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2 Vol. XXXI, Issue 10.5 | Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where the USG Came From
e administration dissolved the once-au- hand-picked by Kenny’s administration. e new stands to represents these schools runs unopposed.
tonomous student government and seized control of government featured some interesting structural Most resident students, who could previously vote by
students’ money for clubs and events. It was October changes. their dorm for a Senator who would live near them
of 2002, and it was the conception of the Undergrad- An unusually large eleven-member executive, a and possibly be a part of their social life, would now
uate Student Government (USG). body padded by several officers with few specific re- be voting for 17 at-large Senators from a list of, usu-
For decades, the Student Polity Association, a sponsibilities, headed USG. By increasing the num- ally, just over 17 candidates.
government created by students, had represented un- ber of offices available, the USG structure would help e USG constitution had other curious clauses.
dergraduates at Stony Brook. Agreeing on the best in- to insure that more student leaders would assume of- For example, hidden in an arcane section on tax law,
terest of thousands of individuals is always fice with no contested election. e size of the body it says that “attempting to influence legislation” could
contentious, and Polity was infamous for its fights. At would also make it difficult to gather enough votes for not be “a substantial part of the activities” of the stu-
the time, the statewide SUNY administration, follow- the executive to take collective action. dent government. Of course, while distributing
ing a law recently passed by the legislature, had issued A senate that had been organized into divisions money to clubs is valuable to student life, the main
new guidelines for what a student govern- purpose of an organized representative of
ment should be and how it should act. Six students is to be an instrument for collec-
different dras of Polity constitutional re- tive action by the students. Students have
form were circulating in the student senate, interests in the larger society that are
and none were collecting enough support poorly served by disorganized individual
to pass. actions. At some points in USG’s history,
Student president Akelia Lawrence, savvy Senators who believe they were
who believed constitutional reform was elected to represent students have ignored
being used by the Senate to take power away the implication of this clause—that the
from the President, appealed to University student government can’t fight for stu-
President Shirley Strum Kenny to “take dents. At other points, Senators have
whatever steps are necessary to reformat the wrung their hands and claimed impo-
student government.” With Lawrence for tence.
cover, Kenny did not hesitate. Along with In the Spring 2010 elections, stu-
Vice President of Student Life Fred Preston, she “de- immediately relevant to students’ lives, residents and dents are electing ten of the eleven members of the
certified” Polity. e student government’s highest commuters, was reorganized into Senators from the Executive Committee (the Freshman Representative
profile function, collecting activity fee money and dis- College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering is elected in the Fall by the incoming freshmen). At
tributing it to clubs, organizations and campus events, and Applied Sciences and the Health Science Center. least four (depending on possible disqualifications) of
was temporarily taken over by Preston’s office. Polity’s In addition to an alienating structure that was mean- those ten executives are predetermined by uncon-
budget was reduced to zero, and it would not last long. ingless to most students, this created silly, lopsided tested elections. Twenty seats in the Senate are up for
e administration recognized USG as the new groups of 17, 2 and 1 Senators, respectively. (Two election. e would-be Senators from the CEAS and
student government the following semester, Spring of more Senators are appointed by resident and com- the HSC will take office unopposed. Students in most
2003. e original USG constitution was written not muter groups, respectively.) Because few students, major programs (which fall into the CAS), or of un-
by legitimately elected student representatives, but by and fewer student leaders, come from majors within declared major, will be choosing seventeen of twenty-
a group of faculty, administrators and some students, the CEAS and HSC, virtually every candidate who six at large candidates.

Vote Yes for Student Activities

The sanctity of campus life here at Stony Brook is they save lives, for Christ’s sake. How about the stu-
being threatened once again by pointless legislation. dent-run radio station, WUSB, that could lose its FCC
Every two years, the student activity fee is put up to a license and become inoperable if students voted to
vote. The question is phrased, “should the activity fee make the activity fee optional.
be mandatory or optional” to persuade students to We understand that these are economically try-
vote against it. What is really happening is that stu- ing times—but $94.25 means a lot to a campus strug-
dents must constantly re-ratify the basic institutions gling to keep its students happy. The Princeton
that allow campus clubs and events. Fortunately, the Review rankings may show us to be an unhappy cam-
vote has been in favor of a “mandatory fee” in the past. pus, but what little joy there is to be had here is often
The time for this crucial vote is again approaching. found in the campus club scene.
The student activities fee helps pay for most if not The beauty of campus life at Stony Brook is that
all the campus events, clubs and organizations, which there is a club for everyone, regardless of whether you
in turn impact the student body, campus and com- are a liberal or conservative, an anime freak or a sci-
munity. Clubs, including The Press, would be put in ence-fiction freak, a south-Asian dancer or an east-
severe jeopardy and would not be able to operate and Asian dancer. The spectrum is so wide that it covers
serve their purposes. While the defunding of this everyone and practically everything.
beloved newspaper may be a good thing depending What would happen to all the stray cats de- The vote is months away, but we here at The Press
on your outlook, there are a fair number of student- scended from callously abandoned student pets if feel very strongly. It has an obvious impact on us and
run clubs and events that most would agree service funding for the Cat Network suddenly stopped, be- our readers—our paper depends on activity-fee fund-
the campus in ways that have a great. Consider events cause the $94.25 fee for student activities became op- ing. But the mandatory student activity fee not only
such as the Roth Regatta and Brookstock, and organ- tional? Or take the Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance benefits The Press, but the campus and community as
izations like the numerous diversity clubs and dance Corps, which not only offers experience to those who a whole.
crews. participate, but an invaluable service to the campus— Republished from Issue 9.
The Stony Brook Press 3

