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Tu e s d a y J u l y 1 4 t h , 2 0 1 5
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Holiday Inn & Suites
8787 Reeder Road
Overland Park, KS




To be part of the solution, its important to understand what Harvesters does and t

We are a regional food bank serving a 26-county

area of northwestern Missouri and northeastern
Kansas. Harvesters provides food and related
household products to more than 620 not-forprofit agencies including emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, childrens homes and others. We also offer education
programs to increase community awareness of
hunger and teach about good nutrition.


Harvesters develops local partnerships with growers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and
restaurants. Then encourages them all to donate
not dump. They also partner with local civic organizations, schools and volunteers to help organize food drives and the food so it can be repackaged and donated to food pantries, community
kitchens, senior centers, homeless shelters and
other programs across our region.



to learn who is hungry in our community.

In Kansas and Missouri, there are hungry people

living in sparsely-populated rural counties, suburban communities and urban centers. In Harvesters 26-county service area, one in seven people is
food insecure. Food insecurity means that a person or household may have food today, but does
not know if there will be food tomorrow or
enough food for everyone in the household


Feeding 97,150 Children, Providing 19,500

BackSnacks and 296,000 meals at Kids Caf

Feeding Families so they dont have to choose

between paying utilities and food, paying rent
and food or getting medical care or food.

Feeding Seniors

Healthy Eating Education


Introducing a National Rebate Incentive Program for the

tor Association Participants

National Real Estate Inves-

Enroll to receive a potential semi-annual rebate on all qualifying pre-tax purchases.

There is no cost to enroll, find link at MAREIMember.com.
You must register all forms of payment used at The Home Depotincluding checking
accounts, credit cards, debit cards and gift cards to receive credit.
Program Benefits

Participating members with semi-annual net purchase of $1,250 to $2,000 will receive
a $40 Home Depot Gift Card.
Participating members with semi-annual net purchase of $2,000 to $3,000 will receive
a $60 Home Depot Gift Card.
Participating members with semi-annual net purchases of over $3,000 will receive a
rebate of 2%.
Rebates sent twice a year. Coming fall of 2015 a 20% Discount on Behr Paints and a
Special Appliance Discount Program to be Determined.


All Star Coaches . . . . . . . . . 13
Game Day Checklist . . . . . . 23
All Star Score Card . . . . . . . 24
Membership Info . . . . . . . . . 28
Invest in Kansas City . . . . . 31
What Makes a Kansas City
Rental Property Profitable . 35
Mystery of the Unknown . . . 39
KC Housing Market Stats . . 43
Keep Your Job . . . . . . . . . . 45
Make The Phone Ring . . . . . 47
Tune Up Your HVAC . . . . . . 53





Realeflow is designed to guide

you through each step of the
real estate investing process.
We start with lead generation
and lead management, take
you through the process of
deal analysis and acquisition,
then guide you through the
steps to wholesale, rehab, and


Realeflow includes all of the

state-of-the-art tools real
estate investors need to do
business in one intuitive

Special free 30 day trial for members of MAREI plus get a

basic subscription to all the tools for 2 Users with 2 Websites, 2 Lead Pipe Categories and Direct Mail Engine all for
just $49 a month. Step up to 6 Users, 4 Sites and 4 Lead
Pipes for $99 a month or build your Team with 20 Users, 10
Websites and All Lead Pipes for $149 a month. Discount Link
is in the MAREIMember.com benefits section.



Dear Real Estate Fans

We hope you enjoy our fun All Star Baseball Theme at
our Annual Networking Event. Our goal is give you our
member the chance to connect with other in the industry
through networking, visiting with our sponsors and taking the time to chat with our various coaches.
While we network to grow our own businesses, dont forget those less fortunate. Please if you have a few dollars
to spare, donate $5 to Harvesters as you come in and buy
a few raffle tickets for the door prizes. And if you know
someone in the industry, bring them along as your
Last, I want to thank you for being a part of


Kim Tucker




ISC Connect is the solution rental property
owners and managers have been crying out for.
Combining the hands-on human investigative
techniques we are known for with the speed,
convenience and the digital age to prove you
with an all-in-one, mobile web-enabled screening process.
You wont believe how easy it is to thoroughly
screen new residents with the ISC Connect
platform. You can get the process started with
nothing more than the applicants email address. Once they complete the online application, youll get everything you need to make an
informed decision.




