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October 2015 Issue 46


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Fears for Pype Hayes Park
security after travellers visit

Irish Travellers gained

illegal access to Pype
Hayes Park last month.

They drove their vehicles

through the security gates
on Eachelhurst Road that had
been left open by Council
contracted workers for over a
Over twenty accommodation vehicles, with additional cars and vans,
moved onto the area adjacent to
Eachelhurst Road.
The gates and low fence had originally been installed to prevent travellers from getting onto the park, following a spate of problems several
years ago.
This time, the travellers stayed for
just five days. A spokesperson for
the group Friends of Pype Hayes Park
told Tyburn Mail that the travellers
left peacefully and with no problems.

But flower beds had to be cordoned

off for hygienic reasons for a few days
after their departure because the
travellers had been using the area as
a toilet.
There are fears the travellers could
return if the park is not made more
Police had issued a Section 61 eviction notice to the travellers to enforce
their departure. This means that they
face a fine of up to 2,500 if they return to the site within three months.
Police have been given powers to issue Section 61 notices, to speed up
the process and avoid a lengthy and
expensive court case . But it is not
compulsory for police to do so. They
are able to use their judgement, to
decide whether the travellers or gypsies are a nuisance or a threat, or are
preventing local people from using
the facility. They are also able to issue the notice if there are more than

Autumn beauty in Pype Hayes Park

six vehicles.
But locals cannot be guaranteed that
the Section 61 notice will be applied
by police in all cases.
Travellers and gypsies are protected
anti-racism laws. Councils are
required by law to provide sites for
travelling communities.
Birmingham Council already has four
sites for travellers, and aims to establish two more, in Aston and Hubert

The City Council feels frustrated that

one of their permanent travellers
sites has been effectively taken from
them by a family of travellers who
have refused to budge for 20 years.
The Tameside Drive site in Castle Vale
has been the subject of a lengthy
court case, and has reached the highest court in the land. The travellers
won the case, and say they have no
intention of leaving.
City Council officers last visited the

Chivenor School has had

its best ever SATs results. This year, 67% of
the Year 6 pupils reached
Level 4 in writing, reading
and maths combined.

the pupils, and the teaching skills of

Mr ONeill and Mrs Marnell, the two
Year 6 teachers.
Pupils Phoebe McFarlane and Owen
Grove have been highlighted for special praise. They both reached Level 6
in maths. Both youngsters have now
moved on to Greenwood Academy.
Chivenor now has 80% of its teaching rated as good or better, compared
with just 20% two years ago. It also
has specialist teachers in Art, PE and
Music, and guarantees a curriculum
promise of high standards to parents.

Tameside Drive site in March 2014 to

try to negotiate a deal with the Doherty family, but were denied access.
Birmingham Council has concluded,
with some frustration, that there is
no prospect of their recovering that
site for use by other travellers in the
foreseeable future.
They therefore have to find other
sites, in a time when space for housing is tight.

Chivenor moving upwards

Thats a massive 31% higher than

last year, and is likely to see Chivenor
as one of Birminghams most improved schools when the full league
tables are published in November.
Headteacher Darren Mann says the
success is down to the hard work of

Plenty to live up to: This years Yr 6 pupils are ready for the challenge.
Pictured are: Cameron Marshall (10), Caitlin Evans (10, Head Girl), Sabrina
Heffernan (11), Paris Moroney (10), Owen Parker (10). On the back row are
teachers Mr O Neill, Mrs Marnell and Headteacher Darren Mann


The new SATs spelling
test is getting even harder,
says Chivenors Mr ONeill.
Heres a sample of the
words youngsters are expected to know:


Page 1 Tyburn Mail October 2015

School head
suspended for
financial probe

Claire Cowlard, headteacher of St Francis School in

Bournville, is the temporary
and part-time headteacher
of St Barnabas School in

Mrs Cowlard will be filling in at St Barnabas while the headteacher, Heather

Powell is suspended, pending an investigation into financial irregularities at
the school.
It is one of Erdingtons top performing
primary schools.
Out of Birminghams 275 primary
schools, only one school in the district,
St Peters and St Pauls, comes higher in
the league tables than St Barnabas.
But in rceent years, St Barnabas has
been ignored by official inspectors.
Since Ofsted last visited St Barnabas,
Kingsbury School just down the road
has received seven official visits from
Ofsted inspectors.
Governors at St Barnabas include Councillor Robert Alden, the leader of Birmingham Conservatives.
He, like the rest of the schools team of
governors, is staying tight-lipped about
the situation.
Governors are referring all enquiries to
the Church of England Diocese.
The Education Authority who are conducting the enquiry are also giving
nothing away.
Parents and pupils have been given no
indication as to how long the enquiry is
expected to take.
It will take as long as it takes, says
the Diocese spokesperson.

The great
let down

pared to offer tens of thousands of

pounds to sponsor the event.
So why has the fireworks event
been cancelled?
Councillors were called to a meeting, and voiced concerns about
parking and residents complaints.
Wilsons wanted no road closures,
and hoped to allow parking on the
park to ease congestion.
This raised more than a few eyebrows of concern.
The following day, council officers
and the Council Events Committe
held a separate meeting behind
closed doors and cancelled the
Pype Hayes fireworks display for
Wilsons say they are disappointed.
So do councillors.
The city council maintains that it is
determined that the show will be a
success in 2016.
That is little consolation for the
thousands of young chidlren and
their parents who will be disappointed this year.
One well-organised large scale
fireworks event is safer than a few
hundred small scale domestic fireworks events.

Festivals that celebrate

cultures are important
for many reasons.
They are fun, colourful, and rich
social events. What a shame that
an annual festival celebrating an
important event in Englands history should have been cancelled
this year.
The Pype Hayes Fireworks Night
was ditched by Birmingham Councils Events Committee last week.
There has been a list of predictable excuses. Car parking, road
closures, policing.
The sort of problems that organisers face for evey cultural festival
that attracts thousands of people.
The city council had feared that
money would be a big problem,
Budget cuts make it difficult to
spend thousands of pounds on fireworks that last just a few minutes.
But money was no problem, because Wilsons Funfair had generously offered to foot the bill.
Bob Wilson and his team were pre-

Food for thought

Kingsbury offers top meal for best
pupils as Golden Table reward

Kingsbury School
have come up with
a mouth-watering
reward for deserving pupils.
The Golden Table
reward will see
eight students selected to join the

headteacher Mark
Rhatigan at a top
The lucky eight will be taken for a five-star feast to
Gingers, owned by Michelin
starred superchef Glynn
Purnell, often known as The
Yummie Brummie

Camp Rock is the musical production at Greenwood Academy this year.
Trevor Evans and his team will be
directing and producing the hit musical which made a star of Demi
Lovato, then aged 17 , and for US
heart-throbs the Jonas Brothers
when it was relased as a Disney
Channel movie.
Its about young hopeful singers
who attend a school camp for talented youngsters who are trying to
get noticed to start their career.
Hit songs from the show include:
This is Me, Who Will I Be? We Rock,
and Play My Music.

The schools assistant headteacher Mrs Cross said: At

Kingsbury we believe hard
work and dedication should
be rewarded.
We aim to show students
that experiences like this
are open to all and that
hard work and dedication
can get you anywhere.
Gingers is an exclusive bis-

Ammunition testing
shooting gallery for
Hansons Bridge Road

Eley, the makers of ammunition

and firearms, are planning to
build a 15-lane shooting gallery
at a new site in Hansons Bridge

The facility will be for customers to try

out ammunition. Eley already have a
site in Tyburn, and now want to extend
their business by building new shooting
and office facilities on the site of Monks
Windows. They have submitted plans to
demolish the current building and construct their new site. The gallery would
be available for athletes to seek advice
on the best cartridge to improve the
performance and accuracy of a particular rifle.
The shooting range would operate on
an appointment basis. The expansion
of the Eley factory would result in 25
more jobs.

tro in Birminghams Newhall

An 8oz rump steak main
course at the bistro costs
just under 20, and a 10oz
tail fillet of beef is just short
of 26.

Glynn Purnell

100 prize for

story or poem

An Erdington creative writing group is offering a

100 prize for a short story
or poem.
A separate competition for Under 15s
has a 15 prize.
The Pens of Erdington creative writing
group are asking for short stories up to
1,500 words, or poems up to 42 lines
for their competition.
The deadline for entries is 5th November. Winners will be judged by former
Birmingham poet laureate Jan Watts
and announced on 12th December.
Entries should be posted to: 34 Wentworth Court, Kingsbury Road, Erdington B24 8QN.
There is an entry fee of 5 for adults
and 1 for Under 15s.
Page 2 Tyburn Mail October 2015



where aspirations
become reality

Sixth Form



6.30 PM8.30 PM

Why choose The Coleshill School Sixth Form?