Matt Graham
USG President
of room for improvement
Editorials ................................. Page 2 and we certainly could do a
better job. This applies to
Executive Council ............. Pages 3-7 both Brookfest and the
other events put on by the
Senate ................................ Pages 8-11 USG and its agencies. One
thing that needs improve-
How Do I Vote? ............. Back Cover ment, is increasing students
involvement and attracting
them events. This will
prove to be a major chal-

e Press asked every USG candidate the same six ques- 4) USG Paid Stipend
I believe the current
tions, via the email addresses they listed with the USG pay of USG members is fair
Elections Board. Many candidates failed to reply. e and absolutely necessary.
answers of those who did form the bulk of this supple- Being involved in the USG
1) Low Voter Turnout requires a significant amount of work and
ment. Voter turnout is weak simply because time commitment. If we want to keep our tal-
students either don’t know about the USG ented students involved in the USG then we
e questions: elections or don’t understand USG’s impor- will need to continue compensating them
tance to the Stony Brook community. Part of monetarily. USG office holders could easily
the problem is the large percentage of the un- get other paid internships, research positions,
1) Voter turnout for these elections is usually 5% of the dergraduate population that does not stay on or other jobs that without compensation they
student body. Why do you believe that is so? campus over the weekends or get involved in would immediately go to. Additionally, get-
the on campus events and activities. Instead ting paid for something, has the ability to in-
of participating in campus events, clubs/or- crease the dedication and quality of work
2) What is your position on Governor Paterson’s pro- ganizations or interacting with fellow stu- done.
posed PHEEIA bill regarding SUNY tuition? dents, many go home and thus don’t know
about what is available here at Stony Brook 5) USG & Student Activism
outside of class work. If more people were The purpose of the USG is to get stu-
3) How would you evaluate the success of Brookfest and taking part in clubs/organizations they would dents involved in the events sponsored by the
other recent campus events? be more aware about the USG election. Right USG or by the over 150 clubs and organiza-
now most voters are the students that are in- tions funded by the USG. Though it is great
volved in clubs, organizations, and campus to see student activism on campus, and it
4) Which USG officeholders should be paid from the stu- events. Getting more people involved in these shows our university sprit and passion, it
dent activity fee, how much, and why? activities will make people more interested shouldn’t be associated with the USG. Our
and concerned about the elections. engagement in these activities could lead to
conflicts of interest and would be against our
5) What should the USG’s relationship be with student 2) PHEEIA policy and purpose.
I believe Governor Paterson’s proposed
activism? 6) Y 4 U?
PHEEIA bill has several positive aspects to it.
If passed, it will represent a significant step Throughout my time at Stony Brook as a
6) Why should students vote for you? for all of SUNY and CUNY schools here in Chemical Engineering major, I have been
NY. This bill will have the power to take the very active in a wide range of campus clubs,
NYS education system, and our University, to organizations, events, and sports. Specifically,
We wrote the questions to focus the candidates both on the next level. Because this is such an impor- my involvement in the USG has been work-
issues we see as important to our readers and on the USG tant issue, I would urge students to under- ing closely with the current President, which
stand what the bill means for them and get has allowed me to learn the intricacies of the
itself, while also giving them some leeway to talk about involved in voicing their support to Albany. USG and the role of its President. Through
whatever they felt best justified their candidacies. Even president Stanly has stressed the im- my work I have seen the problems and issues
portance of this issue and the huge benefits it in the USG and have identified which I
would have on higher education in NY. This should address first. I am committed and will
is would truly be a milestone for SUNY and demand nothing but the utmost dedication
requires our support to help insure victory. from my fellow colleges in USG. I will hold
my integrity to its highest standard and pun-

Contributors: 3) Brookfest & Student Life

Student life, and the activities on campus
ish those who abuse their power or privileges.
The primary focus of my Presidency will be
that encompass it, is definitely something to get more FUN activities here on campus
Najib Aminy James Laudano that needs improvement. Only a small per-
centage of students chose to take advantage
and get more students involved in them. I will
also actively poll the student body to better

Raina Bedford Alex H. Nagler

of all the fun things going on. The USG’s understand their complaints about Stony
main function is to make campus life fun and Brook and do my best to address them. As an
exciting and provide the resources for stu- elected official I will be here to represent and
Andrew Fraley Matt Willemain dents to learn and grow outside of the class-
room. Over the last year the USG hasn’t
serve you, the student body. The Undergrad-
uate Student Government needs a strong
necessarily failed at this but there is still a lot leader and I am here to deliver!
4 Executive Council - Vice President Vol. XXXI, Issue 10.5 | Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alexander Dimitriyadi
Executive Vice President
spectators successfully initiated and sent a wave rippling through
the crowd.  This was the first time in my two years at Stony Brook
that I felt any sense of pride for my school.  I think events such as
the Regatta set a standard that we should apply to other events on
campus.  In order to have successful events, the focus within the
USG needs to about planning events that draw out a larger amount
of the campus community.   Once we accomplish this, then I be-
lieve we will have fixed the problem of student life on this campus.

4) USG Paid Stipends

Despite the common perception that the USG is full of people
purely looking for resume boosters, I think you’d be quite surprised
at the dedication of most of our elected officials this year.
Late nights, weekends, snow days and vacations are all times
that you would probably find someone in the USG suite.  With
some Senators spending 30 – 40 hours per pay period often at the
expense of their grades and bank accounts, I think that they more
1) Low Voter Turnout then deserve the $60 per week they receive.  Members of the Exec-
I attribute the poor voter turnout on a much larger communi- utive council make between $8 and $12 per hour for the first 15
cation issue that the USG has.  I spent two years as a student not in- hours per week, which I think is more than justified given their re-
volved in USG and the only opinions I encountered were either spective workloads.  Paying USG officials is necessary to ensure
negative or just a complete lack of knowledge of what the USG was. that we can have competent representatives whom otherwise would
Therefore when election season comes around, I feel that not many have to seek out alternative jobs instead of working for the greater
students are motivated to log onto SOLAR to vote for an organiza- good of the campus community.
tion they feel doesn’t represent or provide benefit to them.  Over
the next couple of years the USG is going to have to work very hard 5) USG and Student Activism
to improve their image in the undergraduate community by directly Our current Constitution explicitly disallows the USG to par-
reaching out to students for their input. ticipate in student activism that would have any importance out-
side of the campus community.  Until this is changed, the USG must
2) PHEEIA limit its activities to purely facilitating student activism through the
As a Computer Science major, I am heavily opposed to the dif- funding of organizations such as NYPIRG.
ferential tuition among academic programs in PHEEIA that will
most likely target CEAS students. I feel it is unreasonable to ask 6) Y 4 U?
CEAS students for additional money when a disproportionate As a Senator this year, I have been the author of many pieces of
amount of engineering resources are spent on revenue generating legislation that have sought to improve the internal operations of
research rather than improving the quality of education for their the USG.   However, the more I became familiar with the govern-
students.  Since I’m sure PHEEIA will pass, I hope the additional ing documents of the USG, the more I began to be alarmed at the
money will allow the university to hire instructors with more em- glaring inconsistencies and ambiguities often making interpreta-
phasis on their teaching ability rather than their research CV. tion of them difficult.  For the remainder of my term this year and
if elected, my term next year as Executive Vice President I will seek
3) Brookfest and Campus Life to remove these problems setting the stage for future administra-
During the Roth Regatta last year, the M.C. of the event made tions to solve more important problems such as establishing stu-
two failed attempts of trying to get the crowd of several thousand dent life on campus.
surrounding Roth pond to create a wave.  On the third attempt, the

