knowledge of lemon or unripe fruit).
fashionable life.
sophistication: n. quality of being sophisticated. sovereign: adj. (of power) without limit; highest.
sophistry: n. use of sophisms. sovereignty: n. independent sovereign power.
sophomoric: conceited and overconfident of sow: n. fully grown female pig ..
knowledge but poorly informed and immature. spangle: n. tiny piece of shining metal or plastic
used for decoration on a dress. etc. esp in large
soporific: (n) numbers.
If you eat spare: adj. in addition to what is usu needed or
hunched used; kept in reserve for use when needed.
pancake (poori sparse: adj. not dense. thick or crowded; thinly
in Hindi) you scattered.
well feel Spartan: adj. (of conditions) simple and harsh;
soporific. without luxury or comforts.
Eg: Soporific spasmodic: adj. occurring or done at irregular
drugs intervals (usu for short periods at a time); not
Syn: balmy, mesmeric, sedative, asperse, continuous or regular.
besmirch, calumniate, defame, slander, smirch, spat: pt. pp of spit1.
denigrate, smear, mar, deflower, impair, vitiate, spate: n. sudden fast rush.
spoil ,hypnologic, hypnologic, somniferous,
omnificent, soporiferous spatial: adj.
(A) artificial nourishment
(B) hallucinatory
(C) effective cure
(D) auxiliary
(E) stimulant
of. concerning or existing in space.
sordid: adj.
spatula: n. tool with a wide flat blunt blade used
for mixing and spreading. esp in cooking and
spawn: n. eggs of fish. shellfish and frogs. toads.
specious: adj . seeming rightor true but actually
wrong or false.
speck: n. very small spot or stain; tiny particle.
(of conditions. places. etc) dirty and unpleasant; spectral: adj. of or like a spectre(1).
squalid. spectrum: n. (usu sing ) image of a band of
colours as seen in a rainbow (and usu described
sound: adj. as red. orange. yellow. green. blue. indigo and
violet). formed by a ray of light that has passed
through a prism.
speechless: adj. unable to speak. esp because of
strong feeling.
spendthrift: n. person who spends money
extravagantly and wastefully.
sphinx-like: .
in good condition; not hurt. diseased. injured or spin: v.

sour: adj.

~ sth (round) make sth turn round and round


splice: v.

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energetic, vivacious, buoyant, frolicsome,

playful, coltish, gay, jolly, blithe, saucy, cheery,
bouncy, perky
Ant: blunt, blunted, dulled, unsharpened,
pointless, obtuse, edgeless, turned, battered,
toothless, edentatesprout: v. ~ (from sth) begin
to grow or appear; put out leaves. shoots. etc.

spruce: adj.
join (two ends of rope) by weaving the strands of
one into the strands of the other.

spoof: n.

tidy and clean in appearance; smart ;.

~ (of/on sth) humorous imitation or parody. spry: (adj)

When we see parai (wife of
spoonerism: n. another person) we feel spry.
result of changing round. Eg:
esp accidentally. the initial An older woman who's still
sounds of two or more words surprisingly spry.
when speaking. eg well- A spry 75-year-old.
boiled icicle for well-oiled An older woman who's still
bicycle well-oiled bicycle surprisingly spry.
well-boiled icicle. Syn: nimble, lithe, sprightly, supple, dexterous,
limber, vigorous, winged, buoyant, mercurial
Ant: clumsy, inept, maladroit, ungainly,
uncoordinated, gawky, bungling, fumbling,
sporadic: adj. floundering, stumbling, gauche, blundering,
uncouth, rusty

spur (n)
Spurs are U shaped
instruments with serrated
happening or seen only occasionally or in a few edges or spikes attached to the
places; occurring irregularly. heels of the boots of horsemen
and used for goading the
sportive: adj. horse to greater speed. In
chivalry the phrase 'winning
his spurs' was equivalent to qualifying as a
knight. A knight's spurs were of gold and a
squire's of silver.

spurious: adj.


sprightly: (adj)
We drink sprightly Sprite
cold drink.
Eg: A sprightly salsa.A not genuine or authentic; false or fake.
sprightly musical.
Every morning the elderly spurn: v. reject or refuse scornfully or
couple sprightly sets out on contemptuously.
a walk. squabble: v. ~ (about/over sth) quarrel noisily
Syn: animated, brisk, lively, light, nimble, agile, (as children do). esp over unimportant matters.
quick, jaunty, spry, dapper, bright, spirited, squalid: adj. very dirty and unpleasant (esp

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because of neglect or poverty).

squalor: n. squalid state.
squander: v. ~ sth waste (time. money. etc); use
sth wastefully.

squash: v.

position of the pieces in the game of chess in

which the player whose move it is cannot move
without putting his king in check.

stalwart: adj.

press or squeeze (sb/sth) flat or into a pulp;


squat: v. ~ (down) (of people) sit on one's heels

or on the ground with the knees drawn up under (of a person) strong and sturdy.
or close to the body; crouch.
squeamish: adj. having a delicate stomach and stamina: n.
easily made sick.
squelch: v. make a sucking sound as when feet
are lifted from thick sticky mud.

staccato: adj. adv

ability to endure much physical or mental strain;

long-lasting energy and resilience; staying-

stammer: v.
speak with sudden pauses and
(to be played) with each successive note short. a tendency to repeat rapidly
clear and detached; not smooth(ly). the same sound or syllable
(because of a speech defect or
stagnant: adj. from fear. excitement. etc).

stamp: v.

not flowing and therefore dirty and smelling

unpleasant; still and stale. ~ sth put (one's foot) down heavily on (the
ground. etc); flatten (something) by doing this.
staid: adj.
stampede: n.

(of people. their appearance. behaviour. tastes.

etc) serious. dull and old-fashioned; sudden rush of frightened animals.
stanch: v.
stalemate: n.