We can offer you:

record A Level results in 2015,
a personalised experience

based on your aspirations,

small class sizes,
expert post 16 teaching and
dedicated support for your
University or career pathway,
fantastic enrichment
opportunities and
the unique Coleshill Leadership

follow us on twitter:

For further information, for a prospectus or to arrange to visit, please contact

Mr G Owen, Head of Sixth Form, email owen.g@thecoleshillschool.org
The Coleshill Schoolan 11-19 Business & Enterprise Academy

Coventry Road, Coleshill, B46 3EX

Tel: 01675 462435
Email: enquiries@thecoleshillschool.org.uk
Website: www.thecoleshillschool.org

Page 3 Tyburn Mail October 2015


Chicken in a
vegetarian pizza
made me vomit
Dear Editor,
I am a vegetarian and had been on
the television show Come dine with
me and came joint first. In fact the
first vegetarian to achieve anywhere
in the show.
I live in Castle Vale, and I am known
to be a vegetarian.
I shop regularly at the local Sainsburys there, and they have a hot food
counter where they cook Pizzas etc.
Today after a hard day at work, I went
there, and a girl served me, I order
a bespoke vegetarian Pizza, and she
advised me it would be 15 minutes.
I came back after picking few items,
to be given a raw Pizza, I say to the
girl that it was meant to be cooked,
- she replied back: I am sorry I
have been up since 5 a.m and came
straight to work from college.
We shared small talk and laughs and
also about vegetarian food, as she

places the Pizza in an oven.

Some minutes later I returned and the
pizza looked good, I got home and I
put some pepper on the Pizza and I
was eating in the dark with the television on, as I am eating away the pizza
did not taste right, some thing in it
- I thought at first it was because of
chunky onions, I then realised when I
prodded the Pizza that it was chicken.
I was so upset, I vomited there and
then, and in fact several times, I have
a few health issues and have to make
sure I eat, and well I could not eat as
I am nauseous.
I phoned Sainsburys and at first they
did not seem that bothered.
I was that upset I had to take the
pizza to the store and they saw that it
was chicken and also that a label said

vegetarian. They kept the pizza and

the label, - I was pushed a refund and
a 10 voucher. which I did not want.
This has upset me and I am so angry
- this should not happen in the day
and age.
The girls was clearly tired, but as she
was stupid to not check what she put
on my food she should be stocking
shelves not making food,
Paz Thakrar
Castle Vale

Response from Sainsburys

A Sainsburys spokesperson said:

Food safety and quality are extremely
important to us and it is vital that we
continue to meet the dietary requirements of all our customers. We have
sincerely apologised to Mr Thakrar and
he remains a regular customer at our
Castle Vale store.

My life is in
pieces without
motability car

Dear Editor
Hello, Im David. I am 58 years
old; Im disabled and have
been for over ten years. That
is, Ive been on the highest
DLA with motability (car) for
that amount of time. My car
Ive had for five years. I paid
600 deposit for the three
year lease and 212 a month
from my benefits for the car. I
worked all my life. I served in
the army (N Ireland at 18) and
also as a reservist with 23SAS

Now the government decided to bring

in new PIP system (personal independent payment), and decided to
drop me down one to their standard
rate, as opposed to the enhanced
(one with the motability).
So from 29th (September) half my
benefits will be cut. And my car will
be taken back!
Let me tell you about me.
I dont drink. I dont own a string vest
and I dont lie on the couch all day
watching television. I am married.
I have a ten year-old son. Ive had
spine surgery on my lower back which
didnt work. I suffer daily severe back
and leg (right) pains and cant walk. I
have a wheelchair and stick, which is
carried in the car, always.

I have chronic ribromyalgia, asthma,

emphysema, heart disease, diverticulitis and have suffered manic depression from a young age.
Just a few steps and my breathing is
out of control. And the pain from my
leg and spine is terrible.
Without my car, Im going to be left
housebound. I have haemachromatosis and I have to give half a litre of
blood every two weeks at the Sheldon Unit, Good Hope Hospital with Dr
Lumley. But this will also stop. This
could effectively kill me.
Ive never been idle. I drove 40 tonne
wagons until I couldnt get into my
cab anymore with my spine problem.
My doctor, Dr Zaman, was astounded
that they have done this and I am
devastated. My life is in pieces.
When they take my car away I will be
stuck at home. I have a stair lift, and
bars to get in and out of my shower,
and steps to get in.
But they feel its ok for me to struggle
in severe pain and give my wife 21 a
week carers allowance!
She speaks three languages fluently,
has five university diplomas. But 62
a week was too much. Now its 21.
They seem to be able to do as they
If you want a story to tell, tell this one.
David Jones
Castle Vale

Jaguars Chester Road Thanks to our

video show. ooops!
kit sponsors
Dear Editor,
When ordering the destruction of those trees
on Chester Road outside
the Jaguar factory, their
management overlooked
a couple of points.

Dear Editor

Circuit Tyres Ltd whose premises are

located on the OYO estate Castle Vale
who run a 24/7 tyre service have
kindly sponsored Castle Vale Town FC
U15s boys team.
CVTFC would like to thank Circuit
Tyres Ltd Castle Vale for sponsoring
the U15s Boys team, who were in urgent need of a new kit.
Manager Mark Hopkin said the lads

Firstly, motorists shouldnt be looking at an advertising hoarding at that

busy junction.
Secondly, you cant see the sign at all
from the offside of a bus travelling towards the city centre and Erdington.
Thirdly, you cant see the sign from
anywhere when the sun is out. It just
looks like a blank screen with Braille
round it. Oops!
Pat Allen
Pype Hayes

Station closure
takes police
from public

Dear Editor,
Like many others I was disappointed
to hear news of the proposal that
West Midlands Police will be moving
out of 28 buildings, including the Police Station on Castle Vale, as part of a
savings plan to reduce the cost of the
estates budget by 8.5 million.

While front line policing is not affected,

this is part of a larger plan to reduce
the overall budget by 130 million by
2020 to meet government savings
targets; but like the Police Federation
I believe it does take the Police further away from the communities they
serve and threatens that vital link between people and the Police.
Mick Brown
Councillor, Tyburn Ward

will really appreciate it and the fact

that they are one of the first to have
the new style home kit, after having
been without a home kit for the last
2-3 seasons.
I too as chairman and on behalf of
the parents would like to say a big
thank you to Circuit Tyres Ltd.
Duval Palgrave
Castle Vale Town FC

Tyburn Mail

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in the readers
comments section
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Page 5 Tyburn Mail October 2015

Taylor Sheldon
Tyburn Mails
award winning

looked incredibly chic and modern.

Other booths consisted of glamorous
dresses, shabby chic table dcor, delicious three tier cakes, fancy makeup,
the sparkliest tiaras you would have
ever seen, dreamy veils, fun photo
booths and so, so much more!

fashion journalist
So this weekend the National
made its way to Birmingham and I was lucky
enough to receive tickets
to attend.
The event is everything you would
expect from a wedding event: sophistication, elegance and lots of gems!
Everything from the cakes, invitations, table decorations, photography
and dresses were absolutely gorgeous and there were a lot of amazing brands full of incredible ideas and
phenomenal talent!
But as well as your traditional wedding styles there were a lot of new,
creative, unique ideas there.
One of my favourite stands were
called Marry-oke or something
similar along those lines, who were
a filming business who would attend

your wedding and go round filming

guests dancing and singing to create
a hilarious music video - which would
definitely be a lot of fun to watch in
future years!

Another unique idea were temporary

tattoos for brides.
During the catwalk, the models were
styling the tattoos around their bracelets, almost like an anklet, which

As for the catwalk, the dress designs

were so stunning!
There were all the styles you would
expect, such as mermaid and puffy
skirts, but there were a few twists.
One dress was a knee-length, midi,
white lace dress, but featured a puffy
train attached on the back - from behind it looked stunning!
One model also rocked a two piece
wedding outfit which I adored the
idea of: the top was cropped, with
two shoulder strapped and embellished all over. The embellishments
then matched the top of the long

skirt. It was very boho, yet sophisticated and elegant at the same time.
As a whole, I loved the day, because
although Im not getting married, I
still really enjoyed seeing all of the
brands introducing new and exciting
ideas for how to modernize and make
the most of your wedding day and
seeing all of the gorgeous dresses

that designers worked incredibly hard

If you are a bride-to-be, or even
have an interest in wedding fashion, I
would definitely recommend the National Wedding Show.
Its annual and you can buy tickets for
either London, Birmingham or Manchester.