Please Note: All candidates were given questions via emails to the email adresses provided. Six days were
given to respond to these questions. The following are candidates who never responded to our request:

Adeel Anwer, USG President Christian Velez, Senator HSC Kirin Mahmud, Senator CAS
Sharlene Felix, VP of Communications Spencer Cushing, Senator CEAS Bhaskar Naran, Senator CAS
Shamell Forbes, VP of Academic Affairs Ory Baum, Senator CAS Joy Phillip, Senator CAS
Joe Russo, VP of Academic Affairs Michael Chuprin, Senator CAS Shivani Rampersad, Senator CAS
Aneta Bose, VP of Student Life Samuel Cushner, Senator CAS Benjamin Rappaport, Senator CAS
Peter Molloy, VP of Student Life Shawn Hyms, Senator CAS Masood Rustemi, Senator CAS
Leili Sarraa, Sophomore Class Lucy Kang, Senator CAS Harminder Singh, Senator CAS
Representative Mahyar Kashan, Senator CAS Peter Stratoudakis, Senator CAS
Emilisa Trotman, Junior Class Sidrah Khand, Senator CAS Russel Williams, Senator CAS
Representative omas Kirnbauer, Senator CAS Kekelly Ketemepi, Senator CAS
The Stony Brook Press Executive Council 5

Moiz Khan David Mazza

Treasurer VP of Communications
tions that have annual events such as Roth 4) USG Paid Stipend
Regatta or Homecoming are planned well The USG is a $3.1 million dollar cor-
ahead of time and often the only thing they poration, so it’s no surprise that you need to
have to do is slightly adjust old contracts. pay people to keep an organization that
Thus those events are extremely well exe- large running properly. It should also be no
cuted. surprise that an elected official who is re-
quired to work 15 hours per week can’t af-
4) USG Paid Stipend ford to do that for free, so we work for just
Given the current economic climate above minimum wage. There are paid posi-
with jobs as an endangered species, the tions within the USG that have been used
USG is one of the very few organizations for the wrong reasons. Although I’m not in
that maintains and continually hires hun- a position to make such decisions, we have
dreds of student employees. Of course, since spent much of this year re-examining our
the wages and salaries are being drawn from payroll, and there will be changes by next
the Student Activity Fee, the USG must be year.
frugal in the amount we compensate em-
ployees. However, the USG should be proud 5) USG & Student Activism
that it provides employment opportunities 1) Low Voter Turnout I don’t think student government
to students on campus. With regards to spe- There is no structure in place that should ever acquiesce to the wishes or de-
cific positions, I believe that positions makes student government relevant in the mands of the administration. We should
should be compensated for their relative lives of Stony Brook students. I have spent serve as a powerful voice for students as
1) Low Voter Turnout workload. For example, the President and much of this year to make students aware of stated in our constitution. I have learned
I believe that the low turnout for elec- Treasurer are the two highest paid positions what we do and I have created this year that I do not share this view with
tions is part a much larger problem on this at $12 an hour and they are only compen- as a new way to reach students. Still, SBUlife my co-workers. The USG has failed to do so
campus. If someone went about the task of sated for the first fifteen hours. In the case will be useless without decent events to ad- this year. As a result, I have turned to other
asking the student body if they knew what of the Treasurer as that is the position I am vertise. If we spent student money on events methods of student activism, but I still do
USG is and what exactly USG does, they most familiar with, in order for me to do my that attracted a larger student population, whatever I can to push the USG to look out
would get tons of blank stares. Another job even remotely effectively it requires at we might see higher voter turnout. for our constituents. Depending on the new
major group of people are indifferent to the least 40 hours a week. As you go down the Executive Council and Senate, I may begin
USG as they do not think that the USG has list, I believe the pay scale does a fair job of 2) PHEEIA working again to use USG as an organizing
an effect on their lives. The solution to the compensating the students for their relative I am proud to be one of the only dis- force for student activism.
first problem is simply better communica- workload. senting voices in the USG on this matter.
tion and marketing, the solution to the sec- While I can appreciate the idea that we have 6) Y 4 U?
ond is expanding the reach of USG to 5) USG & Student Activism more control and flexibility over our own I have done my job this year, and I
account for the diversity of students. I believe it is the role of the USG to fa- funding, I fear that this will ultimately lead think it’s fair to say that I’ve gone far above
cilitate any activity that Undergraduate Stu- to higher tuition in place of the proper state and beyond my job description. I developed
2) PHEEIA dents wish to engage in provided the funding that any public institution should the new USG website from scratch, and I’m
The proposed bill is the result of the activity complies with Federal and State receive. We only receive 23% of our fund- developing a campus social network that
failure of the State to prioritize values. laws. I do not believe that it is the role of the ing by the state, and about the same percent will have every event posted on it by this fall
Noam Chomsky puts it well, “Tough love is USG itself to act as an advocate for any par- from tuition. The rest is either private fund- if re-elected. I have put out well over a
just the right phrase: love for the rich, and ticular political issue. Successful popular ing or government grants for research. dozen press releases to keep the student
tough for everyone else.” movements come from the bottom-up, not SUNY deserves state support, and students media up-to-date with our internal affairs. I
top-down. should never be taxed as a result of a budget am also developing a free marketing serv-
3) Brookfest & Campus Life crisis in the worst economic times. ice for clubs. None of the above appears in
The problem with most of the events 6) Y 4 U? my job description, but I feel that any less
on campus is that they lack planning. It is In the past 4-5 months I have worked 3) Brookfest & Campus Life would be a disservice to the students. I am
almost always the case that events are to completely rework the Office of the I am deeply ashamed to be associated happy to post my resume online at
planned last minute and so while the po- Treasury. I have begun many initiatives with an organization that spends an irre-
tential is there, it is rarely realized. Brook- (ALLOCATE, simplifying the budget sponsible amount of student money on this I’m not running as an exclusive group
fest is a good example of this as last year the process, etc) and I would like to see them event each year, while charging students an of people to fill positions pointlessly, I’m just
artists were not confirmed until two weeks through. extra $20 for tickets. With a $3.1 million confident that I am fit to continue in my
prior to the event. The clubs and organiza- dollar annual budget, USG has the poten- own position. I look forward to working
tial to book insane shows and performers with anyone who wins in a fair election.