MAREIs Staff
Kim Tucker has been investing in Kansas City real estate
since early 2000. Starting her career working for an agency that listed bank owned properties, she performed
1000s of broker price opinions while at the same time
helping her husband and other investors acquire the perfect or at least the profitable investment property. She is
currently the broker of Realty Resource which specializes in Investment Properties, the Marketing Director for KCInvest and the Executive Director of MidAmerica Association of Real Estate Investors.

Donald Tucker has been in the building industry for over
20 years from Section 8 Housing Inspector to New Home
Construction to Environmental. Starting is real estate investing with his first real deal in 1999 he has flipped 100s
of houses, rehabbed many of them, held and managed
rentals, and assisted other investors. Currently with his
wife Kim and son Scott he is wholesaling investment properties to area investors, investing in notes and offering limited private loans to very qualified real
estate investors.






National Real Estate Investor Association
In the business world there are limitless opportunities for those who
seek them out. Finding a method to successfully invest and to receive a return on that investment is one of the oldest principles taught
by financial advisors. Real estate investments have the reputation for
helping investors to create large amounts of wealth. However, large
returns also normally indicate a higher amount of risk.
How can you mitigate that risk? How do you get started investing in
real estate? What types of financing are available to those who want
to invest? What are the rules and regulations that you need to know
to get involved?
This is where joining a National REIA Member Association can help.
We are a group of like-minded individuals who are investing in real
estate now. They are aware of the laws, best practices, and have invaluable experience to share. Joining is also a fantastic way to network and to create future business relationships.
Associations that are in the National REIA network are optimized to
give you the greatest chance at success in the real estate investment
Chapter of National REIA have a high Standard of Excellence
Demonstrated with a Strong Code of Ethics (COE) Statement Supports National REIA and provides local, state and national efforts in
Government Affairs








Larry Myer is a Missouri and Kansas Real Estate Broker and
Investor offering nationwide Fix and Flip and Commercial
Real Estate Loans. With over 30 years of real estate investment, renovation and sales experience. Starting in 1985
with a first fix and rent single family home that soon expanded into 30 then apartments and managing and rehabbing for others, REO packages an turn key properties. You
name it and Larry probably has hand a hand in it. Now in retirement from
Property Management. Larry is our Landlord & Rental Management Coach.

L. Scott Ficinus
Note Buyer, Investor, Realtor, Wholesaler
L. Scott Ficinus loves to buy and sell Kansas City investment
and income properties. He also discreetly serves private clients with investment opportunities through real estate acquisitions. While he's always working an income opportunity for his clients, it's important that you know he still has
time to dedicate resources to your individual real estate
needs. He also offers hard and private money loans to local
real estate investors on single family and multi family homes. Along the way
Scott has spent countless hours learning high level investment strategies to utilize Retirement Accounts and Coverdell Education Savings Plans to invest in real
estate and notes. Scott is our Self Directed IRA Investing Coach.




Thanks to the partnership between Office Depot and

National REIA, you can enjoy the benefits of our
Store Card Program in Office Depot Stores.

Discounts up to 45% of Retail Store

Find the supplies you need, in store
Discounted Services in Copy Print
Black & White . $0.025
Color Copies . . .$0.24
Binding, Folding&
Cutting 40% off

Get your custom-discounted pricing at any of our 1,100

+ retail locations with your Store Purchasing Card. MAREI members find your card in the benefits section of




Debra Felderhoff comes to Real Estate by way of the Medical Field. While maintaining her very demanding full time
job in a Surgeons Office, Deb set out on a quest to obtain
100 cash flowing rental properties using as little of her
own money as possible. Along the way she has learned
many creative financing techniques and currently has over
100 very occupied rental properties that she and her assistant manage. Debra
is our Creative Finance Coaches.

Marcus Brays connection with his customers in his previous companies and his love of with others lead him into
the real estate market. At first, he started just helping a
few friends find potential investment properties. But he
had such a great time doing it, he started Pride Properties
as a full-time venture. Since then, he hasnt looked back,
helping friends and acquaintances find and acquire homes and investment
properties. Marcus is our Wholesale Investing Coach.




MAREI Member receive an OfficeMax Retail

Connect Card that provides you with access
to National REIAs prices on office supplies
and printing services. Price discounts up to
65% and vary by product or service.
To take advantage of special pricing

Log into MAREImember.com and go to

Member Benefits to obtain card.

Take to nearest OfficeMax ImPrss counter

and get laminated for free with purchase.

Cashier will scan your card to determine

your pricing.