1230 Kingsbury Road B35 5AE 0121 351 2543


freshly cooked like your Mom used to make

Open 7 days a week

Eat in or delivered
to your home
Page 6 Tyburn Mail October 2015


Use the Hashtags



October is Environment Month in Castle Vale

Throughout October Castle Vale NPB will be working with local organisations and groups to raise awareness
of environmental issues, share useful information about environmental services and promote usage of the
many parks and open spaces we have on the estate. Take a look what we have planned..

Conservation Area and

Farnborough Fields Clean up
Monday 26th October
11am - 2pm

Get active in your local park

FREE Family fun sessions for all @ Centre
Park EVERY SATURDAY 1pm - 3pm
Bring the family along and play tennis, basket ball, soft
archery, football plus many more activities.

FREE 5k to 10k running club - meet at

Farnborough Fields
EVERY TUESDAY 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Have you started jogging but want to take it to the next
level? Come along to the weekly running club

FREE Couch to 5k beginners running club meet at Farnborough Fields

EVERY THURSDAY 5.30pm6.30pm
Have you always wanted to take up jogging but dont know
where to start? Come along and take part in the beginners
running course.

Meet at Castle Vale Allotments

Get involved and make a difference to YOUR
local green, open spaces


Halloween Family Bike

Friday 30th October
11am - 2pm
Meet at Castle Vale Allotments
Get dressed up in your favourite Halloween
costumes and take a ride/walk around
Castle Vale with us!

Keep up to date on what is happening by visiting www.cvnpb.org.uk

Page 7 Tyburn Mail October 2015

Taylors new look

brings change of tune
From beach blonde to brown-haired beauty
and a much wider range of song styles

Tyburn Mails
music journalist

So Taylor released her

music video for Wildest
Dreams off her 1989 album on August 30th which
blew all her fans away.
We see a brown haired beauty rather
than the beach blonde were used to
in her 1940s themed music video,
with her bright red lipstick wowing
us all.
Wildest Dreams is now at No. 12 in
the ITunes Chart, and reaching over
17,000,000 views on YouTube.
Being a Taylor Swift fan for a couple
of years, shes changed her tune so
Shes given her audience her all by

showing how she has the musical gift

of creating all kinds of genres. There
was a time when Taylor was known
just for her sad break up songs, and
heart fluttering love songs. Now, shes
doing pop/hip hop, love songs and
still the odd sad love song now and
She has developed so much from
the likes of Tear drops on my guitar
and Love Story to Bad Blood Shes
shining more and
more in the music
industry, which is
satisfying considering she wasnt
as popular before
when I first discovered her.
After fully paying
attention to 1989
as an album, I really do enjoy it.
There isnt one
song that makes
me want to switch
off! My hat goes

off to Taylor Swift for experimenting

new sounds and putting that album
out there.
The music industry is judged the
most, so good on you Taylor!
If youre looking for something different to your usual sound, give 1989 a
You never know, you might become
a swifty too!
Thanks for Reading!


Consultation on proposal for community use of Spitfire House
We are looking for your ideas as to how we should best use the ground
floor community space in Spitfire House.
BMetC sold Spitfire House, or Castle Vale Community Campus as it is
known to some, to East Birmingham Network Free School (EBN) in July
2015. Since then the Free School has opened, making use of the first and
second floor in the building. The ground floor of the building is protected
for community learning use and over the past few months community
representatives have been meeting with the EBN to negotiate the use of
this space.
The TRA will have better office facilities with more private interview
space. The library will continue in the same space with upgraded toilet
facilities. The TRA will manage the community facilities which will include
rooms for community hire and other community uses.
Ideas put forward so far include a community cafe and fresh food
co-operative or community shop.
We are confident that we can make better use of the building for the
community but we need to know what you want! Nothing is
decided yet so come along and have a look at the new plans and share
your thoughts about how the community can make better use of the

What Next, You Decide.

Do you think that local people would be interested in a shop
which sells affordable, good quality fruit and vegetables as
well as other basic household supplies?

What should the building be called?

What sort of courses would you like to see put on there?

You can let us have your views in a number of ways...

Complete the What next for Spitfire House Survey

available at local buildings or online at:

Visit the information display on the ground floor of the

Spitfire House

Come along to the drop in sessions at the library and

have a chat with us on:

Monday 2nd November 4pm to 6pm

Wednesday 4th November 10am to 1pm
Email your comments to:


Call us on 0121 748 8189

Page 8 Tyburn Mail October 2015

The name of Castle Vale seems
to be disappearing from titles

Castle Vale Police Station will close within two


West Midlands Police have said

it is surplus to requirements, and
they have a lot of cuts to make.
Castle Vale residents might feel a
bit cross about this.
They paid the wages of one extra police officer to work on the
estate for several years, as a
gesture of support. But the money
ran out, and when police officer numbers were cut, West Midlands Police
closed the building to the public seven
months ago.
Now they are planning to close the

building altogether, and sell it off.

Where did they get the building
from in the first place? CVCHA gave
it to them in 2005 when money was
The story has echoes of the Community Campus building, handed over to
a local college for 1... and sold for
1.5 million nine years later.
Castle Vale has not been promised
any of that profit, and the police are
not likely to give the Vale anything
from the sale of their gift-wrapped
Three major buildings in Castle Vale
will be renamed from their original
titles. CVCHA, the police station, the

college, and the library.

Several other organisations have
ditched the name of Castle Vale in
hard times. This newspaper, for example. Once Vale Mail, it became Tyburn Mail to attract more advertisers
and funding, to survive the recession
and dwindling funds.
Castle Vale School changed its name
to Greenwood Academy, to give it
a fresh start as an academy, and to
build a fresh reputation.
Some are sticking with the Castle Vale
name: Castle Vale TRA, Castle Vale
Residents Club, Castle Vale Childrens
Centre and Nursery, Castle Vale Retail
Park and Vale Stadium, for example.

Castle Vale Community Campus.... now a free school. The building was
originally planned as a college and library for Castle Vale. After a succession
of college takeovers, the campus was relegated to the bottom of BMETs
empire. It was sold last month, to EBN, with help from government funding,
and is now a free school for disaffected teenagers from a wide area in north
east Birmingham. Some of the building is reserved for the TRA and library.

Castle Vale Library

now Tyburn Community Library: This photograph
was taken at the official opening of the library in 2006
when it occupied the whole of the ground floor. It had
separate rooms for the chidlrens sections, and had its
own cafe. It was the least used of all of Birminghams

Castle Vale Police Station:

now closed to public, soon to be
closed completely... and probably
sold. When it was open to the
public, officers say that it was one
of the most infrequently visited
stations in Birmingham, and that
duty-time on the front desk was

Vale Mail, Castle Vales own newspaper, now Tyburn Mail. The name
change coincided with the wider
distribution across the ward, in an
effort to increase local budgets came
under pressure.


Compass Support. The social

services branch
of the local housing association
has been doing
work beyond
Castle Vale for
several years.

Castle Vale School and Performing Arts College, now Greenwood

Academy: the name chnge helped to
ditch the schools poor reputation, and
heralded an era of optimism.

The Community Environment

Trust used to be Castle Vale
Communty Environmental Trust.
The name change reflected
the work done in a wider area,
particularly in the forest schools

Castle Vale Community Housing Association feels it has better prospects with a change of name. It, too, has expanded its work beyond the Vale,
and into Stockland Green.
Page 9 Tyburn Mail October 2015

Pack-horse bridge
closed for weeks
The narrow bridge that links Water
Orton with Castle Vale will be closed
throughout October and for the first
two weeks of November, according to
engineers working at the site.

The walls of the bridge have been damaged following

a vehicle collision.

The pack horse bridge is listed as an ancient monument, and dates back to the early 16th Century, allegedly built under the instruction of Bishop Vesey.
It links Minworth Road with Water Orton Road, and is
wide enough for single vehicles.
Motorists trying to travel between Water Orton and
Castle Vale have already faced months of disruption
to their route this year because of major engineering
to the railway bridge at Water Orton Station.

The bridge walls were demolished by a car in the early hours of

27/28 September. Both sides of the bridge were badly damaged

Page 10 Tyburn Mail October 2015

and views from
Castle Vale Community Housing: 11 High Street, Castle Vale, B35 7PR 0121 748 8100 repairs 0121 748 8101 (24 hrs) contactus@cvch.org.uk


Page 11 Tyburn Mail October 2015


Why are cuts being made?

Your Comments

In the Emergency Budget earlier this

year, the Chancellor George Osborne
announced that Housing Associations
would have to reduce their rents by 1%
every year for the four years up to
2020. This is obviously good news for
our customers and something we are
keen to share with you.

I would like to comment on the CVCHA and the

way its not as good as the HAT that used to govern
our estate, services have gone down considerably.
What do we pay our rent for?