Special Thanks To:

every semester. Instead this money is rou-
tinely wasted on expensive parties and
third-rate artists from more than a decade
David K. Ginn & Justin Meltzer
For letting The Press use their “Robotman”
costume from their upcoming digital series.
Catch Dino Hunter, MD soon, on YouTube at
the CannibalTrollFilms channel.
6 Vice President of Clubs and Organizations Vol. XXXI, Issue 10.5 | Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jennifer Chan Franck Joseph

VP of Clubs and Organizations VP of Clubs and Organizations
spend a lot of time and energy to think of who go to SUNY & CUNY schools. For ex-
all the ways that they can make their event ample, the average debt of a Stony Brook
interesting and something fun that stu- student after graduating is $17, 375. The
dents would want to participate in. The key PHEEIA bill will increase that by some
is making sure the students know that there hundreds of dollars, and that is unaccept-
is an event, what the event is about/what able. In theory and on paper the PHEEIA
will the students be doing in the event, and bill sounds good, more jobs, helping the
I think that marketing/advertising the more needy students with aid, strengthen-
events in person will be able to answer the ing higher education; but I fear its execu-
questions of the students. tion will have long-term implications for
4) USG Paid Stipend
I felt that this question was too broad. 3) Brookfest & Student Life
I would have to go into detail of each posi- Speaking as President of a USG-
tion of the Executive Board and their re- funded club on campus I feel as if events,
sponsibilities, the different Senate Brookfest inclusive, I feel have been taking
Committees, and the different Agencies a hit. The attendance rates for these events
that makes up the whole USG. I don’t feel 1) Low Voter Turnout have been going in a negative direction.
that it’s really up to me to decide how much The reason for the low rate of voter This may be attributed to lack of proper
each officeholder should get paid because turnout is because of a lack of awareness funding for some of these events, and also
1) Low Voter Turnout we each have our own roles and responsi- and promotion. In past years, I personally lack of promotion and awareness from
I believe it’s because of two things: bilities stated in our Constitution, and de- feel that candidates did not put themselves USG. This is something that must change.
promotion strategy, and student involve- pending on the student, he/she might out in the public enough so that people It is not too late to help in the progression
ment. The Undergraduate Student Gov- sometimes even take up more responsibil- knew that elections were occurring. Also, of these events, but we must promote di-
ernment promotes through fliers, which ities or take the initiative and find ways to the student body in its entirety may not versity as well as properly fund clubs so
are helpful and consistent because they are improve the efficiency of the Government know the effect that USG has on the cam- they can help promote student life through
always at one place, and if placed wisely, as a whole. You can’t really put a monetary pus. If USG can put on this class wall com- these events.
they can be spotted and attract attention reward on that because it’s something that plex, so that the people can clearly see what
easily. But I believe that promotion can be they want to do, that’s why they are there. is going on and what is being done the 4) USG Paid Stipend
improved by having really motivated voter turnouts would increase. I believe any USG officeholders that
and  influential  student volunteers going 5) USG & Student Activism are giving their services back to the Uni-
around talking to students and making In my opinion, the USG’s role/rela- 2) PHEEIA versity as well as the student body should
them aware of how important it is for them tionship with student activists should be to The proposed bill by Governor Patter- be paid. Putting a monetary number on
to participate in the elections by voting. educate and support them if it is in the in- son is, in my opinion, very misleading. It that is an injustice because of the different
Getting students to realize how the USG terest of the student body as a whole. has been said that PHEEIA will increase positions and duties that come with each.
elections can affect them, I believe, would Everyone has different views and opinions, job rates and will expand the higher edu- Every officeholder has a different task that
really get students more involved with par- thoughts and ideas, but USG should cation structure. But my concern is for the they are help more accountable for, but
ticipating in elections. mainly provide information and educate students, I feel that increased tuition will each is also equal in importance. The rea-
the student body in order to help them see force people to drop out of school or take son I feel they should be paid is because, as
2) PHEEIA the whole issue from both sides before tak- semesters off.  If this bill goes through, it I previously stated, of the service they are
I’m for reasonable and consistent tu- ing any drastic actions because we can only will effect the future of a lot of students provided to the University. If they are will-
ition increase if it means that the extra predict so much of what can happen in the ing to bear that stress and do their jobs ef-
money my parents are paying every year is long-run. fectively it is only fair that they receive
helping to improve the facilities where my weeks before. It wasn’t until I joined the some type of stipend.
classes are held, hire more experienced 6) Y 4 U? Executive Board of the very small and
professors that  genuinely  love teaching, Wow, this is a question that I was growing club (ASCEND), that I experi- 5) USG & Student Activism
and improving my overall learning experi- asked at least 100 times as I was petition- enced just how hard it is to grow the mem- USG should be the voice of the people
ence during my time in college. It’s unfair ing, going around collecting my 400 signa- bership of a club, the amount of paperwork when it comes to student activism. If a ma-
for students who attend college during the tures to run as a Candidate for the Vice that needs to get done to request for fund- jority of the student body feels a certain
time of economic downfalls to have to pay President of Clubs and Organizations po- ing, and the many other different kind of way on an issue, then as the representative
more money for the same schooling that sition. Why should students vote for me? issues such as room reservations, and ba- for the students, USG should compute that.
college students who attended school dur- Well, to start off, I’m a very dedicated and sically everything that has to do with cre-
ing economic prosperity. hardworking student in both academics ating successful and meaningful events. I
and  extracirriculars. I first got involved think that students should vote for me be- 6) Y 4 U?
3) Brookfest & Campus Life through my Hall Council; it was there that cause I have the knowledge (been with the Students should vote for me because it
Brookfest and other campus wide I really started to learn how to plan events Undergraduate Student Government for will be a fresh breath to USG. Though I
events have always received good turnouts and understood the amount of time and about two years), and the experience would be new to USG, I am also far from
if not great ones, but I think they can defi- energy an organization would require of (worked on several successful events, as- inexperienced when it comes to student
nitely continue to increase their turnout. I me. It wasn’t until I started working at USG sisted in the preparation of USG events, leadership. Being the President of a club on
feel that the students who help out with that I got to meet and learn about the many and is currently working with the current campus now, I am the right candidate to
marketing/advertising for these great clubs and organizations that were very VP of Clubs and Orgs. to help carry out become VP of Clubs & Organizations. A
events should try to reach out to a much much different yet very similar to my Hall some of her responsibilities). I’m very true representation of the people who
more diverse group of students (commuter Council. I understood the frustration that hardworking and dedicated to the things I voted for me will be felt being that I am a
students, international students, transfer some clubs and organizations have to go do, and I really hope to win this election so member of a club. With me, the student
students, Freshmans, etc...) by speaking in through sometimes if something went that I can help improve student life body WILL get exactly who they voted for,
person and making announcements ex- wrong in their paperwork, and their re- through working with the many different both before and after the ballots have been
plaining and describing these events.  I quest for a certain amount of funding did- clubs and organizations that USG fund cast. My dedication and resilience, as well
know that the students who work together n’t get approved or wasn’t ready for their (and also those who would want to get as my passion and drive are also reasons
to organize and to put these events together huge event that they have been planning funding). why students should vote for me.
The Stony Brook Press Class Representatives 7

Dexter Daniel Neville Hall Jr.