Robert Massey has over 20 years of General Building
Construction Experience and knows all aspects of home
construction and renovation. Currently he is a working
Super Intendant working side by side with his crew. He
has been renovating homes for area Real Estate Investors who conduct retail rehab flips. Robert is a Licensed
General Contractor who can take your job from start to finish in a efficient
and professional manner. Robert is one of our Rehab Investing Coaches.

Don Tucker has over 30 years of building and real estate
experience. From new home building to section 8 inspector before his real estate career. Since early 2000,
Don has rehabbed and flipped 100s of homes, flipped a
bunch of turn key rentals and fixer uppers, managed
over 100 rental properties, bought and worked out several non-performing notes, seller financed several properties and offered private loans. Don is one of our Rehab Investing Coaches.




Insurance Program Highlights

Designed Exclusively for National REIA Member!

Replacement Cost Coverage with Co-Insurance Waived

All Risk Coverage & Automatic Coverage new purchases for up to 30

No separate builders risk policy for homes undergoing nonstructural

Optional coverage includes: Earthquake, Flood, Sinkhole, Mold, Tier I Windstorm

Member Insurance Product Availability

Property Coverage

Liability & Umbrella


Workers Comp

Health & Life





Brian Winberry over 20 years experience in real estate investing. Brain has experience in many other facets of real
estate including rehabbing, wholesaling and buy and hold.
Currently focusing on investing in real estate and distressed debt, he is ale to help homeowners create successful, long-term workouts on their home mortgage by
resolving their immediate financial obstacles. Co-Founder of Winvestors Networking Group. Brian is one of our Note Investing Coaches.

Michelle Winberry with over 20 years experience in real
investing. Michelle has been the coordinator of all and
research arm of all the investments her team has purchased or passed up. Managing the Research on the
Winberrys investments over the past many years has
given Michelle a unique knowledge to help find and
vette properties and mortgage note for their investment, track down defaulted borrowers and help facilitate workouts on defaulted notes. Co-Founder of
Winvestors Networking Group & a Note Investing Coach.
Find Brian & Michelles Winvestors Group on Facebook.





Local Market Monitor helps individual residential real estate investors make sound investing decisions by providing them with the local market risk and opportunity intelligence they need to make better decisions . With Local Market Monitor, investors have access to
the forward-looking investment insight used by large homebuilders,
banks and corporationsbut at a price and in a format accessible
to them. Using our proprietary Residential Capitalization rates,
Equilibrium Home Prices and predictive market analysis, we equip
users with both a long-term and short-term perspective on home
prices. Regardless of your investing experience, the size of your investment portfolio or what type of investor you are, Local Market
Monitor reports will help you identify opportunities and take advantage of great deals in over 300 market while giving you peace
of mind and confidence in your investment decisions.
For special page for just for Real Estate Investors go to











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Vote on MLB.com

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the Cash Bar

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Make sure you have Business Cards

Take a Few Game Night Pics and Post to

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Investing Fantasy League Team

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our Expert Coachs




Consider drafting these

new sponsors to your
own All Star Real Estate

Your score card at the right

is a great way to follow up
with our All Star Sponsors.


Please keep in mind that

many of our great Sponsors at the All Star Networking event are also
Business Associates of
MAREI and have their
contact information listed
on our website.

Take the time to visit with

each and every sponsor
and collect their business
card. Take the time to
write down their name and
the best way to contact

If you need more information about any vendor,

check in at MAREI.org
and click on the Business
Directory and select the
appropriate category.

Then later in the week take

the time to enter them into
your contact management
system, send them an invite to connect on
LinkedIn, Friend them on
Facebook or what ever
your favorite social media
platform might be.


At 7:45 if you visit the

Raffle Ticket sales and
show a full ScoreCard,



























Kansas City for Real Estate Investment

Why is Kansas City so hot with out of state and foreign Real Estate Investors?
First is the recent growth in Kansas City:

Cerner is building a $4.5M campus on 290 acres

Since 2014, 16,000 new jobs created

Google Fiber selected Kansas City for its first location

The Streetcar is supposed to open in 2015

Large surge of start-ups moving into the city

The Gross Regional Product Grew 2.95& in 2014 as compared to the

US GDP of 2.2%

Population has been growing at over 10% since 2000

Second is the large companies already in Kansas City

Sprint Nextel


H & R Block

AMC Theatres



Russel Stover

Third is Return on Investment Dollars

Fully renovated homes can be purchased for between $55,000 and

$80,000 in decent neighborhoods

Rents have increased 8.5% in the past year to one of the top 5 in the
country (according to Real Wealth Network)

Home Prices are increasing.