However, like all Housing Associations,

our income is based on rents and this
reduction will mean cuts of around
16% over the next 4 years, which will
be around 1.6 million a year by 2020.
We are now in the process of reviewing
all our plans. We will keep to our
promise of the Castle Vale Landlord
Offer to our social housing tenants and
our Castle Vale Pledge to the whole
community. The types of services will
have to change but this will be based
on what you have told us is important
to you.

I'm sorry but if people get themselves in to debt

then it is up to them to get themselves out of it
Personally, I think 1% is nothing...it will only be a
few pounds saving for me so I would rather pay a
higher rent and have access to all previous
I'm sorry but I don't seem to be able to vote 1 to
each service! That would be my score.
I found this quite difficult to fill in. I feel the most
important things are that all homes are kept to a
good standard, that the estate is kept clean and
tidy and that we participate in keeping our estate
safe and crime free. I also feel that we need to
invest in all our people of any age. I know that due
to cuts we can't have everything so have scored as
"I would like to see CVCHA/Pioneer focus on the
main task of housing & estate, that's what I am
paying for"

What about The Pioneer Group?

CVCHA created the Pioneer Group as the world is changing and if we wanted to remain as
an independent, community focussed organisation, staying the same was not an option.
We will be losing more and more homes under the expanded Right to Buy and an
organisation that is shrinking will end up closing. We did not realise just how severe the
Government cuts would be so it is lucky that we have already created a new Group to be
in a good position to change.
Castle Vale will always be at the heart of what we do. We will be providing homes in other
areas but we will get rents from these homes which will benefit everyone in the Pioneer
Group, including Castle Vale.
Page 12 Tyburn Mail October 2015


Your Comments
I think this is not good news for
the staff and tenants because
some of the services you provide
for the tenants will stop. This is
bad for everyone.
All are important but CVCHA is a
housing association and so
should focus primarily on housing
services. Keeping the vale clean
and tidy is very important as the
poor quality of the estate was a
sign it was going downhill in the
early 1980s.
Support for debt, getting into
work and vulnerable families is
already available via other
services such as citizen advice,
job centres and charities so
people should be signposted to
services already provided.
CVCHA should invest in their
properties and the local area.
Our main concern is that if
CVCHA are having to look at
services provided costs then why
are you looking at taking on
homes off Castle Vale, i.e.
Stockland Green - surely Castle
Vale should be priority not other
I think its important to maintain
the look of Castle Vale and the
properties otherwise it will start
to look run down.
"Since we moved in this area we
found everyone very helpful, our
house was lovely and clean. I
would like someone to help
family's like us on low income to
be able to buy the house that we
live in."

Your Priorities
With a short timescale to make decisions about
changes to services, we needed to get views from our
customers quickly. Between 18th September and 2nd
October, we wrote to and emailed over 1200
customers to ask for their views. We published details
of the consultation in the Tyburn Mail in September,
made survey forms available online and in our offices
and held an open event on 30th September at The
Over 200 residents responded, and we received over
70 comments, suggestions and questions. A selection
of these are printed here.
The survey asked customers to say which services were
most important to them. The top five results were:
Investing in CVCHA Homes (e.g. kitchens,
bathrooms and boilers)
Providing a bulk refuse collection service to all
CVCHA tenants
Investing in keeping all of Castle Vale clean and
Offering a planned external painting
programme for CVCHA homes
Providing cleaning/landscaping/caretaking in
communal blocks

What happens next?

The Pioneer Group Strategic Board will meet on 29th
October to consider a new structure and service
changes. There will then be a period of consultation
with staff. We will publish more information in the
November and December Tyburn Mail. You can also
follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates search for Castle Vale Community Housing on
Facebook and @CVCHousing on Twitter.

Page 13 Tyburn Mail October 2015

@ The Sanctuary 0121 748 8111

We are now part of the

Birmingham Business Charter
for Social Responsibility

Getting more for less

Every 1.00 invested in our activities
could save 9.62 of
the public purse!
This means that our social value to society is
8,188,276! We found this
out by completing an exercise called Social Return on
Investment (SROI).
This looks at how much
money goes into our activities and what difference this
makes. We then look at
other services to see how
our work can make savings
for the future. Heres a few
Our work to help people
into employment opportunities could save the public
purse nearly 1.5m
our support for older people reduces accidents and
hospital visits which could
cost over 220,000
our work with young peo-

ple and families to improve

school attendance is the
equivalent of over 1m
This shows that there are
better ways of investing in
services to achieve more for
And theres more the

9.62 doesnt include everything we do at Compass

Support so we know our social value is higher.
We will be using this information to show there are
better ways of providing activities and services.

We have recently changed our

name to Compass Support.

Why the name change?

We are still passionate about the
residents of Castle Vale as we always
have been, and we want to build
upon this successful work by providing more opportunities for more people within Birmingham.
The service you receive will still be
the high quality you expect from us. Did you know we offer Employment support, Think Family services, Youth service including
after school club and school holiday provision, Older Persons services, and a whole range of classes and activities, many of which
take place at The Sanctuary.
If you would like to find out more about our opportunities and how
we can support you to achieve positive outcomes, please get in
Either pop into The Sanctuary, or call a member of the team on
0121 748 8111.
Page 14 Tyburn Mail October 2015

Professional Carpet and upholstery Cleaning Specialists
* Carpet cleaning
* Rug cleaning
* Upholstery cleaning

by David Cadwallader
Headteacher, Yenton School

* Curtain cleaning
* Mattress cleaning
* Stain & odour removal specialists
* Fabric & fibre protection

For a free no obligation quotation or any queries

Tel: 0121 313 0094 or 0758 585 6698


Specialist photographers will be

holding workshops in Castle Vale
for photography enthusiasts.
Agi Ch will be demonstrating pinhole
photography from 2pm-4pm on 9th November at the Sanctuary in Tangmere
Andrew Jackson will be talking about
his documentary and press photography
from 5-7pm on 12th November at The
Hub in Topcliffe House, Lower Ground

New classrooms
boost for Yenton

Baby massage
A free baby massage class starts at
Greenwood Academy in Castle Vale after half term, on 6th November.
It will run on Fridays from 9.30am until
10.30am, include massage instruction, relaxation music, tea, coffee & biscuits.
Organiser Andrea Izamis says: To attend
Baby Massage, babies should be at least 6-8
weeks old, have had their 6-8 week check
and have no medical conditions where it
would be inadvisable to massage such as
infection, high temperature or a recent
fracture. Babies can attend Baby Massage
classes up to 9 months old however it is
advisable to do it before they get too wriggly at around 6 months.
If interested please call 0121 464 6101 or
email aizamis@greenwoodacademy.org

Yenton School, situated on the Chester

Road in Erdington, had a very busy summer.
On top of the usual refurbishment programme
across the school, the school in conjunction with
the Local Authority had two brand new classrooms built in order to return back to having three
classes in Reception.
The rooms offer the latest technology and the opportunity to enable children to learn indoors and
outdoors through outdoor play, Forest Schools
and specially created rooms.
The classrooms successfully received its new chil-

dren on the 9th September and Early Years Leader

Mrs Hemming expressed her delight at how well
the children had settled so quickly into their new
rooms: The children and families
deserve a lot of recognition in how
much they have worked with us to
settle in it doesnt seem like they
only started a few weeks ago!
Head Teacher, Mr Cadwallader expressed his gratitude to his staff
and Local Authority for working
together so effectively in order to
finish everything on time and to
a high standards: Our staff have
been amazing and they have prepared the rooms to the highest of
standards to ensure our children
have the best quality education.
Reception is the most important
year in the school and we work
very hard to ensure that all children enjoy , feel safe and then
learn well, in order to prepare
them for the rest of their time in

Page 15 Tyburn Mail October 2015

Yenton Primary School

A good school with outstanding features OFSTED, November 2013

With our onsite partners we offer wrap-around

care between 7:30am and 6pm.

Open Sessions for Children who enter Reception in September 2016

Tuesday 10th November at 9:15am
Wednesday 11th November at 1:45am
Thursday 12th November at 6:00pm

If your child is five between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017, please contact us on 0121464
6588 to attend our school open sessions and find out about Yenton Primary School.
Yenton offers:

Free after school and lunchtime clubs

(year 1 onwards) to involve children in the
enjoyment of sport.
Free music lessons for 12 months so
every child has the opportunity to learn

an instrument. Subsequent lessons are

substantially subsidised by the school
and offered at a reduced cost.
Classes with the highest attendance
win Pizza every Monday and the highest
attending individuals go on a free trip to

Conkers at the end of the school year

Two new playgrounds with an outdoor
gym, climbing walls and stage, plus much
Trips in every year to enhance the curriculum.