Senior Class Representative Sophomore Class Representative
1) Low Voter Turnout attendance for many campus events is the events that are geared to minorities gen-
I believe that the voter turnout for these fact that there is a conflict of interest. More erally produce a turnout of just Hispanic
elections is usually 5% of the student body times than none, there are multiple events and African-American students, just as
because students don’t feel that their votes that are taking place at the same exact time. events geared to Asians produce a turnout
actually count. It’s similar to the U.S. Pres- It is an inconvenience for students that want of Asian-American students. Other than
idential election where a majority of the to attend both programs. They either have this separation factor, the events planned
younger citizens that are eligible to vote did- to leave one early to go to the other later or on campus are rather successful. As for
n’t; at least not until President Obama de- they may just go to one event and not the Brookfest, The Student Activities Board
cided to run. Students’ may not feel as other. One would see a vast improvement does a great job of planning it, so they
though that their voices will be heard and in the quality of campus programs if the or- should be allowed to continue to organize
that their interest won’t really be taken into ganizations put greater emphasis onto ad- 1) Low Voter Turnout for this event.
consideration as promised by the candidate vertising for their event, and if Well, voter turnout is very low be-
asking for their vote organizations worked together to ensure cause the elections do not receive enough 4) USG Paid Stipend
maximum attendance for their events by promotion, which generates a lack of en- My stand on USG officeholders is
2) PHEEIA not booking at the same time. thusiasm to the general student body. In simple; it is a time consuming, demand-
I am not in favor of anything that will addition to not being well informed, stu- ing job, which requires highly motivated
increase tuition costs of the University. 4) USG Paid Stipend dent “school spirit” is very low and it re- individuals in order for it to function. It is
With the most recent rise in tuition, it has In my opinion, I don’t think any of the flects in all different sectors of campus life, an essential part of the Stony Brook, there-
left a number of students without a place to officeholders should be paid from the stu- including elections. fore, anyone who holds an office should
attend for higher education. Governor Pat- dent activities fee. When I first learned of be reimbursed for their hard work and ef-
terson’s bill regarding SUNY tuition will the position that I’m running for, I didn’t 2) PHEEIA fort.
make matters even worse, possibly resulting know that any of the officeholders received I completely disagree with this pro-
in the leave of even more students which is pay. I agreed to running for the senior class posed bill because, if passed, it will suc- 5) USG & Student Activism
unacceptable. As a student body, we have representative position even before I was ceed in robbing SUNY students of certain USG should willingly work with stu-
been opposing tuition increase and the gen- told that I would receive pay. But thinking privileges we are accustomed to already. dent activism because USG officeholders
eral consensus has remained the same. We from the mindset of a student of the Uni- With the amount of effort, time and are students as well. If we are able to work
CANNOT afford to pay more than what we versity, my tuition costs and expenses money it takes to be a college student, rais- with students in regards to activism, then
are paying already. should not be pocketed by another student. ing tuition and cutting classes is never the we build better relationships with our con-
The costs of attending college and the fact answer. I feel as if the bill will only take stituents, thus making a greater impact on
3) Brookfest & Campus Life that tuition is increasing makes it difficult more power away from the students and Stony Brook at large.
The success of Brookfest has been phe- for many to maintain a way to stay enrolled. place it in the hands of the government, to
nomenal in my opinion. Brookfest is one Even worse, it may turn away some that are dictate and manipulate how Stony Brook 6) Y 4 U?
event that I’ve managed to attend annually interested in attending the University. On operates. Some students are currently Students should vote for me because I
since my freshman year and it is definitely top of tuition, you have fees and other ex- struggling to pay the costs of school fees, am a very passionate young black man
one of the events on campus that I have en- penses that are incorporated into the costs. so there is no room for an increase in tu- who knows how to get things done keep-
joyed the most. Many recent campus events All of these should be invested into the ition. ing in mind the goals USG sets out to ac-
are successful as well in the sense that they school and its facilities, not the pockets of complish. I have a firm understanding of
are put together properly and effectively. another student who are paying the same 3) Brookfest & Campus Life how to communicate with people in order
However, I feel that attendance is a big issue. exact costs as someone who isn’t holding an The campus seems much divided to reach a consensus on how to effectively
In personal experience, I’ve noticed a deficit office in USG. when it comes to certain events, even influence change for the better. Voting for
in the number of people attending particu- though they may be successful. Some me is a step forward for Stony Brook.
lar programs. This is due to three main fac- 5) USG & Student Activism
tors. One, some students are just not USG are representing the student body
interested and may not being taking advan- as a whole. I believe it is the responsibility 6) Y 4 U? be taking these skills that I’ve learned and
tage of the opportunity to experience some- of USG to uphold the interest of the rest of Students should vote for me not mainly applying it to my responsibility of becom-
thing new here at the University. They may the student body to their highest of their because of what I intend to but mainly be- ing the senior class representative. I will be
feel as though nothing has caught their at- priorities. USG is to make sure that the ex- cause of what they know I am capable of. I the person that students of the senior class
tention and grasped their interest enough perience of the individual is the best that it carry myself as an individual that is respon- can come to when they need their voices
for them to attend an event. Another factor can be. As a representative, you are wear- sible, determined, and enthusiastic of what heard. I will do my best to uphold the ex-
is that a large percentage of the student ing the name of the school. These students I put my interest in. A part of my character pectations of my class and make sure that
body are not being reached out to. In most came to your school to obtain an education. is that I make myself available for someone their graduating year at Stony Brook Uni-
cases, students may not be aware or in- While obtaining that education, their inter- in need. When someone’s voice needs to be versity is completed to their satisfaction. In
formed of a particu- ests need to be met so that their time here is heard, I am usually the one that hears them. addition, my intentions are to set an exam-
lar event. In my well spent. The easiest way for students to When someone needs assistance with ple for those coming up. I will set an exam-
opinion, not a become more active on campus is to attend something, I am more than willing to lend ple for upcoming senior class
lot of empha- events and other programs that are held on a hand. My experiences of being President representatives so that they will be better ca-
sis is being campus. USG is to work effectively with or- of the Haitian Student Organizations have pable of meeting the interest of their senior
put towards ganizations to ensure that their program- taught me a great deal about myself. I’ve class when their time comes. The bigger
the adver- ming is done to their ability so that students learned more and was able to expand on my picture in this is that I will ensure that
tisement and will have the experiences that they were leadership capabilities. Being a part of an proper sanctions are being made to uphold
marketing of promised when first arriving here. USG is organization has taught me to run my pro- the student body’s best interests. No matter
an event. An- for the students, ran by the students. The gram based on the interests of the student what position is being held, bettering the
other factor success of the University as a whole is de- body. The success of the organization is experience of the students and the school
that plays a pendent upon the well being and involve- based on the organizations connection with overall is the focus for all representatives
part to the ment of the student body. Encouragement the student body. I learned what appeals to and office holders. At the end of the day,
lack of of student activism should be a priority and the students. I learned what students’ ex- not only will I be representing the senior
focus of USG and this needs to be empha- pectations are of certain aspects of the Uni- class, but I will also represent everyone here
sized more. versity. I’ve learned that the focus of any at the University.
organization is the student body itself. I will
8 Senators Vol. XXXI, Issue 10.5 | Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ray Fan Deborah Machalow