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steep: adj. (of a slope. stairs. etc) rising or falling

sharply. not gradually.
stellar: adj. of a star or stars.
stem: n. main central part of a plant. bush or tree
coming up from the roots. from which the leaves
or flowers grow.

stench: n.
stop the flow of (esp blood).

standstill: n.

very unpleasant smell.

halt; stop.
stentorian: adj. (of a voice) loud and powerful.
stanza: n.
stereotype: n. image.idea. character. etc that has
become fixed or standardizedin a conventional
form without individuality.

sterile: adj.

group of lines forming a unit in some types of

poem; verse of poetry.

stately: adj.

not producing or not able to produce seeds.

young or children.

stickler: (n)

dignified; imposing; grand.

static: adj.
for sth person who thinks that a certain goal is
very important and tries to make other people
aim at it.

stifle: v.

not moving or changing; stationary.

statute: n.
law passed by Parliament or feel or make unable to breathe (easily) because
a similar law-making body of lack of fresh air; suffocate.
and written down formally.
stigma: n.
statutory: adjfixed. done or
required by statute.
steadfast: adj. ~ (fml usu
approv . ) firm and not
changing or yielding; constant.
stealth: n. acting or behaving in a quiet or secret

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(infml derog . ) (of food) heavy. solid and

mark of shame or disgrace; shameful feeling or difficult to digest.
stoic: n.
stilted: adj. person who has great self-
control and who endures
pain. discomfort or
misfortune without
complaining or showing
signs of feeling it ..

(of a manner of talking. writing. behaving. etc)

stiff and unnatural; artificial.
stoke: v. ~ sth (with sth) put (coal or some other
stink: v. (informal ) fuel) on the fire of a furnace. an engine. etc.
stolid: adj. (of a person) not easily excited;
showing little or no emotion or interest.
stoop: v. ~ (down) bend forward and down.

stout: adj.

~ (of sth) have a very unpleasant and offensive


stint: v.
strong and thick.

straggle: v.

~ on sth; ~ sb/oneself (usu in negative

sentences ) restrict. limit sb/oneself to a small
grow or spread in an irregular or untidy manner.
amount of (esp food).
strangle: v.
stipend: n. official income (esp of a clergyman);
salary ;.
stipple: v. paint. draw or engrave in small dots
(not in lines. etc).
stipulate: v. state (something) clearly and firmly
as a requirement.
stock: n. store of goods available for sale.
distribution or use. in a shop. warehouse. etc. kill by squeezing or gripping the throat tightly;
stockade: n. line or wall of strong upright posts. throttle.
built as a defence.
stratagem: n.
stodgy: adj.

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trick. plan or scheme to deceive sb (esp an

loud and harsh; shrill.
stringent: adj.
stratified: [ stratify: ]

to form or be formed in layers or strata.

that must be obeyed; strict or severe.
stratum: n.
strut: n.

any of a series of horizontal layers. esp of rock in

the earth's crust.

strew: v. rod or bar placed in a framework to strengthen

and brace it.

stultify: v.

~ A (on/over B); ~ B with A scatter sth (over a

surface); cover (a surface) with scattered things;

striated: adj.
(fml ) cause (something) to be ineffective or
seem absurd; negate.

stumble: v.

marked with stripes. lines or furrows.

stricture: n.

~ strike one's foot against sth and almost fall.

stump: n.
(fml ) severe criticism or condemnation.

strident: adj.

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very dark; gloomy.

part of a tree left in the ground after the rest has
fallen or been cut down. stymie: n.

stun: v.

situation on the green in which an opponent's

ball is between one's own ball and the hole.
make (a person or an animal) unconscious by a
blow. esp to the head. subaltern: n.

make numb; stun; amaze.

any officer in the army below the rank of captain.
stupor: n.
subdue: v.

condition of being dazed or nearly unconscious

caused by shock. drugs. alcohol. etc.

sturdy: adj. bring under control by force; defeat.

subjective: adj.

strong and solid.

stygian: adj.
existing in the mind and not produced by things
outside the mind.

subjugate: v.

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subordinate: adj.

~ (to sb) lower in rank or position.

gain control of (a country. etc); subdue; conquer
;. suborn: v.
sublimate: v.

use bribery or some other means to persuade

(sb) to do sth illegal. esp tell lies in a court of

subpoena: n.
express (instinctual urges. esp sexual ones) in
more socially acceptable ways.

sublime: adj.

written order requiring a person to appear in a

of the greatest. most admirable kind; causing
awe and reverence. subservient: adj. ~ (often derog ) giving too
much respect. obedience. etc; submissive.
subliminal: adj. subside: v. sink to a lower or to the normal level.
subsidiary: adj. 1~ connected to but smaller. of
less importance.etc than sth else; subordinate.
subsidy: n. money paid. esp by a government. to
help an industry. to support the arts. to keep
prices down. etc.
being perceivedor affecting the mind without
substantiate: v.
one being aware of it.

submerge: v.

go under the surface of a liquid. the sea. etc.

give facts to support (a claim. statement. etc);
submissive: adj. prove.

substantive: adj.

willing to yield to the authority of others;


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genuine or actual; real.

advocate of voting rights (for women).
subsume: v.
suffuse: v.

~ sth (esp of colour or moisture) spread all over

~ sth (fml ) include sth in a particular group. sth.
class. etc or under a rule.
suitor: n.
subterfuge: n.

man courting a woman.

sullen: adj.
trick or excuse. esp one used to avoid
difficulties. blame. failure. etc.

subtlety: n. quality of being subtle.

subversive: adj. ~ trying or likely to weaken or
destroy a political system. an accepted belief. silent. bad-tempered and gloomy.
succinct: adj. expressedbriefly and clearly; sully: (v)
concise. Sully person should be
succor: to go to the aid of:RELIEVE. hanged on sooli ( gallows).
succulent: adj. (of fruit and meat) juicy and Eg: There are, nevertheless,
delicious. three or four female heads,
of an ethereal beauty-
succumb: v. portraits in the manner of
Sully. Poems by Poe, Edgar
Syn: blot, stain, spot
sultry: adj. (of the weather. air. etc) oppressively
hot and humid.
summation: n. summing-up; summary.
sumptuous: adj. looking expensive and splendid.
sunder: v. ~ sth/sb (fml or rhet ) separate
~ (fml ) stop resisting (temptation. illness. sth/sb. esp by force or for ever.
attack. etc); yield.
sundial (n)
suckle: v. feed with milk from the breast or A sundial is an instrument for
udder. measuring the time of day
suffocate: v. die as a result of not being able to from the shadow cast by the
breathe. sun shining on a style or
gnomon onto a graduated
suffragist: surface.

