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Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120
Part 1



A. Structural steel framing members, galvanized and shop-primed.


A. AISC MO15L - Manual of Steel Construction.
B. AISC S323 - Quality Criteria and Inspection Standards.
C. ASTM A992 Structural Steel.
D. ASTM A53 - Hot Dipped, Zinc-Coated Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe.
E. ASTM A108 - Steel Bars, Carbon, Cold-Finished, Standard Quality.
F. ASTM A123 - Zinc (Hot Dipped Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products.
G. ASTM A153 - Zinc Coating (Hot Dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware.
H. ASTM A307 - Carbon Steel Externally Threaded Standard Fasteners.
I. ASTM A325 - High Strength Bolts for Structural Steel Joints.
J. ASTM A500 - Cold Formed Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel Structural Tubing in
Round and Shapes.
K. ASTM C1107 - Packaged Dry, Hydraulic Cement Grout (Non-Shrink).
L. AWS A2.4 - Standard Welding Symbols.
M. AWS D1.1 - Structural Welding Code.
N. AWS WHB-1 - Qualification and Certification.
O. AWS A5.1 - Carbon Steel Covered Arc-Welding Electrodes.
P. SSPC - Steel Structures Painting Council, SP-2, Hand Tool Cleaning.
Q. UBC Chapter 22, Division 1X - Allowable Stress Design and Plastic Design for
Structural Steel Buildings.


A. Submit Shop Drawings:

Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120

Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120

Indicate profiles, sizes, spacing and locations of structural members,

connections, openings, attachments and fasteners.


Indicate cambers.


Indicate welded connections with AWS A2.4 welding symbols. Indicate net
weld lengths.

B. Submit Manufacturer's Mill Certificate: Certify that products meet or exceed

specified requirements.
C. Submit Mill Test Reports: showing structural strength, destructive and
non-destructive test analysis and identification.
D. Submit Manufacturer's Certificates certifying welders employed on the work have
been AWS qualified within the previous 12 months, in accordance with AWS-WHB-1.
E. Submit fabricator's and erector's qualifications.

A. Fabricate structural steel members and perform work in accordance with
B. Perform welding in accordance with AWS D1.1 and California Building Code Chapter
22, Division IX.


A. Fabricator: Company specializing in performing structural steel work minimum five
years experience.
B. Erector: Company specializing in performing structural steel work with minimum five
years experience.


A. Verify field measurements.

Part 2


Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120

Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120

A. Structural Steel Members: ASTM A992.
B. Structural Tubing; ASTM A500, Grade B.
C. Pipe: ASTM A53, Grade B, Schedule 40.
D. Shear Stud Connectors: ASTM A108, Grade 1015 forged steel, headed, uncoated,
granular flux filled shear connector or anchor studs by Nelson Stud Welding Division
of TRW, Lorain, OH, or equal as approved in accordance with Section 01600 for
E. Bolts, Nuts and Washers: ASTM A307 galvanized to ASTM A153 for galvanized
members, American National Course Threaded Series.
F. High Strength Bolts: ASTM A325 Slip-Critical, tension set high strength bolts, by
Bristol Machine Co., Walnut, CA, ICBO Approval No. 2932 or equal as approved in
accordance with Section 01600 for substitutions.
G. Welding Materials: AWS A5.1, E70XX, type and procedures required by electrode
manufacturer for materials being welded.
H. Grout: ASTM C1107, non-shrink type, pre-mixed compound consisting of nonmetallic aggregate, cement, water reducing and plasticizing additives, capable of
developing a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 psi at 7 days; of consistency
suitable for application and a 30 minute working time.
I. Shop and Touch-Up Primer: Series P10-99 modified alkyd, red color, air dried, by
Tnemec or equal as approved in accordance with Section 01600 for substitutions.
J. Touch-Up Material for Galvanized Steel: Ready mixed, zinc-rich galvanizing
compound, DEVCON Z, by Devcon Corp., Danvers, MA, GALVICON, by Southern
Coatings, Sumter, SC, or equal as approved in accordance with Section 01600 for

Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120

Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120


A. Space shear stud connectors as indicated on the drawings.
B. Completely fuse end of stud to plate. Allow no porosity in weld.
C. Allowable decrease in length of stud during welding:

1/8 inch for 5/8 inch diameter and smaller.


3/16 inch for more than 5/8 inch diameter.


A. Prepare structural component surfaces in accordance with SSPC SP-2.
B. Shop prime structural steel members. Do not prime surfaces that will be fireproofed,
field welded, in contact with concrete or high strength bolted.

Clean surfaces to be primed, remove mill scale, grease, dirt and foreign
matter. Two coats required for parts in contact but inaccessible for painting
after erection.


