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Architecture 511

Fall 2015

QUIZ #2 Wood & Floor Structures & Light Wood Frame Construction


Nikita Shinde



1. Which of the following statements are true about Softwoods ? Circle all that are true below.
a. Softwoods come from broad leafed trees, like Cherry or Maple and they are usually used
for finish carpentry.
b. Softwoods often have very simple, plain looking grains.

Some softwoods are actually harder then hardwoods.

d. Softwoods come from coniferous trees, like Douglas Fir and they are usually used for
construction grade lumber, not finish lumber.
2. Which species of wood is appropriate for hardwood floors?
a. Douglas fir
b. Oak
c. Redwood
3. Which of the following is true about bamboo:
a. Bamboo is a large fast growing tree from the coniferous family imported from South
b. Bamboo is an extremely fast growing grass that is used for structural framing in the USA.

Bamboo is a grass used for finish carpentry such as flooring and cabinets in the USA and
is considered sustainable because it grows so quickly and is easily renewable.

4. Which of the following statement about Sustainability in wood construction is true?

a. Certified wood comes from forests that are managed and grown sustainably.
b. Specifying wood from South America is a good way to make sure that the trees are

Shipping bamboo from China is a better then growing it in the USA because it is less
costly to ship.

d. The USA and Canada cannot keep up with the demand to grow more trees then they
harvest, therefore wood cannot be a renewable resource.
5. When sawing trees using plain-sawing for lumber the following statement is true:
a. Plain-sawing (or flat-sawing) is the least economical method of sawing.
b. Plain-sawing yields the maximum number of useful pieces of wood.

The lumber yielded from plain-sawing is stronger than from the lumber from quartersawing.

d. Plain-sawn lumber is good for finish carpentry because it is more attractive.

Name: Nikita Shinde

6. S4S refers to :
a. Lumber that has been seasoned and kiln dried.
b. Lumber that has been smoothly finished on all four sides

Lumber that is drilled and prepared for finish hardware on 4 sides.

d. Lumber that is square on 4 sides.

7. The following statements are true about the structural properties and the strength of a piece
of wood except for one of the following:

Wood is stronger parallel to the grain then perpendicular to the grain in both tension and

b. In California we use redwood for most of our construction because of its strength and fire

Wood is stronger in compression then tension.

d. When designing repetitive members such as trusses, we can use the lesser quality wood.

A 2 x 4 piece of lumber from the lumber yard has what dimensions?

a. 2 x 4
b. 3" x 5"

2 x 4

d. 1-1/2" x 3-1/2"
9. All of the following about seasoning are true except for one of the following:
a. Seasoned lumber is stronger than unseasoned lumber
b. Seasoned lumber might have been air dried or kiln dried.

Seasoned lumber is ready to build when the moisture content is at 80%.

d. Seasoned lumber is lighter weight then unseasoned lumber.

10. The benefits of engineered wood over natural timber includes all of the following except for
a. Overcomes structural shortcomings of natural lumber.
b. Does not burn like natural lumber.

Provides maximum utilization of wood fiber from the trees.

d. Is beginning to rapidly replace dimensioned lumber

11. Which of the following is true about glu-laminated wood:
a. Beams sizes are not limited by the size of the tree.
b. The quality might not always be consistent.

Glu lam joints are not allowed.

d. Glu lam beams are produced by blending strips of wood in many directions.

Nikita Shinde


12. Structural Composite Lumber also called Engineered Lumber is important for which 2 of the
following reasons?
a. The composite products are stronger than natural lumber.
b. By combining plastic with wood a lighter weight material is produced.