Media Home Price is $156,600




Average Rents are $793

Median Household Income is $56,743

Fourth Media Likes Kansas City

Ranked #1 Best In Class in regional economic development acquisition in the U.S
(2014 Winning Strategies report)

Ranked #1 City for affordability, cultural venues and desirable lifestyle (Huffington

Ranked #2 Best Market for Renters by Forbes based on data from Marcus Millichap.

Ranked #3 Americas Favorite Cities by Travel & Leisure

Ranked #6 for Real Estate Investment (KC Business Journal 2014)

Investors are finding that they can buy rental property for cash flow now and can expect price appreciation in the future.
Now when it comes to owning property in Kansas City from afar, you need to have a
really good team on the ground. We highly recommend talking with local Realtors,
Property Managers, Title People and other service providers who know whats what
start with our Business Associates and Member Properties.





Merchants Mortgage & Trust Corporation a real estate finance company founded in 1961. MMTC provides real estate loans, offering many loan products and loan structures. The Company has remained the
leader in fix-and-flip loans to real estate investors for many years with a reputation of quality service
and integrity.

50 Years of Proudly Serving the Real Estate Community!

Explore Our Investor Loan Programs Today.
MerchantsMtg.com l 720-554-9480




Today! 855.462.1169
On the Web ArrowRealtyNetworkcom

The principals of Arrow Realty Network have over 50 years of

we are able to provide our clients
with a concierge style, complete real estate solution. Whether you need a real estate agent, a general contractor, a property manager, or a partner to
services you need, with the quality
and experience you deserve.




What Makes a Profitable Kansas City Rental Property

By Arrow Equity Trust, LLC
So youre thinking about buying Kansas City Rental Property and are wondering what things
will make a profitable rental property.
In this post we will provide you with 10 specific things which help to make a profitable Kansas
City Rental Property.
#1 Neighborhood
Choosing a Kansas City Rental Property in a great neighborhood is the most critical part of
buying a rental because, the right neighborhood could mean the difference between more or
less vacancies during the time that you own it.
Tip: A community with mostly older, married couples might be a better investment neighborhood versus a neighborhood near a college sine students tend to have much higher vacancy
rates than older individuals.
#2 Property Taxes
As someone who may just be getting started with buying Kanas City Rental Property you
have to be aware of the amount of money you are going to be losing to property taxes each
year because, property taxes will ultimately come out of your profit.
#3 Crime
Yes, crime is should also be another big factor you consider when choosing a rental property
because, with high crime rates you may ultimately have higher vacancies and damage to
your property so its best to keep crime in mind before choosing a rental regardless if its a
great location or not.
#4 Jobs
Who is hiring nearby?
If there arent reputable employers around for miles, the Kansas City Rental Property might
now be worth buying because, fewer employers means less money for paying rent and the
possibility of you facing more vacancies.
#5 Amenities
What are the nearby amenities which renters would consider to be ideal?
Is the property close to a gym, restaurant, movie theater, night club and outdoor venue?
These questions are important to ask because, public amenities increase the desirability of
any location.
#6 Vacancies in the Neighborhood
How many vacancies are there in the neighborhood? If there are many vacancies in the
neighborhood you should take a step back and wonder why because, they could be due to
the rate of crime or something else.
#7 Future Development
Go to the local municipal planning department and find out if there are more residential and




commercial buildings in development because, lack of development might mean that its going to be
harder for you to rent your property in the future especially if someone is searching for an active /
progressive community.
#8 Natural Disasters
Is the Kansas City neighborhood you are planning on buying a rental property prone to flooding or
other natural disasters?
You must ask this question as well because one natural disaster can easily wipe out your savings
and make owning rental property very difficult.
#9 Neighbor Feedback
Before you buy take a few minutes to walk the neighborhood and talk with some of the neighbors
about their experiences living there because their honest opinions could mean the difference between buying a profitable rental or a property that will be a waste of your time and money.