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sundry: adj. surge: v.


superannuated: adj. old and barely fit for work or

use. move forward in or like waves.
supercilious: adj. thinking or showing that one
thinks one is better than other people; arrogant surly: adj.
and disdainful.
supererogatory: superfluous; more than needed
or demanded.
superficial: adj. of or on the surface only.
superfluous: adj. more than is needed or wanted.
superimpose: v. ~ sth put sth on top of sth else.
esp so that what is underneath can still be seen.
heard. etc.
supernumerary: adj. in excess of the normal bad-tempered and unfriendly.
number; extra.
supersede: v. take the place of be introduced so surmise: v. suppose (something) without having
as to be used instead of (sth/sb). evidence that makes it certain; guess.
surmount: v. deal with (a difficulty. etc);
supine: adj. overcome.
lying flat on the back.face upwards. surpass: v. ~ sb/sth (in sth) (fml ) do or be better
than sb/sth; exceed sb/sth.
supplant: v. take the place of (sb/sth); replace. surreptitious: adj. done or acting secretly or
supple: adj. bent or bending easily; not stiff; stealthily.
flexible. surrogate: n. ~
(fml ) person or thing that acts or is used instead
suppliant: n. adj of another; substitute.
(person) asking surveillance: n.
humbly for sth.; >> careful watch kept on sb suspected of doing
supplicant: n. person wrong.
who supplicates; susceptible: adj. ~ to sth easily influenced or
suppliant; supplicate: harmed by sth.
v. ~ sth (fml ) ask (sb) suspend: v. ~ sth (fml ) hang sth up.
humbly or pleadingly suspense: n. feeling of tenseness. worry. etc
for sth. about what may happen.
sustain: v. bear (weight) without breaking or
suppress: v. falling.
sustenance: n. food and drink; nourishment.
suture: n. stitch or stitches made in sewing up a
wound. esp following an operation ..
swagger: v. walk or behave in a proud or boastful
swamp: n. soft wet land; marsh ;.
put an end to (sth). esp by force; crush. swarm: n. large number of insects. birds. etc
moving around together. esp bees following a
surfeit: n. queen bee.

swarthy: (adj)
What is the colour
of warthy (an army
man’s cloth)?
~ (of sth) too much of sth. esp of food and drink. Syn: dark-colored,
dark-skinned, dark-

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complexioned, dusky, tanned, wart, dark-

skinned, dusky relationship between two
Ant: white, whitish, white-faced, colorless, species. organisms.etc
anemic, wan, drained, pallid, pasty, peaky, that live close together and
ashen, ashy, waxen, green, deathly pale depend on each other in
various ways.
swatch (n)
watch………………It is symmetry: n.
the human psychology
that when we go for
shopping, before buying
any thing first we watch
out for different samples
of products or things. Therefore, swatch is a
piece of fabric used as a sample.
Eg:The sunset had filled the sky with swatches exact match in size and shape between the two
of deep orange.Quoted swatches of the speech in halves of sth.
his article.
"I . . . drove through this hilly swatch of field synthesis: n.
and forest that wraps around the east and north
of town" Jean Anderson.
Syn: sample, pattern, fragment
swathe: n. strip of grass or other plants cut by a
mower. scythe. etc. combining of separate parts. elements. etc to
form a complex whole.
sway: v.

move or lean slowly from side to side.

swear: v. ~ (at sb/sth) use rude or blasphemous

words in anger. surprise. etc; curse.
swear-word: n. rude or blasphemous word.
swell: v. ~(to sth); ~ (something) (up) (with sth)
(cause sth to) becomelarger or bulge outwards.
eg because of pressure from inside.
swelter: v. be uncomfortably hot; suffer from the
swerve: v. change direction suddenly.
swill: v. ~ sth (out/down) (esp Brit) rinse or
flush sth by pouring large amounts of water. etc
into. over or through it.
swindler: n. person who swindles.
swipe: v. (informal ) ~ (at) sth/sb (try to) hit
sth/sb with a swinging or reckless blow.
sybarite: n. person who is very fond of luxury and
sycophant: n. person who tries to gain people's
favour by insincerely flattering them and always
agreeing with them.
syllogism: n. form of reasoning in which a
conclusion is drawn from two statements. eg All
men must die; I am a man; therefore I must die.

symbiosis: n.

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Taint………………paints…Ignoring the
painting he forces the wall into tainted
ablet: n. Eg:The air was tainted by fumes from the cars.
Scholarship tainted by envy.Persons tainted with
Syn: Spoil, Infect, Rot, Defile, Sully, Corrupt,
Cloud, Contaminate, Taint, Pollute, Defile
takeoff: v. Go ahead.

talisman: n.

slab or panel with words cut or written on it. esp

one fixed to a wall as a memorial ..

tacit: adj.

object that is thought to bring good luck. eg a

ring or locket.

talon: n.
understoodwithout being put into words;

taciturn: adj.

claw. esp of a bird of prey.

saying very little; uncommunicative ;.
tan: v.
tact: n.

skill at not offending people or at gaining

goodwill by saying or doing the right thing; convert (animal skin) into leather by treating it
tactful: adj. having or showing tact. with tannic acid. etc.
tactile: adj. tangential:

of or using the sense of touch.

taint: (n) peripheral; only slightly connected; digressing.

tangible: adj.

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tarantella (n)

to tease or torment by or as if by presenting

something desirable to the view but continually
keeping it out of reach.

tantamount: (adj)
The tarantella is a rapid, whirling Italian dance
in six-eight measure (triple time) for two people
originating from Naples. The tarantella
commences slowly and gradually increases in
speed until it becomes very rapid. The violin is
Big tent at fair look like Small Mountain that is usually used as an accompaniment, sometimes a
tantamount to a mountain. guitar, but tambourine and castanets are
Eg:If president resigned it would tantamount to frequently played by the dancers. The tarantella
admitting that he was guilty. was invented as a cure for the bite of the
The resignations were tantamount to an tarantula spider, the cure coming from the
admission of guilt.A request tantamount to a perspiration induced by the dance
A relationship tantamount to marriage. tarantula: (n)
Syn: equivalent

tantrum: n.

Tara + ant+……. tara (star) like spider that lives

in hot countries.
Eg: Some type of tarantula has poisonous bite.
Syn: European wolf spider, Lycosa tarentula

outburst of bad temper. esp in a child. tardy: adj.

taper: n.

(fml ) slow to act. move or happen.

length of wax-covered thread like a very thin tarnish: v.

candle burned to give light or to light other
candles. etc.


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lose its brightness by being exposed to air or


tarry: v.

tightly stretched; not slack.

tawdry: (adj)

Tau + dry…my uncle (Tau in Hindi) has got a

one meter long moustache. He always keeps it
clean & gleaming. If someone challenges him,
(arch or rhet ) delay in coming to or going from a he gives a show of his moustache.
place; linger. Eg:A tawdry attempt to smear his
opponent.Wore huge, tawdry necklaces and
tart: adj. bracelets that looked like they were made of
Syn: showy, gaudy, flashy, garish, loud, tasteless,
cheap, cheapjack, shoddy, meretricious,
Brummagem; inf. flash, tatty, tacky, kitsch.

tawny: adj.

sharp-tasting; acid.



to make or become ragged or worn to shreds. one who study the general principles of scientific
taunt: v.
tedium: n.