Pupils behave well, work hard and feel safe. The school is calm and peaceful OFSTED, November 2013
Yenton Primary School, Chester Road, Erdington, B24 0ED. 0121-464 6588

Paget Primary School

Paget Primary School, A good school where the teaching is good. OFSTED, December 2012
Is your child five between 1.9.16 and 31.8.17?
Informal Visits for Children who enter Reception in September 2016
If you would like a tour of the school
and the chance to find out more information then we are holding informal visits at various points from
2/11/15 to 12/11/15.

Please contact the school office on 0121 464 3902 to book

an appointment.

Paget Primary School offers the following:

A Values Based curriculum and
. A Paget Curriculum Guarantee, setting out the experiences your child
will receive as a minimum during their
time at Paget
.Free after school and lunchtime clubs
to involve children in the enjoyment of

a range of activities.
Free, whole class music lessons for
Years Three and Four, giving every
child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
Children who make good progress
in the Early Years Foundation Stage
as a result of good teaching and wellfocused support.

We run our own Breakfast Club on site from 8.00 a.m. each day and work with a local provider for after school provision until 6.00 p.m.
Pupils behaviour, both in and out of lessons, is good. Pupils are polite, friendly and know how to keep safe. OFSTED, December 2012
Paget Primary School, Paget Road , Erdington, B24 0JP 0121-464 3902 Email us at enquiry@paget.bham.sch.uk
Website: www.paget.bham.sch.uk
Page 16 Tyburn Mail October 2015

by Big Brum
Castle Vale-based Big
Brum Theatre in Education Company are performing their latest play
at the mac arts centre on
Tuesday November 17th
at 7.30pm, writes Matt
The play, Barefaced has been touring into schools since September,
and the event at the mac is a rare
opportunity to see this compelling
new work in a public setting.
Written by Chris Cooper, Barefaced
tells the story of a bored and lonely
teenager who is drawn into a web of
criminality, high level corruption and
sexual exploitation. The play has
been written in the 25th anniversary
of the United Nations adoption of
the convention of the Rights of the
Child, and reflects a number of recent and historic high-profile cases
of powerful adults systematically

The team that just

keeps on winning

Greenwood celebrate fourth successive Columba Trophy

Greenwood Academys performing arts team has won

the Columba Trophy for
dramatic productions the
FOURTH successive year.
Schools across Birmingham
compete annually for the
Columba Trophy.
Greenwoods pupils and staff
were presented with their
award at Birmingham Council
House for their production of
Grease last November.

Greenwood (and Castle

Vale Schools) winning

Gina George plays Lily in Big

Brums new play Barefaced



abusing children and young people.

Big Brum have employed two new
young actors to play the main roles
of Lily and Shannon. They are Roseanna Baggott and Gina George, who
are both graduates of the Birmingham School of Acting. They join
regular Big Brum actors Richard Holmes and Danny OGrady. The play
is directed by renowned Hungarian

Weve been in all of the

winning productions
Pupils Amy Whitehouse (left)
Mia Shuttleworth have been
in all four of the Columbawinning productions.
So have the production team
Trevor Evans (centre), Ashley Edwards (left), and Julie
Edwards (right).

Richard Holmes plays Standing in Big Brums new play

Theatre director Adam Bethlanfalvy
and has been funded by Arts Council
Whilst the story involves the grooming and exploitation of young people by adults in powerful positons,
at the centre of Barefaced are deep
questions about how young people
can own their own lives and take
control in a society that can fail to
protect the most vulnerable. In
schools we perform the play and run
workshops with young people that
offers them a safe space to discuss
and respond to the questions and
dilemmas posed by the drama
Tickets are 12 adult and 8 for
concessions and for groups of 10
or more young people there are
discounts available. Tickets can be
booked via the mac Birmingham
co.uk/event/barefaced/ or ring the
Big Brum office on 0121 464 4604.
The play is suitable for adults & children aged 12+.
If you are interested in booking
Barefaced for your school, please
contact Matt at Big Brum on 0121
464 4604 or email: matt@bigbrum.

High School

Which of the four productions was the best to be

involved in...?
Mia and Amy both agree,
It was Hairspray.
Because it was so full of
energy, says Mia.

In memoriam: Castle
Vales team of heroes

The names of eleven former Castle

Vale stalwarts were announced at
last weeks Castle Vale Awards Ceremony for the Last Leaf sculpture.

The metal sculpture will be set up near the Housing

Association building in the High Street.

It will be a memorial, shaped like a small tree, with
each leaf engraved with the name of someone who
made a significant contribution to the development
of Castle Vale during their lifetime.

The eleven names so far are:

George Hadley
Earle Largie
Carole Rafferty
Eric Shaw
Brenda Bramwell
Joan Lawrie
Ivan Lynd
Paul Brockington
Bob Elliot
Stan Austin
Lord (Robin) Corbett
Page 17 Tyburn Mail October 2015

does it

The new installation of a

trapeze in the Early Years
Foundation Stage at Gunter Primary school is proving extremely popular with
all the children, says headteacher Lucy Riley.

Not only does it develop childrens

physical strength and flexibility (one of
the Prime Areas of learning in the Curriculum), it also develops the muscles
needed for writing.
Movement plays a central role in
learning to write. Until basic whole
body movements have been mastered, the brain is unable to transfer
these actions into the fine motor skills
required for writing, according to expert R. A. Oussoren, author of Write
If you would like your child to come
and join in the learning and fun at
Gunter Nursery, we still have a few
part and full time places available.
Contact the school office on 464-2367,
or email parents@gunter.bham.sch.uk
for further details.

Grand boost for aircadets from Jaguar

Air cadets with the cheque fro 1,000 from Jaguar

Jaguar workers have donated 1,000 to Castle

Bromwich Air Cadets. The
generous gesture was
made after a series of
meetings arranged by Pablo Mason, the squadrons
former civilian Committee

Flight Lieutenant Simon Jennings, OC 165 Squadron, said:

We have supported many events
at the factory over the years,
particularly In relation to anniversary events. There are many
pictures of the cadets along with
Alex Henshaw, the former Chief
Test Pilot in the Squadrons archive.
Pablos meetings went very well and
on what turned out to be his last night
as our Chairman, he brought a cheque
for 1,000 to us. This had been do-

nated by the employees of JLR and

comes from their employee charity
I would firstly like to thank Pablo for
arranging the meetings with the JLR
board and for all his hard work in developing our relationship with JLR.
The Squadron recognises its unique
history and all our cadets are taught
about the history of the factory, and
the Spitfire, through our induction
I would also like to thank April Wickens, Community Relations Officer for
JLR, for the hard work that she has
done in helping us secure the donation.
We will spend the money wisely, I am
particularly looking at enhancing the
Squadrons presentation facilities and
Im sure that this money will help us
in that effort. Finally, I would like to
thank the employees of JLR for this
kind donation.

101 homes
for Cincinnati

Over 100 new homes are

to be built on the site of
the former Cincinnati UK
headquarters on Kingsbury Road, if planning permission goes ahead.
Gallifords have submitted
a planning application to
the city council, proposing
that existing buildings are
demolished to make way
for 101 new residential
homes, with landscaping.
A total of 52 homes would be for open
market sale under the Linden Homes
brand with the remaining 49 being affordable rented homes developed for
Accord Housing Group.
The factory buildings on the 6.26 acre
site were finished in 1957 and used
for the production of machine tools,
but the factory closed down eight
years ago, after which it was bought
by property developers Urban Splash.
According to the planning application,
much of the site is in poor condition
and has been heavily vandalized since
it was vacated in 2007, meaning that

redevelopment is strongly supported

by both policy and the local community.
It is understood that public consultation on the scheme did not reveal any
strong attachment to the buildings in
the local community, says the application.
The planners claim that the new development will enhance the local canal.
The buildings contain some features
of historical and artistic importance,
including art deco and modernist
styles, though the presence of asbestos has hampered the survey of the
The public consultation period for the
planning application ends on 15th October.
The building of homes on derelict
brownfield sites is welcomed by environmentalists as a better option than
building on greenfield and green belt
But not everyone is happy with the
plans. Residents in nearby homes
say that the new homes will create
traffic problems around their roads.
They hope to launch an objection at
Novembers Council planning meeting.

Model railway exhibition

Birmingham Model Railway Club are holding their annual exhibition on Saturday
31st October at Arden Hall in Water Orton.
The club who are based on Castle Vale in Farnborough Rd have 16 guest layouts in gauges N OO and O plus trade stalls. The doors open at 10.0am and
close at 4.30pm , entry is 4 adults, 2 children with a family ticket (2+2) at
10. Refreshments will be available all day. A Thomas layout will give children
the chance to drive a train. There is a large free car park and buses 70, 71,
72, 94, 966 all pass nearby.

