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Dear All:

Thank you for your generous offer. It has a number of glaring errors and omissions, and it is my pleasure to
correct them. On and for the record, this contract is returned for cause, rejected without dishonor, for lack of
standing of the parties.
Let the record state that my overriding concern is for the integrity of the ITNJ. To that end, I lay out these
My teams Strategic Plan Exercise engaged in shortly after the inaugural event uncovered a number of concerns
that were brought to Sacha Stones attention.
His anger and over-reaction has been incomprehensible. We uncovered a change in direction from the original
intent of the Tribunal. Caleb Skinners involvement with the case management software, and his input, is
believed to be the causal factor that has resulted in an extreme change in direction. Rather than deal with these
discoveries in a respectful way, Sacha chose to attack both me and the American Team. This extreme measure
to remove me from any position of oversight of the Tribunal is the result. Let the facts speak for themselves.
Firstly, the action taken against me is neither respectful nor lawful nor legal.
1. The Constitution for the ITNJ requires seven Board Members.
2. Only four have been officially named.
3. The ITNJ has not yet been constitutionally configured and is not yet operational.

A Committee of Three appears to believe they have delegated authority to speak as the Acting Board
of Trustees. They have no such authority nor can they assume it.

Further, it can be determined that Justin Deschamps has been invited to serve as a member of the Board of
Trustees, and has accepted. Brent Johnson and Bill Thornton have been invited to serve as Board of
Trustees. Cal Washington is an alternate choice. Letters have not yet been sent to officially invite them to
Therefore, letters must be sent immediately so that the Board of Trustees can be formally seated. It is my wish,
as Founding Director, that any official business conducted must follow Constitutional guidelines. The Public
Notice issued as a Board Directive is in violation, does not conform to the Constitution, and has no standing.
Please remember that I hold co-equal status with Sacha Stone as Trustee Emeritus. He has no superior
standing to dictate the policies and procedures of the ITNJ. This rush to remove me is further evidence of the
strange series of events that were uncovered during the Strategic Planning session my team undertook. The
following will give a brief synopsis of our concerns:
It is a fact that my team has consistently spoken of the CINPIDD Grand Jury Model as a recommended method
to restore the Sovereign Peoples voice. The Grand Jury Model, described by Caleb Skinner and Sir John in the

meeting held on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, and described in Sachas purported Board Directive, is the first major
clue that alerted us to a substitution in policy at the heart of this disagreement.
The model described by Skinner and Walsh is in fact the one that replaced the Peoples Grand Jury Model that
allowed the Judges and BAR Lawyers to take over the courts as a closed-union shop.
At issue is the insistence from the American Team that the Grand Jury Model for the ITNJ must remain outside
the control of the Judges and the Prosecutor. The Constitution must spell that out in detail in order to set a firm
foundation for the ITNJ. This has not been done. The Grand Jury is covered in the Practice Directions. After we
heard Sir John Walsh of Brannagh speak of his own opinion of the Grand Jury in the July 21 meeting, this became
a monumental red flag that needs the deepest scrutiny before it is too late.
It is a matter of public record communicated at the Inaugural event that the Constitution was incomplete, and
there were provisions to complete the task.
At issue is the grave danger that Judges and Bar Association can put a strangle-hold upon the ITNJ. The
Constitution must spell out HOW this will be prevented to make sure that our founding documents have
endured sufficient due diligence to withstand the test of time.
1. There is no provision for the office of the PAG.
2. It is prudent to make sure that qualified people like Judge Anna Von Reitz do NOT have to be
recognized by some lawyers guild or accredited school.
3. To be sure the ITNJ is set up as The Peoples Court, we have insisted that this be addressed within the
Constitution. It has not been.
4. My team does not wish to see Judges appointed for life. They should serve the same term as the Board
of Trustees, three years, with one more term, and then they are replaced.
5. The Cordero research confirms that life appointment is one way Judges have been able to completely
subvert the rule of law.

As it now stands, a Judge can determine admissible evidence in accordance with recognized legal and
equitable principles.

7. It was our promise to the people, and our intent, that the purpose of the ITNJ was to restore the Rule of
Law, not hand it over to the Judges and the Lawyers so they can continue with business as usual.
The American Team, lead by Rebecca Cope, provided the 15-month manpower for this initiative. We have been
rushed from one event to the next, from one deadline to the next, without sufficient time to make sure the
founding documents were secure. As we set about that task, we uncovered any number of even graver
concerns that were brought to the attention of Sacha Stone.
Instead of taking a responsible leadership role, he has chosen this public notice forum to pass off my concerns as
the hysterical rantings of an incompetent female. A vote of NO CONFIDENCE against Rebecca as ITNJ Director
has been issued by the open-hearted conduct of Sacha and two other Board Members with purported
delegated authority.

This demonstration of British Sovereign Consciousness hints at why my ancestors dumped all the tea in the
Boston harbor. The assumptions and presumptions contained within the document are nothing short of
There is an assumption that Rebecca was appointed to the position as Director of the ITNJ. That is a glaring
error. A sovereign does not work FOR someone. They work WITH them, a defining distinction. I did not agree to
work FOR Sacha and crew. I have no employment contract with NEN nor Humanitad, nor with the ITNJ. There
are no time sheets, and no salary has been paid. I am, in truth, a volunteer, a self-directed, responsible
sovereign. I stand on my affidavit of truth that I am the self-appointed Co-Founder of the ITNJ initiative. My
position as Trustee Emeritus, one of two, confirms that fact.
Therefore, let the record show that anyone who assumes they have delegated authority to unappoint me has
no cause of action. Such an act is null and void for lack of standing.

Adventures Into Sovereignty, and Natural Justice Academy, is not now nor has it ever been under the
ownership nor control of NEN, nor the ITNJ, nor the Committee to Support the ITNJ.

2. How I participate in the Media or as a Teacher within NJA or AIS is not now, nor has it ever been, the
business of the Board of Trustees.
3. As point of fact, a major clean-up task discussed in the Strategic Planning Session was how Humanitad
has failed to put proper banking and security measures in place and caused accountability and tax
concerns for other parties not responsible for Humanitads affairs.
Let the evidence show that the offer presently on the table fails to acknowledge that the disputed cause of
action is a power struggle between the various factions. Rebeccas Team represents the interests of the
Sovereign People. It appears the other team represents the interests of the BAR and is more interested in
maintaining the status quo. We have co-equal standing as founding signatories. Anyone who claims otherwise
is in extreme dishonor.
It is my wish that all parties to this conflict remember who we are and why we all came together to create the
ITNJ. Our first task remains: get a proper Board of Trustees seated, one equally recommended by both factions
in this drama. That is the only open-hearted accountable conduct that is acceptable, given the seriousness of
the task that we, together, set out to co-create. Let none of us forget.
Whether or not Sacha Stone and crew choose to respectfully handle this matter will determine the future of the
ITNJ. This indeed does require level heads, not anger and retaliation.
Most sincerely yours,
Rebecca Cope