~ sb try to provoke sb with scornful or critical

remarks; jeer at sb. tediousness; boredom.

taut: adj. teetotalism:

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temporal: adj.

the principle or practice of complete abstinence of worldly affairs. ie not spiritual; secular.
from alcoholic drinks.
teetotaler (adj)

Teetotaler person totally depends on tea. He

never takes wine etc.
Syn: prohibitionist, prude, abstinent, abstainer
avoid committing oneself; gain time.
temerity: n.
tenable (adj)

If ten people able to say that certain fact is

audacity; rashness. correct, then you can consider it tenable.

temper: n. tenacious: adj.

sticking or clinging firmly together or to an

state of the mind as regards anger or calmness. object.; tenacity: firmness; persistency;
temperament: n. person's nature as it affects the adhesiveness; tenancy: use of land or buildings
way he thinks. feels and behaves. as a tenant.

tempestuous: adj. tender: adj.

stormy; violently agitated; turbulent.

easily damaged or hurt; delicate.
tempo: n.
tenet: n.

speed or rhythm of a piece of music. Internet works on the tenet of “free information”
Meaning: An opinion, doctrine, or principle held

Win Over Words www.TakeGRE.com

as being true by a person or especially by an sth ends.

organization terminology: n. technical terms of a particular
Eg: A tenet is one of the basic princeiple of subject.
faith. terminus: n. station at the end of a railway line.
Syn: principle; belief; doctrine, dogma, canon terrestrial: adj. of or living on land.
terse: adj. using few words; concise; curt.
tensile: (adj) tertiary: adj. third in order. rank. importance. etc;
next after secondary.
tessellated: adj. made from small flat pieces of
stone of various colours arranged in a pattern.
testator: n. person who has made a will4(4).
testy: adj. easily annoyed; irritable.
Tension...... tensile things give a lot of tension. tether: n. rope or chain by which an animal is
Syn: ductile fastened while it is grazing.

tension: n. tetrahedron (n)

state or degree of stretching or being stretched.

tentative: adj. A tetrahedron is a geometric solid figure with

four triangular faces.
thematic: adj. of or related to a theme.
theocracy: n. system of government by priests or
a priestly class in which the laws of the State are
believed to be the laws of God.
theoretical: adj. concerned with the theory of a
done. said. etc to test sth; hesitant or exploratory; therapeutic: adj. of the art of healing or the
not definite or decisive. curing of disease.
thermal: adj. ofheat.
tenuous: adj. thesis: n. statement or theory put forward and
supported by arguments.

thespian: adj.

thin; slender.

tenure: n.
of acting or the theatre.


holding of office or land or other property. etc ..

tepid: adj. lukewarm.

terminal: adj. of the last stage in a fatal disease.
terminate: v. come to an end or bring slave; bondage.
(something) to an end.
termination: n. point at which or way in which thrash: v.

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serious one ..

tonsure: n.

beat with a stick or whip. esp as a punishment.

threadbare: adj.
worn thin; shabby.

threat: n. expression of one's intention to punish shaving the top or all of the head of a person
or harm sb. esp if he does not obey. about to become a priest ormonk.
thresh: v. beat out or separate from husks of
wheat. etc using a machine or (esp formerly) an topography: n. features of a place or district. esp
implement held in the hand. the position of its rivers. mountains. roads.
thrifty: adj. showing thrift; economical ;. buildings. etc.
thrive: v. ~ (on sth) grow or develop well and topple: v. ~ (over) be unsteady and fall.
vigorously; prosper.
throb: v. ~ (with sth) (of the heart. pulse. etc) torpedo: n.
beat. esp faster or stronger thanusual.
throes: n. severe pains.
throng: n. crowded mass of people or things.
throttle: v. seize by the throat and stop him
breathing; choke; strangle.
thwart: v. prevent doing what he intends; oppose
(a plan. etc) successfully.
tickle: v. touch or stroke lightly. esp at sensitive tube-shaped explosive underwater missile
parts. so as to cause a slight tingling sensation. launched against ships by submarines. aircraft or
often with twitching movements and laughter. surface ships.
tightwad: excessively frugal person; miser.
tiller: n. person who tills. torpor: n. torpid condition.
tiltable: . torque: n. twisting force causing rotation in
timbre: n. characteristicquality of sound machinery.
produced by a particular voice or instrument. torrent: n. violently rushing stream of water. lava.
timid: adj. easily frightened; shy. etc.
timidity: timidness ns.
timorous: adj. timid. torrid: adj.
tinge: v. ~ sth colour sth slightly.
tint: n. shade or variety of a colour.
tipple: v. be in the habit of drinking alcoholic
drinks. esp too often or too much.
tirade: n. long angry speech of criticism or
very hot and dry.
titanic: adj. gigantic; immense.
tithe: n. one tenth of the annual produce of a
torso: n.
farm. etc formerly paid as a tax to support the
clergy and the church.
titillate: v. stimulate or excite (sb). esp sexually.
title: n. name of a book. poem. picture. etc ..
titter: n. short nervous laugh.
titular: adj. having a certain title(.
toady: n. person who flatters another or treats
him with excessive respect in the hope of gain or
main part of the human body. not including the
toga: n. loose outer garment worn by men in
head. arms and legs; trunk.
ancient Rome.
toil: v. ~ away (at/over sth) work long or hard.
tortuous: adj.
token: n. sign. symbol or evidence of sth.
toll: n. money paid for the use of a road. bridge.
harbour. etc ..
tome: n. large heavy book. esp a scholarly or

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tout: v. ~ try to get people to buy (one's goods or
services). esp in an annoyingly insistent way.
toxic: adj. poisonous.
tract: n. large stretch or area of land.
tractable: adj. easily guided. handled or
controlled; docile ;.
full of twists and turns.
traduce: v. saydamaging untrue things about
(sb/sth); slander or defame;.
toss: v.
trajectory: n. curved path of sth that has been
fired. hit or thrown into the air. eg a missile.
tramp: v. walk with heavy or noisy steps.
trample: v. ~ sth/sb (down) tread heavily on
sth/sb so as to cause damage or destruction.
trance: n. sleep-like state. caused eg by being
~ sth (to sb) throw sth lightly or carelessly or tranquillity: n. tranquil condition.
easily. transcend: v. be or go beyond the range of
(human experience. belief. powers of
totem: n. description. etc).
transcendent: adj. extremely great; supreme.
transcendental: adjgoing beyond the limits of
humanknowledge. experience or reason. esp in a
mystical or religious way.
transcribe: v. ~ sth copy sth in writing.
transgression: n. transgressing.
transient: adj. lasting for only a short time; brief;
transition: n. ~ (to sth) (instance of) changing
natural object. esp an animal. considered by N from one state or condition to another.
American Indians as the emblem of a clan or transitory: adj. lasting for only a short time;
family. transient.
translucent: adj. allowinglight to pass through
totter: v. walk or move unsteadily; stagger. but not transparent.
touching: adj. arousing pity or sympathy. transmute: v. ~sth change sth (into sth
touchstone: stone used to test the fineness of completely different).
gold alloys; criterion.
transparent: adj.
touchy: (adj)

allowinglight to pass through so that objects

behind can be seen clearly.