#10 Rent
Last of all, but most important is rent. You want to make sure that the rent you charge will cover all
of your expenses and leave you with profit at the end of the month.
Buy a Kansas City Rental Property
To get started with buying a Kansas City Rental
Property contact Arrow
Equity Trust today by
calling (855) 462-1169




Pulaski Bank offers Missouris MHDC Programs

Pulaski Bank is committed to help increase responsible home-ownership and offers MHDC
Loan Programs for the Buyers of Your Homes in Missouri.
Missouri offers the first-time buyer program called First Place. This MHDC program can be
used with fixed-rate loans: FHA, VA or CONVENTIONAL. IN addition to single-family homes, it
also includes condos, townhomes and in some cases, duplexes can qualify. Down payment
assistance is also available.
Please give me a call to learn more about how I can help your clients finance their home or
buy one of yours. Offering loans Nation Wide!
Beth Langston
Loan Officer
NMLS # 913580
Office Phone: 816-607-5621
Cell Phone: 816-679-4000
Fax: 816-607-5576
Email: BLangston@PulaskiBank.com

100 NE Tudor Rd, Ste 103

Lees Summit, MO 64086

This information is provided to assist real estate professionals and

is not an advertisement to extend consumer credit as defined by
section 226.2 of Regulation Z. Interest rates and points are subject
to change without notice and should be used for comparative purposes. All figures are estimates and may vary based on final sales



Asset Protection
Insurance For Investors

Vacant Home
Real Estate Owned
Forced Place
Multiple Properties
Rental Property
Vacation Property
Mobile Homes
Flood Insurance

Call & Compare Today!

1-877-752-2742 l APIAProtects.com




The Mystery of the Unknown

Do you find it interesting that parents that discipline their children are called oldschool parents? I find it sad that discipline has lost its art form in our culture today. I remember doing my chores as a kid because I knew that if I didnt do as I was told
something was going to happen.
What was that something? Your guess is as good as mine but I was sure I never wanted
to find out. I just did the right thing and pressed on with washing the dishes knowing that
even though I didnt like doing them, I didnt like the mystery of the unknown punishment
that would be put on me if I didnt obey.
Insurance should not be a scary mystery of the unknown. One trend I have seen in working
with clients is insurance companies or agents not providing an actual policy when issuing a
surplus lines account. If you are a client in this situation this should be concerning to you
and you must take the necessary action to fix it. A smart thinker never takes advice without
asking why?.
So Ill answer the why question for you in this instance.
Why do I need a copy of my insurance (beyond it just being required by the law)? T
he very basic premise of insurance is that you have a contract. Would you enter into a contract without knowing what the contract said? No.
While I know in reality that people do not always read verbatim every word we sign our
name to (think mortgage closing paperwork, car loan documents, and warranty paperwork), it does not negate the fact that we should read everything we sign word-for-word.
The small difference here is that you can reference any of those documents at any time
because you were given a copy of them. Additionally, some of these documents have become fairly standardized over the years.
Surplus lines insurance documents are not standardized! If you have a question about your
mortgage loan you can reference the copies of the document that were given to you. If you
wanted to see the insurance requirements for your new car that you just bought those
would be outlined in the loan document copies that you were given at closing. If you dont
receive a policy for the insurance policy you are paying for what will you reference when
you have a question regarding your policy? Will you just take your agents word?

How do you know the policy limits are actually the policy limits that you are entitled to and
not something split amongst other clients?
How do you know that you are not being added as an additional insured instead of named
insured? Being a named insured or additional insured exposes you as the client to the possibility of certain risks. If you are on that policy with ten other individuals and five of the individuals use up the aggregate policy limits youre out of luck if you need to file a claim unless your agent moves you to another policy.
Do you really want to run that high of a risk with your investment property? Youve been
paying premiums and when it comes time you want the peace of mind knowing that the
claims are going to be cared for properly.



Heres the bottom line. You are paying for this policy with your hard earned money! Just because the
possibility of filing a claim may be small do not take getting what you paid for lightly. At some point
you may have to ask yourself if cheap insurance is going to result in expensive problems. An insurance company cant create cheap premiums without eliminating something. Is that something really something you can live without?
Take heed. If you do not have an individual and separate policy for your investment property portfolio, take action immediately.
Read through your policy and know for yourself that it is meeting your needs. Know for a fact that
you (and your business partners if applicable) are the only ones on this policy. Know for a fact that
the coverage limits you have been given are your coverage limits and yours alone.
Dont blindly trust on a whim and a pray that you are going to get the policy you expected. Your investments are too valuable for you to not know what the insurance policy that is covering them says.




Are you looking for a rental home, a newly rehabbed home

or are you looking for a wholesale or an investment property? At Pride Properties LLC, we have your needs covered
with affordable, updated rental homes, priced right investment properties and completely rehabbed homes ready for
you to move into.
Call today and schedule a meeting with one of our seasoned
agents soon and start finding the home you've always wanted

Contact Us About Our Properties TODAY!

Pride Properties, LLC

13851 W. 63rd St, Suite 342, Shawnee KS 66216






CTitl e. co m
913.338 . 3232










Want to Be a Real Estate Investor? Keep Your Job!