Senator College of Arts and Senator College of Arts and
Sciences Sciences
3) Brookfest and Campus Life 1) Low Voter Turnout
Brookfest and other recent campus Unfortunately I believe the students are
events have been successful so far. It is won- unaware of what the USG is and how it im-
derful that we have these events on campus, pacts their lives.  Increasing the recognition
and it is great that students are getting in- of the USG and the understanding of its
volved. Student involvement is a really big functions would increase turnout drasti-
thing. I think we should have more of these cally, as students would see how these elec-
events. tions impact them directly.

4) USG Paid Stipends 2) PHEEIA

All USG officeholders should be paid As chair of the Senate’s Ad-Hoc Com-
from the student activity fee. We all work mittee to Examine Potential Tuition
very hard to contribute to the Undergradu- Changes, I have had the pleasure of reading
ate Student Body. We all put a lot of time through PHEEIA.  My personal opinion is 5) USG & Student Activism
and effort into our work. Being a USG of- that it is overall a good idea.  I like that the The USG should encourage student ac-
ficeholder is not easy. I don’t have an opin- tuition increases would stay on campus and tivism through the continued funding of
ion on how much we should be paid and directly benefit the students of Stony Brook clubs and organizations that promote stu-
honestly, I don’t care about the pay. As long University.  I however am wary of the fact dent activism.  
as I know I did my best and put my best ef- that if the President of the University (in
1) Low Voter Turnout fort to make a difference in the student consultation with the College Council and 6) Y 4 U?
Voter turnout for these elections is usu- body, then I am satisfied. the student government) requests to the The most important job of the USG, as
ally 5% of the student body. Perhaps it is be- board of trustees tuition increases and the mentioned in the Preamble of our current
cause not a lot people know about USG and 5) USG and Student Activism board agrees, there is no limit on how dras- Constitution, is to create a community at
don’t know what USG is or does. It is great USG should definitely support student tically tuition can change.  Additionally, I Stony Brook University.  I firmly believe in
that 5% of the student body go out to vote. activism. I think student activism is won- am against the idea of charging students nurturing the continued growth of a cam-
But we should reach out to the other 95% of derful and that students should be free to based on program (aka differential tuition) pus-wide community that promotes an
the student body to inform them of what say anything they want and express their and believe that there should be some form ethos of camaraderie and an environment
student government is and what we do. opinion. It is the students at Stony Brook of protection implemented for students who of school spirit, through the development of
that comprise of the Undergraduate Student receive merit-based scholarships.  clubs and organizations of interest to the
2) PHEEIA Government, and therefore student ac- students.  I want what’s best for the students,
I am against the proposed PHEEIA bill tivism should be encouraged. 3) Brookfest & Campus Life their organizations, and the university it-
because there are three things in the Unfortunately last year I was unable to self.  I believe I’m an excellent choice to re-
PHEEIA bill that concerns me: flex tuition, 6) Y 4 U? attend Brookfest, but the Roth Pond Regatta main in the Senate because I’m articulate,
differential tuition, and public/private own- I am currently a Senator of the Under- was quite a success and I look forward to detail-oriented and dedicated to evoking
ership, which gives SUNY the power to graduate Student Government. I am also a this year’s event! positive change in our campus community.
raise tuition however much they want, give member of the Budget Committee and the My pet project this year has been to im-
ability to change tuition based on program, Ad-hoc committee to examine the proposed 4) USG Stipend prove the written image of the USG.  Addi-
and affect public funding. I am against this tuition increases. I attend all of my Senate The officeholders who help USG carry tionally, I drafted the resolution that created
because I am a student myself. But this is meetings, all of my committee meetings, out its purpose should be paid, but the the Ad-hoc Committee to Examine Poten-
not something that will only affect me. This and complete much more than the required amount should depend on how much work tial Tuition Changes, and have been elected
will affect the entire student body at Stony amount of office hours so I can make myself they actually are doing.  EVP Kriscenski has Chair of that committee, which recently put
Brook. Therefore, I am against the PHEEIA more available to address any concerns the a sign up in his office that basically says out a preliminary report describing the
bill. students might have. If re-elected, I will something along the lines of “Remember changes PHEEIA would make if passed.
continue to work hard and even work a lit- the STUDENTS they’re why we’re here.” The students need Senators who are willing
tle harder. This is the sentiment that should govern and able to fight for them and handle their
who gets paid and how much they receive. concerns. I want to continue to do so in the
Senate next year.
The Stony Brook Press Senators 9