Touch.... Do not touch touchy things because it transpire: v. (of an event. a secret. etc) become
is very sensitive. known.
Eg: a touchy situation. transport: v. ~ sth/sb (to...) take sth/sb from one
But she's touchy still, very touchy; and one's life place to another in a vehicle.
is hardly safe behind her sometimes. Tess of the transpose: v. cause to change places.
d'Urbervilles - A Pure Woman by Hardy, trappings: n. outward signs of prestige. wealth.
Thomas etc.
Syn: acrimonious, cantankerous, carping,
caviling, cavillous, censorious, contrary, crabby, traumatic: adj.
cross, demanding, deprecating, disparaging,
exacting, exceptive, fault-finding, finicky,
hypercritical, irritable, nagging, overcritical,
peevish, perverse, petulant, sarcastic, huffy
Ant: formal, grave, lugubrious, serious, sober,

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trembling from nervousness or weakness.

of or causing trauma. trenchant: adj. strongly and effectively
expressed; penetrating.
travail (n) trepidation: n. great worry or fear about sth
unpleasant that may happen.
tribulation: n. (sad event. accident. illness. etc
that causes) great trouble or suffering.
tribunal: n. group of officials with the authority
to settle certain types of dispute.
tribune: Any champion of the rights and liberties
of the people: often used as the name for a
Travel……………... Are you going to travel the newspaper..
desert of Sahara? Please spur the idea other wise tribute: n. action. statement or gift that is meant
you have to bear a lot of travail for the same. to show one's respect or admiration.
Eg.:These villagers now have decent housing, so trickle: v. flow in a thin stream.
our travail has not been in vain.
Syn: labor, toil, drudgery, childbed, confinement, trickster: n.
lying-in, parturiency, Labour, labor, elbow
grease, exertion, effort, sweat, drudge, labor,
moil, toil, fag, labor, dig, grind.
traverse: v. travel. lie or extendacross.
travesty: n. ~ absurd imitation of or inferior
substitute for sth.
tread: v. ~ (on. etc sth/sb) set one's foot down;
walk or step.

treadmill (n) person who tricks or cheats people; swindler ;.

trident: n.

A treadmill is a mill consisting of a large wooden

cylinder with steps on the outside. It is worked
by persons treading on the steps, their weight spear with three points.
causing the cylinder to revolve. The treadmill
was invented in China and originally used for trifle: n. thing. question or activity that has little
raising water. The treadmill employed in British value or importance.
prisons was invented by Sir William Cubitt. The trifling: adj. unimportant; trivial.
first penal treadmill was erected in Brixton Jail in
1817. The 'hard labour' of prison discipline was trigger: n.
formerly the treadmill.
treasure: n. gold. silver. jewels. etc.
treatise: n. ~ long written work dealing
systematically with one subject.
trek: n. long hard journey. esp on foot.
tremor: n. slight shaking or trembling.

tremulous: adj. lever that releases a spring. esp so as to fire a


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trilogy: n. group of three related works. esp three truncate: v. shorten by cutting off the top or end.
novels or operas.
trim: v. make (something) neat or smooth by tryst:
cutting away irregular parts.

trinket: n.


tumid: adj. (of parts of the body) swollen.

tumult: n. disturbance or confusion. esp of a
small ornament. piece of jewellery. etc of little large mass of people.
value. tundra: n. vast flat treeless Arctic regions of
Europe. Asia and N America where the subsoil
trite: adj. not new or original. because often is permanently frozen.
used; hackneyed; commonplace .. turbid: adj. (of liquids) opaque or muddy; not
trivia: n. unimportant things. details or pieces of clear.
information. turbulence: n. unrest or disturbance.
troth: n. (idm ) plight one's troth. tureen: n. deep dish with a lid from which soup.
vegetables. etc are served at table.
trough: n. turgid: adj. (of language. style. etc) pompous
and difficult to follow; boring.
turmoil: n. great disturbance. agitation or

turncoat: n.

long narrow open box for animals to feed or

drink from.

person who changes from one side. party. etc to

turpitude: n.

agressiveness; ferocity.

truism: n. statement that is obviouslytrue. esp

one that does not say anything important. eg
Nothing lasts for ever ..

trumpet (n)
state or quality of being wicked; depravity ;.

tutelage: n.

The trumpet is a musical instrument of the brass

family. The trumpet is the earliest known brass
wind instrument, and consists of a tube of about
1.5 meters long curved twice to form three
lengths. One end widens into a bell and the
other end is mounted with a cupped
mouthpiece. The pitch of notes is altered by way protection of and authority over a person.
of key operated valves. country. etc; guardianship.

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tutelary: adj. acting as a guardian or protector.

tycoon: n.

wealthy and powerful businessman or

industrialist; magnate.

typhoon: n.

violent tropical hurricane that occurs in the

western Pacific.

tyranny: n.

cruel. unjust or oppressive use of power or


tyro (adj)

New auto mechanic only can change your tyre

because he is beginner. He does not know much
about parts of the car.
Eg: A tyro musician.
Syn: abecedarian, amateur, apprentice,
catechumen, colt, fish, fledgling, freshman,
green, greenhorn, gremlin, initiate, learner,
neophyte, new boy, new kid, newcomer, novice,
novitiate, probationer, recruit, starter, student,
tenderfoot, trainee
Ant: able, adept, adroit, apt, crackerjack, deft,
dexterous, experienced, facile, handy, master,
masterful, masterly, practiced, professional,
proficient, qualified, savvy, schooled, sharp,
skilled, skillful, slick, there, trained, virtuoso,

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U biquitous: adj.


unceremonious: adj. without proper formality or

(seeming to be) present everywhere or in several
places at the same time. uncouth: adj.

ulcer: n.

open sore containing poisonous matter on the rough. awkward or ill-mannered; not refined ..
outside of the body or on the surface of an
internal organ. unction: n.

ulterior: adj. beyond what is obvious or admitted.

umbrage: n.

action of anointing with oil as a religious rite.

unctuous: adj.

give `umbrage; take `umbrage (at sth) (fml or joc

) (make sb) feel offended or slighted.

unaccountable: adj. that cannot be explained or insincerelyearnest or flattering. esp in an oily

accounted for. way.

unanimity: n. undergird:

strengthen the base of.

complete agreement or unity.
underhand: adj.
unassailable: adj. that cannot be attacked or
unassuaged: .
unassuming: adj. not drawing attention to
oneself or to one's merits or rank; modest.
unbridled: adj. not controlled or checked.

uncanny: adj.