By Crossroads Investment Lending
Access to capital is a constant need and challenge for the real estate investor. Regardless of whether the investor is focused on accumulating rentals or shortterm flips, real estate is a capital intensive business and the availability of capital can
make or break an investment. The real estate investor with an outside source of income is seen as a better credit risk and therefore has more options and better access to capital. So, having a job can be a great help to your investment business.
Many people become real estate investors because they want to leave a job they do
not like and see real estate investing as a great vehicle to make that happen. And it
can. But it takes planning, hard work and sufficient cash flow to cover monthly obligations plus a cushion. Investors that experience early success are often overcome
with visions of leaving their job, perceived freedom and the excitement of becoming
their own boss. They fail to accurately assess the risks of no steady income and underestimate the difficulty of obtaining capital to grow their business.
Buying rentals, as was discussed in our previous newsletter, is a great way to accumulate real wealth, generate positive cash flow, create tax benefits and have all of
this paid for by renters. But it is a slow road to generating enough income to live on
and at the same time grow your rental portfolio. If your goal is to leave your current
job and simultaneously be a real estate investor, find a job in a field that complements your investing goals and allows you to get paid while both learning and advancing your real estate career. Stay with your job until you can walk into a lender
and obtain financing, without having to show your W-2.
Help your lender help you. Be a
good credit risk and be able to show
enough steady in come to make underwriting your request easy. Oh
yes, and also find good investment
property. The investor, the project
and the capital are all essential ingredients to a successful real estate
investment and having a job can
help them all come together for you.
Please register for our newsletter,
please visit our website at




Rehab & Retail?

Fix & Flip ?

Cash Flow?
Chunks of Cash?
Self Directed IRA?
Private Loans?

Visit KCInvest.com
To Learn More and
Register as a Buyer.




Get the Phone Ringing off the Hook

By Kim Tucker
I received an email today about a guy who has unlimited transactional funding. He is willing to
let us use this for our own funding fees. He will send us a pre-approval letter and sell us the
software to train bird dogs to go find us vacant houses and software to target bank owned houses that we can make offers using his cash funding. Then we can wholesale it to the end buyer
and make $5,000, $10,000 even $55,000 on a wholesale deal. . . . sign me up and send me
my magic beans please.
First I want to comment on his MLS method. . . which worked great about 5 years ago. Find the
great fixer uppers that are not yet listed but have an agent getting ready to list them. Then call
up said Realtor and let them know you are a cash buyer, not represented by a buyers agent (so
that the listing agent can get both sides of the transaction and make more money) and to call
you as soon as they get listing info. Then you can make your low ball offer, allowing them to get
both sides of the transaction and then because they have 3 days from the time the receive the
listing agreement from the bank until they have to put it in MLS, you are able to get it under contract before anyone else sees it and the agent puts the house in MLS as "pending" . Just so
you know, if you listened to the same webinar that I did that this is a TOTAL LOAD OF CRAP!!
First of all, agents do have 3 days from the day they get the listing agreement until they have to
technically put in MLS, at least here in KC. BUT if the seller is a Bank Seller of any consequence, meaning they have sold more than one or two foreclosed houses, they WILL NOT consider any offers for the first 3 days listed and if you are an investor buyer, often, they will not
look at your offers for the first 15 maybe 20 days it's listed, they want the owner occupants to
buy them. Plus you are getting an MLS house under contract and of late they are quite high
priced with 10 or 12 other people making a bid on it too, so your chances of buying cheap to sell
a bit higher but still low enough for your investor end buyer to make a profit, while it can be
done, it's a lot of paperwork shuffling.
But we are all looking for a great deal . . . . so how can we find them. I do like the bird dog idea,
although paying someone $5 to $10 for every lead they bring me seems a bit much, I want the
bird dog to only bring me deals . . . so we can go out and train a few bird dogs on exactly what
to bring you, but also train them on how to put a deal together and then you might be in better

So how do you find deals. I have friends stop by my office, they want to learn what I do in 3
easy steps . . . HA! I would love to tell you how I find all the deals . . . but keep in mind it's not
quite a simple as it sounds. So here goes.
1. Have a Website: I maintain a website for buyers, it's not generic, it's loaded with information
about selling houses and it's loaded with the key words of sell, house, fast, cash, kansas, city
and all the other cities I buy. It also has a bunch of information to help the motivated sellers I
target: How do you fix up your house. How do you clean out or trash your house. Where do
you find an attorney to help with the probate process. Etc.
2. Drive Traffic to Above Website:



Write articles about selling houses and post on the website blog and then post them to all my social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Others

Write press releases about our company and buying houses in Kansas City and post them on a
bunch of free press release sites link them back to my website that is

We record videos about selling your house and post them on video sites like YouTube and our
website and link them to all the social media pages

We have been doing this for quite a long time, so now when people go to the internet to research
selling their house fast - today at least they get

HomeVestors Sites

kcmoHomeBuyer Site

Some YouTube Videos that go to other sites

3. Craigslist is my next tool and we try to remember to post 2 or 3 ads about buying houses on
Craigslist.com and Backpage.com every day.
4. Direct Mail - this generates a ton of leads, but often times 3 to 6 months after they get the initial
letter. And usually they need to get one or two letters over time. So if you go out and buy a list of
1000 contacts and mail it once, spending about $1000 to buy and send mail piece you are not going
to get a lot of calls. The deals are in mailing consistently to a quality list of potential sellers and
some will call you after you mail several times and others will save the letter and call you down the

But who do you send letters to? Well the answer lies in what you think would be a good motivated

Absentee Owners, people who own houses they do not live in.

Vacant House owners, people who own a vacant house

People in Foreclosure

People getting divorced

People with rentals who are always in eviction court or code violation / housing court

People who have been trying to sell and can't

People in Bankruptcy

People who have died or their heirs

Expired Listings

People who just got married and own 2 houses

People who are behind on their taxes.

So if you can buy or assemble a list of names and contact information of people who might be highly
motivated to sell their house, you can then take the time to send them a letter or a post card.
Now I know everyone and their brother is doing direct mail marketing for houses because our company is on the absentee owner list and we get letters weekly from investors trying to buy house and
trying to sell houses. So I have a lot of examples.



I recommend that you write a nice hand written letter that uses the owner name, references the
house that they own, talks about selling fast for all cash with no fees, and make it personal so they
want to talk to you. Then hand address the envelope, hand return address or use the personal looking return address labels and also use a friendly, non commercial looking stamp. Then in a week, a
month or 6 months, depending on the type of list you are mailing send them another letter or maybe
a nice simple postcard to remind them you are out there.
Next, you can Network your way to deals. I have a couple of friends that would do anything for anybody as long as they were in need and it were legal. They are very active in their community and
they are known as the people who buy houses. So when ever a fixer upper, problem house comes
up - think hoarders house - someone gives them a call and they get a great deal. I have another
guru friend that goes out and teaches wholesaling and how to go find deals in the hopes that his students will bring him the larger deals that are a bit too much money for the student and in the price
range of what the guru wants to do. In fact I know several gurus who do this, so I know it works.
So if you need deals, first realize that everyone is competing for the same deals . . . there still out
there but you do have to work to get them to call you up. The next steps are networking with the
community and people you know to see if they might be able to refer you a deal or two. Then you
need to get out your marketing hat and start marketing . . . paid ads on Google, Bing and Facebook,
Billboard and even TV Commercials like we see one of our members doing.




Your Private Lending Partner

1 (877) 420-7346






* Title Searches
* Title Insurance
* Escrow Services
* 1031 Exchanges

Service is our Passion!








Why do I need to Tune Up My HVAC?

Your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system has been through a long winter. And
much like your car, it is a hard-working machine that has a lot of moveable parts and generates a lot
of heat. And being outside, it takes a lot of abuse from Mother Nature including dirt and dust buildup. So just like your car, your HVAC needs regular tune-ups and maintenance.
It is recommended that you that you have your HVAC system tuned up each spring and fall before the
heavy use seasons. A recent survey showed that over 55% of air conditioning owners dont schedule
these tune-ups. They are costing themselves more money in the long run.
It is estimated that half the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, and regularly
scheduled tune-ups can reduce equipment breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by
up to 30%.
Like the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. It is much better to diagnose and correct problems with your HVAC system before the 100 degree Kansas City summer
weather sets in and you come home to a heat wave in your house.
A professional HVAC technician can catch many small problems with your air conditioner and repair
them before they affect the performance of your system:
A small refrigerant leak (FREON) can be repaired and the system refilled. However, if the refrigerant
levels get so low that your compressor burns out, replacing it is a very expensive repair.