Page 18 Tyburn Mail October 2015

lands into
Drama event set for Centre
Park 23rd/24th October
by Claire Marshall
Active Arts
Where My Heart Is will see
Wings, La Rochette, Centre Stage and other groups
tell a rags to riches story
in an ambitious hour long
outdoor production taking place in Centre Park on
23rd & 24th October.
With a cast of over 100 residents, the
show is using performance techniques
usually seen in the big outdoor events
held by the professional arts companies who perform in the city centre.
Its been an ambitious project as we
wanted to make sure that all the ideas
and people supported would last longer than the funding weve secured this
This has seen all our butterflies work
with mentors to develop business and
delivery skills. That way we hope that
those supported will not only be able
to continue to run the new groups for
Castle Vale but will be able to earn a
living as artists on and off the estate.

place 6.30pm on Friday 23rd
October and 1.30pm and
6.30pm on Saturday 24th October. Entrance to the event
is just 1 with proceeds going
back into the groups.

2015 has been the year of The

Butterfly Effect for Active Arts,
made possible after people voted
for the project in The Peoples
Millions last November to help
bring 50,000 to Castle Vale.
Since the giant cheque was seen
handed over on ITVs Central News,
the project started to gather momentum, with much activity taking place
over the last 5 months.
The money was to help see new activity happening on the estate and to
recruit new volunteers leading and
The Butterfly Effect has provided advice and support to a number of people that has seen: the creation of a
new intergenerational performing arts
group Wings; a new social singing
group Music Down Your Way for older
residents; test workshops for a new
auditioned choir starting November;
support of La Rochette Academy of
Dance; development of Centre Stage;
establishing a combat drama group
Hard Arts; professional photography
advice for The Happy Snappers with a
new Digital Arts project at the Digital
Hub; and support of events on the estate including The Vale Challenge and
the Castle Vale Community Awards
with new Vale Maker volunteers involved.
To celebrate these achievements and
providing an opportunity for the public
to see what has been going on behind
the scenes, many of the groups have
come together to stage a new play
written especially for the project.

Gunter pupils collect

for church foodbank

Youngsters from Gunter

School have been donating food to the Erdington
Elim Church food bank for
distribution to local families in need.
Headteacher Lucy Riley says: The
pupils collected tinned and packet
goods of all kinds, then the school
council delivered the goodies to Revered Eddie Lawrence at the church.
The items were very gratefully received, and Reverend Eddie said This
is a perfect example of the brilliant
partnership between Gunter Primary
School and the church - thank you to
all pupils and parents who donated.
You can be sure the food is going to a

Its 9.30am on Monday


A UFO has crash-landed on

the playground of Pegasus
School in Castle Vale.

The emergency fire alarm goes off

Teachers hurry children along corridors and out of the fire exit doors.
They huddle round a hole, a small
crater in the tarmac.
The children stare at the heap of
burning metal. The scene has been
hurriedly cordoned off with hazard
Is it real?
The dramatic scene is the work of
Year 4 teacher Katie Price. She and
her colleagues have staged the supernatural event to stimulate an exciting project.
Smokeless logs, old cooking pans, silver and metal paint, and a few hours
after school on the Friday before,
have furnished the scene.
For the next week, or more, children
will talk, discuss, measure, analyse
and research the topic.
Its part of Pegasus Provocation Week
- an imaginative and exciting tactic
for stimulating childrens learning.
The Pegasus teachers are full of enthusiasm about the Provocation Pro- Kate Price (centre) with Pegasus colleagues Jessica Farrow and Jade Carter
jects, and the learning opportunities
they provide.
alley, and turns to each person in
Later in the year, Katie and her team
The theory behind the projects has
are planning a project around pirates.
been carefully considered; the UFO
their opinion on the subject. By the
The provocation might be a message
event is a provocation - an event
time the child reaches the end of the
in a bottle.
that will strike the imagination of
line, he will have heard a range of
The tasks in each project help chilthe children, and get them thinking,
dren to reach mastery... another
asking questions, and looking for anup his mind....
new word. When a child understands
There are plenty of other activities
a subject so well that he has masChildren might take part in a conlined up, in maths, science, English,
tered it.
science alley ... a what?
This is part of a creative curriculum
Its two lines of children, with a gap
UFO provocation.
designed by a teaching team that
down the middle. One child has to
Year 5 will study outer space - a big
thinks outside the box.
make a decision about a topic. So, for
topic in their science curriculum.
It is making Pegasus School into a
example, if there is an alien on board
very exciting place for children.
the space craft, should he be allowed
as part of their Pupil Voice and Emoto go free?
tional Literacy. Its a well crafted curThe child walks down the conscience
riculum, and a fascinating prospect.


A monthly series of ancient facts by local

history enthusiast Kay Hunter who lectures on
his subject in Birmingham and West Bromwich.
Kay also broadcasts on 107.5 Switch Radio
very worthwhile cause.
Collections will be on going throughout the year at Elim Church, so all
donations will be gracefully received.

Henry Morgans Buccaneers

The rum soldier who was knighted for thieving
Captain Henry Morgan
(1635 1688) along with
his privateers expanded
Britains empire in the
terrorizing the Spanish.
Morgan ( unlike other privateers)
conducted his military operations
primarily on land.
Without detailed maps, Morgan
marched his sea dogs long distances through seemingly imHero, robber, murderer?
Captain Morgan was
knighted, died an alcoholic, and has a brand of
rum named after him

penetrable jungles and

swamps to avoid detection, and ambush
Spanish settlements,
for gold and riches,
as the celebrated attacks on Puerto-dePrincipe, and Panama in 1668, and
1671, respectively.
A prosperous man
Morgan was knighted
and became Governor
of Jamaica.
Due to excessive alcohol
Morgan died of cirrhosis
of the liver with swollen
Ironically his portrait appears on a well known rum
Page 19 Tyburn Mail October 2015



Green space will go

if we do not protect it

How could the Community Environmental Trust (CET) relay

their protect, promote and
enhance green open spaces
message to the community of
Castle Vale, which has and will
be seeing these spaces diminish think BIG!
For the 2015-2016 academic
year we are delivering our
Forest School programme to
eleven primary schools and a
nursery school, which is a staggering 25 sessions per week;
11 of which are right here on
Castle Vale. Forest School is
an innovative and inspirational

ing tool to develop childrens

emotional, personal and social
skills, as well as showing them
how to access and appreciate it
responsibly. By reaching out to
the younger generation we are
hopefully shaping our future
selves to be more positive, successful and healthier, and that
green open spaces will not be
a thing of the past.
CET are also supporting Castle
Vales Environmental Month
(October) Campaign alongside
the Neighbourhood Partnership
Board and other local organisations to create awareness
and encourage community engagement to actively improve
highlighted areas; we want
residents to be proud of where
they live, but this also involves
them taking some of the onus
onto themselves.
CET will be supporting are a
tidy up of the Conservation

experience, which uses the

natural environment as a learn-

Area, tackling the dog fouling

in and around the Conservation

shrink, its time for
the Community Environment Trust to
think big, says Sarah

Gary Taylor, Juliet Malone, Lynda Clinton,

Steve Vincent and Arron Lennon

Friday 25th September 2015 was National Macmillan

Charity Coffee Morning and Castle Pool Partnership
couldnt miss the opportunity to get its friends from
WMFS along to collect their hard earned funds.
They made sure their pockets were full of raffle tickets
and bought lots of coffee, tea and cakes led by Peggy
Reid, before heading back to their real jobs that of
helping to save lives.
Remember you can support your pool by swimming
each Saturday between 1 and 3pm and Sundays between 10am and 1pm. Why not come along and have
a cup of coffee or simply a chat?

Area and a bike ride around the

wagtail route in Halloween
fancy dress!
With the Greenwood Academy
new build just around the corner its more important than
ever to protect and embrace
what will remain of our green
open spaces; CET will be joining forces with the recently
established Friends of Farnborough Fields group (areas
include Castle Vale Allotments,
Conservation Area and Farnborough playing fields) to apply
procedures that restrict further
development upon these sites.
CET is and will be busy over
the upcoming months but we
wouldnt want it any other
way, as summer finally relents
to autumn and the leaves fall
and slowly decompose into the
ground, we on the other hand
are continuing to grow.