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done or doing things in a sly or secret way; unearthly: adj. supernatural or mysterious or
deceitful. frightening.
unequivocal: adj. having only one possible
undermine: v. meaning; clear and unmistakeable.
unerringly: adv..
unexceptionable: adj. that cannot be criticized;
entirely satisfactory.
unfaltering: steadfast..

unfeigned: adj.
make a hollow or tunnel beneath (sth); weaken
at the base.
(A) originate
(B) plan
(C) smooth
(D) reinforce
(E) resume
not pretended; genuine or sincere.
(A) submerge unfetter: to release from fetters. bonds. etc..
(B) supersede unfledged: immature.
(C) overhaul unfrock: v. dismiss from the priesthood.
(D) under gird ungainly: adj. clumsy or awkward; not graceful.
(E) intersperse unguent: ointment.

underscore: v. uniformity:

sameness; consistency; monotony.

unilateral: adj. done by or affecting one person.
undulate: v.
group. country. etc and not another; one-sided.
unimpeachable: adj. that cannot be doubted or
questioned; trustworthy.

have a wave-like movement or appearance; uninhibited:

undulating: [ undulate: ] to move or cause to
move in waves or as if in waves.

unearth: v. ~


unison: n.
sth uncover or obtain sth from the ground by
(A) conform
(B) conceal
(C) respect
(D) blend
(E) plot
in unison (with sb/sth) sounding or singing

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together the same musical note (or the same unwarranted: adj.
note in different octaves). unjustified or unauthorized.
unwieldy: adj.
universal: adj. awkward to move or control because of its shape.
size or weight.
unwitting: adj.
] not knowing or aware.

unwonted: adj.

of. belonging to. affecting or done by all people

or things in the world or in a particular group. not customary or usual.
unkempt: adj. upbraid: v.

not kept tidy; looking dishevelled or neglected.

unmitigated: adj. ~ sb (dated or fml ) scold or reproach sb.

having no accompanying advantages whatever;
complete; absolute. upright: adj.

unobtrusive: adj. not too obvious or easily

noticeable; not drawing attention to itself or
himself; discreet.

unravel: v.

in a vertical position; erect.

(cause sth woven. knotted or tangled to) separate
into strands.

unregenerate: unrepentant; unreformed.

unrequited: adj.
(esp of love) not returned or rewarded.
unruly: adj.
not easy to control or discipline; disorderly.
unsavory: distasteful; morally offensive.
unscathed: adj. noise and excitement or anger; tumult;
not injured or hurt; unharmed. proarious: adj. very noisy or high-spirited.
unseemly: adj.
(of behaviour.etc) not proper or seemly; upshot: n.
unsightly: adj.
not pleasant to look at; ugly.
unsullied: .
untenable: adj
. that cannot be defended.
the ~ the final result or outcome.
untoward: adj. inconvenient or unfortunate;
urbane: adj.

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take (sb's power. right. position) wrongfully or

having or showing refined manners. smooth
by force; usury: n. (lending of money at)
elegance and sophistication.
excessively high interest.
urchin: n.
utopia: n.

imaginary place or state of things in which

everything is perfect.
(esp dated ) mischievous or naughty child. esp a
boy. uxorious: adj.

urge: v.

excessively fond of one's wife.

drive forcibly or hurry in a certain direction;
urgent: adj. needing immediate attention. action
or decision.


bearlike; pertaining to a bear.

usage: n.

manner of using sth; treatment.

usurp: v.

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vagrant: n.

acillate: v.

person without a settled home or regular work;


vain: adj.
~ (fml usu derog . ) keep changing one's mind;
move backwards and forwards between two
(A) turn of
(B) pry open
(C) walk fast
(D) send away
(E) stand firm having too high an opinion of one's looks.
abilities. etc; conceited ;.
vacuous: (adj)
vainglorious: adj.

(A) certainly
(B) stability full of vainglory; conceited and boastful ;.
(C) incontinence
(D) quality valediction: n.
(E) plenitude
showing or suggesting absence of thought or
intelligence; inane.

vagabond: n.

(words used in) saying farewell. esp on serious


valedictory: adj.

wanderer or vagrant. esp an idle or dishonest


vagary: n.

serving as or accompanying a farewell.

valid: adj. legally effective because made or done

with the correct formalities; validate: v. make
legally valid; ratify.
strange.unusual or capricious change; whim.

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Various..... Variegated object contains various

colors. variegate: To mark with different shades
or colors.
Eg: He dressed up in clothes as variegated and
expensive as possible
Syn: diverse, diversified, heterogeneous, hybrid,
indiscriminate, motley, sundry

varnish: n.

vampire: n.

hard shiny transparent coating applied to the

surface of esp woodwork or metalwork.

vassal: n.
reanimated corpsebelieved by some to leave its
grave at night and suck the blood of living

vanguard: n.

man promising to fight for and be loyal to a king

or lord in return for the right to hold land.
the vanguard leading part of an advancing army
or fleet. vaunted: [ vaunt: ] vt.

vantage: n.

to describe. praise. or display (one's success.

position.etc that gives sb superiority or possessions. etc.) boastfully.
veer: v.
vapid: adj.

(esp of a vehicle) change direction or course.

dull or uninteresting.
vegetate: v.
vaporize: to convert (as by the application of
heat or by spraying) into vapor.

variegated: (adj)

live a dull life with little activity or interest.

vehement: adj.

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showing or caused by strong feeling; passionate.

decorative wood or plastic glued to the surface of
velocity: n. cheaper wood (for furniture. etc) ..

venerable: adj.