Engineered wood is fire proof.

d. Scraps of wood that might otherwise be thrown away are used to make these products.
13. Why does heavy timber construction receive relatively favorable treatment from building
codes and insurance companies ?
a. The heavy timber members resist earthquakes better than 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 framing
b. Heavy timber construction is very quick to construct.
c. The heavy timber members are much more fire resistant then 2 x 4 or 2 x6 framing
d. Heavy timber members are fastened with steel brackets which resist wind better than
14. Which of the following is the best description of wood light frame construction:
a. A uniquely European method of constructing buildings which began in the 1700s.
b. The repetitive use of small lumber such as 2 x 4 s to build structures

The building of large housing tracts using heavy equipment.

d. A method that was invented after WWII based on more efficient saw mills for cutting
15. Balloon framing is best described as:
a. A method of framing structures that was used early in history and is still used today
that includes stud walls that extend several floors without a break at the floor levels.
b. A method of framing structures that was used early in history that included adobe
construction integrated with stud wall construction.

A method of framing structures that allowed a break in the studs at each floor level.

16. Platform framing is best described as:

a. A simple concept of framing the studs from the ground floor to the roof structure
without a break.
b. A simple concept of building a platform at the ground level from which the stud
framing is attached.

A simple concept of stacking each level of framing onto a floor platform.

d. A method of stacking studs to overlap at each floor level.

Name: Nikita Shinde

17. Plywood sheathing can be found in all of the following locations except:
a. Nailed directly to the top of the roof rafters
b. Nailed directly to the masonry walls

Nailed to the outside of the wood stud walls

d. Nailed to the top of the floor joists

18. Foundations for wood light frame construction can be constructed of all of the following
a. Poured in place concrete
b. Stacked stones with mortar and no reinforcing required.

Reinforced masonry units

d. ICF insulating concrete formwork


All of the following are true about Insulating concrete formwork except:
a. Concrete is poured around the outside with the insulation in the middle
b. Eliminates the need for formwork.

Insulation is integrated into the product.

d. Reinforcing steel is placed into the forms to add lateral strength.

20. The intention of a framing plan is all of the following except:
a. To convey to the contractor how to construct the roof rafters and ceiling joists
b. To convey to the contractor how to construct the floor joists and beams just above the

To show the contractor where to locate the roofing material on the roof rafters.

d. To show the contractor how to frame the floor joists and beams on the second floor.
21. Which of the following is the best reason for using 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 studs at the walls spaced at
24 on center?
a. The wider spacing and thicker studs allow for more insulation and increased thermal
efficiency and allow for efficient use of 4 x 8 shear panels.
b. The 24 spacing works well with the size of the insulation and the heating and cooling
will be more efficient.

The plumbing and sewer systems will fit better within the 24 wide spacing.

d. The air conditioning system can be placed between the walls with enough room for
additional insulation.
22. All of the following describe prefabricated assemblies except:
a. 8 x 12 wood beams
b. Roof trusses

I beams for floor framing.

d. SIP panels


Nikita Shinde

23. Building size and floor area can be increased per the IBC (the building code) by all of the
following except:
a. Fire sprinklers
b. Fire walls

Type IV construction

d. Type V non rated construction

24.. All of the following statements about roof slopes are true except:

4:12 roof pitch means that the roof slopes 4 up for every 12 across horizontally.


Roof slopes that are less then 2:12 will need to use built up roofing or membrane

c. Roof slopes at 4:12 can use a variety of roofing materials including shingles and clay
d. A 2: 12 roof pitch means that the roof slopes up 12 for every 2 across horizontally.

Write your answer neatly print (so I can read it)

List five features that you might include in a wood frame structure to make it sustainable.
Consider the foundation, the site location and topography, wood framing techniques,
lumber vs engineered wood, insulation, roof types, etc. Briefly describe why each item
that you listed is sustainable. Note: this question includes information from previous
lectures as well as your own knowledge.

1. Wood framing techniques- Wood frame structures can be made more sustainable by using
members that are dimentioned to utilize its full length and breath. Thus, reducing wastage.
2. Engineered wood is prefabricated which makes it more durable and fire resistant
3. Modular forms bring down the cost and machine use makes the product more sustainable
4. In order to reduce the environmental footprint, recycled wood products can be put to use
5. shallow foundation will make it more cost effective and sustainable

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