Castle Vale TRA


Saturday 7th November
11am-12 noon
Spifire House
Castle Vale High Street
All local residents welcome
Refreshments provided

Youngsters at Topcliffe School

enjoy the autumn leaves

Advertise in
Tyburn Mail
Call Frank Kennedy

07770 895413

100mm x 50mm, 100 x

100, quarter, half or full
page ads.
We will design if you

Page 20 Tyburn Mail October 2015


Salary up to 26,000
If you:
Have a proven record of management experience within a
sporting and leisure related industry
Are passionate about customer Service
Have a history in driving sales and co-ordinating activity
Ideally have experience as a general manager overseeing all
business areas within a leisure facility
Then you may wish to know more about the role and benefits
associated with the post.
For more information please call or text 07727 923 071 no later
than Friday 30th October 2015
Life Insurance Brokerage Seeks Talented Individuals
Key Skills
Work Hours
Compass Support in partnership with Castle Vale Tenants and Residents Alliance
A new and exciting opportunity

Coach (Health related employability) x 2 posts part time, 20 hours 12 month

Fixed term contract
Salary Grade 4 20,953 - 23,543 pro- rata - per annum,
As an experienced practitioner you will use coaching methods to motivate and support individuals
to overcome personal barriers through exploration of needs, motivations and thought processes.
This builds upon our core activities of health and well-being, employment and welfare advice to
provide new solutions, working with a range of stakeholders to maximise outcomes for service
The successful candidates will:

Full Life Insurance training provided.

11:00am 7:30pm (Mon to Thur), 10:00am
6:30pm (Fri)
Full Time
Central Birmingham, near Star City.

LifeSecure Financial Services are a fast growing firm committed to providing the very best telephone
based life insurance brokerage to our UK wide client base. Due to our rapid growth we now have

We are seeking two coaches to be part of an exciting new partnership between Compass Support
and Castle Vale Tenants and Residence Alliance.
You will support the delivery of an innovative new programme to improve the overall health and
well- being of people, enabling access to employment opportunities.

Lead Generator Telesales Agent / Sales

12k-20k Basic, 28k+ OTE
UNCAPPED Monthly Performance Related
Confidence, personality, positive attitude,
excellent telephone manner.

extensive opportunities for you to join us and begin your career in the prestigious 1.8 Trillion Life
Insurance sector within a dynamic, expanding company.
We are recruiting for entry level roles with a view to rapidly promoting the right people. If you are
self-motivated and will thrive in a sales based / target driven environment we want to meet you. We
have a strong record of fast-tracking entry level candidates to more senior positions through our
structured industry leading sales and Financial Services training programme - literally within months
of starting with us. This is a huge opportunity for the right candidates. If you believe in yourself, we
will believe in you!
If you have the passion, drive and enthusiasm to succeed in the prestigious Financial Services sector
apply today we are interviewing throughout the week.

Deliver a high quality coaching service, by providing coaching sessions to individuals

within a community setting to address common themes.
Experience of working with a wide range of people with differing needs and aspirations
Be experienced in developing personal competencies to improve resilience and
independence of service users
Have the ability to understand and react to the needs of service users with sensitivity
Have excellent planning and organisation skills
Be accredited with a coaching / mentoring qualification
Have experience of maintaining positive working relationships with a range of groups
including internal teams, statutory, voluntary sector organisations

This role requires flexibility to work outside of normal office hours therefore a flexible
approach to working hours is essential.
For an informal discussion please contact Lisa Martinali Community Regeneration Director
On 0121 748 8111
Closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 26 October 2015 at 12noon.
Interviews will be on held on 11th & 12th November 2015.

Further information and application packs are available to download from our website
at www.pioneergroup.org.uk, Alternatively contact Human Resources at The Pioneer
Group 11 High Street, Castle Vale, Birmingham B35 7PR
No CVs or agencies please

Learn more at


No Experience Necessary - Earn 28k+ per year - Full Training

Provided - Rapid Career Progression


Vacancies available for full time and part time positions.
We are specialists in braiding, weaving, canerows and loads
Hence we are looking for individuals who are experienced,
quick, confident and bubbly to join our team.
Pay rates are competitive and hours are flexible.
Call Stylers Hair Salon

0783 253 0789 or 0121 386 4385

Page 21 Tyburn Mail October 2015

Your councillors, campaigners and candidates
In this fallen world, I suspect we will never achieve perfection. But that wont stop me trying.

Michael Gove MP

NEWS FROM PYPE HAYES From home safety checks

Travellers evicted from to safe and well visits:

Pype Hayes Park and making every contact count
Fireworks night update
Councillor Lynda Clinton
Tyburn Ward Labour

by Robert Alden

Conservative campaigner and

Erdington Councillor

From November 2015 the whole

picture when entering someones
home will have a greater emphasis including isolation, mental
health, smoking, slips, trips and
falls together with heating and
general wellbeing.

Over the last month I have

been working with local campaigner Clifton Welch on two
key battles for residents of
Pype Hayes.

Firstly we worked with the local Council and Police to help evict travellers
from Pype Hayes Park after they used
the building compound for the road
works to gain access to the park.
Thankfully they were moved on quickly. We are now pushing for the mess
left behind to be cleared up and the
park restored asap.
Secondly over the last six weeks we
have been discussing the possible return of the Fireworks event to Pype
Hayes Park with the City Council, this
time paid for by the funfair operator
Wilsons. The Council was considering
a request for it to go ahead without
the parking restrictions that protect

residents across Pype Hayes, enabling

them to still park near their homes.
We had been holding meetings with
the Council and made it quite clear
that we were demanding the parking
restrictions go ahead as normal. We
have also collected a large petition
demanding the Council keep the parking restrictions in place. In the end the
Council and Wilsons have decided to
not hold an event this year. They are
continuing to discuss holding an event
in 2016 and we will keep the pressure
up for the parking restrictions and
enforcement to remain in place if the
event does go ahead in 2016.

Protect free
school meals
If your child or grandchild
is receiving a free, hot
meal at school this lunchtime, beware - George Osborne plans to steal it.
The free meals scheme is reportedly
under threat because of the Chancellors expenditure review under which
government departments must cut
spending by 40%.
I am appalled by this and I hope you
are too. I am calling on government
to make clear that free school meals
for infants will not be axed as part of
further austerity measures.
Free school meals for infants were
introduced under the Coalition. The
Liberal Democrats made sure that
young schoolchildren got a nourishing
lunch for a healthy start in life. That
George Osborne is now behind cuts
which could take away their meals is
truly shocking. Margaret Thatcher got

Lib Dem Campaigner

the nickname milk snatcher when
she removed free milk from schoolchildren but axing free school lunches
is much more shortsighted, as schools
have spent money installing facilities
to provide them.
I believe all children should have a
cooked meal at lunchtime. Many who
benefit from the free meals scheme
wouldnt otherwise get one and scrapping them could cost affected parents
up to 400 a year. I urge everyone
to support an online petition created
to oppose these cuts at: https://www.

Keep police
station open
Clifton Welch

Conservative campaigner
Recently West Midlands Police
working with the Police and
Crime Commissioner have announced they will close Castle
Vale Police Station.


As summer ends like many

councillors I am waiting
for the governments autumn spending review to
see what lies ahead for
councils, but I am already
worried for the future of
many local people.
Cuts to welfare were expected but
the government chose the wrong target in families and the working poor.

Ann Holtom

The announcement comes at a time

they are spending 33 million on refurbishing Lloyd House in Birmingham
and when their own accounts show a
7.1 million surplus last year. These
proposals do not make sense, and I
will be fighting them tooth and nail.

Despite hard hitting Government cuts, West Midlands Fire Service continues to strive to make
vulnerable people of all
ages safer.

Councillor Mick Brown

Tyburn Ward Labour
No one believes that the benefit system should support a lifestyle but
the changes to tax credits breaks the
link between work that pays well and
encouraging people to work.

Do not build
homes on
green belt

As the newly elected

chairman of the Sutton
Coldfield, Erdington and
Perry Barr Branch of UKIP,
I want to tell you about
our activities in your area.

On Sunday 11th October we joined

the protest against the proposed development of 6,500 new homes on
Green Belt land in Walmley.
This plan would place huge demands
I have set up a petition which local
people can sign online (http://www.
popular-local-campaigner-lead-fightagainst-closure-plans), and paper
versions will also be available.
The announcement comes at a time
that the usable reserves from the
2014-15 Police Annual accounts
are 179,390,000 ie over 179 Million. Of those reserves 38,357,000
is the budget reserve and a further
25,492,000 is the Budget Resilience
Reserve. West Midlands Police has
also recently been criticised for pay-

Andrew Garcarz

Chairman of UKIP Sutton Coldfield

& Erdington
on local services and we all know how
congested our roads are, just imagine
the daily journey along Tyburn Road,
Chester Road, Kingsbury Road or the
Fort Parkway with thousands of extra
ing over 5 times the amount as other
forces on their equipment. Data published by the Government for the first
time showed the West Midlands force
paid 16.48 each for belts - while
other forces bought them for as little
as 3.30.
Castle Vales police station is an important local service which many people rely on. West Midlands Police need
to spend their money more effectively
to provide a proper neighbourhood
policing service which people can rely
and trust in.