(usu of inanimate things ) speed. esp in a given


venal: adj.
deserving respect because of age. character.
associations. etc.; venerate: v. respect (sb/sth)
deeply; regard as sacred.

venial: adj.

ready to accept money for doing sth dishonest.

vendetta: n.
not serious; excusable.

venison: n.

hereditary feud between families in which

murders are committed in revenge for previous
murders. flesh of a deer used as meat.

vendor: n. venom: n.

poisonous fluid of certain snakes. scorpions. etc.

injected by a bite or sting.
person who sells food or other small items from a
stall in the open air. vent: n.

veneer: n.

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veracious (adj)

cause air to enter and move freely through.

ventral: adj. (Veracious facts can be verified easily.

veracity: (n)
A fact which cannot verify
generally lacks veracity.
Eg: Voters should be concerned
about his veracity and character.
Syn: integrity, honor, honesty, ingenuousness,
candor, openness, fidelity, probity, artlessness,
of or on the abdomen. sincerity, impartiality
Ant: infidelity, craft, artifice, wiliness,
ventriloquist: n. insidiousness, cunning, guile, perfidiousness,
slyness, perfidy, craftiness, trickiness, treachery


person skilled in this. put into words.

venture: n. verbatim: adj. adv

project or
undertaking.esp a
commercial one where
there is a risk of
failure.; venturesome:
adj. (of people) ready to
take risks; daring.

venue: n. exactly as spoken or written; word for word.

verbiage: n.

place where people agree to meet. esp for a

sports contest or match.

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(A) implausible
(B) digressing
(C) monotonous
(D) unusual
(E) unique
having the appearance of truth probable.;
verisimilitude: n. appearance or semblance
(use of) too many words. or unnecessarily ofbeing true or real.
difficult words.to express an idea. etc.
veritable: adj.
verbose: (adj) VERITABLE:
Verb....... Verbose person use a lot (A) impetuous
of verbs. (B) pernicious
Eg: But I thought that was (C) inefficacious
perhaps no more than a natural (D) disastrous
reserve accentuated by the verbose frankness of (E) specious
her husband. Moon and Sixpence by Maugham,
W. Somerset
Syn: bombastic, circumlocutory, diffuse, fustian,
gabby, garrulous, grandiloquent, involved, long-
winded, loquacious, magniloquent, palaverous,
periphrastic, pleonastic, prolix, redundant,
repeating, repetitious, repetitive, rhetorical,
talkative, talky, tautological, tautologous,
tedious, tortuous, windy, yacking
Ant: concise, succinct
rightly named or called; real; verity: n. truth (of a
verdant: adj. statement. etc).
VERDANT vernacular: n.
(A) tranquil
(B) ominous
(C) lucid
(D) tepid
(E) sere
(of grass. vegetation.
fields. etc) fresh and green. language or dialect spoken in a particular
country or region. as compared with a formal or
verdigris: n. written language.

vernal: adj.

greenish-blue substance that forms on copper.

brass and bronze surfaces.
of. in or appropriate to the season of spring.
verge: n. =
versatile: adj.

soft shoulder (soft).

verisimilar: turning easily or readily from one subject. skill or

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occupation to another.

vertebrate: n. adj

constitutional right to reject or forbid a

legislative proposal or action.

vex: v.

having a backbone.

vertex: n.

anger or annoy (sb). esp with trivial matters.

(fml) highest point or top; apex. viable: adj. sound and workable; feasible.

vertigo: n. feeling of losing one's balance. caused viand:

esp by looking down from a great height;

vernacular (n)


Hindi Vernamala contains 39 alphabets. vibrant: adj.

verve: n.

vibrating strongly; resonant.

enthusiasm. spirit or vigour. esp in artistic or vicar: n.

literary work.

vestige: n.

clergyman in charge of a parish where tithes

formerly belonged to another person or an
small remaining part of what once existed; trace. institution.
veto: n. vicarious: adj.

felt or experienced
indirectly. by sharing

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imaginatively in the feelings. activities. etc of

another person.

vicissitude: n.
active bodily or mental strength or force.

vile: adj.

(fml ) change in one's circumstances.esp for the


victuals: n. extremely disgusting.

vilify: v.

food and drink; provisions ;.

vie: v.

(fml ) say evil or insulting things about (sb);


vindicate: v.

~ with sb (for sth/to do sth); ~ for sth (fml )

compete keenly with sb (for sth); rival sb for sth.

vigil: n.

clear (sb/sth) of blame or suspicion.

vindictive: adj.

staying awake. esp at night. to keep watch or to

pray; vigilance: watchfulness; vigilant: adj.
looking out for possible danger. trouble. etc;
watchful or alert; vigilante: n. member of a self-
appointed group of people who try to prevent
crime and disorder in a community.

vignette: n. having or showing a desire for revenge;


vintner: n.

illustration. esp on the title-page of a book. but

not in a definite border.


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person who is exceptionally skilled in the

techniques of a fine art. esp playing a musical
instrument or singing.

virulent: adj.


violate: v.

extremely harmful or deadly.

virus: n.

break or be contrary to.

viper: n.
simple organism. smaller than bacteria. and
causing infectious disease.

visage: n.
any of various types of poisonous snake found in
Africa. Asia and Europe ..

virile: adj.


visceral: adj.

(of men) having procreative power; sexually


virtual: adj.
of the viscera.


adhesive; gluey.
being or acting as what is described. but not (A) sticky
accepted as such in name or officially. (B) sloping
(C) icy
virtuoso: n. (D) slick
(E) slight

viscous: adj.

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having a glass-like texture or finish.

vitriolic: adj.

savagely and bitterlyhostile.

not pouringeasily; thick and sticky.
vituperative: adj.
vituperative debate.
criticism. etc.
(A) weakening
(B) flattering
(C) real
(D) circumventing
tool for holding work in place. (E) optimistic

visionary: adj. vivacious: adj.