Allen Abraham Ahmed Tahir

Senator College of Engineering and Senator College of Arts and
Applied Sciences Sciences
3) Brookfest & Campus Life the student body so that I can take a per-
I am currently a freshman so I never at- manent stance.
tended Brookfest.
3) Brookfest and Campus Life
4) USG Paid Stipend It depends on how you would define
Yes because they are representing the success. I personally think we get an alright
whole Undergraduate student government. turnout for Brookfest, but there’s always
I believe that the current rates that USG of- room for improvement. I think the amount
ficeholders are being paid are fair for the of activity that is available for the students is
amount of work they do. pretty good. What kind of improvement are
we talking about? I can’t think of any
5) USG & Student Activism specifics to Brookfest that need improve-
USG needs to take a more active role ment, but a bigger turnout will always be
in student activism. We always hear that better.
this campus is dead on the weekends. If the
1) Low voter Turnout leaders of this campus took a more active 1) Low Voter Turnout 4) USG and Paid Stipends
People are unaware of these elections role in campus events, others would follow. I think the biggest reason why we don’t I think all USG officeholders are enti-
and view USG as another organization that have a large turnout during elections is ei- tled to a stipend from the student activity
does nothing. Although this is untrue, these 6) Y 4 U? ther that students don’t think the vote is im- fee for their duties fulfilled. How much each
are the views of the students. With that There are a few reasons that I should portant—that these elections won’t affect office holder is entitled to I think is de-
mindset why would anyone vote? We need be voted into office. For starters, I want to them in a serious manor – or that they are pendent on their duties as defined by the
to rebuild our trust in the students to show liven up this campus during the weekends. highly uninformed about the student gov- constitution but should be based on mini-
that we are more than just another bunch of We need to keep students here on the week- ernment, its processes and why elections are mum wage.
elected officials that do nothing, rather we end rather than putting a backup on and tak- important. I want to say that it’s the latter,
encourage students to take a more active ing the LIRR home every Friday. We need but I feel that either could be true.  5) USG and Student Activism
role at Stony Brook. to spend more money on hosting activities Ideally, USG should represent the stu-
during the weekends. Another approach we 2) PHEEIA dent body and generally take an informed
2) PHEEIA have to take as well is to promote our When it comes down to PHEEIA, I stance based on thorough research of stu-
We have one of the lowest in-state tu- school outside of New York, let’s get more think the direction of PHEEIA, benefits dent’s opinions and of the issue at hand.
ition fees in the country for a state school. out-of-state students. This brings in more wise, is great for our campus. As students
We knew eventually we would have to pay revenue for our tuition and out-of-state stu- we should have pride in our campus, and 6) Y 4 U?
more for a higher education from a SUNY dents usually stay on campus during the should have a some kind of concern as to Students should vote for me because I
school, but Paterson has to first cut waste weekends much more than in-state stu- how our school is growing, expanding, de- do a great job representing student interests
from the government. A lot of students, in- dents. I would propose more transparency veloping for the better. More faculty and on the senate floor. I think I was excellent
cluding myself, chose to attend a SUNY in our USG meetings; I think that the stu- more classes, more ways to develop campus in being well informed on all of the votes
school in order to save money. So should dents of this campus have a right to know projects, more ways for Stony Brook to brought on the floor this year—I took the
the PHEEIA bill be passed? Yes and No. how the senators vote on each bill and how show that it is a world-class education. I time out to review all legislation and bylaws
Many of you might disagree with me over we spend every penny of the student’s think when it comes to PHEEIA, there is a that came to the floor for review and for ap-
what I just said. But the fact of the matter is money. trust issue among the student body and the proval to make sure that they are in the best
that prices for everything are increasing and board of trustees on whether the students interest of my constituents, both students
to meet that demand the can trust the board of trustees not to raise and clubs and organizations alike. I also
government needs to have their tuition to great levels like those of pri- take an active role in my committees to
an income. But the tuition vate schools perhaps or to the point stu- come up with new ideas that would benefit
increases should be signif- dents can’t afford to stay in school. Because the student body and to make sure that
icantly higher considering the option is available, if the bill passes, to USG runs in the fairest and best way possi-
the fact that many students have great control over tuition and have the ble. I am running again for Senator because
do come to Stony Brook ability to raise it more than the students I want to continue striving for those who
for their low tuition rate. would be comfortable with, that feel underrepresented in the USG—be it
But again first and fore- option possibility creates distrust over clubs that are underfunded or student ideas
most we must cut the the bill. As for my personal stance, and interests not having a loud enough
waste in government, and I haven’t taken a decision yet as I voice—residents and commuters alike and
then we wouldn’t be am still learning more about if elected will continue to advocate for
in this much of a the bill and its specific con- greater innovations and representation to
deficit. tents, and awaiting the results allow our campus and student life to flour-
of a future survey by USG of ish.

Submit to The Press.

Wednesdays, 1pm
Student Union 060
10 Senators Vol. XXXI, Issue 10.5 | Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Najee Yan Leyfman Kevin

Simmons Senator College of Arts and Sabella
Senator College Sciences Senator CAS
of Arts and 5) USG & Student Activism
USG is working assiduously to enhance

student activism by setting aside greater
funding for clubs and campus-wide activi-
ties. This relationship has great improved
since I matriculated to Stony Brook and I
only see it improving in the future. If
elected, I hope to continue this tradition
and will attempt to expand it, so that more
clubs can open in the future, while ensuring
that current clubs do not lose funding. 