Apply primer by brush or spray. Thoroughly work into joints, angles and open
spaces. Allow primer to dry and harden prior to handling for delivery to the


Clean contact surfaces immediately prior to assembly, leave unpainted.


Coat machined surfaces with approved removable coating to prevent



After erection, clean field welds, field bolts and abraded portions and apply
one additional brush spot coat using same paint material.


All surfaces scheduled to receive sprayed-applied fireproofing shall be free of

lubricants, oils, paint or other matter which will impair adhesion of

Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120

Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120
C. Galvanize structural steel members where indicated to coating thickness in
accordance with ASTM A123. All steel exposed to exterior weather conditions shall
be galvanized unless otherwise indicated.
Part 3



A. Verify that field conditions are acceptable and are ready to receive work.

Report discrepancies between drawings and field dimensions to Architect

before commencing work.

B. Beginning of installation means erector accepts existing conditions and surfaces

underlying or adjacent to work of this section.

A. Allow for erection loads and stresses, and for sufficient temporary bracing to
maintain structure safe, plumb and in true alignment until completion of erection and
installation of permanent bracing. Provide bracing for dead and live loads and wind
loads. Keep bracing in place until required to maintain safe conditions.
B. Contractor shall be responsible for correcting detailing and fabrication errors and for
correct fitting of all members and components.
C. Field weld components and shear studs indicated on structural drawings.
D. Do not field cut or alter structural members without approval of Architect.
E. When approved, perform cutting, punching, drilling and tapping to accommodate
work. Obtain accurate data as indicated on shop and erection drawings.
F. After erection, prime welds, abrasions and surfaces not shop primed except surfaces
to be in contact with concrete.
G. Grout under baseplates with the specified non-shrink grout.

Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120

Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120
H. Provide anchor bolts with templates and diagrams. Contractor shall be responsible
for proper location and installation of bolts. Correct deficiencies or errors.

A. Conform to AISC S323.



A. Allowable hole sizes: 1/16 inch larger than bolt size.
B. Use friction type connection with standard hardened steel circular, square or
rectangular washer under bolt nut.
C. Thoroughly clean area under bolt head, nut and washer. Remove all paint, lacquer,
oil or other coatings except organic zinc-rich paints in accordance with SSPC, SP-2.
D. Tighten bolts by power torque wrench or hand wrench until twist-off.



A. Punch material 1/16 inch larger than nominal diameter of bolt, wherever thickness of
metal is equal to or less than the diameter of the bolt plus 1/8 inch.
B. Drill or sub-punch and ream where metal is equal to or more than the diameter of
the bolt plus 1/8 inch. Make diameter for sub-punched and sub-drilled holes 1/16
inch larger than nominal diameter of bolt.
C. Precisely locate holes to ensure passage of bolt through assembled materials without
drifting. Enlarge holes when necessary to receive bolts by reaming. Poorly matched
holes will be rejected.
D. Punch and ream holes to receive high strength bolts.


A. Conform to AWS D1.1 and UBC Chapter 22, Division 1X.
B. Perform welding by direct electric arc process. Use operators certified within
preceding 12 month period as per AWS "Standard Qualification Procedure."

Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120

Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120
C. Chip welds to remove slag. Use wire brush to demonstrate uniformity of section,
smoothness of welded metal, freedom from undercuts, overlays or feather edges and
freedom from porosity and clinkers.
D. Visually inspect edges and ends of fillets and butt joint welds for indication of good
fusion and penetration into base metal. Grind smooth all exposed welds.
E. Use of cutting torch will be allowed where metal being cut does not carry stress
during the operations, and provided no stresses will be transmitted through a
flame-cut surface. Make gas cuts smooth and regular in contour.
F. To determine effective width of members subjected to gas cutting, deduct 1/8 inch
from width of gas cut edges. Make radius of gas cut fillets as large as practicable,
but in no case less than one inch. Gas cutting to align bolt is not permitted.


A. Before fabrication, thoroughly wire-brush material clean of scale and rust.
Straighten by methods that will not injure materials.
B. After punching or working, remove twists or bends before parts are assembled.
Make finished members free from twists, bends and open joints when erected.


A. Closely fit members, finished true to line and in precise position required to allow
accurate erection and proper joining in the field.
B. Drilling to enlarge unfair holes will not be allowed. Light drifting to draw parts
together will be permitted. Do not heat rolled sections, except for minor details.


A. Required testing shall be performed under provisions of Section 01400.



Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120

Fontana Unified School District

Section 05120
A. Both in shop and in field, transport, handle and erect to preclude damage or
overstressing of any component.

Revised: 1-9-09

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Section 05120