(esp of a woman) lively or high-spirited.

having or showing foresight or wisdom; vision:
n. power of seeing; sight vivid: adj.

vital: adj.

strong and bright; intense.

vivisection: n. practice of performing surgical

experiments on live animals for scientific
connected with or essential to life. research.
vitiate: v. vixen: n.

weaken or spoil the quality or efficiency of (sth).

vitreous: adj. female fox.

vizier (n)
azir or vizier is a high official in
some Muslim countries
The Nawab appointed his own

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younger brother vizier.

vociferous: adj. loudor noisy; expressing one's

views forcibly and insistently.
(of clothing etc) using much material; loose-
vogue: (n)
fitting or ample.
Provogue's shirts are in vogue
voluptuous: adj.
now a day.
The vogue for short t-shirts.
fashion, style, mode, rage,
trend, custom, practice,
current practice, popularity
giving a feeling of luxury or sensual pleasure.
Ant: antiquated.
voodoo: n.
volatile: adj.

changing rapidly into vapour.

volition: n. form of religion based on belief in witchcraft and

magical rites. practised by blacks in the W
Indies. esp in Haiti .

voracious: adj.

act of using one's will in choosing. making a

decision. etc.

volley: n.
very greedy in eating; ravenous.

vortex: n.

simultaneous throwing or firing of a number of

stones. bullets. etc.

voluble: (adj)
Volume...... Voluble person whirling mass of water. air. etc. as in a whirlpool
creates a lot of volume. or whirlwind.
accomplished, adept, adroit, vouch: v. ~
apparent, articulate, dexterous,
practiced, proficient, vocal
inarticulate, tongue-tied

voluminous: adj.

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for sb/sth take responsibility for or express

confidence in (a person. his behaviour. etc);

vouchsafe: (v)

Voucher.... Giving voucher

to customer milkman
vouchsafe the purity of
milk. large bird. usu with head and neck almost bare
of feathers. that lives on the flesh of dead
Eg: animals.
>> They prayed: "Endow them with continence
and fruitfulness, and vouchsafe that their hearts vying:
may rejoice looking upon their sons and
Syn: accede, acquiesce, admit, allow, award,
bestow, concede, confer, endow, grant.
Ant: disrepute

voyeur: n.

pres p of vie.

person who gets pleasure from watching in

secret others undressing or engaging in sexual

vulgar: adj.

lacking in good taste or refinement.

vulnerable: adj. ~
that can be hurt. wounded or
(A) empty
(B) sullen
(C) modest
(D) safe
(E) severe

vulpine: adj.

of or like a fox.

vulture: n.

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W anton (adj)

Wanton person want to live

each and every woman. So unintelligent or foolish; out of one's mind.
wanton person is person.
Eg: Wanton whore seducing witticism: n.
the public.
Syn: Casanova, debauchee, Don Juan, harlot,
hussy, jezebel, lecher, libertine, slut, strumpet,
swinger, tart, tramp, trollop, whore
Ant: blameless, commendable, conscientious,
creditable, devout, dutiful, equitable, ethical,
noble, peerless, philanthropic, scrupulous
Wanton (Antonym) witty remark.
A) slut
B) chaste wizardry: n.
C) trollop
D) libidinous
E) licentious

waver (adj.)
Wave..... Waver person
waves to take a tough
decision. practice of magic.
Syn: deliberate, dilly- wizened: adj.
dally, dither, falter,
flicker, fluctuate, halt,
hedge, hesitate, oscillate, palter, pause,
pussyfoot around, quiver, reel, seesaw, shake,
stagger, sway, teeter, totter, tremble, vacillate,
vary, waffle, wave, weave, wobble

wistful (adj.)
Wistful..... Wistful person lives a having a dried-up wrinkled skin; shrivelled.
wistful life because his desire
never fulfilled so he always feel woeful: adj.
Syn: contemplative, desirous, disconsolate,
dreaming, dreamy, forlorn, hopeless, longing,
meditative, melancholy, mournful, musing,
nostalgic, pensive, plaintive, reflective, sad,
thoughtful, wishful, yearning
Ant: blah, callous, cold, cool, draggy, drippy,

withstand: v. full of woe; sad; woe: n. great sorrow or distress.

wont: adj.

(often fml ) endure (something) without giving

in. collapsing. wearing out. etc; resist. ~ to do sth in the habit of doing sth; accustomed
to doing sth.
witless: adj.

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worldly: adj.

of (the affairs of) the world. esp the pursuit of ~ sth from sb take sth away from sb violently.
pleasure or material gain; not spiritual.
wretch: n.
wrangle: n.

~ (about/over sth) noisy or angry argument or

dispute (with sb) (about sth).
very unfortunate or miserable person.
wrath: n.
wring: v. ~

sth (out) twist and squeeze sth in order to

remove liquid from it.

extreme anger. wrinkle: n.

wreak: v.

~ sth (on sb) carry out (revenge or vengeance) small fold or line in the skin. esp one of those on
on sb; inflict sth. the face that are caused by age.

wrench: v. writ: n.
formal legal written order to do or not to do sth.
issued by a court of law or a person in authority.

writhe: v.

~ sth off (sth); ~ sb/sth away twist or pull sb/sth

violently away from sth.
twist or roll about. esp because of great pain.
wrest: v.
wry: adj.

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(of a person's face. features. etc) twisted into an

expression of disappointment. disgust or

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X enophobia: n.

intense dislike or fear of foreigners or strangers.

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Y en: n.

unit of money in Japan.

yeoman: (n)

Yeah...... Yeoman believes in saying yeah to his

boss or a person in his superiority.

yield: v.

bear. produce or provide.

yoke: n.

shaped piece of wood fixed across the necks of

two animals (esp oxen) pulling a cart. plough.
Etc; yokel: n. simple-minded country person;

yore: n.

of yore (arch or rhet ) long ago.

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Z any: adj.

soft gentle breeze.

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(informal ) amusingly ridiculous; eccentric.
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zeal: n.
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Eg: A political zealot.A religious Looking for more info ?
zealot.Some people called John a SMS "GRE" on 09899004123
zealot because he was always
crusading for human rights.
Syn: partisan, fan, bigot, fanatic,
devotee, dogmatist, opinions, missionary, zest: n.
fighter, cultist, disciple, propagandist, great enjoyment or excitement;
drumbeater, partisan.erson who is extremely gusto.
enthusiastic about sth. esp religion or politics; ZEST
fanatic . (A) silence
(B) humility
zenith (n)* (C) distaste
Zen (sage) lives on the zenith of mountain. (D) concerted action
Meaning: point in the heavens directly above an (E) unreasoning anger
Eg: Zenith quartz zigzag (adj)
reaches the success
of the zenith. Hundai Santro zing can take sharp
Syn: acme, altitude, turning at zigzag path.
apex, apogee, Eg: Zigzag highway.
capper, capstone, Syn: oblique, awry, crooked,
climax, crest, crown, sinuous, askew, transverse, crinkled, serrated,
culmination, furcated, jagged, straggling, meandering,
elevation, eminence, height, meridian, peak, waggling, undulatory, serpentine, snaky
pinnacle, roof, summit, tiptop, topper, vertex Ant: straight
Ant: nadir
(A) decline
(B) anticlimax
(C) foundation
(D) nadir
(E) abyss

Zephyr: n.