6) Y 4 U?
My name is Yan Leyfman and I am 1) Low Voter Turnout
running for the position of Senator in the Voter turnout for these elections is usu-
Undergraduate Student Government. After ally 5% of the student body. Why do you be-
1) Low Voter Turnout 1) Low Voter Turnout being a student in Stony Brook for 3 years, lieve that is so? I think it is the fact that
The low voter turnout is probably due A low voter turnout may be attributed I have become accustomed to the environ- students think that they have no real say or
to a lack of interest. Perhaps students don’t to not enough students understanding the ment and feel that I possess the necessary power in the issues at hand.
realize how important  voting is, even at the significance of these elections. In addition, knowledge about the institution and the
student government level. Elected officials some students may not be aware when elec- needs of its students to implement positive 2) PHEEIA
need to let the students know just how pow- tions are  occurring. We hope to increase change. I am excited about the prospect of What is your position on Governor
erful their influence can be. voter turnout this year by explaining the becoming more involved in campus activi- Pattterson’s proposed PHEEIA bill regard-
significance of voting and the role of USG ties. I hope to design novel ways of allocat- ing SUNY tuition? Its another example of
2) PHEEIA in campus affairs. We also hope to expand ing the student activity budget to help all of how broken government is just using the
I understand the motivation for the our campaigns so that they reach a more the clubs and organizations on campus to students to pay for their mess
bill, but as a student I can’t support it at this widespread campus community so that build a greater sense of camaraderie and
stage. I’ve seen friends leave the university more student voices are heard.  campus life.  3) Brookfest & Campus Life
for lack of funds and I don’t want it to hap- As an assiduous individual who works No Response.
pen to anyone else. Since students pay the 2) PHEEIA to achieve his dreams, I promise that, if
price, they should know exactly where the I understand that students are unhappy elected, I will bring the same zen, enthusi- 4) USG Stipend
money is going. We need more than gener- about tuition increases, especially since asm and tenacity to the Senate. I promise to Any body who puts more than three to
alizations. most students attend Stony Brook for its ex- work for the needs of the students and do five hours a week.
cellent educational opportunities at its my best to enact policies that serve their and
3) Brookfest & Campus Life cheaper price, compared to other institu- the campus’s greater good. I welcome any 5) USG & Student Activism
I’m generally happy with the program- tions of its academic caliber. However, I can suggestions from the student body to en- Well it should be neutral because it’s
ming at SBU, we do a great job. Brookfest also understand that the administration is hance the “Stony Brook experience” and not just a government for student activist
was great, but there could have been a more eager to impose a tuition increase so that will do my best to bring them to fruition. I groups but for every undergraduate student.
diverse array of performers to attract more necessary campus enhancements can be came to Stony Brook because of my sheer
students. made to propel Stony Brook into the future, love for the education and the wealth of re- 6) Y 4 U?
such as hiring more faculty and offering a sources that it offers. It would be an honor I will do what I can to gain money for
4) USG Stipend more widespread selection of courses. Al- to serve on the USG Senate and attempt to SBU which includes an attempt to go up to
I decline to comment on which officers though I personally would not like to see a enact policies and provide funding for the SUNY day in Albany to lobby state repre-
should be paid. Before I say how much offi- tuition increase, I think it would be best to greater good of the campus community so sentatives. I will also come up with ad hoc
cers should be paid, I first need to under- wait until the student body’s opinion has that future generations can enjoy the wealth committee’s which will consist of average
stand the breakdown of the student been properly assessed with a far reaching of SBU that much more! Please Vote Yan students and the purpose of these commit-
activities fee. survey to see what is most important to Leyfman for Senate! Thank you. tees will be to report to me and the usg on
them. what issues need to be addressed.
5) USG & Student Activism
USG officers should not organize stu- 3) Brookfest & Campus Life
dent activism, but they should represent the Brookfest is a campus success every
interests of their constituents. If studets year. Since I matriculated to Stony Brook,
protested tuition hikes, for example, senate this event along with other campus-wide
members should alert fellow officers as to festivities have improved and attracted a
the students concerns. greater number of students, each year— and
they were all  sponsored  by USG funds.
6) Y 4 U? Most campus events and club activities for
I have nobody to please but the stu- students are funded by the USG. As much
dents who elect me. A vote for me is a vote as these activities have improved, more
for you.  progress can still be made in this arena to
appeal to a greater campus community and
to attract bigger talent for campus-wide

4) USG Stipend
No Response.
The Stony Brook Press Senators 11

Drew Dillingham Mike Spinelli

Senator College of Arts and Senator College of Arts
Sciences and
We had some good artists perform, who everyone
seemed to like. It gave our campus some much needed Sciences
entertainment. However, I think more people should
try to attend all of the campus events as it would make
the experience more enjoyable for all. There are defi-
nitely things that could be done to improve atten-
dance at events. As a USG officeholder, I would seek
to find out what most of the students are interested
in. To conclude, I think our recent events have been
okay but there is a lot of room for improvement.

4) USG & Student Activities

I think that all USG officeholders should be paid
depending on the difficulty and amount of work they
do. Obviously higher positions such as President and
Vice President should be paid more than lower level 1) Low Voter Turnout
positions. Salaries should also be budgeted so that Here at Stony Brook, there’s not a lot of emphasis placed on
there is more than enough money for other functions the USG elections. When I first came here as a freshman, I had no
funded by the student activity fee. USG definitely does idea there were even elections. I stumbled upon it one day brows-
make a difference on this campus and should be com- ing around solar. It’s kind of impressive to have 5% of the student
1) Low Voter Turnout pensated for doing so. Stony Brook students can see body voting, that’s about 1200 students. Almost all of the adver-
As is the case in most elections, a large amount their student activity fee at work just by looking at tisement for the elections comes straight from the candidates.
of people do not vote for two main reasons: either they their representatives in the USG.
are complacent, or they are uninformed. The USG 2) PHEEIA
does not have a very good advertising department and 5) USG & Student Activism At this time the bill still needs some hammering out, but so far
few people even know who or what the USG does. The USG’s relationship with student activism the proposed bill has both good and bad. As an out-of-state stu-
Some people are fine with how the University is run- should be considered on a case by case basis. Office- dent I really wouldn’t like to see my tuition get any higher, espe-
ning right now and don’t think any changes need to be holders should only work with campaigns that reflect cially if the raise in tuition isn’t going to benefit any out-of-state or
made. There are also those who believe that no mat- the general will of the campus. Still, I think it would be international students.
ter who gets elected nothing will change. Hopefully, beneficial if the USG were to work more with student
this election that attitude will disappear. More people activists in Stony Brook. 3) Brookfest & Campus Life
need to realize that the USG strives to represent every The events on campus are planned well but advertised poorly.
student. 6) Y 4 U? The image that we have conjured up in our minds of student life
Before students vote for me they should know my here is pretty dismal. The funding is there and certainly the ideas
2) PHEEIA background. I am currently a member of the Cross are there, we just need the right people to correctly get the word
Just like pretty much everyone on this campus Country and Track teams, The Patriot, and University out.
(and New York State), I oppose Patterson’s bill. Many Scholars. I like to take an active role in making a bet-
students already work long hours to pay for tuition. ter campus. In addition, I’m a political science major, 4) USG Stipend
This possible increase in tuition would add to the philosophy minor with a GPA  of 3.95. Students The current standards in place seem sufficient.
growing debt we all face. A higher price for an educa- should vote for me because, just like you, I want my
tion in the middle of a recession can do nothing but friends to come to Stony Brook and say, “your college 5) USG & Student Activism
harm. In addition, this bill would give power to the is pretty cool.” I want every Stony Brook student to be USG’s relationship with student activism needs to be taken into
SUNY system, rather than the state, in regards to Uni- happy, and to accomplish that goal I will work hard to consideration on a case by case basis. USG should embrace the stu-
versity costs. This is a terrible idea. Giving power to a represent your needs. Some of the issues I hope to deal dents’ wants and needs on an idealistic and realistic standpoint.
financial institution rather than a democratically with include environmental issues, parking and the USG is the mediator between the students’ and university’s needs.
elected assembly is a formula for corruption and budget. I think that Stony Brook can be so much bet-
greed. ter than it is right now and, as Senator, I would do my 6) Y 4 U?
best to make it so. Simple, I stand to improve campus life and to get students in-
3) Brookfest & Campus Life volved. The current incompetency of the administration has taken
I believe that Brookfest was definitely a success. a toll on us and now it’s our time to take the power back.