WMFS has been carrying out around

27,000 home safety checks a year and
it is the experiences gained that has
brought about this new venture.
Where the Government considers statistics about fires as being important,
we on the Fire Authority think
During the home visits, it is no longer
advised to use a tea towel to try and
put out a chip pan fire.
You are now advised to shut the door
and get out.
This change of view is based on injury
To fully utilise standard fire engines
we now have Business Service Vehicles which help to combat bogus calls.
There were 6,000 over the past three
years which could have resulted in fatalities due to wasting time.
So please let your children know the
serious consequences of making hoax
The budget made it clear that things
wont be getting easier for councils
such as ours, and having lost nearly
half the funding we had in 2009, I
worry about how we can continue to
fund vital services for young children
and older people. But I also fear for
the future of our young people.
Brum has one of the largest percentages of people aged under 25 of all of
the major cities, and the changes to
tax credits and housing benefits and
the fact that they are not eligible for
the new living wage will all hit them
The test of a developed country is
how it distributes its wealth, and Birminghams people and local government, need an alternative position on
austerity and the future of vital local
commuters traveling in and out of the
city at peak times. The development
has no new school, shops or Health
Centre; our existing facilities will be
stretched to breaking point.
UKIP supports the introduction of
a Town Council for Sutton Coldfield,
and we are gearing up for the local
Council elections in May 2016; building on the fantastic support you gave
us earlier this year.
Our EU referendum campaign, SAY
NO to the EU, includes public debates, street canvassing, leafleting
and monthly meetings at the Plough
and Harrow in Sutton Coldfield.
Everyone is welcome; come along and
join the ONLY party that BELIEVES in
Full details are available on-line at

Tyburn Mail
Have your say
in the readers

Page 22 Tyburn Mail October 2015


The winners

So good they won twice: James O Hare and Amy Caddick,won one award for Young Enterprise and another for Arts and Creativity. Their thriving performing arts organisation, Wings, was
set up less than three months ago. It also includes Ben OHare.
The winners of the Castle
Vale Community Awards
2015 organised by Active
Arts were:
Aaron Moroney: Young
Person Award
Wings James OHare,
Amy Caddick, Ben OHare:
Arts and Creativity Award
Castle Vale Pool User

Group: Volunteer of the

Year Award
Sheila Hyland: Valued
Contribution Award
James O Hare, Amy Caddick, Ben O Hare (Wings):
Apprentice/Young Enterprise
Kick Start Academy: Sports
and Fitness Award

John Deeble: Unsung Hero

Additional awards were
made to:
John Mole (Councillors
Pat and Tony Romano:
Long Standing Service

Gold medal Mickey

is a real inspiration

Paralympian gold
medallist Mickey
his inspiring story
with Greenwood
this month.

Mickey brought along the

gold medal he won in London 2012 for the 100m
T53 wheelchair event, says
Greenwoods Garry Flatres.
The opportunity to host
Mickey came from Greenwoods close partnership
with the international law
firm Pinsent Masons who
are one of Mickeys sponsors.
Mickey told the youngsters
how he had overcome the
barriers from him being diagnosed by the medics at
birth as to being unlikely to
have little, if any, mobility.
He proved them wrong and
achieved his dream of rep- Mickey displaying his Gold Medal in front of a selection of
resenting Team GB, winning students and Miss Yates, PE teacher at Greenwood
the gold medal, and being
determined to go one better
seconds ( the time he took
honoured with an MBE for
than that, and described that
to win the final in London
his Services to Sport.
4 further years of hard train2012)
After a silver medal in Beiing culminated in just 14
jing in 2008, Mickey was
Page 23 Tyburn Mail October 2015

The back page


Concorde finding
it tough at the top

Newly promoted Castle

Vale Concorde are having
a tough time in the Premier Division of the Festival League.
Concorde play their home fixtures at
Holly Lane Sports and Social Club.

They jumped up two divisions after

last seasons brilliant table-topping
But life in the premier divsiion is not
so easy.
Concorde have lost three of their
opening four league matches, and
were thrashed 5-0 by league leaders

Success for

The 2015/16 primary schools

district football season couldnt
have started any better for the
pupils of Erdington and Saltley, says team manager Philip

The youngsters have won Birmingham Primary Schools FA six- a-side

Championship for the second time in
three seasons.
They beat Sutton Coldfield 3-0 in the
final, having beaten teams from Aston

Rio Grant, Birches

Green Junior
and East Birmingham in the earlier
Over the August bank holiday week-

Harborne Harriers last weekend.

Their sister club Concorde Utd play
their home fixtures at Castle Vale Stadium.
They have stayed put in the third tier,
and are currently in second place.
They beat Scott Arms Rangers 5-2
at the weekend, and have now won
three of their opening four league fixtures.
That was Concordes second victory
over Scott Arms in seven days. The
previous weekend, they beat Scott
Arms 6-3 in a cup fixture at Vale Stadium.
Free-scoring Concordes biggest victory of the season so far came at the
end of September, with a 7-3 win over
Athletico Villa.
end Erdington and Saltley travelled to
Bath to take part in the Bath International Cup which was organised by the
Premier League and consisted of professional clubs from around Europe.
During day one the boys competed
admirably against Everton and Chelsea, as well as Rayo Vallecano from
Spain and B93 from Denmark.
However it was day two when the
boys truly came alive when they beat
teams from Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania to lift the Bath International Cup.
The winning goals in the final were
scored by Rio and Samim who are
both pupils at Birches Green Junior
The boys now continue with their season and competing against districts
from around the country.

Paget defeats

Blues can join

Narrow defeat Villa in Prem
for Erdington
in bowls epic

Erdington Court Bowls Club continued their 90th anniversary

celebrations - hosting a match at
their indoor arena against a Warwickshire mens team.
Warwickshire won the closely fought
match by only 7 shots - after 3 out of
the four rinks were drawn. The result
was 64:71 after a 21 end match lasting nearly 3 hours.
This ended a week during which 4
players from Erdington Court played
for Warwickshire for the first time against Reading. Despite losing by
125 to 114 they were far from downhearted.
Antony Gould who led the team said,
It was a great honour for us to be
representing Warwickshire and it is a
sign of the resurgence at the Club,
that we were able to field a brand new
Antony was elected Secretary of the
Warwickshire Indoor Bowls Association a few months ago - a further sign
of the key role that Erdington Court is
looking to play regionally and nationally.

Most bookmakers dropped their

odds on Birmingham getting promotion from 10/1 down to 9/1
after the Blues terrific win over
QPR last weekend.
Blues are surely worth a bet.
Manager Gary Rowett is doing a superb
job at St Andrews, and if he can keep
his squad together, even during the
pressure period of the January transfer
window, he will have a fighting chance
of making the play-offs.
Will Villa going down?
The odds are 4/6, and Tim Sherwood
is the favourite to be the next Premier
League manager for the sack.
Only Sunderland are more likely to get
relegated, apparently. And now the
Black Cats have a dogged new manager in Sam Allardyce, they may stand
a chance of survival.
Villa have been teetering on the brink
of relegation doom for three seasons.
Many national journalists who watch
them home and away, week in, week
out, think that this year, Villa will go
For what its worth, I disagree. Villa
have the talent to stay up.
If the manager picks the right eleven
starters, Villa should survive.

Medals for pole girls

Local girls Karen Gaunt and Laura Leather won runners-up medals at the
UK Pole Doubles Championships held at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham. Karen and her business partner Gail Robinson run the Danse
Vivante Pole Dancing Studio on Castle Vale Enterprise Park.

Chelmsley Town, the club

where Watford Premier
League striker Troy Deeney
started his career, beat Paget Rangers 3-0 last weekend.
It was Pagets second successive
league defeat and they now lie just
three places off the bottom of division
two of the Midland League.
But Paget have at least two games in
hand on most other teams in the division.
Paget have won just two of their seven
league fixtures this season.
They have a difficult away fixture at
fourth placed Droitwich next weekend.


Kelly Greenshields, Russell Andrews, Stacy Sheekey, Lee Crofts,

Scott Welburn, Nicola Guest and Ryan Hinett all completed the Great
Birmingham Half Marathon Run last weekend to raise money for John
Taylor Hospice

Ireland success
for ODells boxers

ODells Community Pride Amateur Boxing Club is enjoying

success with their local talent.

They took five of their club

boxers from Bromford over
to Ireland to face challenges

from a Dundalk Select Team.

All five of the ODell team won
their bouts.

The club was set up two years ago

by husband and wife team Tina and
Craige ODell after support from the
West Midlands Police Safe Haven
Team. Tina says: Our boxers deserve
some recognition for all the hard work
they have put in.

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