1. If the refrigerant is low, the coils in your air conditioner can freeze and damage your compressor.
Even if it doesnt have to be replaced, your energy costs are going to go up.
2. Dirty coils restrict airflow and make energy costs go up.
3. Leaks in the ductwork cause energy loss which raises your utility bills
4. If your thermostat isnt working correctly, that can also raise your energy costs.
5. Tune-ups are also important because if your A/C has faulty wiring it is a potential fire hazard.
An air conditioning tune-up from Discover Heating and Air consists of the following to make sure your
HVAC system runs smoothly all summer long:
Clean condensate drain

Clean evaporator coil

Clean indoor A/C coil

Clean and adjust blower

Check calibration on thermostat

Moving part lubrication

Monitor pressure of refrigerant

Test safety controls

Tighten electrical connections

Adjust airflow
100% satisfaction guarantee

So remember, your ounce of

air conditioner prevention will
pay off during those hot Kansas City summer days! Call
Discover Heating and Air at
816-500-2970 to schedule your
air conditioner tune-up today.

When your air conditioner is running smoothly, you will have fewer future repairs and higher energy



General Meeting
Many of our guest and new members are unsure as
to what to expect at our monthly meeting. Where
do I go? What should I bring? What happens?
So first we currently meet on the 2nd Tuesday of
the month at the Holiday Inn & Suites located at
8787 Reeder Road in Overland Park, KS. This is
where 3 major arteries come together at 87th
Street, 69 Highway and Interstate 35. When you
arrive, find a space in one of the many free parking
spaces on either side and behind the hotel, enter
and on most evenings take the elevators to the Sunset Ballroom on the 8th Floor. Career Education Systems (www.CESKC.com) that is located inside of the
Ward Parkway Shopping Center in Kansas City Missouri. Park on the State Line side of the mall, use
the main entrance and you should find Career Education across from Starbucks.
You should prepare a bit to attend this meeting.
This is a place to meet people and do deals. So if

you offer a product or service, please bring business cards. Have a property for sale, bring a stack
of flyers or stack of brochures. We have a general
marketing table where all attendees may place a
stack of business cards or brochures or flyers. We
also suggest a small notebook to take notes or a
new tech tool to take notes through out the
So what happens. As you walk in we have a check
in table. This is where you start the meeting by
greeting the staff, having them check you in and
getting you a name tag that you will want to wear
through out the evening. Note that if you are a
first time guest, meaning you have never attended
a MAREI meeting before, be sure to visit MAREI.org to pre-register and so you can attend for
FREE. If you are a second time or a third time
guest, you will need to pay $25 at the door or
save and register online on our calendar of events

Monthly Meeting:


Usually 2nd Tuesday of the

Month., 6pm to 9pm

5:30 Set Up

6:00 check in & Vendor Hall

Holiday Inn & Suites,

6:30 Orientation

FREE for members, Guests

$25 at the door, $15 if you preregister

7:00 Announcements

7:15 guest speaker:

8:45 Wrap Up




for $15. Any fees that you pay to

attend a meeting can be applied
toward a full membership should
you join right there at the meeting
that night.
After checking in, find our general
marketing table and place your
flyers, brochures or what ever it is
that you brought with you. Then
work your way around the room
and find out what each and every
one of the vendors have to offer.
Register for any give aways that
they might have.
Next we suggest you take a bit of
time and brush up on your networking skills before you attend a
meeting. We have a full hour from
6 to 7 where attendees can work
the room to meet as many new
contacts as possible. Feel free to
introduce yourself to everyone.
At 6:30 we have a very informal

new member orientation in the

little boardroom just off of the
Vendor Hall where we go through
all of the benefits we have for our
members and answer questions
about MAREI. This is a short 15
minute session.
At 7:00 we go take our seats for
announcements and our fire drill.
With our meetings being on the
top floor we want to make sure
everyone knows how to find the
exits beyond the elevator they
came in on.
At 7:15 we introduce our speaker.
The presentation is always an educational presentation, not a sales
pitch, where you will have the opportunity to learn. Our speakers
run till 8:345, when we end the
presentation and have the speaker available for more one on one
questions. We also have further
networking from 8:45 until 9:00.



Now the fun and the networking

just does not stop there. There is
also a meeting after the meeting.
This is a very informal gathering of
attendees in the Hotels Green
Mill Restaurant & Bar. These gatherings usually last till about 11:00
when they finally close for the
We do have a few meetings that
are the exception to this meeting
format. The first will be our Summer Vendor night that is all networking all evening in support of
Harvesters Community Food Network. The second event is our ever popular Speed Networking
event in support of Toys for Tots.
MAREI and our members strive to
be a good member of our local
We hope you will find the time to